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Gary's Gym

Gary gets me in shape.
Gary and I had been talking online for a couple weeks. We had been sending emails back and forth, getting comfortable with each other and setting things up. One day I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to do this.

I arrived at Gary’s house around noon.

He lived out in the country, not terribly far from the city, maybe twenty-five minutes worth of a drive. I really enjoyed the country but after college I moved to the city for a better chance at a real job. I longed for fresh air and beautiful country roads. Turns out that Gary living in the country allowed me to fulfill some extra desires that I had not thought would ever really happen.

I pulled in to the driveway, turned the car off, sat there, and took a deep breath. I hadn’t done anything like this since college. I had a little experience, but not much, and I was quite nervous. I was also quite horny.

I got out of my car, took another deep breathe, and headed toward the door. It was a nice little cottage nestled in a quaintly wooded yard. A perfect little country house in all its glory. I knocked on the door while my heart raced. “I am really about to do this?” is all that registered in my head.

Gary came to the door shirtless and in gym shorts.

Gary was the definition of a silver fox. Roughly sixty years old but he took care of himself. Six foot two inches tall and bald, with a nice amount of white chest hair that made you take notice but didn’t overpower. A mild tan that gave him a healthy glow and made you yearn to touch his skin. He clearly shaved his head, but hadn’t that day. The sides of his head had a little stubble that worked well for him. Gary wasn’t a perfect specimen of health, but he clearly took care of himself and took pride in his body. A small belly indicated he worked out but also enjoyed the food he eats. The man knows what he wants.

He invited me in and asked if I was thirsty. Of course I was! Here was this hunk of man standing in front of me, shirtless. Saying I needed a drink was an understatement.

Gary grabbed me a water and we headed toward his home gym.

A big reason I was here today was to work out and get some tips. I am a six foot tall, twenty-three year old, young Indian male that, admittedly, put on a few pounds since graduating University. Once I wasn’t active and just worked, I gained a few pounds. When I started talking to Gary online, this was not the end goal, but it became an opportunity once we learned more about each other. Gary was going to show me the ropes.

While we walked to the back of his house, where the gym was Gary started to chat. “So, how are you doing today Tom?”

“I am doing well, a little nervous, but excited to learn.” I responded.

Gary said, “That’s quite alright Tom, no need to worry. We will start slow and get muscles warmed up. When we are all ready to go, the fun stuff will begin.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Holy shit, I was excited.

The gym was basically a room in his house with free weights, a bench, a punching bag, and a stationary bike. Nothing crazy, just enough to get the job done and stay active. We entered the gym and Gary immediately took his shorts off.

Well then, I guess this is happening.

I suppose I should mention that one of those “extra desires” I mentioned earlier was to be totally nude with an older man. I had fantasized quite a bit about this and while I had some experience with older men in college (a professor that was a lot of fun) I longed to be able to hang out naked with an older man. Gary’s private house out in the country allotted us the freedom I wanted. The thought of it always made me perk up.

Gary wasn’t wearing any underwear so when he took his shorts off, I got to see it all. His healthy tan was all over, which meant that when Gary told me he liked being nude, he wasn’t kidding. He turned and faced me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, indicating that he was waiting for me to join him in my birthday suit. But my mind was elsewhere. Gary facing me allowed me to see just how manly Gary was.

Eight inches of beautifully tanned and shaved old man cock dangled between his legs. Gary was definitely a shower, not a grower. What a cock. Then I realized the thickness. Gary was blessed with a nice thick cock roughly two and half inches around and eight inches thick with a gorgeous mushroom tip.

The kind I had only seen these in porn. The most I had worked with prior to this was six and half inches, maybe. Your average stuff.

I snapped back and realized Gary was still standing there waiting for my half of show and tell.

I put down my bag and took off my shirt then my shorts. I, unlike Gary, had opted for underwear. Gary gave me a nice smile when he saw that my package was happy to see him and showing off through my dark green boxer briefs.

I quickly removed those and showed Gary what I was working with. I am rocking six inches of young brown cock that also measured around two and half inches around. Unlike Gary though, I was not a shower, I’m a grower. When I was still wearing my boxer briefs, I was about three inches long and off to the right. Once I took that pesky underwear off, and felt the stare of Gary’s eyes on my cock, I was standing at full attention.

God, it felt good to be here right now.

Gary was smiling and taking me in. I could feel his eyes and I loved it.

Damn, I wanted Gary’s cock. Originally, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to do this, but not anymore. Fuck.

I wanted Gary’s cock.

It was clear though that Gary was not as ready to go as I was. He handed me a towel and told me to start stretching. He was going to literally make me work for it.

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