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Gary And Dave - The Next Day

Gary and Dave wake up after their first time and make a decision
So you know how it is. You’ve just fucked and been fucked by your heterosexual best friend while watching a bisexual porn movie. You’ve both cum, the film has ended and you’re sat in the living room naked with cum leaking out of your arses. What do you do?

Surprisingly there wasn’t any real awkwardness between us. Gary went to the toilet and cleaned himself up then returned to the living room. When I returned from the toilet he was sitting in his chair still naked watching TV. I sat on the chair across the room from him and pretended to watch TV.

‘So, are you OK?’ I asked finally.

‘I don’t know. My arse is a bit sore though!’ he replied a little too quickly.

‘Mine too,’ I said looking at him. ‘Shall we say that was a one off experiment then?’

‘I don’t know to be honest, I’ve really not thought about it. I mean, I kissed you. How gay is that?’ he chuckled.

‘I think the word we’re looking for is bisexual. I still fully intend to fuck Jenny when she comes up next weekend,’ I clarified.

‘Oh yes. I forgot you were seeing her. Shame I’m away at this family thing. She could have her threesome,’ he laughed, sounding more like the Gary I knew.

‘So why don’t you skip it and we can give the girl a good time then?’ I asked, quickly warming to the idea of fucking both of them at the same time.

‘I can’t. Not next weekend. Cherie has been planning this surprise for her Dad for months and would kill me if I cancelled.’

I let the subject drop and we watched the TV for half an hour in silence.

‘Would you do what we just did again Dave?’ Gary asked during an ad break.

‘Yes, I would. I’ve had sexual fantasies about men since I was 16 but that’s the first time I’ve ever done anything about it. I enjoyed it. It was exciting. I even enjoyed kissing you which I’ve never thought about at all!’ I confessed.

Gary watched TV and thought about what I’d said. I thought he was upset but finally he switched the TV off and got up.

‘Look, I enjoyed myself but I’m not sure if I’m ready for a major lifestyle change. Anyway, I’m going to bed. I really need to think about this’ he said getting up. I noticed his cock was getting hard again.

‘It wouldn’t be a lifestyle change. I couldn’t do that. What we do in private is fine but I’m not ready for everyone to know,’ I said as Gary left the room.

‘OK. I’ll see you tomorrow,’ he said as he left the room.

I sat watching TV for a while then got up and re-ran the last tape, wanking myself off with one hand while I fingered my arsehole with the other. I left the sound up so Gary would know what I was doing and didn’t try to stifle my cry as I came.

Next morning I was up first and in the shower when Gary walked in the bathroom wearing a pair of shorts, something he never usually did. He sat on the toilet and watched me soaping myself up.

‘Hi,’ he said simply.

‘All right?’ I asked.

‘Yea. I rang Jenny while you were wanking yourself off,’ he said with a smile.

I shut the shower off and stepped out, rubbing myself with a towel. Gary stripped his shorts off and stepped into the shower and turned it on.

‘So, what did you tell her?’ I asked drying myself as he showered.

‘Everything. I figured you would anyway,’ he laughed.

‘I probably would. She has that effect on me,’ I confessed, ‘what did she say?’

‘She said she was glad we had finally realised that we were a couple of faggots and fucked each other. Then when she passed reality briefly we talked it out and she helped me realise that what we did was fine and that I’m probably a better person than I was before. She also made me realise that I’ve suppressed a part of me for a long time. Then we had phone sex and I covered my bed clothes with cum.’

‘Really?’ I asked in wonder.

‘Yes. Really,’ he said switching off the shower and grabbing his towel. ‘Oh, and she said we were typical men for not doing any foreplay before we fucked each other!’

‘Cheeky cow!’ I laughed ‘We oiled each other up first.’

‘She thinks we should suck each other off now,’ Gary said, dropping his towel to reveal his erect cock.

‘Your room or mine?’ I laughed, reaching out and fondling his cock and balls.

‘Yours, I’ve just pulled all the sheets off mine to wash,’ he said watching my hand on his genitals.

We walked naked through the flat to my room and I lay on the bed. Gary shut the door and looked down at me nervously. He took a deep breath and lay down next to me on the double bed. I reached for his cock and slowly began to wank him off.

