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His Everyday Object: Between Love and Seduction

Jon must choose...

Nathan heard his phone buzzing on his desk and looked at the display. The number was not saved into his contacts and so he figured it must be Jon. Smiling he picked up the phone.

"Yes, naughty boy, are you ready for your spanking?"

Jon listened to Nathan and even though he had just climaxed his cock stirred. "I uh...yes Sir."

Nathan was already so enamored with Jon he couldn’t help but reach for his cock and squeeze it while talking with him.

"Yes, I know you are." Nathan rattled off his address. "I'll give you thirty minutes to get here. No boxers. You can leave anytime you don't like what I do, but promise me you'll give everything a try."

Jon was slowly stroking his cock and then stopped as he pictured Nathan binding him, spanking him...fucking him. He moaned softly and nodded then realized Nathan couldn't actually see him.

"Yes Sir. I will try anything you ask me do to," Jon told him and Nathan smiled.

"Good, see you soon."

Jon said okay and hung up. He wasn't told to bring the wooden spoon but he wanted to anyway. He got into his car and made his way to the address Nathan gave him. It was nearly midnight but Jon was nowhere near tired. He pulled up to a massive estate and began to wonder if Nathan was perhaps rich.

“Oh hell..."

What would he think of Jon, just Jon. But before he could change his mind and drive off the light on the porch flicked on and the door opened. He narrowed his eyes. Was it Nathan? He was too far away to see so Jon got out of his car and closed the door.


It was Nathan and Jon felt a little nervous. His cock and balls hung freely in his jeans, his hair swept to the side out of his face but not pulled back. He glanced up at Nathan again, waiting.

"Follow me, Jon. I've been waiting a long time for you."

Nathan had been a player for quite some time but was never even serious about wanting a submissive to train, or call his own, until he laid his eyes on Jon tonight. Seeing him look at every object in the home decor section, so peacefully...and lustfully. It made Nathan's nature rise and his dominance roar. He reached out for Jon's arm but then his hand ran down the length of Jon's forearm to grip his wrist. He placed Jon's hand firmly on his cock.

"You do things to me in a heartbeat. Not even my best lovers get me this rock hard so quickly."

Jon's fingers reflexively gripped Nathan's cock while they stood outside on the porch.

"T-thank you, sir."

Jon had the urge to fall to his knees and worship the man, starting with his big hard cock. Nathan saw the look in his eyes, smiled and pressed his cock into Jon's hand. He was already enjoy the instant control he had over him. Nathan turned and led Jon into his home.

"I'm a director of sorts. I run a kink website. I make videos and host live feeds."

Jon tugged his hand away from Nathan's crotch and took a step back towards the front door.

"I'm not doing porn, Nathan. I'm certainly not doing a video for you. What I do is private."

Jon hugged his arms around his stomach tightly, protectively. Nathan immediately shook his head and spoke up. "God, no, Jon. I meant. All this..." he waved his hand around. "is because I" Nathan cupped Jon's cheek. "It's hard to believe because you just met me but you came here because you trust me to some degree."

Jon was looking down at the floor then he looked up into Nathan's intense, steel colored gaze. He nodded yes.

"I won't hurt you and I will prove that whatever I do it's so you can learn about your limits. I know you enjoy feeling things. I know you enjoy intense pleasure. It's not just sex. Pleasure..."

Nathan rubbed his thumb along Jon's lower lip while looking in his eyes with such raw need. Jon didn't know it was possible to lust after someone so damn much. The desire to want to suck his thumb like his life depended on it.


Nathan placed a hand on Jon's waist and squeezed. "You'll have to relax before we go any further. Suck my thumb."

Jon moaned opening his mouth as Nathan pushed him against the door and slid his thick digit into Jon's wet hot mouth. The soft pad of his thumb rubbed over Jon's tongue and his eyes fluttered close.

"Ah-ah-ah let me see you," Nathan said and Jon forced his eyes to remained wide open. Nathan's hand pushed up under Jon's shirt and his fingernails scraped Jon's belly. Testing him. Jon whimpered softly. "Tight lips and suck that thumb hard."

Nathan's voice was firm and commanding. Jon's cock sprang to life and he squirmed but Nathan had him pinned against the door and held at his waist. He licked his tongue against Nathan's thumb, sucking until his cheeks hollow. "Ahhh damnmit yes, like will be a good cocksucker won't you..."

