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Gym Bob (Part 2)

Bob has a surprise for me
The next day at the office took forever. Even though I was busy with work, all I wanted to do was to get to the gym and see my new friend. I had lots of work on and knew Bob would not be there until early evening.

As I worked away in the office as usual, wishing the day away, I regularly checked the time. By 7.30pm I could hold off no longer. I locked up my office, saying goodnight to a few other staff still working away, and headed for the gym.

As I walked through the gym, I saw Bob on a cross-trainer working away. He waved as I headed for the changing rooms to undress. I quickly got changed into my shorts, tight ones chosen specially that morning, and entered the gym.

I went over to say hello to Bob, and if I'm honest, take a look at his toned body, which I had been dreaming of all day. He was in a tight fitting vest top and shorts, beads of sweat running down his face. He looked hot in more ways than one.

I decided to get on the next cross-trainer so we could talk. I began nervously by saying how much I had enjoyed our brief encounter the night before, and would love a repeat. Bob said that if I had the time we could have even more fun that evening, but we would have to go back to his place.

Living alone with nothing to rush home for, I was more than happy to spend the rest of the evening with Bob.

He suggested we should have a short hard workout session at the gym, get the blood pumping, and then we could go back to his, where he had a surprise planned for me. Intrigued, I threw myself into a hard session, mixing up my aerobic exercises to make sure I got the most out of my time, but taking every opportunity to take a look at my new lover.

After about an hour, Bob suggested it was time to shower and leave. We went back to the changing rooms and quickly stripped off, but with others about, we couldn't really have any intimacy.

The busy changing rooms didn't stop us from looking longingly at each others hot and naked bodies as we moved to the showers. These main showers were cubicles with curtains to draw across.

We used showers opposite each other, and took the opportunity to leave the curtains open as we showered. It really was quite horny to watch Bob as he rubbed the shower gel onto his shaved and toned body. We were both clearly taking a little more care than was needed, washing our cocks and between our buttocks as part of a show for the other. We were both getting aroused, but there was plenty of time for fun later.

We dried off, covering our semi erections from other users with our towels, before we quickly got dressed and left the gym.

As we were both in cars, Bob suggested that I follow him to his home which was only a couple of miles out of town, so I jumped into my car and off we went. He lived in a small detached home on a nice cul-de-sac. I pulled up outside his home as he got out of his car and invited me in.

'You don’t mind if my friend joins us this evening do you?' said Bob as we walked into his living room.

Who was I to refuse; it had been a while since I had enjoyed hot group sex sessions, so I was well up for it.

Bob explained that he and his lodger and lover, Kris, had talked about having a threesome for a while, even discussing me as a possibility after Bob had seen me at the gym over the last few evenings.

With my agreement, Bob sent a text to his friend who had agreed to go to the local bar for the evening in case I hadn't agreed to their plan.

As we waited, Bob got us some beers and said that Kris wouldn't be long, as the bar was only a few minutes walk away. As we relaxed, I heard the front door open and into the living room walked Kris, the same Kris that I had been speaking to early that day at the office.

He worked on a different floor to me but we did have reason to discuss work situations from time to time.

‘Hello,’ I stuttered, not really knowing what to say or do, but Kris looked as shocked as me.

‘I didn't realise it was you that Bob had told me about, nor that you were gay,’ said Kris.

I simply replied, ‘Likewise.’

I then admitted that it was fair to say I was bi-sexual, as I do enjoy the company of ladies, but also enjoy some fun with guys.

‘As you know each other already, and I am feeling really horny,’ said Bob, ‘why don’t we get some drinks, and take them upstairs, so we can get on with what we are all here for?’

With this we all grabbed another beer each and headed off upstairs.

The bedroom was quite spacious with a large bed against one wall; we put our drinks down and looked at each other. Kris took my hand and pulled me towards him into a passionate kiss, whilst Bob moved around the back of me and began to grind his pelvis against my ass.

It did seem strange to be in a bedroom with these guys, one of which I had worked with for a number of years, without ever thinking we would be in this kind of situation together. However, I quickly relaxed and dropped into the moment which was becoming extremely hot and sensual.

From behind, Bob undid my shirt and removed it, whilst Kris undid my belt and trousers pushing them down around my ankles as I stepped out of them.

It wasn't long before my socks were removed and Kris pulled my pants down and took my hardening cock in his mouth. He really was extremely sensual and clearly experienced in this skill, as he slowly worked his tongue up and down my shaft, blowing gently against my tightening scrotum. He moved on and took my full hard length deep in his mouth and to the back of his throat.

At the same time, Bob was lightly kissing the back of my neck as he ran his fingers up and down my back, gently touching me in a very erotic way.

As Kris sucked at my cock, I could feel Bob move his fingers between the cheeks of my ass, exploring my most intimate of holes, gently pushing against my bud.

Kris broke off and told Bob to move around and take my cock and they both licked against my hard shaft simultaneously, whilst their hands rubbed gently against the cheeks of my ass. Next I felt fingers move towards my hole, I could feel a number of fingers exploring inside of me, and I was in heaven.

After a little while, Bob suggested I should get on the bed with my ass in the air, I was to be used as a sex toy, taken by two men and I was loving it.

I positioned myself as instructed, and then Bob moved behind me and began to lick at my little hole while Kris moved in front of me so I could take his cock in my mouth, which I did without hesitation.

Kris tasted so good, his cock was about 7 inches and hard, just how I like them. I sucked and licked ravenously while Bob licked my ass with equal passion.

Bob said he thought I was ready for him to enter me, and within seconds I felt his member push against my hole. Slowly it slid deep inside of me as he began to work my hole.

There I was in bed with two guys, being penetrated at both ends, two cocks inside of me, both giving me immense pleasure.

I continued to suck and I could feel Kris’s cock swell inside my mouth as his juices flowed. I took every last drop into my mouth, swallowing it like the cock sucker I had become.

Within seconds of this, Bob began to groan and his action quickened as his shot is load deep in my ass. As Bob withdrew, he quickly moved his lips to my ass to take his own juices as they dripped from inside of me. He quickly moved up to kiss me and dribble his cum into my mouth.

I had been fucked at both ends and taken two lots of cum and I had loved every second of it.

As the guys lay back, relaxing for a few moments, I turned over onto my back to reveal my cock still hard and swollen, desperately in need of relief. The guys saw this, quickly forgetting about relaxing, and moved onto me, each sucking at my member in turn.

I could feel my juices building and arched my back, pushing my cock up higher into the air as they continued to suck on me. As I came into the air, the guys pushed their faces into my release, creaming cum landing on each of them. There was only one thing to do and that was to lick my own juices off their faces and swallow my third lot of the evening.

We all lay there relaxing for a little while. My mind was spinning, one guy next to me I hardly knew, and the other I had worked with for a while, without suspecting his sexuality. How was this going to change our work relationship in the future? I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with this.

After a little while Bob suggested that rather than leave I could spend the night with them. They had more plans for me if I could stay.

It turned out to be long night.

To be continued…

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