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From Kickboxing to Cocksucking

College kickboxer is locked out of his apartment, but his two hot neighbors keep him busy!
Muay Thai kickboxing is a demanding sport. Since one can strike all areas of the body with all areas of the body, strenuous training is a must. Endless hours of conditioning through sparring, pad work, heavy bag work, weights, calisthenics, running, and stretching develop even a casual trainee into a muscled, molded, steel-forged force. Jeremy Brooks was no exception. He was an Adonis in the flesh. Not overly muscled, but he possessed the sort of super-hero physique that both men and women worship. At his gym, in fact, both men and women did visually worship this hunk, even if only in passing. He noticed that when he looked up the guys averted their gazes more quickly than the girls, but the admiration (or more?) was undeniable. Jeremy took it in stride and with humility. He was finishing up a tough session and was down to his last closing stretches. He always wore UnderArmour-like gear, meaning synthetic skin-tight fabric (black in his case, to play off of his light brown hair and hazel eyes) that regulated body temperature but left little (well, in his case, not so little) to the imagination. His final stretch was a full side split, like Jean Claude Van Damme, only sexier. With his legs outstretched at either side and his hips thrust forward, the material could barely contain, let alone hide, Jeremy’s ample gift from God. His thick, cut meat bulged proudly forward, with Jeremy secure enough not to care. Jeremy, a senior, had been training at the Muay Thai gym since his freshman year, so he was trusted to leave all of his gear at the gym. Jeremy liked to luxuriate in the shower, feeling the hot water pound onto and flow down the crevices of his chiseled physique. Since this could often take 45 minutes, he always showered back at the apartment. The perky-breasted receptionist noted Jeremy’s tight ass on his way out. Jeremy began his jog home.

Much to his chagrin, as he approached his apartment door, he realized that he’d locked his keys inside and that his roommate wouldn’t be back from class and work for hours. He stood there in the hallway, his skin-tight workout suit drenched in sweat, with few options. He banged on his neighbor’s door, to no avail. He moved on down the hall until someone finally opened the door. He was friendly with these guys, but knew little of them outside of class and the occasional party. He was a bit startled when the door fully opened. Bryce Felder, a starter on the varsity lacrosse team, was in nothing but a small towel. He was almost as built as Jeremy, with the lithe leg muscles you’d expect on an athletic stud like him. “Oh, sorry, man. Just got out of the shower. Whattup?” Jeremy explained his situation and Bryce let him right in. Bryce’s dirty-blonde hair was still dripping wet, and could empathize. “Yeah, bro, that sucks, especially with your roommate gone for so long. What a pain in the ass.” “You’re telling me! My phone, wallet, and everything else are in there.”

“Then I guess you’re stuck with us for a while. Make yourself at home,” said Kyle Edwards, who was Bryce’s roommate and was just coming out of his room to greet their visitor. Bryce knew that Jeremy was cool, but Kyle was excited to see him for other reasons: Jeremy’s masculine good looks, taut muscles, and unmistakable bulge were just three of them. Kyle was openly gay, and it never caused him any problems. He was quite masculine, having played soccer in high school and having done several Abercrombie shoots. (Oh, the stories he could tell about those...) He had that insouciant, cocky lock of brown hair dripped onto his forehead that drove guys and girls crazy. “Looks like it. Think I could grab a quick shower? I’m a mess and I don’t think you need my sweat all over your furniture,” Jeremy said. “No problem. Second door on the left,” Bryce responded.

Jeremy turned the water on and stripped off his clothes. While he waited for the water to warm up, he took a moment to admire his muscles in the mirror. The hard work was really paying off. There was a beautiful, natural line converging from his two wide shoulders through his beefy chest and down into his chiseled six-pack, which ended with a naughty little treasure trail. Of course, the treasure at the end of the trail was his perfectly proportioned 8-inch cock, which he put to good use on a regular basis. Suddenly, the door opened wide and Bryce walked blindly in, still in just his towel. “Oh, shit, dude! My bad! I figured you’d be in the shower already…just droppin’ you some fresh towels.” Jeremy didn’t even flinch. He laughed. “We’re both athletes, I think we’ve both seen enough other dudes in the shower before.” Bryce laughed, “Very true, very true.” He reached behind Jeremy to get his deodorant, brushing both his upper arm and towel-covered leg against Jeremy’s tight frame. As he extended his reach, his towel-covered crotch just brushed up against Jeremy’s hard glutes, briefly sending a shiver throughout Jeremy’s body. “Sorry, man. I’ll get out of your way. Man, I don’t think I need to ask where you got that friggin’ nightstick swinging between your legs, but how’d you get your bod lookin’ so good? Flattered, Jeremy smirked and said, “Eight years of kicking people’s asses.” They both laughed. Jeremy added, “You know that lacrosse body you’ve got goin’ there ain’t lookin’ too bad.” Jimmy responded, “Thanks, well, I haven’t heard any complaints!”

