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Gay Tendencies

I did not know
I was just out of college and had landed my first job. Not much of a job, but it was a start.

I was working in an office of a small construction company ran by a middle age man named Manny Middleton. I had not met the owner but Manny was in charge.

My duties were pretty much clerical not what I expected with my business degree, but like I said it was a start.

The work was boring and pretty much repetitive so I had no problem catching on. I tried hard to stay busy to make the time go faster.

During my third week on the job Manny called me into his office. He kind of looked at me strange and then said something that totally caught me off guard.

“Arthur I have noticed something about that has caught my attention,” he said.

“What would that be,?“ I responded?

“You have gay tendencies,” he said.

Wow, I was flabbergasted, as I had no gay thoughts that I ever knew of.

“Why in the world would you say that?” I asked.

“I just know these things about young men,” he responded.

“Well this time you are wrong,” I said. “I’m not gay nor do I have gay tendencies.”

Later that night back in my room, I began to wonder what gave Manny the idea I was gay. Was it something he noticed or was he just on a fishing expedition? My mind was in a tizzy and I wondered if Manny was possibly gay. I had no way of knowing or even what to look for in deciding someone was gay.

During the night, I had dreams about people looking at me and thinking I was gay. I tossed and turned and thought what if I am gay? Would it get me fired? I need this job. I was lucky to land it, as jobs are hard to come by.

The next morning I was very nervous when I got a call that Manny wanted to see me. I knocked at his door and head him say, “Come in.”

I entered the office to see Manny sitting behind his desk. He rose and walked around the desk with his big cock sticking straight out of his pants.

As he walked toward me, I dropped to my knees and as he inserted his cock in my mouth, I heard him say, “I knew you had gay tendencies.”

How did he know? I didn’t even know. These thought kept running through my mind, as I tasted cum for the first time.

Manny had face fucked me for about ten minutes when he blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed to keep from gagging.

Since that morning I have been a cocksucker and have accepted that not only do I have gay tendencies but I'm am totally and unequivocally gay.

I stayed with the construction company for three years before moving on to a job that better utilized my business degree.

During the three years I remained with the company, I would suck Manny off most mornings and he would reward me with a big load of warm thick gooey cum. He would call me to the office and come out from behind his desk and approach me with his cock sticking out and I would drop to my knees and accept his cock in my mouth.

I never knew or understood how Manny instinctively knew of my gay tendencies, but he did. Since I had never had gay thoughts before, I wondered if Manny had planted the thoughts in my mind with the hope it would stir yet undeveloped gay tendencies in me. If he did, it certainly worked.

I'm now sixty-five and have been gay all my adult life.

On my second job my boss turned me into his fuck toy, but that is another story for another time.

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