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His girlfriend wanted to see two men play

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His girlfriend wanted to see two men go at it, I did not know it included anal sex
His girlfriend wanted to see two men play

By CindyUSA His girlfriend wanted to see two men go at it; I did not know it included anal sex

His girlfriend would liked to see two men have sex

Each person remembers their first time for the major events in their lives such as going to grade school, a first date, first kiss, and first sexual intercourse.

Anal sex is a taboo subject, frowned upon by society for being outside the norms of accepted sexual practices. For the more adventurous of people, whom were not willing to let society dictate sexual practices, anal sex can be enjoyable for both the person receiving (bottom), and giving (top). Anal sex is not for everyone, the experience ranges from pain to pleasure.

At the age of forty-three, I had my first bisexual experience. I had a person suck my dick and I liked feeling dominating a submissive cocksucker. My bisexual activates restricted to only meeting men to receive head. After three years of receiving one-way oral sex, I had a curiosity about of giving fellatio to a man. Finding the courage to agree to meet a man I sucked his dick. He did cum in my mouth, a pleasing experience for both of us. After this first time of receiving oral, I became addicted to giving oral sex. My bisexual actions were slowly progressing. Eventually, I changed from receiving oral sex to receiving anal sex. It took me eight years to lose my virgin ass, this happened serendipity when I met a stranger named Carl.

To meet my bi needs, I posted messages on the Internet to find strangers who wanted to feel a hot mouth surrounding their stiff dick and taking heir load. I received several replies to my posting and Carl was one of the first men to respond. He replied by sending an email with a brief statement of why he wanted to get together. One reason I agreed to meet Carl was that he lived nearby, fewer than two miles away. In our e-mail exchanges, he expressed extreme pleasure in receiving oral satisfaction and I boasted that I liked giving head without anything in exchange.

Carl liked my passionate blowjob. Once a week, he called me to come over for a beer and watch sports. He would never ask directly for a blowjob, but as we were sitting on the couch, drinking our beers, he would take his cock out and start playing. That was my invitation to lean over and start giving Carl oral.

On a Wednesday afternoon, my cell phone rang; the caller ID showed it was Carl. When I knew it was Carl, I had expectation about meeting him for oral fun. This time he called, he did not invite me over for a beer, instead Carl said, "My girlfriend likes to watch two men go at it and she wants to watch us. Are you interested?"

At first, I did not know what to say. Gathering my thought, I questioned Carl, "Go at it?"

Carl replied, "Yea, you know what we did a few days ago. She is hot to watch me and another man. She does not want to join in, just watch."

"Sure, sounds exciting to me. I love spectators." I boosted.

Carl and I discussed the time to meet and found our schedule worked to meet on Friday night. My dick was tingling thinking about Mary watching. I had to wait two days before I would meet Carl again. Friday night arrived and I was knocking on his door right on time. I was fresh out of the shower dressed in my work clothes, slacks and dress shirt. Carl opened the door a beer in one hand, a handshake with the other. He introduced me to a tall blond woman, mid twenties, figure, and large breasts. I shook her hand when we both said our names at the same time. We smiled at each other and sat on the leather sectional couch. We start conversing about our jobs, how we ended in this town and other polite topics. We chatted about how we enjoyed living near the beach, how we met Carl. Mary stated, "Carl and I have been dating about a year."

I replied "Oh that is great." I did not know how to respond. Carl did not talked about Mary, just that he had a girlfriend but did not get to see her often. I guessed that was one because we were meeting weekly since Mary was not sucking him as often as we met.

Mary continues with no sign of embarrassment in her voice, "Carl told me about you sucking his cock, and it got me so excited I had to see for myself. I asked Carl if you could that again."

Flattered by her words and with a pride in my voice, I said, "AI love to."

Carl chimed in, "Let's go to my bedroom where we will have more room."

