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Flight To Remember

Straight male pilot seduced by cute gay steward

I was sitting in the cockpit on what felt like an unusually long flight chatting to my co-pilot about Madrid and discussing plans for the evening. It had been a long week and I couldn’t wait to touch down and enjoy a few days well deserved R and R. Everything was running smoothly so I decided to get a drink and have a quick chat with the attendants briefly before using the facilities.

Opening the door I immediately saw the most amazing ass I had ever seen in my life. “WOW”, I mouthed silently as I examined the perfect form. I just wanted to caress those perfect, shapely cheeks, barely contained in the soft fabric stretched to breaking point. I wanted to tear the material myself with hands or teeth and kiss and lick the soft, warm flesh underneath while I caressed every inch.

I darted my head around the corner to check for other people, so as not to get caught staring and looked back just as they changed position with back arched and that perfect bum pointed up making me instantly hard. I could not hide my rock hard cock, which strained against my fitted trousers; I rubbed it slightly as I turned to check if anyone was around. When I turned back I looked down, my heart racing thinking I would be caught by someone and noticed a reflection in the glass; a young black man looked up at me smiling slightly. I jolted as if I had had an electric shock and gasped audibly, he must have seen the whole thing in the reflection. Incredibly embarrassed, I quickly turned, bending to cover my hard cock and darted to the toilet clumsily banging into the table as I went and knocking over some glasses.

“Shit, shit, shit”! I cursed under my breath, my mind racing with worse case scenarios, thinking people would all find out and be laughing at me or look at me in disgust, how utterly embarrassing. I felt like such an idiot, how could I have let myself get so horny and forget all reasoning.
“But what an ass” I whispered looking into space and day dreaming. “It’s a guy though”! I said in disbelief trying to knock reason into myself. I breathed in and out slowly; “Right”, I said “I have to face this” and I opened the door purposefully.

Everything was normal, nothing had happened and everyone was as they were; too busy chatting or working to even notice me. I sighed with relief and went back towards the cabin. As I came to the door, I looked to my right and saw the young man standing there making drinks. He had amazing, light brown skin, soft features, quite short and looked like he worked out. Not slim but you could tell he kept in shape as his shirt was tight on him showing clear definition underneath. In profile, his small waist accentuated that perfect ass which stuck out enough to notice it was pert and beautifully round. He immediately looked up from what he was doing and I looked away but knew I must face this.

“I am sorry” I said with confidence, “I do not conduct myself in this way usually and it is out of character. I have been separated from my wife for a year and forgot myself; I apologise profusely and hope we can keep it between us”.

“Of course captain, I understand and will not say anything as it is no one's business” He replied with a soft, slightly feminine voice. “I have been single for a while too and afraid I played up to it a bit when I saw you watching”. He looked directly at my crotch and smiled.

“Anyway, let’s start again” I said quickly after a pause “What is your name?" 

“Joe” he said sweetly as he walked toward me and held his hand out to shake. I shook it.

“Nice to meet you Joe” I nodded “and please could I get a coke and 3 teas.”

Watching intently as he walked back to the fridge and bent down slowly to open the door. “Stop looking”! I shouted at myself in my head “STOP”! But I couldn’t and he turned round and looked deep into my eyes and winked.

“Anything else I can do for you Captain?" Joe said so lightly it was as if I was in a trance.

“Erm… No thank you Joe” I mumbled “please bring the tea in to us when it is ready.”

I could not stop thinking about Joe’s ass and it took all my control to stop my erection growing. What was I doing fantasising about him? After splitting up with Julie I had been really lonely, had flings with older and younger women, even been to a swinger’s party but never been with a guy! I have to admit I watched gay porn and found it a turn on but put it out my mind as I watched all kinds of porn daily. I had stumbled on it when searching “perfect asses” on Google and enjoyed wanking to this guy’s lovely “bubble butt” it was called.

