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Who is he, and what does he want?
He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Don't get me wrong, he was not one of those androgynous men, those who look like little boys or those who you cannot tell if they are a boy or a woman. No, he was fully male, but with the looks of an angel. He reminded me of the cherubs you see in some religious art, all grown up. He just sat there in a corner, looking around the club with eyes that looked like they could see your very soul, but with a slightly bored look on his face. I guess you want to know more in detail how he looked? From what I could see, in the dark, he was tall, well built with defined but not overly buff muscles. A golden mop of curly hair and smooth skin with sharp angles, cheekbones to kill for and a dimple on his left cheek. The lips was full and looked so soft and kissable. As for his eye color I couldn't tell, but the eyes where big and with lashes that seemed to go on for miles. He was wearing black jeans, a black simple t-shirt with no print on, and black boots. Like an angel cast from heaven.

This is maybe not my story to tell, but I have part in it. And I feel that it must be shared, even though I know he wouldn't agree with me. But I will tell it anyway.

I had been staring for I don't know how long, standing against a wall in my own dark little corner, letting the base of the music course through my body. And that was when he suddenly turned his head and looked at me. I didn't understand how he could have noticed me, with all the people around him, the noise and the dark, but he did. His bored face slowly lit up, a slight smile crooked his mouth and his eyes locked on to mine. With a movement so smooth as running water, he rose from his chair and strode towards me. My heart beat like crazy, why was this man coming to me? I was no one, a nobody, and he had so many beautiful people in the club to choose from!

Within seconds he was standing in front of me, a mere centimeters away, and I could feel his hot breath against my skin. His eyes were as stunning as I had imagined and they where green. A bright, vibrant spring green, with golden flecks that seemed to dance. He crooked his head and smiled, and spoke his first words to me:

"Hi, I am Gabriel. What's your name?"

Gabriel. He even had the name of an angel. My throat was suddenly dry, and my lips felt cracked. I took a deep breath and managed to mumble:

"I.. I'm Noah."

Yeah. I am a guy. Bet you didn't expect that, did you? I am a guy, and a gay one to boot. But hey, it's not important really, it's just the way I was born, and I don't think of it too much. Do you think about how you are straight every day? No? Well, that's how it is for me too, only I am gay.

"Nice to meet you, Noah! I haven't seen you here before. How is that?"
"Uhm, well.. I just moved here, and it's my first night out..hrm."

It's a wonder he didn't turn around and walk away, I must have sounded like a blabbering moron. But somehow he found it charming, endearing even, and he stuck around. Now, I couldn't get rid of him even if I wanted to. Which I don't! But I stray from the story, and I hope you can forgive me!

After some chit chat I don't remember to well, since I was to busy panicking and taking in the fact that this glorious man actually was talking to me, we found ourselves outside the club, in the back ally, sharing a cigarette and taking a brake from all the noise inside. His hair shone even under the dull glow from the street lamps, and my heart was imitating a humming-bird. I know I shouldn't belittle myself, but I have never had much of a confidence in my looks.

I am not ugly, but I just see myself as average. I am tall, but not very tall. I am built but not one that you would look twice at, passing you on the street. I have dark brown hair, just plain brown. No fancy chestnut color or anything like that. I keep it long since it is very straight and I like the feel of it when it falls down my back. My face is..well, my face. As I have no confidence to talk of, I just avoid looking in mirrors as much as I can. Gabriel tells me I am stupid and silly, and that he could look at my face for an eternity without growing sick of it, that I am his angel come true. But he is funny like that and I love him for it.

When he threw the cigarette bud to the ground and turned to me, my stomach made volts. He leaned in close, trapping me against the wall and I could have counted his eye lashes one by one if I wanted to, so close was he. His breath smelled surprisingly fresh, like honey and sweet mint and it sent shivers down my back. He looked me in the eyes, and put his hand on my face when he brushed his lips against mine.

"I have waited for you so long..."

It was almost not even a whisper, but I heard it and was just about to ask him what he meant, when his lips finally locked on to my mouth. They where as soft as I had imagined it, but firm at the same time. He tasted sweet and our tongues danced that age old dance. My body felt like it was alive for the first time, like until this moment I had not truly lived, only survived. He pushed closer, pressing his warm, lean body against me and put his hand in my hair. Our breathing was rapid, jagged, and I could almost hear my own heart trying to beat it's way out of my chest.

