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he said kiss it

how I learned to crave cock
My friend and I used to jerk off together while looking at my brothers skin mags. This was in the late seventies, we were 17 years old at the time.

We loved those mags and looked forward to getting together to look at them. I always showed him the new stuff playing close attention to the girl/girl spreads. We weren't shy about pulling out our cocks and jerking off.

One time I asked him if I could touch him as I desperately wished for him to jerk me off. He said sure and I immediately held another cock in my hand for the first time. After that first time, I never let him get off without some help from me. He was happy to return the favor but after awhile I realized I was more excited by pleasing him than being pleased myself.

One time the mags were put down and I was stroking his rod and gazing at him. He said "kiss it". I looked at him warily and said "really" He said "yes, kiss it".

I was immediately more excited and realized I was brave enough to go for it.

I gently touched his cock to my cheek. It was warm, and the skin was softer and smoother feeling than my hands led me to believe. I could smell it too, it smelled unique but good. I brushed his stiff cock across my face letting it pass over my lips.

I said to myself, "there i have put a cock to my mouth, I may as well kiss it"

So I pressed my lips to his shaft. and told myself "I have kissed cock." Next I wet my lips and puckered my mouth and gave his beautiful cock a full wet kiss.

I sat up and looked at him. He said "lick it" I looked at him and he smirked and said, "you have kissed my cock, you might like licking it" I was apprehensive as I had a sense there was no turning back if I went for it.

I bent down, wet puckered again and excitedly kissed his cock, this time pressing my full wet lips to his shaft. Then I slowly parted my lips and gently let the tip of my tongue touch his cock.

I said to myself, "there I have licked cock" So I smiled and went down on him again, first kissing then gently dabbing the tip of my tongue on his throbbing dick. I was right, there was no turning back. I pushed my tongue out and fully stroked his cock with my tongue. My boner was straining, I was over the top excited to be licking my friends cock and he was loving it too.

He said, "that feels great, my cock is soaked by your mouth, now suck it"

I said to myself "I'm a cocklicker, how is that different from a cocksucker?" At that point I didn't care, here was a cock begging to be sucked and I was super excited by the idea of filling my mouth with his stiff meat.

For the first time, I kissed the tip of his cock. Then I gently licked the tip of his cock. Then I wildly slathered his cock head and shaft with my tongue. Then I pushed his head into my mouth and held it there. Then I licked all around his head while it was in my mouth. He was groaning softly and pressing forward. I started jerking myself off. Then I let go of my cock and grabbed his balls and pushed his sweet pole all the way into my mouth. I felt the fullness of his cock in my mouth and slowly started bobbing and sucking on his cock.

I said to myself "I am sucking cock, I'm thrilled to be sucking cock, I am a cocksucker."

I pulled off and looked at him and said "thank you, I love your cock and I love pleasing you" He was somewhat surprised and said, "you're welcome, please don't stop."

I said, “oh don’t worry, I am truly just getting started” I looked him in the eye and let him know that as of now, we had a new relationship that I intended to extend far beyond this intimate encounter.

He moved to the edge of the bed and spread his legs.

I said, “just a sec, I want to show you something”. I grabbed a Penthouse and found the feature I was looking for. It was one of their famous girl/girl spreads that had mesmerized me countless times. The “seamstress’ babe was seducing her “client”. I always marvel at how lucky those chicks are to share and devour their mutual beauty with no shame whatsoever.

I showed him the spread and said “I have always been jealous of these beauties tasting each others sex with no inhibition.” I caught his eye again and said, “now I get my turn to fully connect with my own sex”.

He said, “my cock is yours man, treat me like you would treat yourself”

I positioned myself on my knees between his legs with my face a few inches from his straining crotch. I stroked my cock while I savored my next move. I wanted to feel his balls on my face so I slowly started snuzzling his sack with my nose. I pushed his warm nuts apart and pressed my face into his manhood. I just wanted to be closer and closer, so I started licking and juggling his balls with my tongue. I thought his hair would bother me but it didn’t so I sucked his whole sack into my mouth. His nuts were silky and danced as I tongued them. He squirmed and I knew he had never felt this before. Neither had I and I was not going to pass up my chance to delight him.

Our previous encounters had included mutual masturbation, which was really exciting for both of us, but he never came by my hand. I tried though, as the thought of causing his ecstasy had a hold on me. He always took over and brought himself off, which I loved to watch, but secretly I was let down I couldn’t deliver his climax.

Today was going to be different. I had his bag in my mouth and he was swelling and shifting in short spasms. This was an amazing place to be as I was bowed and subservient to this beautiful man, yet he was completely relying on me to take him places he could not go on his own. This mutually intimate experience completely erased any remaining sense of inhibition on my part.

I sat back, grabbed my cock and said, “holy fuck, I love sucking your balls and cock, I fucking love it. I can’t get enough man.” I stood up and said “look at my dick man, have you ever seen it so big and strong, it is bursting I’m so fucking horny”.

He said “cum on me if you want to, but please don’t leave me like this”

I said “I’m going to let my excitement keep building while I finish you off”

I knelt back down and tried to suck his nuts again, but they were fully engaged and ready to blow, so I licked them and worked my way up his shaft. Licking and licking and licking long smooth stiff cock. I pulled his cock away from his body and into my steaming mouth. My tongue circled his head and pressed into an area that my own cock was sensitive too. Presto, it was button for him too and I knew only a man could know what he was feeling at that moment. I sucked his dick deep into my mouth and started bobbing again. My hand rode up and down on the same rhythm and was lubed by my wet sucking. This was my treat to him, an extra special handjob, and blowjob. I wanted this to go on and on, but he was too excited due to my loving attention.

I felt him tense and swell as he slowed his movement and I knew he was about to cum. I stopped bobbing and jerking and just sucked hard.

He said “ohh ohh man watch . . .”

I slipped off his dick just in time for him to blast his creamy hot joy all over his belly. I held his dick by the base and felt it throb with each burst of jam. I reached over with my other hand and caught a spurt and was amazed at how hot it was.

He was keyed up and panting, I said, “just lie back, relax and watch, then I’ll clean you up”.

I stood up and jerked off in front of him. I didn’t want him to reciprocate, I wanted him to watch. I was filled with thoughts and emotions and my heart was racing.

My thoughts were affirming and full of anticipation, ‘I did it, I made him cum’ ‘I give great head’ ‘I could have taken a full load of cum in my mouth’ ‘I wonder what it tastes like?’ ‘Would I swallow or just taste?’

With this racing in my head I shuddered, groaned loudly and came onto my hand and let it drip onto his cock and balls.

I was pretty much spent, but really really hoped this was not a one off so I said, “I’m thrilled I brought you off man, please know I’ll be looking for more as I have a couple unanswered questions.”

He smiled.

BTW – my questions were answered, but that is another story. To this day, I like to think he has never had better head.
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