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Gay first time with best friend

Two friends come home from the pub frustrated, have a frank chat then fuck each other.
"I need a shag!" moaned Kenny as we watched the young girl next door leave her house dressed in what amounted to a belt and a bra.

"Jailbait mate, leave it alone." I said, unlocking the door and walking up the stairs to our flat.

"Surely she's over 16?" Kenny asked following me up the stairs, "Her Mother wouldn't let her out dressed like that if she wasn't would she?"

"Now you sound like my Dad!" I laughed.

We'd gone out that afternoon to have a pub lunch and a quick pint but had bumped into an ex-girlfriend of Kenny's and ended up spending the afternoon drinking and flirting with her and three of her mates. Sadly for us they'd all been meeting their boyfriends in the evening for a meal so we'd ended up coming home alone. I knew Kenny would be suffering as he always ended up horny when he met up with Sally. He'd had a six-month affair with her, which had lead to his fairly messy divorce. I expected him to carry on with Sally after the divorce but she'd found herself someone else. Kenny wasn't that bothered, as the only thing they had in common was a love of kinky sex. I think Kenny wished that the sex had continued on an adhoc basis but she wasn't interested.

"Don't tell me you're not frustrated, you looked well pissed off when Debs announced they were off to meet their partners that evening," Kenny pointed out.

I nodded my agreement, I thought I'd pulled Debbie after an hour's mutual flirting and was fairly pissed off when she told me about her boyfriend and apologised for leading me on.

"Better off without women; they break your heart and take all your money," I said bitterly.

"My money, your heart; I wasn't that bothered when Jane divorced me. Until I saw the bill that is," Kenny said.

That was also true. I had a bad habit of going headlong into relationships and coming out with my feelings in tatters. Kenny seemed to go in with indifference and come out financially challenged. One of the first women he lived with stole his laptop when she left him! I wasn't sure why he'd got married to Jane in the first place because their relationship always looked doomed from the beginning. Still it made my mortgage affordable as he'd moved into my spare room after she got the house in the divorce.

"Anyway you wouldn't have liked shagging Debbie. She has fairly weird tastes in bed according to Sally. Ropes, whips, chains, butt plugs and rubber," Kenny said.

"I know, she told me when we were flirting. Why do you think I've ended up walking home with half an erection?" I laughed.

"Bloody hell, you think you know someone. I didn't think you'd the type to bend over and offer your arse to a dominant woman," Kenny exclaimed.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it!" I said trying not to blush as I realised what I'd revealed.

Kenny looked at me for a minute, trying to decide if he should push me further for details then shrugged.

"I let Sally tie me up once and didn't like it," He said.

"I don't like being tied much," I admitted.

"Then it's spanking and butt plugs you enjoy!" Kenny laughed turning bright red in the process.

"You want details?" I asked smiling.

"Why the hell not? We've talked about everything else over the years but never specifics about sex," Kenny shrugged getting a couple of beers from the fridge.

I opened my beer and followed Kenny into the living room. My living room is so obviously a bachelor's: 52" wide screen TV with surround sound system dominating one wall, an expensive stereo and huge CD collection on a second. No sofa, just two reclining leather chairs in front of the TV and some beanbags for visitors. We took a chair each and settled down facing each other.

"I kind of enjoy getting spanked," I said hesitantly, "but not that hard. I went out with one girl who wanted to use a leather strap on me and that was just painful. I mostly get off on a dominant woman penetrating my arse with a dildo."

"I can't honestly imagine any of your ex's doing anything like that," Kenny said after a moment's slightly uncomfortable silence.

"Dawn got me into it," I said simply

Dawn was a girl I'd seen on and off for a year when I first left University. She was the personnel manager in my first job and 9 years older than me. She was very well spoken, always wore business clothing even when she wasn't working and was very prim and proper. She was 5'8", a size 14-16 dress so chubby but not really fat. Reubenesque is the perfect word I guess. Her boobs were big and bouncy and her bum soft and large. Underneath all the primness was a raging, dominant pervert especially once you got her a little drunk and into the bedroom. I'd found out at a company meal when she'd passed me a note after dinner inviting me to her room for a night cap. I'd gone to the room number on the note and she practically dragged me in and ripped my clothes off.

Kenny already knew most of this as we were sharing a flat at the time. Kenny also knew that Dawn and I had had a very full sex life mostly because the flat walls were paper thin and he could hear us when we Dawn stayed over!

