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He was looking for job

I was driving around when I stopped at a gas station to fill
up my tank, I saw a couple of Hispanic men hanging around the parking lot, I
know that they’re waiting for somebody to stop by and offer them some kind of
labor job, anyways, I went into the gas station’s store to buy something to
drink, I’m coming out of it and this guy was coming up to me and asked me if I
had any kind of job for him to do, that he’d do plumbing, landscape fix my
roof, etc… I told him unfortunately I’ve just moved here from Texas and I lived in an apartment.
 Now, I looked at him and he was an 'ok' looking man, I’m 6’2” and I’d say he was maybe
around 5’8”-5’9” tan skin, big hairy arms and strong hands, rough hands. Short greyish
hair, bushy eyebrows and a 70’s porn mustache that made him look like a bit
appealing to me and for some reason made me horny, made me want to get down on
my knees and suck a cock, I haven’t been with a man in quite some time now
since I’ve been in a relationship with a woman. Too many thoughts were going through
my head as I was walking away from him after telling him that I didn’t needed
any help, when I got to my car I stopped and went back to the guy and told him
that I needed help with something and that if he could come with me and help
me, that money was no problem.

We got into my car and I drove off, I told him that for his
time I was going to give him $100 to which I did right away and told him if he
wanted to do the job that I had for him I was going to give him $200 extra if
he didn’t I would gladly take him back to the gas station and drop him off. He
said he was very desperate for money and do anything and kept thanking me for
the job.

We got to my apartment, we sat down on the couch and I asked him if he was married to which he said yes, that his wife and 3 kids were in Mexico and he’s been sending them money
from here but lately money has been very short that is just enough to get him
by. I asked him if he was to do any kind of job, he said yes. Without prolonging
it anymore I told him that I need him to drop down his pants and show me his
dick. He looked at me like if I just told him the end of the world was going to
happen tomorrow; he said he wasn’t gay, I asked him if he wanted the $200 that
I’ve offered him earlier? He said yes, but he wasn’t gay and he wasn’t going to
get ass fucked or anything like that, I told him to relax that was not the
case, all I wanted to do was look at his dick, I offered him a drink and he picked
1800 anejo (very good tequila) he had 3 straight shots, back to back.

He was nervous I could see his hand shake, sweat from his forehead and he had another
shot. He said ok, he’ll show it to me and he pulled down his pants and I saw a
darkish thick uncut cock, small, but very thick. His balls were big, and darkish as
well, big bush and hairy legs. I asked him to have a sit and keep drinking I
was going to the other room, I went into my room and though I am not a cross
dresser I like to put on woman’s lingerie. So I put on a black see through thong,
a black lace garter belt holding a pair of sheer stocking, over it a black
satin and lace baby-doll. I came out and he saw me wearing all the sexy
lingerie and noticed how his dick was reacting to all of this, it went from
flaccid to semi-hard.

I told him to relax and lay back that he had to do
nothing but enjoy, he kept saying no, that he wasn’t gay blah, blah, blah... but
when I kneeled down to get closer to his dick, his dick was already hard. Now,
his dick went from small and thick to hard rock, thick and bigger! I’d say at
least a good 6” maybe less but I didn’t care because it made up on thickness! I
put his dick on my mouth and it was ahh! so good, a bit salty from his pre-cum
but so good, I started to play with his balls with my hands while still sucking
on his dick I tried to deep throat it but I was maybe too much for me, as I was
chocking on his fat cock he felt his hands wrap around my head and grab my long
hair and pushed it against his cock… I thought he wasn’t gay? That turned me on
more and kept on sucking him, I got on the couch and he started to grab my ass
and my waist, he spanked my ass a couple of times and kept sucking his dick,
then I started to lick his balls from the bottom to the shaft and he enjoyed
that he squeezed my ass hard and then grabbed his cock and started to slap my
face with it while I was sucking on his balls, I liked it so I opened my mouth
and let him slap me on my tongue and all over my face, I put his cock back in
my mouth and was sucking him and tonguing his dickhead when he told me he was
going to cum, I stopped got up told him to fuck me in the ass.