With a gasp for air I pushed him a bit away from me, even though I gladly would have kept kissing him for ever, and suffer death from lack of air because of it. I collected my thoughts, hard as it was, and my courage as well.

"Would you.. would you like to follow me home?"

"Oh very much so, very much," He chuckled and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the street.

It was a small miracle that I could even walk, the way my knees was shaking from the kiss. With a wave of his hand he hailed a cab, and we tumbled in to the backseat, laughing and smiling like maniacs. I turned to the driver and gave him my address, then quickly turned back to Gabriel. He still held my hand, watching me with an intense expression on his beautiful face. I smiled nervously and finally managed to ask what he had meant by what he said just as we began to kiss earlier.

"Oh, that.. well, can we maybe talk about that later, in private? When we both are sober?"

"Well, yeah, I just thought is was kind of a strange thing to say."

"Hm, haha, I guess I am kind of strange!"

I really wanted him to answer, but was afraid that if I pushed it more, he would leave, and I really wanted him to come with me. I wanted to touch him in the most intimate ways, let my tongue wander the length of his body, my hands discover every inch of him. And I wanted him to do the same to me. So I gave it up, for the moment, and we kissed joyfully under the rest of the ride back to my place. The driver even had to clear his throat at us when we arrived, and I blushed like a teenager while Gabriel paid him. Later I found it strange that he was the one to pay, and not me since I was the one instigating going home to me, but at the time it felt so natural and I didn't object.

When we had climbed the stairs, and I nervously had fumbled with the key to open the door, we crashed in to my apartment, stumbling over shoes and taking our jackets of with a feverish fury. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, his mouth locked to mine. We tumbled on to my small bed, my shirt flying off somewhere, his was tangled in my hands, and my pants halfway off.

He pulled them off completely and ran his hands over my thighs, my stomach tightening with expectation. His breath tickled my skin, over my hipbones, over my stomach and up to my neck and ear. I dropped his t-shirt on the floor and ran my fingers over his back, tracing small circles while he nibbled my earlobe and whispered:

"You smell so good. Like the air after rain and earth warmed by the sun. I could lay here forever."

I could have let him, his body just the right weight, pressing me into the bed without being to heavy. But I wanted more, wanted to taste him. So I kissed him on his neck, feeling him shiver, and started taking his pants of. His hair tickled me on my chest when he lifted his knees so he could kick the pants off. Now there were just two thin layers of fabric separating our bodies, and I could not help but cup his ass in my hands. It was perfect, so deliciously round and small, and I felt it flex as he bent down to kiss my stomach. He licked my hairless stomach, up to my nipples, kissing them both one time each, before he pressed his body against me. His treasure trail tickled my belly and his chest hair caressed my now erect nipples. Warm, so deliciously warm, I remember thinking as he kissed me violently, pinning my hands above my head.

His muscles were lean and long, but he was stronger than me, not that I struggled to get loose. I was enjoying myself way too much for that. Our erections was straining against their bounds, rubbing together with tips wet by pre cum, longing to be set free. My head was spinning and I could hardly breath, and everything felt like it was on fire. His fingers tangled in my hair, he stopped kissing me for a minute, gasping for air like me and then started kissing his way back down my stomach again, trailing my chest with his hands as he went. When he reached my crotch, he tugged my briefs off me, letting my cock out of its prison, finally. I longed to see his, after having felt its hard, warm length against me, but he was in total command, and I could do nothing but follow his lead. I am usually not so meek in bed, I have been known to be rough, but with him it was different. When his tongue touched the head of my cock I moaned, grasping the sheet in my hands but was cut short as he let his mouth follow his tongue, enveloping my entire length in one stroke. Not an easy feet, I am not the biggest perhaps, but no one has ever complained before, and I am thick. Grunting as he bobbed up and down, made his throat hum and I felt like I was going to explode, right then and there. Reaching out my hand to stop him, I tried to speak.

"Please.. please, I wont last much longer if you keep doing that! Please let me taste you instead!"

Letting go of me he smiled and chuckled, licking me with fast little flicks, and then sliding up next to me. With his mouth close to my ear, he brushed his lips to my earlobe, while his fingertips made circles round my nipples, sending little jolts of pleasure through my body.

"Taste me then, suck me, lick me."