"That doesn't surprise me," Kenny said, "from what I could hear she was always a little wild."

"We shagged each other senseless most nights but the kinky stuff came right at the end of the relationship, just before she relocated to Scotland. I guess we knew the time was running out for us and we started trying new things. The whole anal thing came from me requesting that I do her up the arse."

"How did she react to that? I've only ever had two women agree to it and one of them made me stop before we'd even started," said Kenny.

"I expected her to say no but she didn't. She did say that she'd never done it before and would only do it if I were willing to do it too. I didn't realise what she was suggesting at the time," I laughed remembering my confusion. "What happened with the second woman by the way?"

"Sally. She loved it the dirty little slut," Kenny smiled.

"Of course, it would be Sally," I laughed.

"So?" Kenny said prompting me.

"Dawn agreed to anal if I agreed to anal. She'd allow me inside if I allowed her inside me if you see what I mean. I tentatively agreed because she seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea."

"So you did it right there and then?" Kenny asked.

"No because it was late and I had to get home. She didn't mention it the next day but a week later she presented me with some anal toys and astroglide lube!"

"Bloody hell, move to Scotland. Any woman that buys sex toys has to be cool," Kenny sighed.

"For herself maybe but I knew these were for my arse and I was very nervous of it at the time remember. One of the toys was a tapered butt plug that was thin at the top but bulged out the further down it you got. The other was a long, slim probe that Dawn confessed she already used on herself and fully enjoyed it."

"Up her bum?" Kenny asked.

"Yep. That confession alone made me hard! Anyway, we stripped off and started kissing for a bit. Dawn finally pushed me on to my back and lowered her head to suck me off. Once I was relaxed she started to move her fingers between my legs until she finally touched my bum. I think I jumped when she first found the hole and pushed her finger in," I said.

"I think I would have done too!" Kenny laughed squirming around on his chair to get himself comfortable. I realised he had an erection that was very visible as he was wearing a pair of thin shorts in deference to the hot weather.

"I forced myself to relax and felt her finger push in. It didn't feel like much at first as she worked the tip of her finger over and into my bum. I was just thinking that this wasn't so bad when she got up and grabbed the lube. She squirted some on her finger than massaged it over my bum. It was cold and wet but quite pleasant. Her finger started slipping deeper into me and I could feel it now. You know that pressure you get when you have a dump? It was like that but going on for much longer. I realised I was really enjoying the feeling especially as she was sucking my cock again."

I stopped and took a drink of beer and shifted myself on my chair to free my own cock, which had become erect as I recounted my first penetration. Kenny didn't say anything, just waited for me to continue.

"OK, where was I?" I smiled, "Her finger was well inside me now, no idea how much was in me but it felt fairly big. I'd opened my legs to give her access and opened them more because it felt better. Dawn kept slowly sucking me off and pushing her finger in and out of my arse. After a couple of minutes I felt myself building up to cum and whispered a warning to her. She stopped what she was doing with my cock but kept her finger in me telling me she wanted to try the probe on me. I nodded that I was willing and she grabbed it and switched it on then rubbed it over my cock and balls before guiding the tip to my arsehole."

Again I stopped for beer, as my mouth was quite dry. Kenny also gulped beer from his can and once again I noticed his cock. I knew he was supposed to be quite big down there and I was half interested to see if I could see how big. He caught me looking and I quickly covered myself by drinking another mouthful of beer and continuing.

"The probe was hard plastic and vibrated right at the end of it. Dawn carefully pushed it up my bum alternately watching it disappear into me and watching my expression. It felt like the biggest dump I'd ever had but it felt directly connected to my cock, which was rock hard by the way! Dawn started fucking me with the probe and told me to wank myself off. I think I lasted about 30 seconds before I had a massive orgasm and shot what seemed like a litre of cum up my chest and on to my own face!"

"Jesus! First anal and first facial in one day. You rock!" Kenny teased.

"Quite. Dawn licked me clean, which was nice, and then I did her bum with the probe while she masturbated herself to orgasm. I was hard by then and she told me to lube myself and fuck her arse before she lost her bottle."

"Did she enjoy it?" Kenny asked.

"Yes but not as much as having the probe in her," I replied thinking about Dawn's lovely big soft arse spread wide for my pleasure.

"So this became a regular thing with you and Dawn then?" Kenny asked after a moment's silence.

