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High and Nasty in the campground

He was horny,gay and wanted to have sex with me, but how would he get me to be willing


Bear with me. I\'m a 50yr. old w/m who has lived most of my life addicted to one or more of a number of mood and mind altering substances.I concicdered myself a heterosexual though I had experienced, over those years, occasional sexual activity with men.I\'d for the most part attributed these encountersto two main factors;I was high and horney and they we\'re genually looking for male sex. I was usually the reciepiant of satisfaction to completion and as time went on was more and more willing to recipricate, going as far as I could muster the erotic desire.(mostly because I was brought to orgasm first)
I finally sought and recieved help for my life long battle against my chemical addictions. Thru hard work and perseverance I accumulated 3yrs. plus of clean time.My life was consumed by work and meetings.The only sexual gratificatin I enjoyed was at my own hand.When doing so,however,many times I would activate thoe memories of my sexual experiences with men.(few and breif as they were)
One day, an old "so called friend" turned me onto crystal meth. This was one drug I had never done, so it\'s buzz to me was rather intruiging. Sexual activity was still far form my mind and I was injesting it only via smoking it. Then, one summer day while taking in the outdoor charm of a local county park and camp ground I struck up a conversation with a man who was decidedly gay, alone and horney. Also he seemed a bit \"wide eyed\" and unable to be still.I thought....meth? Nah, surely not. Dusk was falling, and the mesquitos were coming out when he suggested we go into his motor home.I was apprehensive but agreed.I was pretty certain he would want to fool around and didn\'t know how I would respond. Not that I would be indignant, I just didn\'t know.
After inside, he was eager to show me his plush accomidations. Upon entering the sleeping area, he realized I had noticed that in the resessed head board area sat a small glass of water, a spoon and a syringe. So as to relieve his ensuing panic I told him I was no big deal.Years ago, I would sometimes do coke that way.Then he asked if I had ever done meth that way. No I said. So he asked if I'd like to try some with him. Nervous,only at the prospect of using a needle again,reluctantly I agreed.He went to the front,locked the door and returned with a second spoon.From under the mattress he retrieved a rather large amount of crystal meth.He then put what I thought to be alot in one of the spoons."you want about the same amount?" he asked. Not one to EVER be out done by ANYONE when it comes to how much of whatever to get high, I confidently responded,"of coarse".
Only a few moments had passed when both of us had our "rigs" ready to inject ourslves. Cringing I stuck my vien and pushed the plunger forward. Within seconds, my body was experiencing audio and visual stimulation like I had never felt. But more than that my body was very rapidly overcome with a surge of intense warmth.Then it hit me! My ass got hot and my cock started to ooze cum. My host, knowing what was going on in my body closed the bedroom door and turned down the lights by the dimmer switch. He took off his shirt and pulled off has sweat pants to reveal what looked to be a 6-7 inch cock getting fat and hard behind a silken g-sring with a dark spot where cum had already involuntarally had spurted from his stiffening lushous cock. Without  hesitation, I reached out eagerly to exspose his huge shaft in the dim light.I gave no second thought to I did next. I got on my knees opened my mouth and took his entire throbbing rod into my mouth and down my throat.  I could taste the salt in his jism I slowly pulled outward exposing the swollen head which was now delivering another good sized droplet of his delicious cum. I left my tounge there,initiated eye contact nad began to seductively tease his cocks sperm port. As I was just about to once again engulf his erection I felt his body spasm and saw his balls raise in their sack as he was preparing to, then quickly began to fill my mouth with his pearl colored cum.I swallowed once then twice then once again so as not to spill and of his baby batter. I then susked on his cock intil I milked ever drop he could give my. It blew his mind how well this novice had sucked him off.

"My God! Where did you learn to suck like that?" he asked while trying to catch his breath.

"I just learned it right here right now. Did you like it?" I knew he did, from his satisfied smile. But it was his look that told the story:it said man we're gonna have some serios fun with each other. My responding look back to him was one of the same "get undressed and lets explore some ideas"

He watched mesmorized as I took off my using every method I could think of to increase the suspence. As I began to pull off my bikini briefs I turned away showing him my ass and bending over purposefully to show him that this too will be a spot for our upcoming sexual fun.When I got on the bed I rolled on my backand he finally got to see what I knew he had been thinking about since we firts me . Me totally naked in his bed with my cock fully erect ,sticking straight up in the air.

I could tell he wanted to suck me off and get to enjoy my load exploding in HIS mouth, and the warmth of my cum as it went down his throat. Quickly and eagerly he was veing to swallow my dick only to be stopped by my query"So what all do you want to do?" I continued" I don't have much experience at this, but I'll do whatever you want to!"

Again he smiled saying"sounds good to me!" As he tried once more to take my hard shaft into his waiting mouth, I again halted him, reaching over and taking his now semi erect organ in my hand.

"Are you ready to get hard again?" I asked

"Of course, but wouldn't you like me to..."

I cut him off in mid sentence"I want to get you hard again and stick you cock in my ass,ok?"

He layed back. " man whatever you want to do."

"Do you have some type of lubricant?" I asked. I'd fingered my ass before but I was going to insert this large blood swollen, cum filled thick cock in my ass. And for the first time. I started stroking his cock and rubbing his balls while he layed on his back and retreived some k-y jelly out of a drawer next to the bed. He watched as I put my lubed finger in my ass, played with his rapidly stiffening cock and teased him by placing only the head o f my cock near his lips so I could deliver to him a couple of drops of cum my cock had allowed to dribble out the end. He stuck his tounge out to accept my salty sperm. Oh he wanted to susk me off soooooo bad.

By now his dick was standing stiff and upright.I saw the anticipation in his eyes as he awaited the arrival of my tight virgin ass on his huge member. I stratled him getting on my knees so I could control the speed at which I took this massive cock belonging to the horny naked man laying under me.

This is the end of part one.


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