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High School Pals

A chance meeting years later gets spicy and changes one man's life forever.
Gary hadn't seen Jeff in a long time, it had been since high school. Here it was six years later and they were sitting in a new bar that had just opened not far from home. Jeff hadn't changed much. He was still thin, still had the same long, curly hair and still had the same baby face Gary used to kid him about for looking almost as pretty as Sherry James, Gary's current wife. Jeff had all the girls hitting on him back then and Gary figured he still did.

It was getting late and Gary had a buzz. He had spent most of what was left of the money in his pocket when Jeff asked if he wanted to drop by his place a block away for a nightcap. Gary agreed so off the two old friends went.

Gary was amazed at how beautiful Jeff's house was inside. Everything was in its place and it was superbly decorated. "You know I'm gay don't you Gary?" Jeff asked as he opened a fresh bottle of beer and handed it to him.

"When did this happen? What happened to the girls always hanging all over you?" Gary couldn't believe it. Jeff was gay?

"I realized it in high school. Remember Friday?"

"Yeah, what an asshole."

"Well we were alone in the shower after track practice one day and he caught me staring at his dick then asked if I wanted to suck it."


"I did and when I touched it and felt it get hard in my hand it was like a revelation, like it what was missing in my life all along."

"Oh man, this is too much. You sucked Friday's dick?" Gary took a long drink feeling himself drawn to Jeff's story. "I guess you liked it."

"Do you want to hear more? It gets better."

"Sure. It's hardly what I expected, but go on."

"So anyway when I let it slide back in my mouth it was like pure liquid silk and then when he came and I swallowed every drop I knew I wanted it again."

Gary felt uncomfortable, but the story was getting him hard just imagining Jeff sucking his own cock, then he thought of Sherry and the fact that she didn't like sucking his cock and hadn't in quite some time and she never let him even get close to cumming in her mouth. His head was swimming in fantasies, but he tried hard to not let it show. "You actually let Friday of all people cum in your mouth? Why Friday of all the assholes at school?"

"I don't know. Maybe it was opportunity, but I sucked his dick regularly till he moved away and there's more."

"Yeah, what's that?"

"He sucked my cock too and it was the best head I've ever had. He took my entire dick down to my balls in and swallowed too."

Gary stared back at his friend expecting more. " chicks?"

"There was a couple, but they gave lousy blow jobs and never let me cum."

"Sounds like Sherry." Gary looked away.

"Well, in high school she was one, but Gary, she came on to me and I think it was before you two hooked up."

"That was in 05." Gary glared back.

"Hey, I'm sorry dude. I didn't know. I didn't follow your love life all that close."

Gary softened his glare. "Yeah, I guess you wouldn't have. Did you fuck her?"

"I couldn't get it up for her plus it was behind the gym and I was sucking Friday's dick at the time."

" still like sucking cock?"

"I love sucking cock. Why?"

"Just wondering."

"Wondering if I suck dick better than Sherry?"

"I didn't say that."

"But I can tell it's what you're thinking. The answer is yes and I'll prove it if you want me to, but no pressure. I wanted to in high school and still do actually."

"No pressure? You're offering to suck my dick here and now?"

"You don't have to. I'm sure Sherry will eventually give in some day."

"That might be in 30 years."

"So would you like a nice, slow, sloppy blow job? I'll suck on your balls too."

"You won't tell Sherry will you?"

"I like repeat customers. Why would I do that?"

"Well, sure. Why not? Do I have to return the favor?"

"Only if you want. I sure won't turn it down though. Come on." Jeff stood and led Gary to his king size bed, pushed him back slightly then pulled off his shoes and socks. He undid his trousers and slid them off along with his boxers, then Gary pulled off his shirt. "Nice cock," Jeff said then undressed.

Gary was a bit astonished to see Jeff's pubic hair was shaved bald making his own semi hard cock look even larger. Jeff sat next to him and pulled him onto the bed beside him, then kissed Gary on the mouth to which he responded letting his tongue explore Jeff's. His hard cock rubbed up against Jeff's thigh and he could feel Jeff's manhood against him. He reached down and as Jeff described it was almost a revelation. His cock felt completely different from his own. It was softer and he could feel the raw power and sex extend through his hand and up his arm drawing him towards it.

"I guess I'll go first." Gary bent his body till Jeff's rock hard cock faced him then he let the large, hot, spongy head part his lips to fill his mouth tasting the liquid silk for the first time. The taste of salty precum mixed with his own saliva lubricated his mouth and Jeff's cock till it slid in and out of his eager mouth with ease. Jeff pulled Gary's hips till he was on top of him, his cock in Jeff's mouth and Jeff's buried to the back of his throat. The feeling of two strong lips and a very busy tongue around his cock felt wonderful. Gary pushed in deeper feeling the tingle of wanting to shoot his wad, but it felt just to good to cum so soon so he pulled out letting Jeff's tongue lick his balls while he continued bobbing up and down on Jeff.

Jeff rolled him off, sat up, kissed his neck gently then whispered, 'Fuck me.' Jeff pushed Gary to his back, mounted him on top then lowered his tight ass around Gary's throbbing cock. All the while Gary stroked Jeff's rock hard dick in his hand.

Jeff's ass felt tight like a gritty smooth pussy except better and after several minutes of hammering from below Gary exploded with an intense orgasm, feeling himself drain completely upwards. Jeff remained rock hard so Gary pulled his hips forward and took him back in his mouth to have Jeff's seed pour in. He could feel the jets of cum hit his throat, but he kept it in his mouth savoring the flavor of man cum till Jeff finally went soft then withdrew.

"Well?" Jeff laid beside him. "What do you think?"

"I thought you were fucking weird, but I liked it. I really liked sucking your cock."

"Really!" Jeff laughed, "Well you're a damned good cocksucker like me then."

"Don't let it get out. Sherry might get jealous. I don't think I ever came so hard."

"Wait till I suck your cock all the way. You're going to love it."

"Fucking you wasn't so bad either."

"Thinking of which," Jeff jumped up and walked to the bathroom and Gary could hear him expel his sperm then he returned with a warm wash cloth to clean Gary's cock. "Sperm enema."

The feeling of Jeff washing his cock made him hard again so Jeff took advantage, crawled between his knees and took him in deep. This time Gary held the back of Jeff's head thrusting back hard, listening to the slurping sounds of his cock being sucked long and hard. Jeff took a moment to catch his breath and started all over, then sucked Gary's balls for some time before resuming.

Gary casually glanced at the bedside clock and realized Jeff had been sucking his cock for over an hour with no signs of quitting, so he closed his eyes and let Jeff's lips work their magic. When he filled Jeff's mouth with jizz Jeff lay beside him once again, kissed him and they shared the taste of cum as lovers would.

"I better get going. Sherry's probably freaked out by now."

"Don't sound to happy to leave."

"I'm not. She wants a divorce anyway."

"So give it to her. You're welcome to stay with me."

Gary fell silent a moment mulling it over then kissed Jeff again. "You mean it?"

"Every word. We're good friends, I love making love to you and I hate sleeping alone." Gary held Jeff close, closed his eyes and didn't wake up again till early morning with his hard-on firmly planted between Jeff's cheeks. He called Sherry later at work to tell her to go ahead with divorce because he wouldn't be coming home anymore.

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