"Yep. Next time I let her shove the butt plug in me and she rode me with it inside me. We found we could get the anal probe into her bum when she was on top of me and that made her orgasm really hard. She found she had to be in the mood for anal penetration so we probably got the toys out once a week."

"I can't believe you let her move to Scotland without you!" Kenny sighed.

"I know but she wanted to find someone to settle down and have kids with. That's not me. She was 9 years older than me remember?" I shrugged.

"So how many of the girls you've slept with have freaked out when you've mentioned this? I assume you've done it with other girls."

"I've done it with all of them. Even the couple of one-night stands I've had. Most have been shocked at first because they think they should be. After they get over that they're fine with it. Becks used to do me with a strap-on dildo," I confessed watching Kenny for his reaction.

"Wow, proper fucked then!" was all he said.

"Yea, that's an even better feeling because it leaves the girls hands free to wank you off or twist your nipples," I said, totally unembarrassed about talking this way now.

"I like that actually!" Kenny said softly.

"Nipples?" I asked.

"Yea. Tweaked hard as I'm cumming," Kenny said, "So do you use toys when you're on your own?"

"Not really as it's too hard to keep them in place without contorting myself into a position that isn't comfortable for wanking! I do have a dildo that has a suction cup on it. You can attach it to flat surfaces and back on to it. I do that sometimes when you're out!"

"Why specifically when I'm out?" Kenny asked puzzled.

"It needs a mirror or a fridge to stick in place properly. The tiles in the bathroom work but there isn't enough room to kneel down in there. The fridge is good and so is the full length wall mirror in the hallway, especially as I can put the mirror from your room to the side of me and watch myself." I blushed, realising that was probably too much information!

Kenny was looking at me with his mouth open. His cheeks were red and I couldn't help noticing his hard cock again.

"Say something!" I finally said.

"I just wondered if I almost caught you once. I came home and heard you dart into your bedroom and my mirror was in the hallway," Kenny said gently.

"Yep, you almost did!" I said remembering just how close he'd come to finding me with a rubber cock up my arse!

"Can I see it?" Kenny asked.

"Just the suction cup one or all my toys?" I asked.

"How many have you got?" Kenny asked, his eyes going wide.

"The suction cup dildo, a strap-on dildo and a long thin vibrator."

I got up, trying to hide the obvious erection in my shorts and went to my bedroom to get the toys. My heart was beating fast and my mouth was dry. I was really turned on by confessing to Kenny but worried about how this would affect our friendship? I grabbed the toys and walked back, this time not bothering to try and hide my erection for reasons I couldn't quite work out at the moment.

Kenny was stood looking out of the window. He'd removed his t-shirt, probably because it was very warm in the living room now the evening sun was streaming in the windows. He turned around as I entered and I could see he was still rock hard. I laid the toys out on his chair and pulled my own t-shirt off and mopped my brow with it. I hadn't realised I was sweating so much!

Kenny picked up the suction cupped dildo and wrapped his finger around it gauging its girth. All my toys are the same size, thin and fairly long as I like it deep but don't like to be opened up that much.

"I expected some kind of monster dildo and was ready to run out of the flat screaming!" Kenny said lightening the mood.

I watched as he picked up the vibrator, noted the nodules just below the tip and turned it on. He held it to his right nipple and his eyebrows rose.

"Powerful!" he said simply.

"The nodules really get you going if it's in the right place!" I explained.

"This should feel weird but it doesn't!" Kenny said suddenly, still running the vibrating dildo over his nipples.

"I need a wank!" I said looking down at the front of my shorts.

"Me too!" Kenny said, running his hand over his own cock.

"Shall I put some porn on then?" I suggested half under my breath.

"OK." Kenny whispered back then laughed, "Why are we whispering?"

I bent down and pulled the hardcore porn from behind all the regular films. I shoved a disk in at random, made sure the volume wasn't loud enough to be heard outside as the windows were open and sat back on my chair. Kenny still had the vibrator in his hand and was running it over his cock through his shorts. Kenny saw me looking and just shrugged at me.

I sat down and started watching the film, stroking myself through my shorts. Kenny was still running the vibe over himself and I watched out of the corner of my eye, wanting to watch him openly but not sure how he'd react. The chairs were not that close to each other to give us personal space but they could be unlocked and swivelled around to face each other when we were chatting. I reached down and undid the lock on my chair and slowly moved it around so I was half facing the TV and half facing Kenny. I glanced at him and realised he'd done the same and was half watching me. Again he shrugged and smiled at me.

