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Hitching to a friend's house, I made an impromptu stop that changed me forever.
I had a week off from work. A week off! This was my first real job after I’d graduated high school and this was my first vacation. Not one with my parents but mine! I could go where I wanted, do what I wanted. There was only one problem … money. I decided to use the week to hitchhike south to Decorah to see some friends. Then I’d see how much time I had left and go from there. At eighteen, I had no worries!

I started out early and got good rides until I was about twenty miles from Decorah. My last ride left me at a crossroad between the southbound highway and an eastbound county road that headed straight into town. I figured that one more good ride and I’d be there by night. I figured wrong.

I soon realized that there was almost NO traffic on this road and those that did come by weren't going to stop for some young hippie. It was 1973 and a long haired kid in bell bottomed Levis, moccasins and a fatigue shirt didn't stand much chance on a lonely country road in north Iowa. I pretty much resigned myself to a long walk, only half-heartedly extending a thumb to each approaching car.

After an hour of lonely walking in the summer sun I heard a vehicle approaching. Extending my thumb without any expectation, suddenly a pickup slowed in front of me and pulled to the shoulder of the road. Elated, I ran to the side window.

“Where ya goin’, son?” an older man asked from inside.

“Decorah,” I said. “Can you help me out?”

“Sure, hop in.”

I opened the door and jumped into the cab. Immediately I could smell the alcohol. I thought for a moment, thought about the risk. Then I thought about the long hot walk to Decorah. “What the hell,” I said to myself and closed the door.

We started driving. The longer I sat there the more I questioned my decision. He would speed up, then slow down, cross over the center line and then over correct and dust would fly as the tires hit the gravel shoulder.

“Hey, man, are you okay?” I asked. “I could drive if you wanted to take a break.”

Ignoring me, he reached into the cooler on the seat between us for another beer. I had to do something, but what?

“We’re outta beer. I’m gonna stop at my place for some more,” he announced. Relieved, I figured this would be my chance to get out. He slowed and turned onto a small gravel road.

“You can just let me out here,” I said.

“It’s not far. It won’t take a minute,” he said as he sped up. I sat back again and waited until he pulled into his driveway and parked. The house was a long way from the main road, hidden down in a forested valley, and miles away from anywhere. I started to grab my knapsack.

“Why don’t you come in for a beer? You’re not in a big hurry, are you?”

I thought about it for a minute and I thought of the long hot walk ahead of me. As a matter of fact, I wasn't. “No, I guess I’m not. I've got time for one.” I set my pack back on the seat of the truck and followed him inside. He went to the frig and pulled out two beers.

“Hey, I’m sorry if I scared you back there driving. I know I’m pretty drunk. Maybe you should just stay here tonight and I’ll take you into town in the morning. Oh, excuse me … my name’s Hank.” He handed me my beer and went into the next room and plopped into a chair. As I followed, he reached for a remote and the TV turned on. Then he grabbed another for the VCR. I settled into a corner of the couch and started drinking my beer. I was thirsty! The beer was gone in no time.

“Grab another one, just help yourself,” Hank said. I started for the kitchen when I heard the TV come to life. “Hey! Do you like porn?” Hank shouted from the living room.

I walked in to see what looked like three women on a bed looking at lingerie and talking about how each piece would look if they’d try it on.

“I haven’t seen much,” I admitted, “but yea, that looks pretty hot!” I sat down, watching in amazement as two of the ‘women’ turned out to be transsexuals, very well endowed transsexuals! My cock was getting hard, noticeably so! (I wasn't wearing underwear under my jeans.) I squirmed in my chair trying to rearrange my stiffening cock to a more comfortable angle. Hank saw me and smiled.

“You don’t need to be shy around me. That’s what porn is for!” Hank said. He straightened himself in his chair and I saw the bulge in his pants. He looked back at the video and started stroking himself, first through his jeans but then undoing his fly and pulling out seven inches of very erect meat! Absentmindedly watching the video, Hank stroked his naked cock. The ‘girls’ in the film had gone from trying on lingerie to taking off lingerie and the two trannies were taking turns with the woman, and with each other!

“Have you ever touched a man’s cock?” Hank asked. I nodded. A high school friend and I had played around with each other plenty of times.