We walked to Carl's bedroom, Carl leading and Mary leading me by the hand. Carl's bedroom had a king-sized bed and plenty of room; I noticed the sheets turned down and a chair next to the bed. Mary announced, "I want to watch so I will sit here," as she armed waved over to the chair. She said, "I want to have a good view and you two put a good show on for me."

Carl removed his clothes. I started to take off mine, and Mary sat in the chair and watches. Carl's girlfriend remained fully clothed, ready to watch two men go at it. We reclined on his bed, two naked men.

Carl started to kiss my neck, my ear then my mouth. In our first meeting, Carl and I did not make out, and this caught me off guard. This was the second time I made out with a man. Carl held my head in his hands his lips firmly pressed to mine. His tongue darting in and out as I naturally opens my mouth. Carl was passionately Frenching my mouth.

Carl moved one hand from my neck but kept constant pressure on my neck continuing to kiss my mouth. Carl's other hand moved to my breast and was fondling my nipple. He plays with my nipples. I have never had anyone play with my nipples be for, and I could feel them getting hard by his touch. Carl continues to rub, pinch, squeeze, my nipple resulting in a stimulation sensation from my nipple with the tip of my cock. Carl's hands gave me great pleasure.

I was not sure but thought Carl had been seducing me? I could not expect Carl's next move. I decided to follow Carl's lead, he was playing with my tits, and I will play his. Both of my hands were available to explore Carl's body. My hands went to his hairy chest, finding his nipples. My fingertips applied the same pressure and motion to Carl's tits, as Carl's action on my tits. I wondered, was it as much a turn-on for Carl as for me? My nipples were hard; my cock erects, and I could feel a connection between my tits and my cock.

I was on my back; Carl was on top of me, partially kneeling and bending over he kissed my neck, ears and cheek. Mary remained in a chair, watching. She was quiet; I forgot that Mary there.

Carl moved to sit on my chest, moving forward; he placed his cock on my lips. I knew what Carl wanted an open my mouth. Carl rocked toward the front; my lips curled over my teeth and his cock slides into my warm, wet mouth. I was still fondling his tits with my hands. Mary watched me licking, sucking, and kissing his cock. We settled into a rhythm with Carl fucked my mouth and I gagging.

Next, Carl moves to the sixty-nine position. I cannot see, but I can feel his mouth sucking my cock. Carl raises his hip, moves toward my face and lowers his cock from my mouth. I use my tongue to tickle the head of Carl's cock; each time he pauses, gives me a second to tickle him in all the right places.

After a few minutes, Carl removed his cock from my mouth and moved his hips so his ass was inches away from my mouth. I moved my head to contacting his hole. He smelled clean, freshly showered and washed. I did not mind rimming a hygienic man. Mary stood up and leaning over the bed to see the action.

Carl changed positions as if his actions directed. He rolled me over on my stomach. Carl was kneeling at my head, and I turned my head to face him. His cock enters my mouth allowing him to use his hips to fuck my mouth. Carl reached out with one-hand touching my butt. He finds my crack fingering my hole. Mary moves to the bedside table, pulls out a tube of anal lubricant. Sucking his cock, I realized what was going to do next.

Mary put some lubricant on Carl's hand. His hand slipped between my crack, applying the lubricant on my cheeks and in my hole. Carl's finger now entered and probed deeper into my rectum. I felt no pain, but felt uncomfortable because of a man's finger being in my ass. Except for a doctor, this was the first time I had a man's finger into my ass. Carl placed two fingers inside me reaching my prostate. Carl fingers inside my rectum placed a pressure at the correct location resulting in, precum leaking from my pee hole. Mary stood in a position where she watched everything happening. She watched as I sucked Carl's cock and him finger fucking my ass. My precum dripped on the bed sheets.

Carl changed positions and moved behind me. I was still on my stomach with Carl spreading my legs as he knelt between them. I enjoyed the prostate massage, and wondered what to expect next. Was I ready for this? Carl applied more lubricant to my hole. Was I ready to have a man enter my backside? I read that anal sex was painful and that if not done right could do some damage. I did not want to say no to Mary's fantasy, watching two men.