His breath was jagged in my ear, his voice low and husky, and he didn't have to ask me twice. I crawled down in the bed, letting my fingertips brush inside the lining of his underwear. He closed his eyes, still smiling. Slowly I took them off him, not wanting to miss a heartbeat of this moment, watching him in all his naked glory. He had a beautiful cock, long and thick, with veins breaking the silky smooth surface into a pattern, almost like rivers drawn on a map. His balls were tucked up high, his sack sitting like a nest under the root of his dick, just the right size for him. The golden treasure trail I had seen previously grew into a neat little bush, just as golden and a bit curly. Tentatively I reached for him, letting my hand close around him, fingers almost not able to close completely.

With a deep breath, I leaned down and took my first taste of him, letting the tip of my tongue run along the brim of his cock head, where it joined the shaft. He tasted sweet and salty at the same time, and the thin skin was so soft against my lips as I let them join my tongue. This was what I had wanted, longed for. I cupped his balls in one hand, letting the other stroke his length while my mouth sucked his tip. He thrust his hips up, meeting me in my downwards motions. His hands was placed firmly on my head, his fingers in my hair, wrapping strands of it around them as my mouth lowered down around his cock. Silky smooth skin, warm with pulsating veins just under the surface slid along my tongue, and I started moving up and down his shaft, covering him in spit and letting my lips close firmly. It felt so right. When I lifted my gaze to his face, I could see him like in a haze, eyes closed and mouth open, so beautiful in his ecstasy.

I don't know how long we kept going like that, him gripping my hair and me tasting him, enjoying the closeness and our skin touching. Finally though, he softly pulled me up to his face, kissing me and tasting himself on my lips. I was so hard now, throbbing and tingly all over my body. He firmly turned me over on my back, tracing little kisses and nibbles from my neck, along my chest and stomach, my hipbones. All the while, his hands stroking me all over, gripping me under my knees and pushing my legs up towards my chest. When he started licking my groin, and the underside of my balls, I felt like I was in heaven. And then he went further down. It was like an explosion in my head, like all the colors I never could see before just appeared at the same time, and I gasped. I could hear him chuckle, while he swirled his tongue around my hole, spreading me with both his hands. As he stuck the tip of his tongue in and out, teasing me, he massaged around my anus with his thumbs, loosening my muscles up for what was to come. He shortly joined his tongue with a finger, then two, and quickly found my prostate. I couldn't take it any longer, I had to have him in me, feel him force his way into my body.

"Please, I have to have you, I want you in me so bad!"

"If you are sure you are ready, I'll get some lube."

"Yes, yes, I am ready, please just hurry!"

His smile crinkled the tiny wrinkles beside his eyes, and I remember thinking that I could do anything to see him smile that way to me every day for the rest of my life. It was a strange sensation, I had just met him, I hardly new anything about him except his name, but I couldn't deny that the feeling seemed real. With the lube on his cock, he leaned over me, kissing me, sucking my lips in to his mouth and biting them, while the tip of him pressed against my ass. Slowly, steady, he pushed himself into me, the head of him locking into place with a faint sound. I let out my breath, pulling him closer to let him know it was okey to start moving. Our hands wandered each others bodys, scratching lines in skin, as he moved. It was amazing, I felt so close to him, and so safe. It was like I had missed something my entire life without knowing it, and suddenly stumbled upon it by accident. His belly rubbed my cock between us, and soon I could not hold it in any longer. I came with a moan, biting his shoulder and feeling the spasm clench his cock tighter in my asshole. He grunted, breathing loud in my ear and just a moment later, I could feel him twitch and the warmth of his cum filled me up. Collapsing on top of me, my cum slathered between us, he held me tight and kissed me with little pecks on my neck, my forehead and then my lips.

"That might just have been the best lay I have ever had. You are gorgeous!"

I couldn't answer him, my breath cut short by all my feelings. How could this almost unearthly beauty of a man call me gorgeous? And surely he must have had better than me? I blushed, not knowing how to take his compliment, and embarrassed by my silence. He smiled and brushed a strand of my hair away from my face.

"Don't be shy sweetie, and believe me, please! Not only do you have a wonderful body, so smooth and hard under that skin, but your face. All those angles, those eyes like dark chocolate, promising so much enjoyment, and your hair, like a waterfall of black silk. And your kisses are addictive."

"Then kiss me again. I don't ever want to get out of this bed."

So we kissed again, lying close and just enjoying the feeling of another persons heartbeats beating in tact with your own. Sometime after that I fell asleep, hearing his breath against the top of my head, my face tucked against his chest. I felt safe.

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