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He finally admits he's bi and I get to give anal

Thomas finally admits to me that he's bisexual, and things change ever so slightly.
It had been roughly 4 months since thomas and I had started our regular sessions. We had continued with the anal, and had recently started 69'ing, since he was reciprocating blowjobs now. He was getting quite good at it too. He could make me cum in seconds, or could drag it out until I exploded all over him.

This time, however, was different. He had been acting differently all night.

We made our way to my room, as we always did. But when we walked in, he stopped.

"Matthew. I've realised recently, I'm bisexual." He stated.

"Well no shit sherlock! I figured that out a while ago." I replied, a mocking tone in my voice.

"Well okay, but this time, I don't wanna fuck you. I wanna actually have sex with you, and I want to take anal."

I stood there in sock for a few seconds, and then he did something completely unexpected. He grabbed me, and he kissed me. We kissed for several minutes, and we got wild. We tore each other's clothes off and frantically felt each other's bodies. Our bodies were in full contact. I could feel his hot skin against mine, and it drove me crazy. I loved it.

We fell onto the bed, with him on top. He was humping my cock with his, while still kissing me. I grabbed the lube from next to us and lathered it onto his cock with my hand, then slapped a bit into my ass. He got the idea and got up off me to shove his cock into my ass. Once he was in he swooped back down and started kissing me again while slowly fucking me ass.

This felt so much better than it had before. My whole body was in ecstasy. He continued to pump my ass until I could feel him about to cum. He pulled out at the last second and came all over my cock and belly. He disengaged the kiss and moved down to lick and suck his cum off me.

Once he was done I said,

"Your turn!"

I had him lie down on his side in front of me and lathered my cock and his ass in lube. I put my left arm under him and started playing with his nipples while I guided my cock into his ass with my other hand.

"Shove it in, hard!" He said, "I don't care if it's gonna hurt."

So I did, I shoved my cock as deep as I could go, then I started pumping his ass. It felt great. His little asshole was so tight, and thanks to the lube, it gripped my cock just the right amount. I could feel him tensing his ass muscles on and off to make it feel better. I was giving him a handjob with my free hand. He was moaning in pleasure, and then I noticed the mirror opposite us. I could see myself fucking him in the mirror, and the look of sheer ecstasy on his face. After about 5 seconds of watching us in the mirror threw me over the edge. He pushed backwards onto my cock and said,

"I want you to cum in my ass and lick it out!"

This drove me even further and I came right in his ass. Then, as he said, I rolled him onto his front and sucked the cum out of his ass. I swallowed it and flipped him over again. He was rock hard again, so I took care of that. I started sucking him off, and after his recent ordeal he came quick, and he came hard. I had an idea.

I crawled up to him and kissed him, his cum still in my mouth. We kissed with his cum passing between us both. I broke off and swallowed the cum that was left, and he did the same. We smiled at each other. We lay naked in bed together for the next hour, sorting each other out whenever we got hard swallowing every load.

We realised we were hot and sweaty, so we took a shower, and I fucked him in the ass again while in the shower.

It was one of the most intense and best nights of my life, and I won't soon forget it.

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