The shower was exactly what Jeremy needed: Just the right warmth, just the right pressure to massage his tired muscles. He let the water and the soap soak into his sweaty skin. However, the water wasn’t the only thing that needed to soak in. He needed to get his head around this whole situation, which had presented itself so suddenly. Muttering to himself, he said, “Let’s see…I’m locked out of my apartment, my roommate and only way in is gone for hours, and I have no clothes to wear. Can’t just put back on the workout stuff and defeat the point of showering. Maybe one of these dudes has some shorts and a t-shirt I can borrow.” And what about these dudes? He knew them casually, but had never really hung out with them outside of larger social situations. They both seemed really cool, and as far as hanging out with someone Jeremy didn’t give a shit that Kyle was openly gay. They still had sports in common, right? Still, he couldn’t get around the fact that he’d probably found himself in a situation he’d never been in before. He had nothing to wear but a towel, Kyle was openly gay, and Bryce was…well, he wasn’t sure about Bryce. No one had ever said anything and he was a pretty macho, muscular guy. But, then again, why would he choose to live with an openly gay guy? When the two of them were in the bathroom, Jeremy had definitely spotted Bryce admiring his naked form, including his cock. And why did he reach for the deodorant the way he did? To purposely tease Jeremy? Jeremy was a bit uncomfortable, but was also very open-minded and, truth be told, a little intrigued. “What the fuck?”, he said to himself. “No one will know. They are good-looking guys. I ain’t gonna go looking for it, but if they make a move, well, sex is sex.” A warm hole is a warm hole, after all, and lord knows Jeremy’s libido needed a lot of warm holes for prime grade meat. Even if nothing else happened, Jeremy thought he might tease them a bit.

Jeremy, barely covered by the diminutive towel, opened the bathroom door and walked out. Bryce was still wearing nothing but his towel, explaining that of course he’d loan Jeremy clothes, but as it happens everything is in the laundry so the towels were actually the only option. Jeremy made clear that it was not a problem. Kyle was wearing a wife-beater and skin-tight black bicycle shorts from the ride he went on earlier in the day.

“So what’s the plan,” Jeremy asked. “Well, the plan was sort of no plan, actually. We were just gonna do a lazy day…you know, watch a DVD, have some of the beers Kyle bought for us. There’s plenty to go around.” Jeremy smiled. “You guys must’ve read my mind. That’s exactly the type of day I need. Just got through so much stress with exams, and just did a really hard workout. Some couch Olympics and brewskies sound great.”