Jon pulled back and released Nathan's thumb with a pop. "What?! I've never-"

Before Jon could explain or protest Nathan's lips were sealed over his. Masculine, controlling, hot lips crushing his. Jon purred like a kitten and his hips moved back and forth against the man forcing him to submit. The scent of Nathan filled his nose and he made him dizzy. Nathan's hard cock ground against his own and Jon's fingers dug into Nathan's shoulders. If he could speak, hell if he could breath, he'd say; "Nathan, take me, I'm yours. I'll suck your cock and yes yes yes fuck me!"

Nathan's tongue stroked Jon's lips and probed there at the entrance. Then he pushed into Jon's mouth just for a moment, showing Jon that yes, he wanted this. Every inch of Nathan. He wanted it. All control taken and any orders followed. He wanted it. Jon was on fire and Nathan was the flame igniting him. He pulled back just enough to look at the boy. Jon's gaze was locked on his. Eyes glazed with lust and lips swollen. Cock ready to burst.

"I think your spanking can wait. I need my cock taken care'll suck it while I prepare that pretty little hole of yours for some fun."

Nathan was breathless. Damn, he was dizzy with need for this virgin with the mouth of a whore. "Oh god, Nathan. Please. I've never... but I want to. I want to try and suck your cock and I want to be yours. It's sentimental foolishness to think anything will last more than a few hours between us but..." Jon sighed and the words hang in the air.

"Please, my little pet. Just have fun for once in your life." Nathan finally got Jon into his play-room. Jon was right about one thing. They did have fun, and it lasted for a few hours, that first time. After that the foolishness was not Nathan's fault, but Jon's.


"Have you had sex yet?"

Jon was sitting outside with Derek. It had been a few days since he had been to Nathan’s house, so when Derek showed up Jon didn’t thought nothing of it. He was Todd's good friend. His presence at their apartment wasn't a big surprise. Jon's brother was in the shower at the moment so Jon entertained Derek.

"Shh! Would you keep your voice down?!"

Jon got up to close the patio door then took a seat on the bench next to Derek. They hadn't seen each other since that night he showed Derek his "object in ass" trick. Not that Derek hadn't been over or tried calling Jon’s cell.


Derek urged Jon. Jon thought of Nathan and immediately his body reacted, cheeks flushing, cock filling and breath deepening. Derek saw this and taunted Jon.

"Ohh damn you have! You have fucked. Who was it? Someone I know? Oh, was it Steve. He's such a fucking slut-" 

"No!'s not anyone you know so quit trying to guess."

Jon sighed and looked over at Derek. God, he looked even sexier with the sun hitting his face like that. Jon shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"Why didn't you let me fuck you, Jon?"

Derek reached out to touch Jon teasingly but Jon almost immediately became aroused. He was so sensitized from the way Nathan had been training his body to react to certain caresses. Jon's eyes close a second, chills broke out over his skin and his cock twitched.

"Oh shit..." Derek's voice broke the spell and Jon snapped out of it but Derek tried to keep things hot.

"Hey wanna show me that thing you do?"

Derek put his hand right on Jon's cock and stroked him through his thin cotton shorts. Usually Jon would just get up and leave but lately he'd became such a junkie for pleasure. He would literally take it where he could get it. He ground his hard-on against Derek's palm, leaned over and brushed a kiss against Derek's lips. Cupping his cheek like Nathan would do to him...not that he would try and control Derek, would he?

"Why don't I fuck you instead," Jon challenged as his mouth left a hot trail of kisses across Derek's jaw, down his throat. Sure, Nathan had taught him to suck cock. Nathan had shown Jon a lot of things but Jon had never ever turned the tables on Nathan, like he was doing with Derek right now. He kept kissing Derek lower and lower, his lips leading to one place. Jon slipped down between Derek's legs and knelt on the hard concrete.

"Jon...are you sure?"

Jon started unzipping his jeans and placed a kiss on Derek's cock. "What do you think?" Jon started to peel Derek's boxers down when his phone rang, and it was Nathan's ringtone. "Shit," he cursed and moved away from Derek to answer his phone. "Hello?" he said in a low tone.

"I need you. When can you be here."

Nathan never had to question or demand. He just had to state his request and Jon only took a moment to consider it. "I-I'm just-" He looked back at Derek who had taken his cock in his fist and began stroking it. Jon had to bite his lip in order to stifle a moan. He tore his gaze away from Derek. "Gimme twenty minutes to get a shower. I'll be there in a little bit."