‘Feels good,’ he whispered reaching for my cock.

We played with each other for five minutes or so, taking our time and enjoying the sensations we were giving each other. Our heads moved closer to each other as we moved our bodies around. Finally we were close enough that I could reach out and press my lips to his. He froze for a split second then responded to my kiss. His lips parted and the tip of his tongue touched mine. I pulled him close, letting go of his cock and we kissed properly for the first time. His tongue pushed into my mouth as our hands roamed around each other’s bodies exploring the very different feeling of male skin, muscle and body hair. We broke away from each other and I pushed Gary on his back, bending over him to suck and lick his nipples. Gary held my head down and ran his fingers through my hair as I went from one nipple to the other sucking and nibbling.

‘Feels good,’ he whispered again as my hand found his cock.

I kissed my way down his body, briefly flicking my tongue into his hairy belly button then continuing on my way until my lips were an inch from the head of his cock. His hand in my wet hair pushed me down, urging me to take his cock in my mouth. I tentatively licked the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue tasting only soap then, with a deep breath, took his cock into my mouth. I took the first inch or two in then closed my mouth over it, sucking gently and moving my mouth up and down on his cock. Gary held on to my hair as I gave my first blowjob.

‘Feels good,’ said Gary encouragingly as I experimented with pace, suction and my tongue.

I used one hand on the base of his cock to slowly wank him into my mouth and the other I pushed between his thighs to fondle his balls. Gary obligingly opened his legs so I could explore underneath his scrotum. I raked my nails underneath his scrotum and down his thighs, gently probing his anus with one finger. I altered my pace on his cock, speeding up and sucking harder. I stopped every so often to push the tip of my tongue into his slit to taste his salty pre-cum. I was really getting off having his cock in my mouth and began to wonder what it was going to taste like when he shot his load in my mouth. Gary was moaning loudly now, bucking his hips in time to my movements and forcing his cock further into my mouth. I found it easy to take more in, my gag reflex giving me a little trouble at first but soon calming down. My hand worked on Gary’s balls and arsehole, squeezing his scrotum gently then raking down his thighs to his anus and gently pushing against it. I felt his prick pulse in my mouth and with a loud groan Gary filled my mouth with salty semen. I felt myself choking as he filled my mouth and tried to swallow as much as possible. Some leaked out and dribbled down my chin as I sucked him dry.

‘Oh, fuck,’ Gary cried.

I sat up and looked at him, smiling to myself. He pulled me to him and kissed me, licking his cum off my chin and neck. I kissed him back, elated that I had got him off so well on my first attempt.

Gary kissed me for a couple of minutes then pushed me on my back whispering ‘your turn’. He copied what I had done… kissing and licking my nipples then kissing down my body until he got to my hard thick cock. Gary opened his mouth and gently took my cock in. I put my hands behind my head and relaxed as he began to suck me off. Gary copied what I had done to him, playing with my balls and fucking my cock with his mouth. He didn’t take as much of my cock as I had with him, holding his hand around me to stop me from thrusting too far into him. I felt my balls tighten as he gently pushed his finger into my arsehole and started running his tongue around my glands.

‘Shit,’ I called, arching my back as his finger pushed into my arse and against my g-spot.

I felt my orgasm building as Gary began to massage my prostrate gland and suck the head of my cock. I arched my back again as I came, accidentally pulling my cock from Gary’s mouth and spraying his face with cum. He grabbed my cock with his lips and sucked me dry, easing his finger out of my bum as I finished cumming. I pulled him to me and kissed my fluid off his face, licking him clean. We lay together kissing and stroking each other gently without speaking.

‘I’m definitely bisexual,’ Gary said as we lay dozing on the bed.

‘Me too,’ I agreed, reaching over and kissing him again.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and I awoke an hour later. Gary was still sleeping, laying on his front and snoring slightly. I moved close to him, running my hands down his back to his buttocks. Gary moaned in his sleep and raised his hairy bum into my hands. I pushed him down and spread his legs apart. I lay down between them, my head on his bum and spread his cheeks. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until I leant forward and gently ran my tongue over his puckered anus. Gary groaned again and moved his head from one side to the other. I reached out with my long tongue and pushed it hard against the tight muscle tasting sweat and soap. Slowly and gently I began to rim Gary, licking his anus and gently fucking him with the tip of my tongue.