He pulled on my hips to position me for what was coming next. Carl's hands were on either side of my body supporting his weight. I can feel Carl's legs next to mine. I wondered whether Carl planned to fuck me that first time we met. Naked and face down, my butt was up with my legs apart, my ass hole exposed for all to see. In this position, I could not move, helpless, subservient to his wants. At this point, I could look back and see Mary lying on the bed, reaching out for Carl's cock. I realized that she was guiding his cock to line up with my hole. My body tensed in expectation to what I expected to be painful. Carl placed his cock head against my hole and pushed, he does not enter. He tries again; I was a virgin at this and was tight. I was not sure what I needed to do.

I heard Mary's voice saying to me, "Relax, Roger" I did. She guided his cock again, and Carl pushes forward. I felt him now, or felt something warm and hard pushed past my anal sphincter. I remembered some pain but felt pleasure too. Mary continued to guide Carl's cock and reminded me to relax. Carl kept a constant pressure pushing his cock in my oiled hole. It started to hurt now, I said so, and Carl stopped, and pulled out a little. The pain subsided, replaced with feeling of pleasure. Pleasure, as when Carl had his two fingers in my ass messaging my prostate. Carl's cock was larger than other men I sucked. I questioned if I could take all of him into my hole. I cried out about the pain. OK it was better now; he inched his way until I felt him stopped. He started to use his pelvic to thrust his cock a long way down in me then withdrawing so he can push a good way in again.

Carl's cock slides past my sphincter muscles. I wondered if Carl felt me as warm and tight as I did him hard and hot. I could feel my body reacting to this abuse. Carl's hard cock penetrated my rectum resulted in an involuntary reaction, my rhythmic contractions my sphincter muscles. I imagined this was causing a "massaging" sensation along his shaft and cock head.

The pressure in my body was building up; I felt myself going to cum and nothing could I do to stop it. My body no longer in control, resigned I let myself climax. I said out in a gasp, "I am cumming." With that, my body contracted, I jerked uncontrollably. My sphincter muscles got tight, cum oozed out of my pee hole; I have a wave of extreme joy, well-being. Carl plungers his cock deep into my bowel, he grabs my hips says, "Oh shit I cumming. I am going to cum in your ass."

With that, I felt a flood of warmness in me; the jerking of his cock deep inside me, his moans of joy as a man comes. He laid on top of me; I felt his full weight. He was heavy but not too heavy; his mouth was near my ear; I felt his breath, hear his exhaustion, Carl whispers, "Wow Roger; you have a tight ass, I cannot believe you took all of my cock." Mary sat back in the chair; I looked at her; I had a smile on my face, and so did she.

My ass contracted liked having a bowel movement, squeezing Carl's cock out. I feel wetness between my legs and figured Carl's cum leaking from of my hole. Carl rolled off me, grabbed a towel, and cleaned his cock of sweet man juice. He gave me the towel, as he headed to the shower. I laid there trying to clean the creamy mess between my legs. I felt used, but in a likable way. I remembered how I felt to have a man deposit his sperm in my mouth. I -did not expect anal sex to be a wonderful feeling but it was. I liked it; I liked being on the bottom and having the man do the fucking.

Carl finished showering; I took a quick shower, got dressed and returned to the living room where, Mary and Carl were sitting on the leather sectional. I entered the living room; both got a smile on their face. Mary asked, "How was that? Did you enjoy Carl's cock in you?"

I responded, "It was an experience. It hurt at first. However, with Mary's help I relaxed. I would have never realized that all of Carl's cock would fit." I can still felt Carl's cock deep inside me cumming. Mary and I were comparing notes about Carl's cock. Mary asked me how I liked Carl fucking my hole. Carl looked a little embarrassed about the conservation.

After that first time of having anal sex, I became an addicted submissive bottom. I met Carl several more times, but he did not fuck me again. What Carl did when we met was another story.

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