Nathan confirmed the time as if setting an appointment with him. Then without warning Derek let's out a loud, sexy moan. "What was that?" Nathan asked.

"Uh, what? Nothing. I'll see you soon." Jon hung up but realized he wouldn't get away with lying to Nathan. He never had gotten away with the simplest lie with anyone. It was a wonder he could avoid telling Derek the truth but then again it was easy to distract a horny teenage boy.

"What the fuck, dude?" Jon glared at Derek and Derek narrowed his eyes at Jon. He smiled and then chuckled.

"Dude, what the fuck. Who was that? Why are you leaving this." Derek squeezed his cock and pre-cum leaked from the tip. "No fucking way," he told Derek.

Jon was conflicted. He didn't owe either man anything but his damn emotions were all tangled up with his desires. One guy obviously wanted to be fucked, bad. The other wanted to own him, totally. Jon didn't know who to choose. Did he have to? Leaning forward he licked the tip of Derek's cock.

"Ahh." Derek moaned. Jon's tongue swirled the swollen crown of Derek's cock. The salty taste of him coated his tongue and Jon placed his hand around Derek's thick shaft. 

"I think I can help... alleviate your problem."

Jon pulled Derek's pants down and spread his legs. He shoved his mouth down towards Derek's balls and sucked on the soft skin. "AHHH fuck!" Derek squirmed and whimpered. He had had plenty of blowjobs but where the hell had Jon learned to do that. Jon made sure there was lots of spit dripping down his balls and then cupped his fingers up under the sac. He slid between the taint and rubbed there a moment before thrusting a finger back and up into Derek's ass hole.

"FUCK-ing hell!" Derek clenched but not before Jon had his middle finger thrusting in and pushing deeper. "Ohhh my god...what the fu-...uhhhh!" It was like hitting a switch when Jon rubbed Derek's prostate. In fact he was probably not right on the money spot but close enough to stimulate the area. Either way Derek was ready.

Jon closed his mouth around Derek's cock head once more and sucked, hard. His cheeks hollowed from sucking so hard and his tongue lashed around and around the tip. "Fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes! I'm gonna cum! Don't fucking stop!" Derek thrust up and pushed back, up and back, up and back. Impaling himself on Jon's thick finger, and driving his cock deep into Jon's throat. Jon gagged and his throat tightened around Derek's cock which sent him over the edge. "YESSS!" Derek arched and pushed into Jon's mouth. Spurting his load into Jon's throat. He shuddered and came again before falling back in the chair. About a minute later Jon was licking Derek clean and smiling up at him.

"Yeah well I still gotta fuck you. But not right now. I gotta get a shower and go see a friend of mine."

Derek's breathing was slow and steady and sweat beaded his chest. "Yeah...does this friend have a name?"

Jon hesitated and shrugged figuring it wouldn't hurt to tell Derek about Nathan. "Nathan? And he directs porn? God, no wonder you suck cock like you get paid to do it..." Jon knew Derek was only teasing him so it didn't upset him. "What movies has he done that I would know? Like threesomes? girl on girl, what?"

Derek tucked his cock away and Jon took a step towards the back patio door. "Why don't I see if he has catalog for you to peruse?" Jon pulled the door open, then he felt Derek grab his wrist.

"Wait Jon...can I come with you? Can I meet Nathan? I mean...A porn director. That' sexy." Derek's fingers traced a line down Jon's side and like magic his cock rose. Jon's eyes swept close and he let out a soft sigh.

"I can ask." He relented and Derek's lips found his ear lobe, nibbling it.

"Thanks baby," Derek whispered in his ear and Jon knew then, right then, he was not making the choice between Nathan or Derek. Because there was never a choice. He was caught between them both and bound beautifully by desire.


At first Nathan felt jealous. Jon wanted to bring someone with him? Who was this Derek? Nathan was beginning to feel like an overprotective boyfriend and he barely knew Jon. They’d been together less than ten days. Nathan really did see them as a couple after that first night. Hell, after he first laid eyes on Jon he knew he’d be his. Jon was eager to please Nathan and even said he could fuck him that first time he came to his house.

“No, Jon,” Nathan explained to the boy. Jon lay on his back that first time, cum splattered his thighs and lower belly. Nathan had been milking him for over an hour. He knew fucking his ass with an object could be pretty amazing. With someone like Nathan where the absolute desire was seeing the pleasure experienced by his submissive, it became a damn marathon of endurance. Nathan wanted to fuck Jon.

