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Friends become lovers

Mike’s cock shot hot milky onto my hand and nylon covered thighs. He sighed a collapsed back on the bed smiling.

His hand stroked my back. Mike and I were old friends and 6 weeks ago we had started playing sexually.

My cock was hard in his mum’s black lace panties and his cum was drying on her black fully-fashioned stockings. We were both 17 and I was staying at Mikes as his family had gone away for a couple of months. Mike couldn’t go because of school and it had been agreed that I would stay to keep him company and my parents would keep an eye on us.

I had been there a week when our relationship took on a new dimension. It was a Friday night and we had been drinking Mike’s dad’s scotch. We had decided to play truth or dare. Mike had asked me if I fancied his Mum and I had told him I did. The next tome it came to Mike he dared me to try on her clothes. I was drunk enough to accept the dare. I was quite slim and would easily fit into Janet’s clothes.

As I went upstairs Mike shouted that he wanted me in knickers, stockings and bra.

I opened her drawers ad found a pair of white silky boy shorts a matching bra and some white hold ups. She must have looked hot in them. I slipped on the ensemble and went downstairs. I was aware that my cock was responding to the sensual feel of the lingerie.

Mike stood up and let out a low whistle.

“ Dave you look hot and from the bulge in those panties you feel it too.”

Despite myself I was pleased with his reaction. I saw his hand move to his crotch where an obvious bulge was showing. Mike was taller and bigger built than me.

Without thinking I looked at him and said, “ That looks uncomfortable why not slip out of your jeans?”

In a moment they were off and he stood in his boxers with a lovely uncut 7-inch cock poking out.

I was fascinated by it and almost in a daze walked over and took it in my hand. Mike let out a low moan. I slowly began to wank his cock. His hands began to rub my silk covered arse and I was the one to moan. After about a minute Mike’s cock began to pulse and his cum spurted on my hand.

He fell back on his chair and looked at me and said, “ Dare you to eat it.”

Whether it was the buzz from the scotch or because I was so horny I licked the whole load from my hand.

“ Dirty bitch. Come and sit on my knee!”

I slowly sat on his knee and now Mike released my cock and began to wank me. The feeling of someone else’s hand on my cock was electric and it took only a few strokes before my orgasm shot spunk onto Mike’s thighs.

“ Dare you,” I smiled.

Mike took my load onto a finger and licked it all off.

He took my hand and led me to his parent’s room. He took off the rest of his clothes and I got a view of his fit Rugby playing body. I realised he was hot.

He pulled me to him and out of the blue kissed me. I hungrily responded and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. We moved to the bed and lay on it and kissed and fondled each other’s like true lovers. Our cocks were hard once again and as Mike lay back on the bed I kissed down his hard body. I licked his now hardening nipples and continued moving down. My lips lingered on his washboard stomach licking his navel as he squirmed beneath me. My mouth passed his pubic mound where his male muskiness made my cock twitch.

He moaned as I licked down his thighs missing the organ he really wanted kissing. I continued kissing and licking down to his feet. I slowly took each toe in my mouth kissing and sucking whilst my hands stoked those hard thighs.

After several minutes of teasing I began to work my way back up to his cock. I licked his balls and then took that lovely cock into my mouth. I wanked a sucked him the taste and smell filling my senses and making me more and more horny. I wanted his cum and after 10 minutes of working his cock as best I could hot salty cum flooded my mouth. I knew I wanted to swallow and I took it all. I lay for a few moments with my head in his crotch. I headed up the bed and kissed Mike.

We got under the covers and Mike spooned up to my back. His cock hardened against me as his hand reached into the panties and grabbed my cock, he stroked me until my cum filled them. Mike kissed my neck before we drifted off to sleep.

I woke a few hours later with Mike’s still hard cock in my arse crack. I tried to make sense of the fact that I had sucked my best friends cock and wanted to do more. I felt safe in his arms and turned on by his hot body. I slipped out of bed a went for a shower. When I came out and went to the bedroom I heard Mike in the en suite and found a pink thong, cami top and black thigh highs on the bed along with black dress. I smiled and began to slip on the clothes. The dress was split to the thigh. I wished Janet had worn it when I was around.

I was admiring myself when Mike came out of the bathroom.

“ Morning sexy. Lets get breakfast I think we need to prepare for a work out.”

I walked over to him and kissed him deeply and squeezed that gorgeous cock.

“ Mmmmmmmmmm I think you might get lucky big boy.”

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