Bryce popped some typical shoot-‘em-up forgettable action film into the DVD player and started it, while Kyle brought a whole bunch of frosty beers to the living room and passed them around. Basically, the living room had a two-person sofa and, on the right at like a 45 degree angle in front of the sofa, a small love seat that really only fit one person. Kyle parked himself in the love seat. I took the right side of the sofa while Bryce kind of splayed out on the left side (which wasn’t very far away). Their legs just barely, imperceptibly touched. They lazed about like that for quite a while, watching the stupid movie, drinking at least 5 beers each, and definitely having a nice buzz going. The movie was awful, so they made it a little lower so that they could talk over it. At first, they chatted about bullshit: classes, asshole professors, sports, etc. Pretty soon the topic turned to sex. Bryce, who, as a stud, generally did quite well, had actually been stood up by a girl the previous week. Jeremy was giving him no end of teasing over it. Soon Kyle joined in the friendly teasing. Finally, Bryce had enough and said, “Fuck this, I’m sure I’ve fucked more than either of you. I’ve had sex with 38 different girls. Different ones. How many girls have you guys slept with?” Jeremy was an honest guy and would acknowledge when he’d been beaten. “Dude, I’ll give it to you that you beat me, but that’s so cheesy. You’ve had sex with 38, I’ve had sex with 32. But I had a girlfriend I was faithful to the first two years of college! Still, it sounds like neither one of us is hurting too much in that department.” “Fair enough,” said Bryce, turning to Kyle. “Well, how about it? How about you?” Kyle almost cracked up. “Um, I don’t know what you think the definition of gay means, but it kinda means that I don’t have sex with girls. I tried one or two in high school and it wasn’t the right fit at all. So I think I’m kind of at a disadvantage in this competition!” Jeremy laughed heartily at that statement. Bryce responded, “Well, whatever, you choose guys. How many guys have you had sex with?” “Do you really want to know?” “Yeah,” both Bryce and Jeremy said at the same time. “I really don’t have a count; lost it a while ago, but I doubt I’ve had sex with less than a hundred guys.” “WOW!”, Jeremy and Bryce exclaimed at once. That was way beyond their numbers, and they were a little surprised, especially since other than being brutally hot Kyle seemed generally conservative. Jeremy and Bryce were both at a loss for intelligent words. “I mean, why?,” asked Jeremy. “I mean, what makes you want guys so much?” “Probably the same thing that makes you want girls so much! Just a different target of attraction. A tall, rugged man…all those muscles chiseled over his body like a Greek God…just the raw power and sensuality that radiates from a man’s body…and a good cock is so powerful looking, it just emanates energy and you want to worship it, and have it done to you.” None of this was falling on deaf ears. In the backs of both Bryce’s and Jeremy’s minds, this was ringing some familiar bells. There legs touched just a little bit more.

“Well, what’s it like?” “What’s what like?” Jeremy stammered a bit. “You know, just, like, gay sex. Are you one of the ones who likes being on top or bottom.” “I’m greedy. Both!” Bryce was also having some trouble getting the words out properly, asking, “Well, what’s it like fucking a guys ass? What’s it like having your ass fucked?” Kyle was beginning to become intrigued by the possibilities inherent in this situation. He saw the look of eagerness and curiosity on Bryce and Jeremy’s faces as they paid rapt attention. “Think what it feels like to fuck a girl. Now imagine the hole is much smaller, so much tighter around your dick that it can milk it for everything it’s worth. The warmth and the velvety touch are pressed so much more up against your cock that it feels like you stuck your dick into heaven.” “And getting fucked?”, both boys asked at once, after which they gave each other a strange look. “You’ve seen how girls react when they have orgasms with you? Well imagine being able to feel that. You have this warm, throbbing rod that just feels like it contains power inside your body, rocking in and out, and then it hits the prostate…that’s like a male G-spot…and it feels so good you wanna freeze the moment forever. “Damn,” said Bryce. Jeremy was just silent, but he could feel a tent forming. What could he do? Kyle was a good salesman. He could see one starting to form in Bryce’s towel as well.

Kyle said, “Look, you guys are obviously curious, but I’m not gonna sit here answering questions all day. And if I’m gonna have to educate you, I’m going to at least enjoy myself.” He rummaged through a drawer, returning with a DVD. He took out the shitty movie and put in one of his favorite gay porns. “Just watch and see how it’s done.” He couldn’t help but grin.

Bryce and Jeremy both flashed a “Should we be doing this?” look at each other, but neither seemed to want to stop it. It was obvious that both were tented up in their towels, and it was also obvious that they were both looking at each other getting tented up in their towels. There curiosity won out. They turned toward the TV. Again, Jeremy was splayed out on the right side and Bryce was one the left, but this time they were much closer and Bryce’s right leg was blatantly resting on Jeremy’s right thigh.

The two could hardly believe their eyes.

Already, right there in front of them on the big screen TV, 4 guys were making out with each other. Not just any four guys…four gods, lips locking, tongues wrapping, hands exploring. On screen, two of the guys lay back on there couch, while the other two slowly drag their tongues down the rippled torsos. Bryce gulped when one guy got to the cock, passed it, and started licking his partners balls. Flicking lightly with his tongue, moving the orbs around gently in his mouth. The second cocksucker got right into it; Jeremy’s eyes were totally transfixed to the screen watching this guy go down on that dick. He watch the tongue tease the head, and then lick all the way down and up the shaft, until the guy had the whole hunk of hunk meat back in his mouth and started deep throating his partner.