“When the time is right, when its perfect. We will consummate our union.” Nathan stared at Jon . “Now who’s sentimental.”

Nathan cleaned him up and they cuddled and chatted for a bit before both he and Jon were slowly kissing and caressing. He reached for another object and the scene began again. He loved their first time together. Nathan thought about refusing him but then changed his mind. He and Jon had a very unique and intense relationship. Nathan realized he would not have felt this way if he didn't have strong feelings for Jon. Jon wasn't trying to hide this person from him. So Nathan agreed and Jon showed up with Derek about twenty minutes later.

He let them in and showed them into one of his studios. A room where they are filming an insertion scene using vegetables and fruits. "Oh...god..." Derek definitely loved what he was seeing. They were finishing up with the unpeeled banana then they peeled it and it was thrust into the woman's vagina and she cried out and gushed onto the phallic object. Derek reached down to readjust his rock hard cock. This wasn't even that shocking or extreme but it was sexually charged and he getting very aroused. 

"Come on boys."

Nathan led them into the playroom next door. Nathan inspected Derek. He was a very cute boy and the total opposite of Jon. Where Jon was slim, dark-haired and feminine looking with his full red lips and long hair. Derek had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Model features and a jock build. His eyes roamed over the bulge in Derek's pants and Nathan chuckled.

"So you wanted to meet me. We met. Anything else?"

Nathan threw the ball in Derek's court. He was willing to play with him but he wanted to see if Derek would step up to him. It was obvious he wanted Jon as well and perhaps Derek wanted to see the competition.


Derek looked to Jon then back at Nathan, combing his fingers through his hair nervously. He usually never had a problem seducing a guy, any guy, but that was usually guys his age. This man was...different. He made Derek feel like asking permission and Derek wasn't sure he liked that.

"Can you show me how you do that? I want to try the objects."

A slow grin spread across Nathan's face and he took a step in Derek's direction. Derek inhaled slowly and his eyes stay fixed on Nathan. Jon watched the scene unfold. Is this how Nathan drew him in? The look on Derek's face was priceless. He knew how he felt. A cross between panic and lust.

"Maybe after we enjoy each other."

Nathan reached out and cupped the back of Derek’s neck. He placed a possessive kiss on his lips, showing Derek that no matter what he used to, right now, Nathan was in control. Derek didn't give in right away. He grunted and pulled back but Nathan squeezed the back of his neck and bit his lip. Derek tensed and the slight shock of pain triggered an odd reaction that goes straight to his cock. His eyes fluttered close a moment and Nathan knew exactly how to force Derek to submit. He reached down and grabbed his crotch. He fisted the bulge.

"Ahh, fuck!"

Derek whimpered and this time Derek did pull away but Nathan had a grip on him so he could only lean back.

"I know you probably don't even know this about yourself."

Nathan tugged on Derek's cock and his knees weaken. He couldn't deny the pleasure coursing through him as the pain ratcheted higher.

"Fuck man..."

Derek cursed and Nathan finally glanced back at Jon. "You did good. It's been quite some time since I had a pain slut."

Jon gave Nathan a smile and a slight nod. "Yes Sir." Nathan looked back to Derek and released his grip on his cock.

"Do you sleep around? Are you a slut in general?"

Derek blushed and chuckled nervously.

"I like sex but I usually go to the same few guys. I don't sleep with strangers if that's what you mean."

His cock throbbed where Nathan had tugged and twisted it, but it also throbbed with unspent release. Nathan rubbed his hands together and directed Derek to the platform in the center of the room.

"I have a special relationship with Jon. I saw him and had to have him, but you,"

Nathan gave Derek a heated look. "will be nothing more than a fling. Understand?" Derek narrowed his eyes and nodded. "You'll answer my questions with 'Yes Sir'." Derek exhaled softly.

"Yes Sir," Then he started to add. "but why can't I-" Then Nathan cut him off.

"You were brought to me and I've made my choice. Take it or leave it."

Derek stared at Nathan for a few seconds but his eyes dropped first. He wanted to be special too. He had to admit no one touched him like Nathan. A rough grasp and he was ready to say yes to anything. He was always the on top, giving it to other guys. Suddenly Nathan forced him to feel things he never physically felt and then he said just for tonight. Fuck that. Derek stood up and stalked towards Jon.