"I like to watch." he said, "I sometimes go to dogging areas late at night on my way home from the late shift and watch couples through the car window. I usually have my cock out of my fly and wank down their car. Sometimes they invite me in and I get to fuck the woman. Not often though, usually it's just watching." Kenny said in a very matter of fact voice.

"Fuck this then!" I said standing up and pulling my shorts and underpants off.

My cock sprang out and I watched Kenny's eyes follow the movement. My cock is 8-9" long and quite thin. I knew form a drunken conversation with Kenny and Sally that he was 6-7" long but very thick. Kenny proved this when he stripped his shorts off and sat back in his chair naked. He immediately started running the vibrator up and down his cock and over his balls. I watched as he reclined his chair and opened his legs, draping them over the arms of the chair. I took hold of my own cock and started to slowly wank myself. Kenny moved the dildo between his legs and gently probed about.

"Are you trying to fuck yourself?" I asked after watching his attempts for a minute or so.

"Just experimenting with the vibration at the moment although I won't deny I'm thinking about doing it!" Kenny said.

"You'll need lube." I warned.

"Get me some?" Kenny asked.

I got up and practically ran into my bedroom, my long cock bouncing around and my heart in my mouth. I grabbed my lube and ran back to the living room. Kenny was still spread eagled on the chair and had managed to get the vibe into the right position and was ticking his anus with the buzzing end.

"Wow!" was all I could think to say.

"Feels good but I can see what you mean about it being difficult to do yourself." Kenny said.

"Here's the lube." I said offering him the bottle.

"Squirt some on for me." Kenny said softly, "It took me ages to find the right spot and I don't want to lose it!"

I swallowed hard but knelt in front of Kenny and reached forward to squirt a blob of lube on to the end of the vibe. Kenny pulled it away from himself slightly and I tentatively rubbed the lube over the end of the vibrator. I had a fine view of Kenny's tight bollocks and his hairy arsehole and my fingers were less than half an inch from brushing against him. I swallowed hard again, mentally thought "fuck it"and gently brushed the back of my hand over his balls as I withdrew. Kenny tensed a little so I knew he'd felt it but didn't say anything. He manoeuvred the vibrator back so the tip was close to his arse then began to rub himself with it.

"Damn, can't find it!" he laughed gently.

"Left, up a bit" I said verbally guiding him and then laughed at the bizarre situation.

Kenny missed his anus twice more with the vibrator making me laugh out loud and then sat up and looked down at me.

"You do it then laughing boy!" He challenged, handing me the still buzzing toy.

Kenny lay back on the chair before I could react and opened his legs again. I reached for my can of beer and swallowed half of the almost full can then gently pressed the lubricated tip of the vibrator against my friend's arsehole. Kenny moaned softly and grasped his thick cock in one hand. A shudder went through his body and down his legs as I began rubbing his anus with the vibrating tip of the toy lubricating him and letting him get used to the buzzing. My own breathing was ragged and I was shaking with the adreneline rush.

"Christ that feels good just like that" Kenny said softly.

"It gets better if you're willing." I replied.

Kenny said nothing so I continued rubbing the tip against his lubricated arse, slowly working the tip so it was just penetrating him. Kenny moaned louder so I took this as a sign that he was happy and pushed more of the vibrator into him, fucking him with the first 2" of the vibrator. His hand moved on his hard cock, pulling his foreskin back and showing me his wet slit. I didn't dare touch my own cock as it felt like I could cum at the slightest provocation! Slowly the vibrator disappeared into Kenny's arse until I was fucking him with 5" of it. I knew from experience that I would be hitting the right spot with that length and Kenny confirmed this by moaning louder.

"Is that OK?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes, I love it!" Kenny said, his hand speeding up on his cock, "Is it all in?"

" There's another 2" if you want it mate," I replied grinning to myself "just give me the word."

"Get it all in!" Kenny gasped.

I pushed the rest of the dildo in, my hand gently brushing against his thighs and balls. Kenny pushed back against me. His hips rose as I fucked him rubbing the underside of his balls against my hand. Without thinking I used my free hand to cup his bollocks and gently squeeze them. Kenny was pinching his right nipple between thumb and forefinger as he very quickly came to climax. He went rigid and jerked his hand on his cock twice before shooting cum all over his belly and chest. I"d pushed the vibrator all the way deep inside him as he came and held it there; twisting it in his arse and making him quiver again. He shot more cum on to his hand, moaning with pleasure, then relaxed back into the chair. I pulled the vibrator out of his arse and let it drop on the floor. Kenny was breathing heavily and had his eyes closed so I sat back on my haunches and watched him recover.

