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Gym Bob

Working out at the gym leads to more
I had been working a little later than normal at the office the last few weeks and it seemed to be getting later each evening as I tried to complete the project I was working on.

Each evening though, I needed to go to the gym to work away the pressures of the day, it was either that or go to a local bar, but I had been putting the hours in at the gym and was reaping the benefits, my body shape was slowly improving, so no point in putting myself back by going to a bar.

Anyway, off I went this evening, it is a 24 hour gym, so no issues when I arrived this evening about 10pm. I changed out of my suit and into my gym gear, I fancied a good run on the treadmill so I put my running shorts on, which in all honesty didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. As it was late the changing rooms were being locked shortly, so I had to take my bag of clothes into the lockers situated in the main gym area and after I would use the disabled shower room which was open 24 hours.

After locking my bag away and I did my warm up and stretched to loosen and relax my muscles, as always at this time, the gym was quiet, only about 4 of us working away. After about 15 minutes I decided to get on the treadmill and set it for 60 minutes and set off, slowly at first and building up my speed as I went along.

It must have been about 30 minutes in, a guy got on the treadmill next to me, which seemed a little strange as there was plenty of others spread about the gym area, but I didn’t really mind. He set off on his run and I noticed he was glancing at the display on my machine, and then he started to make some small talk, as much as you can when you are running. Things like, you are going well, keep it up etc..

I continued to push as hard as I could and at the end of the hour I was really pleased with my efforts, so went into cool down, at the same time, the guy next to me followed suit and introduced himself as Bob, telling me he was training for a charity run later in the year, I told him I was just trying to increase my fitness and also relieve the stress of long hours at the office.

I told him I was going working on the mats to warm down with some stretches so if he wanted to join me we could help each other, to which he quickly agreed.

We began our stretches and he offered to me his assistance, helping the bending and pushing of my legs and arms, I of course reciprocated.

I have to admit, he looked pretty good in his shorts and tight running vest, maybe about 6ft, dark hair, tanned complexion, and I did notice his crotch was pushing hard against his shorts.

As we helped each other, maybe I was staring, I don’t know but I did also notice him holding onto my legs or arms a little longer than he needed to. He took every opportunity to let his hand brush against my thighs as we changed positions, which was beginning to turn me on.

The small talk continued until the sexual tension could be felt by both of us and something needed to be said and never one to be shy in these situations, I simply commented that he was not to worry where he touched me, it was fine.

With this he seemed to relax and smiled at me, as I moved his hand up my thigh, he began massaging the muscle all the way into my groin.

He spoke and said, he had been waiting for this moment for a while but a puzzled look must have come across my face, so he explained that he had been watching me a few nights recently working out hard and said he liked the look of me and wanted to speak before, but it had taken him until tonight to build up the courage to come and work on the next treadmill in an attempt to break the ice.

I put him at ease and said it was fine and was flattered by his attention and happy for him to continue massaging my legs.

After a few minutes, I offered to swap places with him, and work his legs and again as I began to massage I could feel my cock getting harder and harder, pushing against the lining of my running shorts. I looked around and couldn’t see anyone else although I could hear someone working on a machine but our view was obscured, so I took the opportunity to make sure my hands went inside his shorts, brushing against his buttocks and ensuring I touch a little too close to his crotch.

As we were rather open in the gym I suggested we maybe go for a drink after we had showered which Bob jumped at the chance of, so we went to get our clothes and get a shower. When we got to the small shower room it was engaged so we waited with our bags until a guy came out.

When he had finished and left, I suggested that we both go into together to save time, thinking that one could be showering whilst the other was dressing etc, how naïve could I be!

We entered the room together and locked the door and I suggested that Bob take first shower whilst I relaxed and I would jump in after him, I suppose a look of minor disappointment came across his face, but he said fine and began to undress, taking off his wet vest, trainers and socks before he looked at me seductively as he removed his shorts, revealing his member, semi erect and about 6 inches long, protruding slightly from his toned and shaven body, I smiled as he looked at me and wrapped his hand around it and gave it a couple of pulls before stepping into the large glass shower cubicle.

With this I began to undress, just leaving my shorts on, and sat and watched Bob soap his smooth body, it was steaming up the panels but I could make out him bending slightly and spending a little more time than he needed to, to wash his pert buttocks and in between them, before he turned around and spent time washing his cock, definitely making sure I got a view.

I was getting very aroused and decided to take my shorts off and move to the shower, pulling the door open to ask if there was room for another, ‘Sure’ said Bob, come on in, I will wash your back.

In I stepped and let the jets of water cascade over me as I craved Bob’s naked body; I felt the desire to lick every single inch of his flesh. He began to rub shower gel on my back and the electricity between us rose to a new level, I was tingling all over, never before had I wanted a man so much. He worked the soap around my back and down onto my buttocks as he gently allowed his fingers to run between my cheeks towards my waiting hole. I leaned forward to give him a signal of my desire and he worked his soaping fingers into my tight little hole.

He withdrew and turned me around, our cocks were both erect and touching each other, the water was flowing over us, we rubbed more soap into each others chest and around our hard cocks, before Bob crouched down and began washing my cock before taking it in his mouth, the full length deep in his throat, his hand moved between my legs and began to work my ass again, it was fantastic, my whole body was tingling with excitement and pleasure.

I could feel the build up of my juices and grabbed Bob’s shoulder to warn him I was about to cum, but it only made him work it harder, until I released my load deep into the back of his throat as he swallowed every last bit.

When he came up, his kissed me as he continued to touch my still sensitive zone, I really did feel great, just the release I had needed from the stresses of the day.

I licked at his chest as I took my turn and moved down to his crotch, it had been such a long time since I had sucked on a cock, and it was good to be back doing one of my favourite things, I licked at his full length before taking is balls in my mouth individually and then together, sucking hard at them under the cascading water.

He was clearly aroused and I felt his balls tighten, so I moved to take his cock back in my mouth just in time as he shot his load into my mouth, as I lapped it up, licking his cock to ensure none was wasted.

We kissed again and said we had better get dry and dressed as someone else may be waiting for the shower room.

We quickly dressed and although we had originally agreed to go for a drink, Bob said, would I mind if he gave it a miss tonight as he didn’t have a lot of time, but he said we should meet in the gym at the same time the next evening, so I agreed.

As we were leaving the gym, he said, would I mind if he brought a friend the next evening that worked out with him, how could I refuse, but there was a surprise waiting for me the next day.

To be continued…..

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