"Take me back to your house. I'm not a fucking toy."

Derek said it so only Jon could hear. Jon looked back at Nathan and Nathan gave him the OK. He turned and left the room with Derek following him. They got to the car and Derek still hadn't said anything. Finally Jon spoke to him.

"I'm sorry. I thought you wanted to be..."

Jon couldn't think of what to say. "Used. Fucked like a slut," Derek said with a tinge of anger. "I know I act a certain way, Jon. But I have a heart you know and it can be broken. I really do like you. I know I acted like an ass towards you for a long time but after I saw you do that I just..." Fell in love even more Derek thought but couldn't say the words out loud. He was too upset. He slammed his fist on the top of the car and jerked the passenger door open. "Let's just go, please." He got in the car and tried to not think about his heartbreak.

Jon drove Derek back to his house and Derek decided to hang out with Todd a bit. They go to his room and Jon goes to his room. What is going on?! Why can't he just have both. "God..." Jon fell into bed and his arm landed on a spoon he left in his bed and it reminded him what he is missing. Nathan. Moaning he grabbed the spoon, stroking the handle. Derek’s words confused him. His emotions were conflicted but one thing that always felt right and so damn good was an object in his ass.

“Uhh god..” Jon half whispered, half moaned and he can’t get his shorts off fast enough. “Nathan..” His cock quickly hardened as he ran his thumb across the tip. “Derek..” The stiff wooden handle rubbed back and forth across his hole. He’s not ready for it. No lube. No stretching with his fingers but he needed it. Then there was a knock at his door. “Fuck!” He pulled the sheet over his legs.

“Jon, are you busy?”

Derek’s muffled voice came from the other side of the closed door. Jon inhaled a few ragged breaths as his lust died down. “Uh, no, not really.” Derek opened the door. Fuck, he hadn't even locked his door.

“I was getting ready to go and I was gonna say bye.”

Derek stood by the door. He saw Jon in bed and his mind went to the last time he saw Jon in bed, like that. On his back and strangely his eyes looking bright, face flushed.

“What are you doing?”

Jon’s heart beat picked up. He wanted Derek. He wanted him like nothing else and no one else. It might be his hormones talking but just the very way Derek looked at him made Jon very, very bold. And horny. He pulled back the sheet revealing his hard on and the wooden spoon.

“I was just about to...”

Jon didn't even have to finish the sentence. Derek closed the door and he remembered to lock it. Walking over to the bed, stripping off his clothes at the same time. Jon laughed and tried to cover himself again but Derek ripped the sheet away and tossed it on the floor.

“Oh, hell no. Not this time. I owe you one. Remember. You can use the spoon in your ass if you want but your cock is mine.”

Jon heard Derek but his brain only processed the sensations. “Ahh, fuck, Derek.”

He moaned as warm breath caressed his inner thigh. Derek kissed his thigh and licked him so that his cheek touched Jon’s balls.

“Oh fuck me.”

Jon spread his legs and reached underneath to thrust the handle into his tight hole. Fucking hell he couldn't believe how good this felt. He looked down to see Derek looking back up at him. He yet to touch Jon's cock.

“Would you let me, Jon? Would you let me fuck you?”

Derek licked Jon’s thick hard shaft and his breath teased his cock and balls. Jon thought he was hot shot because he could finger an ass and deep throat. But whatever Derek was doing was making Jon ready to agree to damn near again.

“Ye..yes. Yes.”

He panted and thrust the wooden handle in and out faster. It was nowhere near as thick as the objects he was used to now, with Nathan, but something about Derek was making Jon go crazy.

“Yeah, baby. You’ll let me fuck that sweet ass of yours.”

Derek’s mouth slid over the tip of Jon’s cock and he sucked hard. Admittedly he never sucked cock and the taste was surprising. He didn't hate it but he certainly wouldn't go down on just anyone. Jon was special.

“Uhhh fuck Derek, yes.”

Derek was liking this. It was no wonder he liked having his cock sucked and looking up at Jon, seeing him lose it, was equally arousing.

“Do you love him? Do you love Nathan?”

Jon tensed up, right on the verge of climax. Then those words. Those questions take away the here and now connection with Derek and fling him back to that first night he was with Nathan. He had just finished cumming for the umpteenth time and Nathan was holding him and Jon felt so safe. He hated it. He hated the way his heart was betraying him. Nathan was a stranger but yet and still Jon was falling in love. It was there. The butterflies. The flashes of a future together. Then Nathan said he wanted to wait to fuck him. Jon hoped to god he didn't start crying because of how perfect Nathan was.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. Jon, I’m sorry.”

