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How to Cure a Sleepless Night

I couldn't sleep and needed some sexual relief.
It was late. My wife was in bed and I couldn’t sleep. I had a hard cock that needed attending to, so I got online to see who might be in the same shape I was in. I had a chat open and was reading stories online looking for relief. It wasn’t long before a familiar screen name popped up.

This young man had inspired the craving of man-to-man sex with me. He was the first man I had ever been with. We had spent an afternoon together not long ago. He was sitting at his computer nude and stroking his hard cock. His roommate was not home and wouldn’t be for several hours so he invited me over to see if we could take care of our mutual problems.

My wife was sound asleep and was out for the night, so I thought what the hell. I told him I would be there in about an hour. I quietly prepared myself as best as I could in short time and slipped out of the house. I drove across town to his apartment and was met at the door by this young beautiful college student wearing nothing but a smile.

His beautiful cock was hanging half hard at about 6 inches with his sack hanging about as low. I allowed my eyes to take in his beauty for a moment and then I took him into my arms, kissing and tonguing his neck while one hand roamed over his tight ass and the other stroked his magnificent cock. He led me to the bedroom where I quickly shed my clothes as he got into position for me to eat his sweet man pussy.

So clean smelling. By this time I was at the point of no return I ate him like it was going to be my last meal, licking and sucking his pussy and driving my tongue deeper in him causing him to moan with lust.

I don’t know when he'd last had his pussy eaten but he sure was enjoying this time. His cock was stone hard so I pulled it back to my mouth and began licking and sucking on it till he couldn’t stand it any longer. He was about to blow his load if I didn’t stop so we switched places, I got on my back and him between my legs.

He was working his warm, wet talented mouth up and down my aching cock and fucking my ass with his fingers, and in no time at all he had me on the verge of blowing my load. He had to stop because I wanted it to last a lot longer than this. I grabbed him and kissed him deeply with our tongues playing with each other (this was my first time kissing another man, it was soooo hot ).

I had him lay down and we got into a 69 so I could deep throat his hard cock again. I had practiced hard to solve any gag reflex because I loved the feeling of his hard cock going deep in my throat. I don’t know who was moaning the loudest, him or me, either way it was awesome. I was sucking him deep and was fucking his mouth just as hard. I was drunk with desire for him to blow his load down my throat but neither one of us wanted it to be over yet.

He had awakened the desire in my ass to be fucked when he was fingering me, I needed to feel his hard cock deep inside me now. I got onto my hands and knees and offered myself to him. I didn’t have to ask, he was willing and ready to take my offering, and take me he did.

He slid that magnificent fuck pole into me to the hilt in one stroke, I just knew the neighbors would be banging on the wall for us to keep it quiet because I was moaning like a true slut. I was begging for him to fuck me and fuck me hard, and that is just what he did. You know the old saying “be careful what you ask for” well this is what I truly wanted and needed.

After a few minutes of this I wanted to watch him fuck me so I rolled onto my back and he pushed my legs back, raising my ass as he drove deep into me again. He was fucking me so hard I honestly think the bed was bouncing off the floor, but the feeling of his hard cock going deep inside me was what I had been craving.

Grunting and panting he finally told me he was going to cum. I told him to breed me, I wanted to feel his hot cum shoot inside me. He began shooting hot jets of cum into me, four, five, six hard jets. Then he steadied himself, holding my legs and keeping his cock in me so the rest of his cream would be where it belonged, in my cock-slut pussy.

If you have never had the pleasure of feeling the lust from your partner being deposited inside you, all I can say is you don’t know what you are missing.

When he finally pulled out of me he was about to pass out, I had him lay on the bed. I was so turned on I sucked his softening cock into my mouth and cleaned it of the mixture of cum and musky taste of my ass. I was truly drunk with lust.

As I had the last time we met I reached behind me and felt his cum running out of me and got what I could on my fingers and sucked it into my mouth. I took his head in my hands and began kissing him again, sharing the treat I had just received.

I couldn’t stand it any longer I flipped him over and began eating his ass, stroking my cock hard and fast and raised up and shot my load all over his ass. We both were a mess but we were exhausted, we lay there regaining our strength for a moment before I got up and put on my clothes to head home before my absence was noticed.

I again followed this beautiful nude body through his house to the door, all the while watching his cum-covered ass in front of me, giving me something to dream about and crave until the next time.

As I drove home his cum was running out of me, the feeling was so erotic and nasty,knowing what I had just done. I had no trouble going to sleep when I got home, I imagine I has a huge grin on my face all night.

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