‘Ooo, that feels good,’ Gary mumbled into the pillow.

I carried on rimming him, spreading his cheeks apart to allow access. My cock was hard underneath me and I was really turned on. I lubricated my index finger with spit and gently teased Gary’s anus with it. Gary moved his hips again and pushed against my finger, encouraging me to penetrate him. I pushed hard to get passed his tight sphincter and my finger slid deep into his arsehole. I finger fucked him for a minute then pulled him around on to his back, keeping my finger in his anus. His cock was hard and I pulled it into my mouth.

‘Wait, I want to suck you at the same time,’ Gary said, pushing my head off his cock.

I moved around on the bed until we were on our sides in a 69 and grabbed his cock again. Gary sucked my cock as I took him in my mouth and returned my finger to his arsehole. Gary pushed his wet finger into me and we settled down to blow and finger each other slowly and sensually. Gary stopped first, pushing me away and getting off the bed.

‘I want to fuck again. I’m going to get the oil,’ he said leaving the room.

I lay on my stomach on the bed waiting for him. Gary came back quickly the bottle of oil in his hands. He quickly straddled my thighs and poured oil over my buttocks. I felt his hot, hard cock rubbing over me, getting slippery.

‘I want to fuck you so bad,’ Gary purred massaging my bum and slipping a finger into me.

‘Do it man. Fuck me. Fuck my arse as hard as you can. I want your cock up my arsehole,’ I said, feeling absurd and horny at the same time.

Gary pushed his oiled cock into me, sliding hard up my arse and not stopping until his 7" was buried inside me. I felt more pain this time, Gary’s impatience to get his cock into me showing. The pain subsided quickly and Gary leaned his full weight on to my back as he began to fuck me. He gripped my hair and held me down on the bed, slamming his cock hard into my backside. I pushed my bum back to meet him, trying to fuck him back but his weight kept him in control.

‘Oh, yes. How do you like that bitch?’ Gary shouted as he pulled his cock right out of my arse then thrust it back in as hard as he could making me cry out.

‘Fuck me,’ I practically screamed as Gary teased me with his prick.

Finally he relented and pushed his cock back up my arsehole. He lasted less than a minute before he was pumping his cum into me, holding my head pressed against the pillow. He let me go and I quickly pushed him down on to the bed in the same position.

‘Now you’re gonna get reamed you slut,’ I said as I quickly oiled Gary up and sank my cock into him.

Gary cried out as I thrust my rampant cock into his arsehole, copying him by grabbing his hair and forcing him down on to the bed. I slapped my cock against his buttocks with my free hand then repeatedly penetrated him with the head until he begged me to fuck him hard. I rolled off him and lay on my back.

‘Ride my cock,’ I said holding it vertically.

Gary squatted over me, gripping the headboard and I guided my cock up his arsehole. He quickly sat down on my cock, taking the entire length and winding himself slightly. He recovered and began to ride my cock, rocking on his heels and taking my full length up his arse. His scrotum was tight, pulling his balls into his body and his limp cock slapped against his thighs as he rode me. I let him pleasure me for a minute or two then pushed him off.

‘I can’t cum like that even though it feels fantastic. Get on your hands and knees,’ I ordered.

Gary assumed the position and I squatted over him pushing my fat cock up his hairy bum. I fucked him hard and fast until I felt myself cumming then pushed him on his back and sprayed his face with semen. Gary lapped it up, using his fingers to push my cum into his mouth then surprised the hell out of me by slipping my cock into his mouth and sucking me off. I felt a shiver start at my toes and travel up my back until my hair was standing on end as Gary sucked me dry.

Again I collapsed at his side and we laughed at each other before gently kissing again. We lounged about for another hour then got up and went to the pub to watch the football. Later that night we sucked and fucked each other again then fell asleep exhausted together, our relationship totally changed for the better.

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