I have imagined what it would be like to be with a guy since school when one of the pupils showed me and another class mate his huge cock. I wanted to touch it and suck it then and there and fantasised about it on and off for years but never dwelled on it as I am not gay, putting it down to adolescent hormones. I realised this was just such a “real” encounter and the only one with a guy since the one at school so it was so different to just watching porn, there really was a chance I could act on this with Joe. But how? Everyone would know or find out somehow and that would be disastrous. “I want him badly though” I thought “I have never felt like this”.

“You forget how to fly Jim”? Said a voice as I snapped out of my day dream.

“What?” I replied quickly as if I had been discovered and had to recover quickly. “Oh, ha-ha, no.” I laughed to my co-pilot Malcolm as I resumed control and carried on with the flight.

"Can’t wait to get by that pool” said Malcolm breaking the silence, “all those Spanish girls in their bikinis, find a real beauty, use the old pilot routine woo hoo.” he exclaimed. “Nice meal in the restaurant afterwards and take her up to my room, she’s standing there in French knickers, perfect tan; little see through teddy, boom chicka wow wow." 

“Tea’s ready,” interrupted Joe as he walked in with the tray.

“What about you, Jim?" enquired Malcolm “What lingerie does it for you?" 

Joe fussed around in the back and then came towards me, handed me my tea and then turned to serve Malcolm bending over so his bum was almost in my lap. “So Sir…” Joe interjected “what do you like”?"

“Erm…has to be thong, stockings and suspenders for me, skin tight, tiny mini skirt over the top, now you all know a little more about me ha ha." 

“Mmm” said Joe and he left the room.

The flight went by quickly and I thought about Joe and what I should do. I couldn’t help stealing a thought about our naked bodies intertwined, the contrast of his chocolate skin against my pure white flesh as we rolled around in an embrace exploring each other. As I walked past the staff all congregated I overheard them discussing plans. All of them were up early the next morning for a 5am flight except Joe. My heart beat very fast, he would be in Madrid for a couple of days too, should I make a move? What was I doing? Ok, think…how do I do this?

“What are your plans Sir?" said Joe through the group.

“I don’t know, probably the beach, the bars and a good book,” I retorted trying to sound nonchalant “I don’t know Madrid well." 

“I do Sir” said Joe “I would be glad to show you around."

“That would be nice, but I want to go to the out of the way places as well as tourist spots,” I replied, trying to throw him off a bit.

“No problem,” he said unphased “meet me in the hotel bar tonight if you want." 

“Ok, maybe” I said thinking “Good job today everyone, enjoy your time off.” and I walked away.

I checked into the hotel and breathed a sigh of relief. “Whatever happens, I am going to relax and enjoy myself” I said and started to settle in. After I unpacked I decided to go to the gym before dinner and changed into my kit. I am 35, 6’ 1’’, toned and like to keep in shape. I enjoy exercising immensely and looked forward to unwinding from the day’s antics. I walked into the gym and was happy to see it empty, set up the treadmill and started my workout. After 10 minutes; in walked Joe head to toe in Lycra which hugged him closely all over like a second skin. He waved, I nodded while still running and he came over.

“Hi Sir” he said “I can’t keep out of the gym, love it here, really helps me unwind after all those nightmare passengers."

I nodded and smiled with a quick reply and he walked off. After filling his water bottle, he came back towards me. I could not help looking at his body which was so perfect. He had good shoulders a really ripped torso and toned arms and then I looked down to his crotch! The bulge was noticeably large, I wondered what his cock looked like and fantasised about stroking it and maybe sucking too. He must be huge! Then, he stood on the treadmill directly in front of me. He turned and smiled at me and started his workout. I couldn’t believe it; I openly stared at that amazing ass for 20 minutes as it went up and down imagining every scenario. We exchanged pleasantries and agreed to meet for a drink in the bar later. I could not stop thinking about that body, that crotch, that insanely beautiful ass! Why was I like this? Joe had definitely tried to seduce me at all points and it worked. I was rock hard throughout the shower and as I dried off, it would not go down thinking about Joe.