At this point, Bryce, Jeremy, and Kyle were all heavily turned on, though Bryce and Jeremy were in a state of disbelief. No matter how hard they tried, though, there was no denying that their thick dicks were so hard they were literally busting out of the towels. Just agonizing, aching to be touched. Kyle was, of course, turned on as hell, but he was also slightly bemused by the situation. He hadn’t planned this, but he felt like now these guys could be putty in his hands. He’d wait until the next scene.

Bryce and Jeremy’s eye never left the screen as the first scene ended. The next began with the usual poor dialogue and set-up, but that tennis player sure did bruise his groin area so that physical therapist needs to get a really close look. Soon enough, they physical therapist is exploring the depths of the tennis player’s ass with his tongue, darting it in and out. One glob of spit for lube and he’s fucking the player’s ass for all its worth, his man-meat driving in and out of those tight buns.

If it were possible, Bryce and Jeremy’s dicks were even harder and just might explode, they were so engorged. Kyle smiled, took his T-shirt off, and then deftly removed his bicycle shorts before the boys could ask what he was doing. He was stark naked, his rippled abs showing, that hot triangle that the hip flexors make flexing, and his hand pumping up and down his shaft. He was masturbating freely.

Both boys looked at him incredulously. Bryce asked, “W-what are you doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing? It’s my apartment, I’m gonna jerk off if I need to. It’s just us guys. This movie is hot. You telling me you guys aren’t turned on? Your dicks say otherwise. They look like they’ll explode if they don’t get some relief.” Bryce and Jeremy looked at each other, knowing Kyle was right. “Come on guys, go with it, just have fun!” Bryce and Jeremy both tossed their towels off and were stark naked. By this time in the movie, the physical therapist was still fucking his tennis player patient, only now a second player was on the court, plowing his dick into the physical therapists tight, waiting ass. The three actors were fucking in tandem. As soon as those towels were off, Jeremy and Bryce were jerking their cocks furiously. They were so turned on. Jeremy was cut and slightly over 8 inches; Bryce was cut and only a tiny bit shorter than Jeremy, so they both had good equipment. Their hands were moving in frenzies, their minds so turned on by the film that it couldn’t even control them. This was such a hot show for Kyle to watch: These two big, muscular straight studs jerking it together to gay porn like their lives depended on it. He wasn’t even watching the film anymore Neither were Bryce and Jeremy. They were looking into each other’s eyes as they jerked their cocks. Their dicks were only a few feet from each other, and they could feel the sex and heat radiating from the others cock. Their gazes turned downward, so they were staring right at each other’s cock. Watching their hands pump up and down those veiny shafts…seeing the pre-cum drip out of the proud mushroom head…imagining how warm and sensual they would be as they filled up their mouths…Jeremy and Bryce were definitely in uncharted territory.

Suddenly, Kyle jumps up and comes over to them. “Guys, this is stupid! Let yourselves go, take advantage, no one cares…have the time of your fucking lives!” With that, Kyle grabbed both of them by the arm and yanked them to their feet. The three of them were standing inches apart, sharing body heat. Kyle started caressing Bryce and Jeremy’s nervous chests. His hands felt so good, so strong, so right, that both boys just relaxed. Kyle whispered in their ear how hot this was and what awesome muscles they have. Then, he dropped to his knees and went to work. Bryce’s eyes nearly rolled back into his head as Kyle attacked his dick. Kyle didn’t hesitate; he sucked right onto that thing. Making sure every inch of that cock felt his warm tongue as he bobbed up and down. Without missing a beat, he reached up and started fondling Jeremy’s balls. Gently rolling them in his hand, tickling the underside near the perineum. Jeremy was in heaven. At least he thought he was, but then he felt Kyle’s powerful hand wrap around his shaft and start to jack him. It felt so good, like no chick had ever done. He could feel power coming through Kyle’s hands into his dick. Kyle’s thumb was tickling the tip of his dick while Kyle’s tongue was licking every single inch of Bryce’s dick. Then he switched places. He stuffed Jeremy’s cock into his throat and deep throated him right away, only playing more gently with his tongue once he’d nearly driven Jeremy crazy with pleasure. Bryce was in another world with Kyle’s hand manipulating his manhood.