"Say something!" I said eventually.

"My bum is throbbing!" was his reply.

"Good or bad?" I said without thinking.

"Erm, good. Do you think I would have let you continue fucking me with it if I thought it was bad?" Kenny laughed.

"I still can't believe I'm naked in the same room as you, let alone the fact that I shoved a vibrator up your arse and made you cum!" I replied, genuinely amazed.

"I need the loo," Kenny said standing up "pass me the vibe and I'll wash it for you."

I handed him the toy and watched him walk out of the room. I found myself noticing details like the hair on his bum glistening with lube and his cum matting his belly hair. I licked my lips, lay down on the cool hardwood floor and stared at the ceiling. My erection had subsided a little after Kenny had cum but soon sprang to attention as I played back what had just happened in my head. I remembered the sight of the vibrator pushing into Kenny's arse and it reminded me of the first time I had anal sex.. I spent ages just watching my cock slowly slide up her arse as she grunted and whispered instructions to me. Those images and the image of my penetration of Kenny's arse intermingled in my mind as I slowly wanked myself off.

"Now there's something I never expected to see in the living room!" Kenny smiled as he walked back in the room holding the freshly washed vibrator.

"Well that makes two of us as I never expected to see a naked chubby, hairy bloke stood in the doorway holding a vibrator." I replied still stroking my cock.

Kenny is powerfully built if a little chubby, very hairy and dark haired. I have blonde hair, very little body hair and I'm about 4" shorter than Kenny's 6".

"Bend over!" Kenny said, kneeling on the floor by my feet and picking up the bottle of lube.

"Jesus!" I said without thinking and sat up, "What are you going to do?"

"Fuck you!" Kenny said forcefully, "Get on your hands and knees boy!"

I got on my hands and knees with my bum pointing towards Kenny. My cock was rock hard and I was almost shivering with excitement, adreneline and trepidation. I felt Kenny move behind me and heard him open the lube. A moment later his leg brushed mine and I felt the cold, wet tip of the vibrator touch my buttocks. I gave an involuntary gasp as Kenny put his hand on my left bum cheek to steady him self and then sighed as the tip of the vibrator pushed into my anus.

"Tell me if it hurts." Kenny croaked.

I nodded my mouth too dry to speak properly and looked back between my legs to see my friend knelt behind me. I shivered as the vibrator pushed its way deep into my arse. Kenny hadn't switched it on yet so it just felt thick in my arse, stretching me open and sending tingly sensations directly to my cock. Kenny pulled it out slightly then thrust it slowly into me three times before twisting the ring at the base and switching the vibrations on. I put my head on the floor, feeling the cool wood on my hot forehead as Kenny started to fuck me harder and faster. I felt his hand stroke and squeeze my smooth bum as he pushed the vibrator in and out of my arse.

"I once shagged a girl who had a bum like yours." Kenny said randomly, "She was skinny and athletic like you."

"Did she take it up the arse?" I grunted in reply pushing back against the dildo.

"Sadly not." Kenny replied, "Are you going to touch your cock?"

"Not yet, I'm enjoying this. Do you want to see me touch it?" I teased.

Kenny slapped my arse in reply, pushed the vibrator deep in my arse then sat back on his haunches. I looked between my legs and saw him grab a cushion to kneel on. His cock was almost fully hard again. Kenny pushed my legs apart to give him room to sit behind me. My movements caused the vibrator to slip out of my arse slightly and Kenny caught it before it came all the way out and resumed fucking me with it. Kenny's legs were positioned against mine and I could feel the warmth and the hair backs of his legs against mine.

His left hand went back to my bum, this time stroking my buttocks and the backs of my thighs. After a minute of Kenny slowly fucking and stroking me I realised that his left hand was slowly making its way to my balls and his fingers were just about touching me. I shifted position slightly and felt his fingertips brush my bollocks.

"It's OK!" I whispered.

Kenny cupped my balls in his hand as I had done with his earlier.

"Wow, that feels so weird when they're not your own!" Kenny gasped.