I ate a lovely meal with Malcolm and a very bubbly, tanned woman I think was called Tessa but could not pay attention at all through the whole meal.

“You ok” said Malcolm “you seem quiet." 

“Just tired buddy,” I said seeming miles away “all the Julie business has got on top of me, have a good night, pleasure to meet you” I said to Malcolm and his partner in turn as they stood up to leave.

”Ok, take care Jim,” he retorted and they left.

I sat there looking into space thinking of Julie and wondering why things had taken such a turn. I was fantasising about a guy! He was pretty feminine though so not like most guys and I had never had any man come on to me before that I thought I would actually want to see naked. I suppose after everything with Julie, I was just more open to the world and thought, what the hell. People were more liberal now, it wasn’t the same and I might as well see what happens or I might just end up alone with no one. My heart still raced as I was technically on a sort of date. Was I? Oh my god, shut up!

“Amazing suit Sir,” said Joe as he slipped into the seat across from me.

“Thank you Joe,” I said with a smile “call me Jim. Am I overdressed”?

“No, we are going to a few bars I know and then on from there, you’ll be fine in my hands.” He laughed and we started to drink and chat. I found out all about him, his tough upbringing, his mother who raised 3 children on her own and his coming out to her. I never realised but he was 22, much younger than I thought but very mature. We talked about everything and nothing but not about what had happened till we had had a fair few drinks.

The music was loud in the bar, even outside in the seating area where we were and Joe leaned in to say something;

“Sooooo… Sir” started Joe “about earlier, did you like what you saw, I mean, erm… you know”

“Ha ha,” I chortled

“HEEEEEY Joe Joe” screamed 2 stewardesses as they ran up to him and jumped into an embrace. He laughed and hugged them both. He looked over at me and shrugged an apology.

“I am going to go, Joe, thanks for showing me around, goodbye ladies and have a good night. Take care.” I shouted over the noise.

“Don’t go Sir” he shouted “stay for a few more.” and the stewardesses echoed the statement in sing song voices obviously drunk.

“No, I better be going.” I said to make a quick exit, a bit embarrassed that we were seen out just us 2; thinking people would talk as rumours are rife in the industry.

I would have liked to continued the night with Joe but was glad to dodge the question he had just asked. I called into a few more bars, chatted to some people and headed home happy that maybe Joe and I hooking up was not a good idea due to us working together. Probably was all for the best not carrying on with the night together and leaving when I did.

I went back to the hotel, had a few more drinks in the bar and went to bed quite tipsy and happy. I folded all my clothes neatly, got into bed naked, turned on my laptop and searched Google for “interracial gay videos” to see if I could find one that looked as close to Joe and I as possible. None were a close match but there were some good videos of big black cocks being sucked by hungry white mouths and vice versa which turned me on and I imagined Joe’s cock in my own mouth and what it would actually be like to suck a cock. Before I knew it, there was a loud knock on the door.

“Mr Mason” said a deep voice.

I slammed the laptop shut and tried to think of something to get rid of my erection.

“Hang on,” I said in a mild panic “be right there." as I threw on a robe naked underneath barely tying the chord as I got to the door. I breathed in slowly and opened it.

“Hi Sir” said Joe smiling and giggling. He jumped in the room and closed the door. “Sorry for the pretend voice but didn’t know if you would answer ha ha." 

He was wearing a robe and thick white socks as far as I could see but that was it. He seemed tipsy but not really drunk.

“I lied to the girls and pretended to bring someone home to get away from them, as I wanted to see you.” he said quickly as if he had been thinking about what to say for a while.

“It’s late Joe.” I said trying to be sensible.

“Ok, I know, sorry Jim,” he said meekly” but just sit there for a minute.” and he positioned me on the end of the bed as he walked to the fireplace.