I wanted to feel his cock inside of me. I put a condom on his cock with my mouth and a little
help from my hand, I put some ky on it and he started to pull down my thong he
was kissing and biting my ass I rubbed some ky on my ass and he started to play
with my asshole and put a finger in there, very slowly. His finger felt so good
I thought I was going to cum. His hands were big and rough and his finger was
the same, it felt good in me and was loosing me up, I got on the couch and on
my knees while he was getting behind me, I grabbed his cock and directed it
into my ass. Oh god! It felt amazing, as it was going in I could feel my
asshole stretching, a very painful moment, I haven’t been with a man in years
and my ass wasn’t used to that, specially when it was as thick as his was!!!
Finally it was in me, he started to move slowly I put my head down in pain, I
was moaning because it was too much for me. He grabbed me with his strong hands
by my shoulder and started to move a little faster, my ass has now adjusted and
stretched to fit his unbelievable fat dick (I mean, he had to be at least 3”
thick fully hard) I was enjoying it but it still hurt a great deal. He moved
one of his hand from my shoulder and was caressing my thighs and ass then
passed it underneath the garter belt and back to my thighs. I could feel his
dick in me throttle he was tearing me up sooo good! Shortly after that I was
dripping cum from my cock.

I came without once touching my cock or him touching
me, he has stimulated my prostate that he made me cum with his cock in my
asshole. He pulled out and I laid on my back over my cum, I was tired my ass
couldn’t take it anymore, I felt my own cum on my ass, it felt like is I sat on
a water. As I was laying there he noticed that I came, I was exhausted and with
a big grind on my face, my cock was now semi-hard and went with cum, he looked
at me and said he wasn’t done yet, grabbed me by my waist (I’m roughly 150lbs.
I’m tall and slim) and put my legs on the air and without warning shoved his
dick in my ass, I let out a moan of pain, he kept on pumping his dick in me, he
grabbed me by the ankles and started to lift me up to the point where I was
laying mostly on my neck and my ass was on the air and he was on top of it
“piledriving” the hell out of me!!! My dick let loose more cum that hit my
baby-doll and went right through it to my chest. I was in heaven I had came
twice and my asshole was being stretched the size of a coke can to adjust his dick deep in my ass.

He pulled out
and let my ass back on the couch and removed his condom and said he was going
to cum, he was playing with my asshole with his finger and jacking off very
close to my balls, that at times I felt the tip of his cock hit my shaved balls,
he let go a grunt and came over my balls and cock, it was the hottest thing
I’ve ever experienced! He shot a very nice load, a 4 ropes load, the second
rope went as far as hitting my chin and the rest was dropped over my genitals,
once he was done he grabbed his still hard cock and rubbed it against mine, he
let me feel how big and strong his cock was compared to mine, mine felt like a
spaghetti noodle next to his fat cock, he laid over me and he had this strong
body smell, not a bad one, but how a real man smells, so good. With his finger
he picked up the semen that was on my chin and put it my mouth; at this time he
had been so great that I sucked his finger and the semen off of it. He then
laid a kiss on me and I felt his mustache scratching my face, it felt good, it
felt like a man kisses his wife and she knows he is the only one that would
make her feel that way.

We laid there for a few more minutes than we got up and took
a shower together, he kept holding me from behind like if he was holding his woman
and I let him hold me like if he was my man. We got changed, I gave him the
money I promised him an he took it gladly and said that he’d always be there at
the gas station if I ever needed another job and that I didn’t need to pay him
again, for me he would do it because he liked me and he liked the first
experience I gave him. I thanked him and told him I will most definitely see
him again for it was me the one who enjoyed this experience the most.

I dropped him off at the gas station and now we see each
other at least once a month where he makes me his bitch and all I do is take it like all in.

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