Then, still sucking Jeremy, he reached around and firmly grabbed both of their asses (which, he made sure to note to himself, were magnificent) and pulled them in closer. Now their dicks were practically touching, and Kyle started rubbing the two guys dicks together. It was so hot, Jeremy put his hand on Bryce’s shoulder for balance. Now, Kyle starting going at both cocks at once. He stuck his tongue out so he could lick at both tips simultaneously, mashing them side-by-side and pretending to get them both in his mouth. He was ravenous. His hands were still firmly pulling on Bryce and Jeremy’s asses, bringing them closer. By now, their bodies made contact. Bryce shuddered as his chest met Jeremy’s sweaty chest, and as he felt their six packs sliding against each other like snakes. Their heads were only an inch apart and they could feel each other’s breath. Jeremy couldn’t take it and boldly grabbed the back of Bryce’s head, pulling his head in and pulling their lips together. Their lips met and locked, and for a split second, all either one could feel was as if time froze. For that instant, they almost (almost!) didn’t even feel the sublime pleasure of Kyle tickling their sacks while his tongue darted from dick to dick. That second didn’t last, and BAM! Their tongues were wrestling like their lives depended on it. Passionate kisses. Lustful kisses. Jeremy bit the bottom of Bryce’s lip and sensually tugged at it, and Bryce responded by grabbing Jeremy’s ass, pulling him in, and shoving his tongue as far into Jeremy’s willing throat as possible. While their tongues mashed, so did their sweat-slicked, lithe young bodies. They wanted full body contact. Kyle backed off a little, then stayed down their jerking his own dick furiously to the passionate site of these two hunks in front of him. They grabbed each others asses and pulled each other as close as possible, grinding their cocks together. They started to do a standing dry-hump. Bryce’s hand, firmly cupping Jeremy’s tight ass cheek moved, and he started sliding it up and down Jeremy’s crack. Jeremy moaned with pleasure, so Bryce licked his own finger and wormed into Jeremy’s virgin hole. Jeremy took it surprisingly well; a slight sting, but then Bryce was into the knuckle finger fucking Jeremy, who he was still heavily making out with. Kyle was right; Jeremy’s chute felt like warm velvet heaven around his finger. In the throes of ecstasy, Jeremy responded by grabbing onto Bryce’s throbbing shaft, which elicited an immediate moan from Bryce, though it was muffled by Jeremy’s still hungry tongue. Jeremy started pumping Bryce’s cock fast and furiously, milking it, feeling it’s warmth and energy radiate into his hands. Soon, the two of them had a rhythm; still making out, Bryce had his finger fucking Jeremy’s asshole to the same beat that Jeremy was jack Bryce’s cock. The two of them were so near their thresholds, as was Kyle, who usually lasts longer when masturbating but was so turned on by these two studs he could feel it welling up. Kyle leaned up and pushed both boys hands away. He kept jacking his own dick, which was near to cumming, and resumed sucking Bryce and Jeremy’s cocks like it was his job. His tongue just slurped with now coordination up and down this jumbled mass of hot dick, while Jeremy and Bryce were fingering each other’s assholes and tongue wrestling.

All three of the boys could feel it welling up. They could feel the dams starting to fail. Kyle came first, jacking his cock, and his cum spurted up onto his chin and onto the other boys’ stomachs. His muffled moans of ecstasy vibrated into the boys dicks, and like a river rushing, their cum exploded out of both of their cocks at the same time. Their moans were loud enough to be heard three blocks away as spurt after spurt flew out of their cocks. Kyle loved it. He had the after-effects of his orgasm, and no he was catching every last drop of these two studs jizz, no matter how much they shot in his throat. The boys still had their tongues in each other’s mouths but now hard their hands resting on each other’s shoulders, providing support. They both felt like their spines had melted and poured out through their dicks, and were breathing heavily. After 20 seconds or so, Bryce suddenly looked down at Kyle, and with a mischievous smile, yanks him to his feet. Jeremy could see the massive amounts of cum Kyle had yet to swallow. Bryce grabbed the backs of Kyle and Jeremy’s heads and brought them all in for a three-way kiss. Their tongues battled, and their mouths and tongues greedily fought for the cum in Kyle’s mouth. They were so ravenous that after a minute that all had cum glazed all over their faces and lips, but they’d all managed to swallow a solid load. They summarily collapsed on the sofas, nearly into comas.
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