“I hope you like this, I heard you earlier today and thought you might like it.” Joe said, obviously a bit confident with the alcohol and obviously had adopted a now-or-never attitude.

He told me to close my eyes and I did. He threw the socks to one side, spread his legs further apart and said I could look. Then, he dropped the robe….

I finally got to see that perfect bum and it was framed beautifully by a black thong, stockings and suspenders. He was wearing a skin tight white t-shirt also and I was instantly hard.

“What do you think Sir”? Joe asked in the sexiest voice he could muster. “Do you like?"

Then he moved his bum around like a stripper, swinging from side to side and dipping down low then arching his bum up. He knelt down and sat on the backs of his legs pumping his bum up and down as if bouncing up and down on a cock. I could not stop looking and I was so hard it hurt.

He got to his feet by the time I had slowly walked up behind him and I caressed his muscles from the back bringing my hands down to his waist as I knelt down, with that perfect bum finally in front of me. Joe pushed it towards me and I brought my hands down from his waist and grabbed both cheeks. It felt amazing; toned but soft and that mocha skin was unblemished and gorgeous. I kissed and licked every inch taking little playful bites here and there; it was so amazing. Joe moaned with pleasure and I could see a shadow of him wanking as I finally looked up from those perfect glistening orbs.

“Oh baby, you are amazing Jim,” he sighed “sit on the bed honey.”

I walked over and sat down.

Joe half danced over like a stripper and came to stand in front of me.

“Take this robe off” he whispered as he pulled it off me leaving me totally naked. “What a big boy.” he exclaimed as he knelt down and started sucking my cock.

Joe sucked perfectly, twisting his head as well as moving it up and down and doing the same but more exaggerated with his hand too. I was in heaven and threw my head back supporting myself with my arms. I watched him in action getting more turned on by the second but didn’t want to cum yet so told him to stop.

Joe stood up and walked away, cat walking as he knew I was watching to show of that amazing ass to its full extent. He slowly stripped the suspender belt and rolled the stockings down one by one. He was left in the thong and I could see it straining to contain his cock. He pulled it down slowly and his cock popped out and sprung skywards.

“WOW” I breathed, as this huge, black 9 inch cock, thick and cut stood proud in front of me. He was now totally naked and he walked over, stepped over my legs one by one and sat on my lap. He looked down at me and said “you ok”? I nodded and we kissed passionately. I was so turned on; I cupped one of his pert bum cheeks and with my right hand gripped his hard cock. It was as I had thought, an incredibly sexy experience holding my first cock and as it was so huge, I couldn’t help thinking of my old school friend’s. I held on lightly and stroked up and down feeling his head and lightly tickled his balls. I looked down at it and knew then I had to suck it, I wanted it so much. Joe breathed heavily in my ear and started to grind my hand his ass rubbing against me.

“Stand up,” I said and he did.

I slid both hands between his legs and cupped a cheek of his bum in each then slowly I moved my mouth towards that huge cock. It was warm, soft but hard and I tried to think of how I like my cock sucked. It pulsed in my mouth and tasted warm and sweet. I sucked allowing no air to escape and licked with my tongue at the same time moving my head back and forward rhythmically. I copied Joe’s technique as best I could and moved a hand to wank him using my saliva as lube I wanked and sucked taking as much in my mouth as possible. Taking it out, I licked up from his gorgeous balls to the top of the shaft, round his big head and repeated. I wanted every inch of this amazing cock, I rubbed it on my face and moaned, slipping it back in my mouth to carry on sucking.

“Oh baby, you sure you never done this before?" he half whispered, “uhh, I love it, you are amazing. You want to fuck me?"

