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Gay first time with best mate - Later that night

The guys fuck again later in the evening.
I’d spent a lot of the evening replaying what Kenny and I had done earlier while pretending to watch the TV. Kenny seemed to be concentrating on the film but I could see his thick cock was semi-hard as it lay on his belly. I began to obsess with the size and the fact that it had been inside me a couple of hours ago. I wanted it again and I wanted to stick my cock in Kenny’s arse and fuck him hard. I found myself getting hard again at the thought.

‘So about earlier.’ I said during an ad break.

‘Yes, about earlier.’ Kenny replied carefully.

‘Was that a one off or the start of something? I mean, we’re still sat here naked so I’m guessing you’re at least semi-comfortable!’

‘I’ve been sat here all night thinking about it and how comfortable I am with the situation. It was you that got fucked and you’ve been really quiet since we showered so I was worried that I’d stepped over a line!’ Kenny answered.

‘Well you kind of did by not telling me what you were planning but I really loved you fucking my arse. Getting done with a strapon or a dildo is good but nothing compared to the feeling of flesh in my arse!’

We looked at each other across the room and I noticed Kenny’s cock was fully hard again. For that matter so was mine!

‘Bloody hell you have a long cock!’ Kenny said after a minute or two.

‘You’re not so little yourself!’ I laughed, ‘Besides my cock is about the same thickness and length of the vibrator I fucked you with.’

‘It looks bigger and I’m wondering what it would feel like inside me.’

‘Well, we can do something about that if you’re up for it’ I laughed.

‘Come into my bedroom then. My knees were killing me kneeling on the floor earlier!’ Kenny said getting up.

We picked the sex toys and the lube off the coffee table and walked naked into Kenny’s bedroom. It was cooler in his room than in the living room as the breeze was blowing in through his open bedroom windows. I felt the cool air on my cock and balls teasing me.

‘Do me with the vibrator again first. I’m a little nervous!’ Kenny said.

‘Why, I’ve already done you once?’ I teased although I understood what he was saying.

‘Just do it you knob!’ he laughed.

Kenny lay on his back on the bed and opened his legs. His right hand went to his cock and his left began to play with his nipples. I sat on the bed between his legs and lubricated the vibrator. I put an extra blob of lube on the end of the dildo then leant forward and rubbed it against his puckered anus.

‘Ah, cold!’ Kenny laughed.

‘Not for long!’ I said pressing the dildo firmly against his arse until the first 2” slipped inside him.

‘Oh man, that first penetration feels so good!’ Kenny groaned pulling his nipples hard.

I pulled the dildo out and put more lube on it then slid it back into Kenny’s arsehole, this time pushing half the 10” length into him with one firm thrust. I held it there to let him get used to the feeling of penetration, remember what the girls that had fucked me had done to make sure it didn’t hurt too much.

‘Is that good?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Turn it on now’ Kenny replied.

I twisted the control on the end of the vibrator and felt it come alive. I left it on its lowest setting then began to move it in and out of Kenny’s arse, fucking him with the first 5”. After a couple of minutes I felt Kenny’s legs relax a little and pushed a few more inches into his bum and at the same time turned the dial up to maximum. His legs tensed again and I saw his fist clench on his cock. I quickly pulled the dildo out of his arse thinking I’d hurt him!

‘Oh you bastard!’ he laughed, ’I almost shot my load then!’

‘Fucker, I thought I’d hurt you!’ I laughed.

I pushed the vibrator back in his arse, this time sliding it all the way in and making him cry out. I figure he was strong enough to push me off if I was hurting him! I was pulling the dildo half out of his arse then pushing it back all the way in. Kenny wrapped his right leg around me, stroking my back and bum with it. I wanted to fondle his balls and maybe play with his cock but my left hand was stopping me from falling over on to him. I suddenly realised I could lean against his leg and free my hand up without losing balance. I reached for his cock, his own fist was still wrapped around it but he wasn’t doing anything with it.

‘Let me.’ I said gently taking his hand away.

Kenny took his hand off his cock and I wrapped my left hand around it. His cock felt so thick compared to mine. I began to stroke my first up and down his cock in time to my thrusts with the vibrator. Kenny put his head back and used a hand on each nipple to pull and twist them. His legs stroked mine, his right leg pulling me into him so I was leaning over his cock. Without thinking I bobbed my head down and licked the end of his penis.

‘Oh yes!’ Kenny moaned.

I took this as approval and took the end of his cock in my mouth and began to lick the slit of his urethra. It occurred to me that for some reason I was still seeking permission despite having his cock in my fist, a dildo up his arse and verbal permission to fuck him! I took more of his cock into my mouth, his girth spreading my lips wide. My hand went down to the base of his cock and I ringed it with my thumb and forefinger, squeezing it as I gave my first blowjob. I had butterflies in my stomach with the excitement of this new thing and my cock was throbbing on my thigh.

‘Oh man, I’m ready to blow!’ Kenny gasped.

I sucked harder and squeezed the base of his cock at the same time as I pushed the dildo as deep into his arse as it would go. Kenny gasped and twisted his nipples hard and I felt his cock pulse in my mouth. Suddenly my mouth and throat were filled with warm cum as Kenny shot his load. I was prepared for the taste having swallowed my own lots of times but it came out so fast I almost chocked on it. I got myself under control and sucked and licked Kenny dry before releasing his cock and pulling the dildo out of his arse.