“Ever had your cock sucked?” he asked again. Again I nodded. My older friend Dick had sucked me once, though he wasn't very good at it, and I had reciprocated. I had been nervous but it was an experience I had enjoyed immensely, especially when he came! Mmmmm, remembering the feeling and the taste of his hot cum shooting into my mouth made me close my eyes and smile. Hank walked over to the couch and sat down. He unfastened my belt and fly button and then unzipped the zipper. Released from its denim captivity, my swollen prick stood out proudly curving its mushroom head slightly toward my belly.

“I wanna suck that!” Hank said almost in a whisper. He reached down and took my cock in his hand, squeezing and stroking it. Was this why he picked me up? Did it matter to me? I reached toward Hank, took hold of his cock and stroked it a few times. I leaned over and gave its large red head a kiss before slipping it into my mouth. He pulled away the back cushions of the couch and lay down next to me on his side, his mouth at my cock and my mouth at his. I felt his mouth around my member and quickly followed his lead.

We lay on the couch sucking each other’s cocks and making our own moans and slurps to compete with the sexual sounds coming from the film. I could not believe the difference! The other time, when Dick had sucked me, it was hurried and half-hearted and it had been difficult for me to cum. Hank knew just what to do and was savoring every moment while he did it. I tried to concentrate on his cock but the feelings he was giving me just took every thought over.

As I grew closer to orgasm I let him slip from my mouth, gasping for breath and clawing to hold onto something while the sensation took me far, far away! Gasping and writhing, I came hard. My cum shot into Hank’s mouth in forceful jets, one after another after another. He swallowed and slurped and kept me on fire for what seemed an eternity. Finally, with my balls dry and my entire body limp, he let me slip out of his mouth. He looked up at me.

“You liked that, huh?” he asked smiling.

“That was fantastic!” I managed, still breathless.

“Have you ever been fucked up the ass?” he asked. I hadn’t expected the question.

“Just once,” I replied. That was another fond memory Dick had given me. I had been so naive it had totally surprised me but when I looked back at that night … Oh my! How many times I had masturbated thinking of that one night I couldn't begin to count!

“Let me fuck you. I want to cum in that tight ass,” he said. Without a word I pulled off my t-shirt and wiggled out of my jeans. My young body was thin and smooth and my long tanned legs stretched out along the couch. Hank stood up and removed his shirt, then dropped his pants and briefs to the floor. He was stocky with broader shoulders and hairier than me. The beginning of a beer belly overshadowed his firm tool still erect and ready.

He turned me over onto my stomach and rubbed my back, then down my buttocks and down the length of my legs. As his hands made the return trip, he parted my legs and spread my cheeks. A mouthful of spit to lube me and his fingers were probing inside me, and they knew just where to probe! I began to moan and wiggle my hips under his hand. My erection was starting to return under me. I had never known that was possible!

Hank withdrew his finger and lifted me to my knees, spread my legs and placed himself between them. I felt his spit once more between my butt cheeks and then felt him guide himself to me. Although fairly long, Hank’s cock was slim and very straight. I felt the head push against my anus and then … Mmmm, that wonderful feeling of being filled up! When he slipped into me, his head touched those same places his fingers had. With each push into me I felt this wonderful sensation travel through my ass and up into my cock. Oh my god! This was amazing!

I felt Hank start to tense up and his rhythmic steady pushes began to be strong forceful thrusts. He held my hips tightly and banged hard against my butt cheeks. His breath was fast and labored and I could feel sweat drip onto my back and ass. With one quick, desperate yell he came. Cum shot out of him in strong hot pulses and filled me inside. I tried to move my hips against his, rocking and wiggling and milking that wonderful white liquid along with his orgasm. He finally leaned over my back, sweaty and weak, and let his cock slide out of my ass.

We lay along side each other on the couch. Hank was still panting but I was HOT! Whatever it was that Hank had done with his finger and then his cock had brought renewed life to my cock and it stood up straight ready. Hank looked over and laughed.

“So you’re ready for more?” he asked.

“I don’t know what you did but damn it felt good!” I replied.

“With my finger? That was your prostate. Feels good, huh?” Hank had a gift for understatement. Without saying a word he got up and went into the next room. He returned with a small tube of something and began applying it to my cock. It was a slippery gel, some kind of lube I guessed.

“This will make things easier,” he said. He reached down between his legs and put some of the lube on himself. Laying me on my back, Hank climbed over me so he straddled my cock, grasped it in his hand and guided it as he lowered himself onto me. The feeling of the slick lube as the head of my cock pushed into Hank’s ass made me gasp. So tight! So hot! Now I knew why Dick always wanted to fuck me!