We moved to the bed and both lay looking at each other touching, caressing and kissing. I lay on my back and gestured to him to move into the 69 position, he happily obliged and he started sucking me. I was getting the best blow job of my life and had this perfect, mocha ass right in my face. It smelled of perfumed moisturiser and I followed the shape with my hands round and round. I couldn’t stop myself; I grabbed his cheeks, parted them and thrust my face between them. I just licked and licked, up and down, round and round and decided to go for his hole. I teased around it and then stuck my tongue in “now or never”; I was so horny I was going to burst.

“Uggghh, my god baby, fuck” Joe exclaimed in immense pleasure as I carried on moving my tongue in as deep as I could. We both stepped up a gear and got intensely into what we were doing for a few minutes, moaning and gasping for air in the heat of passion.

Joe suddenly stopped and sat back, he was now sitting up, directly on my face and I had his whole ass on top of me. I tongued deeper, grabbing and caressing that juicy bum lifting him up slightly for air. He grinded me, lifted up and down, circled and general fucked my tongue. “fuck me baby” He exclaimed and then he jumped off and ran across the room. He grabbed his robe and picked out sachets of lube and condoms and threw them on the bed. I slowly stroked my cock watching his gorgeous body as he darted about the room. Finally he flew onto the bed and lay right next to me exhaling with a sigh.

“Hi baby” he said kissing me deeply “you ready?" and he opened a condom and positioned it on the tip of my rock hard cock. Kissing me hard, he slipped it down my shaft without looking, I was impressed and it turned me on so much. He was good!! He opened some lube and delicately rubbed it all over my cock and rubbed his hand round his bum and lubed his hole.

“You want to do it?” he asked and I immediately agreed so he emptied the sachet in my hand. I rubbed it around the inside of his cheeks as I caressed them and then fingered his hole. He moaned, grabbed my hand and thrust 3 of my fingers in him in and out, in and out.

Joe laid me down with my head propped up with soft pillows and sat on my lap. He looked deep in my eyes and lifted himself onto my cock, moving it into position, wiggling slightly and then he slowly sat down. I slid my cock carefully in and out and it moved inside him more and more with each push. Joe grunted, sighed and moaned as he finally sat down fully on me. I was completely inside him! He leaned forward and we embraced, kissing so intensely I thought I would cum then and there. I grabbed his beautiful bum and thrust in and out with increasing speed and force.

“Oh Captain, fuck me baby” he cried as he wanked that big black cock, eyes closed in ecstasy. He put his hands on my thighs, leaned back on them and pumped himself up and down faster and faster, his gorgeous cock bouncing up and down and making a slapping sound on his abs. We stared at each other smiling and moaning into each other’s eyes as we fucked, our bodies as one as we moved together.

Joe could hold it in no longer “Can I cum Jimmy?" he gasped, nearly out of breath, “Oh, I am going to cum baby.”

“Yes, cum all over me,” I said and he did.

His hot cum spurted all over my chest, up to my mouth and he kept going his cock pulsing pure white jets over and over. I loved it!

“Oh my god, you are amazing,” Joe cried.

I put my left hand on the back of his neck and my right on his bum cheek to support as I spun him round so we swapped positions and I was on top. I fucked him hard, in and out, in and out and lowered myself so our bodies slipped against each other both now covered in his cum.

“Cum on me baby,” Joe said and I didn’t need telling twice. I pulled my hard cock out of him and ripped the condom off. I moved over his chest and he grabbed my bum.

“In my face and mouth honey,” he said and I unloaded instantly.

My cum covered his face, went down his throat and spilled down his cheeks and chin to his neck and gorgeous pecks. He drank the hot cum, sighed with pleasure as it pumped all over him, rubbed it into his chest and on his cock as he wanked using it as lube and sucked his fingers.

We both lay on our backs, tired and breathing hard, turning to look at each other and laughed.

“OOOOhhh god I fancy you so much Jim,” he purred as he laid his leg on me and draped an arm over half cuddling.

“Me too,” I found myself saying it without thinking, We spent the two days together and I will never forget it. After that it was back to work and normality but I thought about it often.

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