Kenny breathed heavily for a few seconds then without saying anything turned on to his stomach and pushed his arse up at me. I lubricated my cock from the bottle and got on my knees behind him. I leaned forward, guiding my cock with one hand and steadying myself with my other hand on his bum. His arse was still dilated from the fucking I’d given him with the dildo and my cock slid straight into him. His arse grasped my cock as Kenny twitched and I held myself still waiting for him to get used to me. I stroked his bum and back and slowly pushed my cock deeper inside him until my balls were pushing against his.

‘Are you OK?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Do your worst!’ Kenny said.

I put my legs on Kenny’s spread legs and leant forward so my weight was on his back. As I’ve said before I’m fairly lightly built and Kenny is a big powerful man so he could take my weight with ease. I pulled my long cock almost all of the way out of his arse then pushed forward to slide it all the way back in again. Kenny moaned under me, his face pressed into a pillow. I did the same thing again, this time only the tip of my cock remained in his arse. I slowly sank back into him, pushing my right hand under his big chest until I found a nipple. I twisted it as I’d seen him do as my cock came out and slide back in again. Kenny’s hips pushed back against me as my full length entered him making my cock twitch in him with the excitement of knowing he was getting off on this as much as I was.

I began to fuck him harder, pounding his slippery arsehole with my full weight. My long cock was coming half way out of him before slamming all the way back in. I thrust my other hand under Kenny and he raised his chest up so I could grab his other fleshy nipple. Without thinking I started to kiss and bite the back of his neck as I pounded him. Kenny was moaning constantly now and pushing back against my cock forcing it deeper into his arse. I slammed away for a few more minutes but I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pushed my cock into his arse and held it there as my balls contracted and I shot cum deep into his arse. I held myself rigid in him, holding my breath to intensify and lengthen my orgasm then collapsed on top of him in a long out breath.

We were both breathing hard as I rolled off Kenny and lay on my back next to him. He remained face down on the bed panting and trying to get his breath back. Finally he turned on to his side and grinned at me. I turned on my side to face him and grinned back.

‘You fucked me hard again!’ Kenny said.

I thought he was talking about how hard I’d been pounding his arse but I looked down his body and saw his cock was fully erect again! It looked like I was going to get my arse fucked again before we slept. My stomach turned over with excitement and I got on all fours in readiness. Kenny got up and knelt behind me, his hands opening my arse. I thought he’d finger me or use the vibrator but instead I felt his hot breath on my anus then his tongue pressing against me. He rimmed me roughly, lapping at my arsehole and shoving his thick, long tongue into my arse. One hand found my soft cock and he started to wank me off, encouraging me to get erect again. I pushed back against his face, thinking of the times I’d done this to women and how excited I always got when they pushed they arses on to my tongue. It encouraged Kenny even more and he pressed his tongue in deeper.

He kept his rimming up for several minutes making my cock semi-erect then I felt him withdraw and cold lube was squirted on to my anus. Kenny put his hand back around my cock and used his other hand to spread lube over my bum, pressing it past the tight muscle with thick fingers. I pressed back against his hand encouraging him to penetrate me. More lube hit my arse then a second finger was pushed inside me. I moaned and pressed back fucking Kenny’s fingers. I felt him open his fingers inside me, stretching the muscles in my arse in preparation for his thick cock which I could feel pressing against my thigh.

‘Lay on your back.’ Kenny suddenly demanded.

I pulled his fingers out of my arse as I turned around and lay back. I pulled my legs up and held on to my thighs giving Kenny clear access to my arse.

‘This is my favourite position for strapon play.’ I said watching Kenny smear lube on his cock.

‘This ain’t no strapon.’ Kenny grinned kneeling between my legs and pushing the end of his cock against my anus.

I breathed out and relaxed my arse, pushing down on his cock end. I felt the head pop past my tight muscle and he was in me again. Kenny slowly pushed his cock all the way into my arse, not stopping to let me get used to him at all. It hurt a little but more of an ache than a sharp pain. I’d experienced this before and liked it a lot. Kenny curled his big hand around my cock and began to wank me off as he fucked me. I put my legs around him and pulled him into me, bucking my hips against his cock. Kenny fucked me like this for a few minutes then let go of my cock and leant all the way over me to fuck me in the missionary position. My cock was sandwiched between us and I wrapped my legs around Kenny’s lower back.

‘Fuck me!’ I panted biting Kenny’s shoulder.

Kenny fucked me hard and fast, his cock making all kinds of squelchy noises as it penetrated me. I wanted to touch my cock but couldn’t get my hand between our bodies! All I could do was push my hips back against Kenny and let him have his way with me. I bit and kissed and licked Kenny’s shoulder as it was the only thing I could reach in this position. After what seemed like ages Kenny pushed himself up off my chest then leaned down and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my hands around his back and head and pulled his face to mine. I felt him start on the vinegar strokes and started squeezing his cock with my pounded arse. Kenny came deep inside me again his mouth never leaving mine until he was spent. He rolled off me and lay on his back breathing hard.

I got up and used the toilet, cleaning the vibrator at the same time then returned to Kenny’s bedroom. He was fast asleep so I turned the light out and went into my own room. I was still horny so I slid the vibrator into my slippery cum drenched arsehole and wanked myself to a shivery orgasm picturing Kenny’s fucking me instead of the dildo!

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