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Good Things Come in Threes

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Erotic play escalates in this trilogy of clandestine daytime meetings between two businessmen.
Good things sometimes come in threes, and such was the case with a local guy I met on three separate occasions. I usually can’t meet for play in my home town because of risk of discovery (I am a married professional), but in this case I made an exception. My acquaintance was a senior manager at a local construction company. His wife allegedly had some kind of medical issue that prevented her from having/enjoying sex. I met him online, and he described himself as a middle-aged top with average build.

We both had to be discreet, so we decided to meet first in the parking lot of a local park. He pulled up beside my car, and I moved to his vehicle (white Lexus SUV) and we talked briefly, then went for a drive. He indicated that he was rather inexperienced, as was I at the time. I suggested the back parking lot of a large empty flea market building off the next exit. As we drove, I took the liberty to caress his legs, ending up between them massaging a growing bulge.

After we parked in a secluded area of the lot, he lowered his pants and shorts to the floor, revealing a very nice cut cock, about the same length as mine, but slightly thicker and with a nice flanged head. Mmmm.......I wasted no time in taking him into my mouth and sucking him. I could tell by his gasps and moans that I was achieving my desired effect. My only concern was that he would be so distracted that he couldn’t be on the lookout for someone intruding unexpectedly on our private session. Fortunately, he came relatively quickly - very hot, and very delicious.

Our next meeting was at an economy motel out near the interstate. I was rather nervous about it, should someone recognize me and wonder what I was doing there with another guy in the middle of the afternoon. Fortunately, no one did, and we quickly ended up in bed naked and stroking each other. He was not that interested in hugging or kissing, as some guys are not. I really enjoy it, but I am O.K. with guys that don’t.

We engaged in mutual sucking and 69, then he slipped a condom on and applied some handy lubricant, and I straddled his hips as he lay on the bed. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock until he was bottomed out inside me, then I began moving on him. It was great while it lasted, but he had difficulty in maintaining a sufficient erection to stay inside me. I got off, removed the condom, and tried it bare, but still without success.

So, I laid down on my back up against the headboard with pillows behind my neck, then had him climb up and straddle my head on his knees and hold the headboard while I sucked him from below. This got him hard again, especially when I played with his balls and teased his puckered orifice, and it was not long before he groaned and emptied his pent-up hot load into my mouth, which I lustfully consumed.

[Some guys like to lie in bed and cuddle (or kiss) following sex. He was not one of them, and rather quickly got up to go to the bathroom. He was obviously in somewhat of a hurry to get away (as I have found that married guys are after orgasm and subsequent loss of libido), so he dressed and left. I was still aroused, so I went over to the bed, lay on my back, lifted my legs and hips over my head, hooked my feet over the headboard, inserted a couple of fingers into my still unsatisfied ass, and milked my own cumload directly into my waiting mouth below.

The third and last time we met was on his yacht, which he co-owned with a business partner, at a marina on a nearby lake. (He obviously had a nice income.) We went down below into the sleeping quarters and locked the door. There were beds on both sides with a narrow aisle between them. We stripped and engaged in some naked body contact and mutual sucking. I lay on my back on a bed with my head hanging down over the side in the aisle. He approached and slowly slid his erect cock into my straightened mouth and throat, going in all the way until his balls were pressed against my nose. I deep throated him like this for some time. (It takes some practice to relax and not to instinctively gag).

I then got up and on my hands and knees straddling the aisle, with one hand/knee on one bed and the other hand/knee on the opposite bed. In this way he could stand in the aisle behind me and be at the perfect height for entering me. This time, with no condom, he had no problem staying rock hard. (He may have had a little help from a blue pill).

After my willing sphincter yielded to his drooling plum-shaped knob, he ravished me long and deep until we were both totally spent. There was a narrow mirror on the back of the door at the end of the aisle ahead of us, so we could both watch as he drove repeatedly into me. There’s something really exciting about watching one’s own sexual pleasure in a mirror. I suppose that’s why some romantic motel rooms have mirrors on the walls and ceilings.

After he climaxed and slipped out of me, I turned, got on my knees on the floor, and licked and sucked him clean. I then suggested that it is healthy for a top to take a piss right after sex for hygienic cleansing. He did not want to operate the on-board toilet, so I closed my mouth around his semi-flaccid cock, and took care of that for him without so much as spilling a drop. I’m not sure what led me to initiate this, other than it was something I had always wanted to try. Fortunately, I had brought some wipes so I could clean up the cum that was leaking out of my well-used ass and running down the inside of my legs as I knelt before him.

As before, he was interested in getting on, so we dressed and left. I wondered afterwards if we had caused the boat to rock in the water as a result of our activities. For one reason or another, we did not meet again.

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