I reached back and wrapped my hand around my hard cock and started jerking myself off. Kenny gently squeezed my balls and thrust the vibrator into me, twisting it as he did which made the little nodules rub over my prostate and made me gasp.

"Oh man!" I gasped, shivering as he hit the right spot.

Kenny stopped thrusting and twirled the vibrator in my arse. His hand left my balls and I felt him moving behind me. I carried on slowly stroking my cock not really caring what he was doing so long as he started to fuck me again soon. I felt him kneeling close behind me then he was holding the vibrator again and fucking me. I pushed my hips back against the vibrator as I quickened my pace on my cock. I heard Kenny's breathing getting heavier and he held the vibrator rigid for me to push back against. I looked back and saw that Kenny had his cock in his right hand and was thrusting his cock into his hand in time to my thrusts back on the vibrator. I moaned at the sight and pushed back harder so his cock brushed against the top of my thigh. I pushed back a second time and felt his cock brush against my perineum and brush the back of my ball sack. His fist was against my thighs and the bottom of my bum as he shifted his grip to the base of his cock and rubbed himself off on me.

"Sorry, can't help myself!" Kenny whispered

"It's OK I like it. Do what you want to get off. You're in charge." I said letting him see my submissive side.

Kenny didn't reply but continued to rub his cock over my thighs, between my legs and over my bum as I fucked myself on the vibrator that he held rigid in his big left hand. I started leaning further forward as I neared orgasm, pulling myself almost completely off the vibrator then pushing back to slide it up my arsehole.

"Oh shit I love this!" I muttered as I pulled the vibe out of my bum for the tenth time.

"Me too!" Kenny replied, "hold on, I need to shift position."

I felt him move around behind me and heard the top come off the lube bottle again. After a few moments the top went back and his hand grabbed my bum and pulled me back towards him. I felt the vibe slide in my arse again but something else pushed against the bottom of my arsehole when the vibe was about half way. I pulled forward and pushed back again and felt the same thing pushing against me. I thought it was Kenny's finger but realised with a start that it was his cock! He must have put the vibrator on top of his cock then wrapped his hand around both to hold them. I kept the vibrator in my arse and pushed back and up feeling his cock slide over my perineum and the bottom of my arsehole. We kept this up for a couple of minutes before my timing went out and I pulled too far forward causing the vibrator to pull out of my arse.

"Quickly, I'm close to cuming!" I urged Kenny.

I felt the pressure against my arsehole and pushed back. As I was penetrated I heard the vibrator fall on the floor and felt two hands on my bum. Now I understood where the lube had gone! My heart skipped again and my cock twitched in my hand. I pushed back some more, feeling myself opened up wider than before. I moaned as I took more of Kenny's fat cock into my slippery arsehole not really believing my mate was about to fuck me! Kenny ran his hand over my bum, pulling my cheeks apart. I pushed back some more making Kenny moan with pleasure

He began fucking me slowly, pulling his cock out a little then pushing gently back in. I pushed my bum back to encourage him to fuck me. His cock was wider than anything else I'd had in my arse but I was so lubricated and relaxed I took him easily. It felt so different having a warm, hard cock in me rather than a piece of vibrating silicon and I realised I loved the feeling of his belly pushing against my bum as he began to fuck me properly. I moved my hand on my cock, feeling it swell even larger in my hand. I realised I was going to shoot my load in seconds if I didn't stop wanking but had reached that point of no return. Besides Kenny was now pounding my arse slow and hard as he'd been doing with the vibrator and I was totally out of control. I jerked my foreskin back hard as I came, spilling cum over the floor.

My knees felt weak and I slipped to the floor with Kenny still in me until I was laying face down with cum sticking to my chest. Kenny straddled me, his powerful arms holding his weight either side of my head. I cried out as he began to fuck me faster and harder than before. I arched my hips pushing my bum against his weight and forcing his cock deeper inside me. Kenny didn't take long even though he'd already shot a load less than an hour before and stiffened on top of me, his cock deep in my arse, and shot cum into my guts. I could feel the wetness from the end of his cock and feel it swell as he came and that triggered me into a dry orgasm of my own. I shivered under his muscular body as I came and clamped my arse down on his cock making him cry out in surprise.

Kenny slid his cock out of me and collapsed on the floor at my side. We grinned at each other and Kenny called me a puff. Eventually I get my breathing back to normal and managed to stand. We showered and spent the rest of the night watching action moves, both naked in our chairs.

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