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Glory hole tax (The Mall Part 2)

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My hands trembeled as I unbuckled his belt
My clothes are still in a pile on the floor of Jim's stall. I walk in to get them when Jim pushes me against the wall and kisses me. My mouth opens in surprise and his tongue slides inside my mouth. After a moment of shock I responded by sliding my tongue over his.
He pulls back and looks down at my hard cock. He steps back, pulls down his shorts and pulls me to him tight. He kisses me again deeper and harder while his hands pull my ass checks wide. I feel his finger slide inside me and love it. I arch my back as he goes in deeper. A shot of electric pleasure shots through me.

He breaks the kiss and says into my ear.

"Was I your first cock."

"Yes, You're the first I ever sucked and the first guy I ever kissed."

"Tell the Cop you want me to pop your cherry. I know you want it. You are about to cum just from my finger aren't you?"

"Yes" I gasped the word he had two fingers in my ass now. "But what if he says he wants me first...He's a cop."

"It's your cherry, you get to chose. We can pull a train. I fuck your ass while you give the man a real good suck job."

"You girls coming" The cop yells trough the door.

"On our way" Jim yells back.

A few minutes latter my clothes are once again in a pile on a floor. This time the floor is in Roy's office. The Cops name is on a plaque on his desk. He is standing directly in front of me smiling. If I didn't mention it before he is hot. He has short blond hair blue eyes and a strong handsome face. I even like his porn star mustache. Add a wide chest, thin wast, strong legs, massive bulge and you understand what I am going to ask him. I just get on me knees before him and grab his belt. My hands tremble as I start unbuckling. It is one of those wide patten leather ones with two rows of holes. The head of his cock is pushing against the snap on his pants. I very carefully pull the material apart until I hear the pop of the snap. I unzip him quickly, my patience almost gone. I grab his pants and pull as he leans back against the desk. His cock is huge. "Oh my God" Jim says behind me. I almost forgot he was there.

He is positioning himself behind me He grabs my hips and pulls me back into position. I feel the head of his cock slick with spit push my cheeks apart. As he drives deeper I open my mouth wide. Roy grabs my ears and slides his massive cock down my tongue. Balls are touching my chin and ass cheeks at the same time.

Jim pulls out and as he goes back in Roy pulls out. My ass hurts but the pleasure of serving two hot guys has my cock throbbing with pleasure.

"God I don't think I can get enough of this one." Roy says as his hot cum starts to fill my mouth.

"You gotta hit this ass next" Jim says still thrusting as I swallow Roy's cum. Afew seconds later. Jim's is filling me from the other end.

A few minutes later Jim and I are taking swigs from the flask of bourbon Roy keeps in his desk. We change positions. Jim is on his knees in front of the desk and I am stretched out so that my chest touches the desk top. My head turned to one side and my palms flat. Roy is behind me grabbing my barre hips with his huge strong hands. Jim's hands grab the back of my thighs as he pulls himself up.

Lets get this train going Roy says and at once I feel his cock drive between my ass checks. A second latter I feel my cock slide into Jim's mouth.

The combination of pain and pleasure drive me wild. Pleasure takes over completely as my ass stretches and I am able to take Roy's huge cock more easily.

Roy cums after just a few minutes and I go off a second latter.

"Jim you are so right about his ass. And he sucks a mean cock too." Roy's says as he pulls out and pulls his pants back up. His words make me feel proud.

"You know I think he would make a good usher."

"A great one and maybe he could work with Geoff." Jim added

"You're right "

"What are you talking about?" I asked. Jim and Roy just smiled at each other then Roy said.

"Get dressed then go over to the theater and tell George your going to be the new balcony usher. Tell him I sent you"

"George will want to do an interview." Jim said smiling at me.

"His daughter might want to have one with him too." Roy said.

"When George was on vacation last month she covered the balcony herself." Jim said.

"Didn't the guys complain. It wasn't what they paid for." Roy asked

"It was dark. She wore the uniform and even cut her hair short like a boy. She had to bind her tits with ace bandages. No one complained." Jim said with admiration in his voice.

"Well young man it looks like your going to be wearing your knees out today." Roy said

"Don't worry all your question will soon be answered." Jim said as he handed me my clothes.

All my questions where answered but thats part three.

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