Derek pulled himself up between Jon’s legs and slowly pulled the spoon out of his hand, lacing their fingers together. He kissed Jon and whispered against his lips.

“When he touched me...I felt something I never felt before. If he could do that and I just met him,” Derek explained brushing his lips against Jon's, their cocks rubbing together at the same time. Jon’s body couldn’t be denied pleasure, not yet, so he moaned at the sensations.

“I just know he’s good and I know he’s got to have feelings for you.” Derek’s thumb rubbed his cheek. “I love you, Jon and I want you to know that. If he hasn't told you or if you’re not sure about him. Whatever. I just want you to know how I felt before things got too serious”

Jon listened to Derek and his body definitely reacted to the way Derek touched him. He didn't see a forever like he did between him and Nathan but perhaps their connection just wasn't deep enough..yet.

“Turn over.”

Jon's voice was so demanding even Derek hesitated. But then he lay on his side, his back facing Jon. Jon reached into his drawer for the lube.

“I don’t know what I feel for Nathan. I know it’s intense.” He squeezed a good amount of lube into his cupped fingers and rubbed it along the crease of his ass.

“I know he can make me do things I would never do with someone else.”

Jon thrust his middle finger into Derek’s tight hole and pulled out, thrusting into two fingers and stretching him. Derek jerked his hips forward but Jon pinned him down and forced his back him onto his chest.

“I wouldn't call it love.” Jon slid his fingers out and pushed the tip of his cock into Derek. “somewhere between love and seduction. That’s where I am with him.”

Jon thrusts and Derek cried out. “That’s where I am with you both.”

He pulled out and thrust into Derek, pounding into him hard and deep. “I love that you've given this to me.”

Jon moaned as the heat of Derek’s virgin ass clenched around his throbbing cock when he came. A few moments later he pulled his spent cock from Derek’s ass and they lay there, but not cuddling, as he does with Nathan. He looked Derek in his eyes and swallowed bitterly.

“I don’t want to see you again, Derek. Not as a lover. We can be friends or whatever but I can’t fuck you. My heart belongs to one man.” He knew Derek’s heart shattered right then. He could see it but Jon had to be honest with him. He could see why Nathan would want to play with Derek, he was hot sexy and a lot fun, but to say he loved him. Like he loved Nathan? Not even close. Derek chuckled but there isn't a trace of humor in the laugh. He got up and dressed silently.

“You know, Jon. I hope Nathan treats you well. I hope he shows you all the love and devotion you’re giving him. Not that he deserves it or anything.” Derek unlocked the door. “It’ll just hurt a whole lot fucking more when he does decide to rip your heart to pieces.”

Derek yanked the door open, stormed through it and slammed it closed behind him. Jon reached for his cell phone and dialed Nathan’s number. Nathan answered on the second ring. “Did you do it?” Nathan asked him and Jon sighed softly.

“Yes, Sir.”

Nathan smiled and instructed Jon to pack a bag.

“You deserve a vacation and I know a place that’s perfect.”

Jon tried to forget Derek, and what Nathan had him do. He got up to get a shower to wash the scent of the other man from his skin. He was glad he didn't have to think about making choices like that anymore. He would do anything to please Nathan and make him happy. Anything.


Nathan hung up the phone call with Jon then made a Skype call on his laptop. “Hey yeah. Its done. I told you I can do it. Once I pop his sex cherry he’ll be doing anything else I ask him. He’s had a taste of being in control so I’ll see if he still wants that, that but otherwise I want him to lust for it all. Threesomes, hell orgies even. I think I can even get him to fuck women.”

The person on the screen laughed. Nathan truly cared for Jon but he saw the potential the boy had in the porn business and being a businessman, Nathan peddled his goods where gotten.

“Mm, yes well. Bring him to me. It’s been awhile since I had a young virgin anything.” Now it was time for Nathan laugh.

“Yes, I know. We will be there in a few hours. See you soon.” Nathan was glad his investor was visiting the US. Since it would have taken a couple weeks to get a passport. He knew over the course of the next week or two he would have to really show Jon the glamour side of the sex trade but in reality Nathan could force Jon to do whatever he wanted. Nathan had forced others and not even cared about them. He actually had feelings for Jon.

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