Hank began rocking over my hips and lifting himself off me then lowering back down. His hands found my nipples and he worked them between his fingers as he fucked me. It all became too much, too quickly. I began to spasm inside him. I held his hips and flexed mine to drive my cock into him again and again and again. Finally I just lay back clutching the couch while Hank milked my cock of everything I could give. When he stopped he lay down on my chest, obviously satisfied. We lay together all sweaty and sticky with cum oozing from our asses.

“I could use a shower. How ‘bout you?” he asked.

“That sounds great!” I replied. We got up and walked toward the bathroom, naked and enjoying the cum running down our legs.

Our shower was a long and intimate one. The little taste of man-to-man sex I’d had before was nothing like this. The touching and teasing, caressing and kissing were things I had only done with women. They were the same sensual pleasures but also different. Not better, not worse, just different and I was really enjoying it all!

After our shower we toweled off and wrapped the towels around our bodies. We walked back to the couch, sat down together and let our towels fall away from our naked bodies. We watched more porn, sipping beer and occasionally fondling each other and the afternoon turned into night. We were tired, the beer and the sex and the heat taking its toll. Hank stood up and motioned towards the other room.

“C’mon, let’s go to bed,” he said. I didn't argue and followed him into the bedroom. We settled into bed. I lay on my side and Hank spooned up behind me. It felt good. It all felt very good. We drifted off quietly.

I woke early to birds singing outside but only the first hints of dawn. Hank was sleeping on his back and his erection was making a tent in the sheets! My hand moved across his hip. He started when I grasped his erection and then moaned. I pulled the sheets back. It was a beautiful cock. I never thought men’s cocks were ‘beautiful’ before but it was. Perhaps it was just what it could do? Still, seeing it erect in the early dawn light I couldn’t help but think this was a beautiful cock.

I leaned over and kissed it, just a soft kiss at first but then another and still another. Hank twitched with each kiss and it made me want him more! My mouth descended greedily and I began sucking and tonguing the way he had done the afternoon before. This time I could concentrate and it showed. Hank moaned softly while he stroked my hair and back. I loved this! I remembered the taste of Dick’s cum when he came in my mouth. It was the only time I’d tasted cum besides my own. It made me gag at first, the thick hot liquid slipping down my throat, but I had swallowed it all. I wanted to swallow Hank’s cum this morning. My thoughts were interrupted when Hank sat up.

“Lie down on your back,” he instructed. I was disappointed. This was how Dick had fucked me. While I had loved the sex we’d had yesterday and loved the feeling of his cock inside me I really really wanted to taste Hank’s cum. He saw the look in my eyes as my mouth left his cock. “Just lay back.”

He placed a pillow under my head as I complied and then straddled me. Expecting him to repeat yesterday, I was surprised when he moved up over my chest and leaned forward. His cock was right in front of my mouth now and I gave a big smile! He moved ahead and I welcomed him into my mouth. He started thrusting in and out. With every forward thrust the head of his cock rubbed across the roof of my mouth and every time he pulled back I sucked to keep him inside me. As he picked up speed, one hand braced his weight against the headboard while the other went behind my neck to steady me. He fucked my face fast and hard while I lay helpless (and unwilling) to stop him.

“I’m gonna CUM!” he yelled. His hips jerked and his cock thrust hard into me. The first shot was huge and I could barely swallow it before another filled my mouth and then a third. His body jerked and spasmed while he unloaded into my mouth. I lay beneath him gulping cum and quick breaths. It was heavenly! I looked up at him as his orgasm subsided. He towered over me, dominant and forceful. He had taken me and I loved every second!

When he pulled his cock from my mouth he teased my lips with the tip, still oozing droplet of cum. I pursed my lips, as if applying lipstick, and enjoyed the salty taste. Hank dismounted and lay back on the bed.

“That was good! Very good!” He looked at me again. “And you've only done this once?”

“Before yesterday, just once and it was nothing like this!” I replied. “It must be the teacher.” I smiled and Hank smiled back.

We made some breakfast and got ready to go. True to his word, Hank drove me right to the door of my friend’s place. He stopped the truck and looked over at me.

“Thank you,” I said, suddenly at a loss for words.

“No, thank you,” he replied. “You made a lonely man a very happy man, even if it was just for the night.” I didn't know what to say. He leaned over and gave me a long probing passionate kiss. We exchanged names and phone numbers before I got out and then he drove away.

After that night I thought of him often and even stopped by his place once or twice when I drove down to Iowa but we never reconnected. I've always been sad that we didn't.

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