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Hot in the Sauna

Taken by strangers.
Whilst living on my own for a while, I was feeling a little lonely and what with not being in a long term relationship, my horny thoughts were getting the better of me. Thinking back to my past experiences, I felt the need for some hot male sex. I decided to visit a sauna I had seen in the city centre. So, one Saturday, I spent the morning ensuring I was clean and shaven all over, not a body hair in sight. I had read that the sauna was open 24 hours but decided I would rather go after lunch, in the hope that it would be a little busier, with lots of horny men wanting to share my lust.

I went into the city and grabbed some lunch, before approaching the sauna. I paid my admission and undressed in the locker area, before going for another shower and exploring the venue. There was a dry sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, as well as a small, bench seated area, showing gay porn films. In the final area, there were a number of rest rooms, with one having a swing harness in.

It was still fairly quiet, maybe two or three other guys relaxing in different areas and with me being a sauna virgin, I wasn’t sure of the etiquette so I just went in the dry sauna and sat relaxing with my towel over my lap.

I could feel my cock growing at the thought of naked men; hopefully here for the same kind of thing I was looking for. After a few minutes, I was, without realising, touching myself under the towel, when a guy walked in, a few years older than me, but toned and looking good. He smiled and removed his towel as he sat down next to me. We made a little small talk, but my eyes continued to be drawn to his large cock, still only semi erect but looking great.

I confessed that this was my first visit to a sauna, but he quickly put me at ease and introduced himself as, Steve and said that he visited occasionally, when other commitments allowed. He smiled at me, as he began to touch his growing cock, so I took this as a signal to remove my towel and allow Steve to see me touching myself. I licked my finger and rubbed my balls, adjusting my position on the bench, to allow my finger to move between my legs towards my hole, hopefully giving off the right type of signals, that I needed cock inside of me.

I looked over at him as he moved his hand from his cock onto mine. It had been such a long time since I had been touched intimately by another man, but it felt so good, he definitely knew how to push my buttons, lightly rubbing his fingers up and down my shaft before moving onto my balls. It wasn’t long before he moved his lips down to take my length in his mouth, before then releasing it to take my balls in his mouth, sucking each in turn and then taking both at once. I felt so horny; there I was, naked in a sauna, with a total stranger pleasuring me.

He moved off the bench and crouched in front of me taking my full length in his mouth and moving gently up and down. I was lost in the moment.

As he withdrew, he took hold of my legs, pulled me forward and then lifted my legs onto his shoulders, to allow him access to my hole. He licked down from by balls, all the way up the crack of my ass and back, alternately, gently blowing and licking. I really was on my way to heaven.

I heard the door open and as I looked, another guy, who later introduced himself as Kris, and of a similar age to me, walked in.

He said, "Don’t mind me. Carry on. I love to watch two guys getting it on."

It seemed rude not to. So, Steve continued with his pleasuring of my anus, moving his tongue deep inside my hole, lubricating me, before gently pushing a finger against my tight hole. With his efforts, it didn’t take long before his finger popped inside of me. It felt so good to be pleasured by a man again and being watched by someone else only added to the joy.

Steve continued to finger me and as I relaxed, I could feel him push another finger in and then another. I was taking three fingers deep in my ass, from a stranger.

Before long, I noticed Kris make a move. He was clearly aroused, his cock sticking a good eight inches out in front of him, as he moved behind Steve and began touching his ass and then his hand went between his legs to grab hold of his cock. He was being wanked by someone from behind, whilst pleasuring me, it was getting very erotic.

I felt totally relaxed in the situation, with my ass wide open and ready for some cock. I begged for him to enter me, but Steve resisted, saying I wasn’t ready yet and he would know when I was by touch. He continued to feel around inside of me with his fingers and I could tell that the new guy was also fingering Steve, before moving his tongue down to lick at his crack. Pleasurable groans were coming from all of us. It was quite a view from where I was.

Gently Steve moved up, licking and kissing all the way up my torso to my chest, licking at my erect nipples and then, almost without any effort, I felt his hard member enter deep into my ass. He had been right to wait, there was no pain or tightening of my muscles. He gently slipped inside of me, his balls hitting the cheeks of my ass. He increased the speed of his movement, taking me fully and more deeply than I had ever felt before. The pleasure was indescribable and I was totally lost in ecstasy. I was being taken more erotically than ever before by a stranger, with another watching the events unfold, whilst he was still fingering Steve.

I felt Steve’s cock expand as his orgasm began to swell inside of him, before he released, what seemed like pints of his love juice, deep inside of me.

He lay on top of me for a few minutes, whilst his orgasm subsided, before he withdrew and moved to the side of me, moving his lips down around my still swollen cock, I felt so sensitive, still so aroused from my penetration. The other guy then moved forward and entered me, slipping deep inside me, lubricated by Steve’s cum. He felt wider and longer than Steve as he began to work my ass, penetrating deeper and deeper inside of my wide open hole.

As my cock was being sucked, deep into his throat, I was being taken up the ass. An unbelievable experience that had me lost in the most heavenly moments and I could feel myself on the edge of orgasm, as Steve sucked harder and harder. I came deep inside of his mouth, with a power that I had not felt before. He took every drop deep inside him, lapping every last drop.

Within seconds of my orgasm, I could feel Kris release his load deep inside my open ass, his juices now mixed inside of me with Steve’s. As he withdrew, I could feel the liquids seeping from my ass and they both ran their fingers through it and began to rub their hands around my still swollen cock and balls. The sensitivity after such and intense release was almost too much, as I cried out with pleasure.

As we relaxed afterwards, all I could think was that here I was in a semi-public place, having been taken in the most intimate ways by two total strangers.

We all needed a shower and it certainly had been hot in the sauna!

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