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I do like you

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I get outed by my best friend
I was in the bedroom of my friend Ross; another friend, James, was with us. We were all relaxing and chatting, basic late-teens stuff.

James turned to me and said, “I think, Daniel, that you would be delighted if I asked you to suck my cock, here and now.”

I was taken aback. Thinking that he was joking, I said, “That is bullshit, James.” I looked at Ross for support. “What a crazy thing to say, right?”

Ross was silent. He had no objection to what James had claimed.

“You think he is right, Ross? You agree with what James said?”

James rose from the bed he was laying on and stood in front of me.

“You have protested, Daniel. Believe me, I see why you would. Sucking your friend’s cock is not what most teenage boys’ dream of. Ross and I will need proof, though.”

I replied, “We go out together, we talk to girls. We take girls home. You’ve seen me. Is that the kind of proof you need?”

“I have seen you, Daniel. You do well with women. You probably get more pussy than Ross, but that has nothing to do with this. You have encountered modern sexuality. Men fuck women, men fuck men, and some fuck both. The last category is the one I think you fit into.”

I was still astounded. Never have I been accused of being bi-sexual or gay. This could shatter our friendship. Was this just a joke by James? Surely it had gone on too long? And neither Ross or I was laughing.

“What proof do you want? What proof can you get?” I asked angrily. “You have never seen me chatting romantically with a man. I have never told the two of you about an experience I had. What techniques are you going to use to determine my sexuality? Right now, James, you are being moronic. Do you know that?”

After finishing my rant I looked at Ross.

“Tell him, Ross. This is ludicrous.”

Again Ross blanked me. James had a look on his face that suggested he had an idea.

“Stand up,” James said. “I know what to do. Stand up.” I stood. “You are going to strip - not in a lapdance way, Ross and I will leave the room. When we come back, if you are standing there with an erection, we will know you are sexually excited by the thought of being naked in front of me and Ross. If you do not have an erection, we will know that you are horrified by the thought. We’ll be back in five.” James walked out and Ross followed.

I was in trouble. James was right. I had thought about sucking their cocks. I had even dreamed about them ejaculating on to my face, one after the other. I was certain to get an erection. It would be unstoppable.

Five minutes had passed, when I heard a knock on the door.

“Are you ready, Daniel? Can Ross and I come in?”

“I am ready, James. You can both come in.”

They walked in, James in front of Ross. Ross was still incapable of looking into my eyes, while James gawped at my naked body.

Maybe Ross was uncomfortable because James had done the same to him? Maybe James had accused Ross of being gay, and then they fucked? The thought of Ross sucking James’ cock made my cock harder. James noticed.

“Your erection grows harder now that we have entered the room. I think that this is conclusive evidence. I have no doubt about it; you want my cock. Down on your knees, Daniel,” ordered James.

Ross sat down in a chair in a corner of the room and read a book.

“Did he do this to you, Ross?” I asked desperately. Ross continued to blank me.

James walked towards me. He grabbed my neck and pulled me towards the bed. I did not fight; I crawled after him on my knees. His strong hand on the back of my neck added to my arousal. James sat on the bed in front of me.

James stared into my eyes. “May I call you bitch? Can I call you my whore? The actions you are about to do will make you feel like my whore. What do I call you in your dreams?”

I said nothing. Then he ordered me to take off his trouser and shoes.

I complied with his orders, feeling the rush in my throbbing cock and my tingling back.

“See this bulge, Daniel? That is my cock, and I want you to suck it.” James stood up. “Pull my underwear down with your teeth.” I pulled them down to his ankles and slid them under his feet. I looked up and saw his long, thick cock. His cock had pre-cum on the tip.

“Let me lick it, please. I want your cock. Please, James, I need it,” I begged.

James rubbed his cock. “Now you will be honest with me; now that you see the object of your desire. Come and get it.”

James lay back on the bed, waiting for me to come up from the floor and take his dick in my mouth. I stood up and lay to the side of him, on the bed. I stared at the thick piece of dick that I had lusted after. I grasped it tightly in my hand and stroked it slowly upwards. The skin bunched at the top, I licked the bunched dick skin. I licked it all over, still holding the cock tightly so the folds of skin could not retreat downwards. It was so pleasing to taste his dick, and the texture of it made me more aroused. Finally I released my tight grip, allowing his penis to be viewed as one long totem-pole like thing.

I put my whole mouth around his dick, and then went all the way down to the bottom. I gagged as the cock hit the back of my throat, immediately producing saliva in my mouth. I left the saliva on his cock as I raised my head. His cock looked so inviting with my saliva dripping all over. Using my saliva as an effective lubricant, I bobbed my head down to the bottom of his cock and back up to the top three times, only gagging on the third bob. More saliva, thicker saliva, covered his big cock. I stroked it again, slowly moving my hand up and down.

I was satisfied physically, my hand touching his dick, my mouth being penetrated by his dick, but emotionally I was disappointed. James had just humiliated me in front of Ross; he had taken a delicate, sensitive subject and used it to bully me. He had acted like a total brute, with no respect for me. Being ordered to strip, being told to kneel, and pulling me by my neck as if I were an animal that needed to be guided.

I was 19, just discovering my sexuality, yet he was so aggressive. It angered me.

As I was thinking these thoughts, James became impatient and pushed my head on to his cock, adding more anger to my thoughts.

James can speak the same language as me. He could have voiced his opinions about me being gay privately. He could have been gentle, inviting me to watch a DVD at his house. If he asked me within this scenario, we could gently explore each others bodies and emotions.

And Ross, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to an aggressive outing of his friend, he deserves to be punished with James.

“James,” I said, “can I please lick your arse? I am your whore. My urges to satisfy you are overwhelming.” I looked into James’ eyes; he was so pleased I had asked. He clearly was delighted to have my tongue in his arsehole. He stood up very quickly and kneeled on the ground, arse presented high in the air.

“Thank you, James. I am very grateful.”

I spread his arse-cheeks with my hands, and started to lick his arsehole. I took some of the spit from his dick to lubricate my finger. The act of licking his arsehole did not repulse me. I had dreamed of this too. I wanted these sexual things to happen between us, but not in this brutal way that he had chosen. I was not going to let this scenario continue.

Licking my finger to lubricate it further, I pulled it out of my sloppy mouth and inserted it into his anus.

“How do you like that, James? Do I please you?” I slid my finger in and out a few times. “Talk to me, I need your approval. Your whore needs your valuable praise.”

I touched my finger onto his prostate, gently.

“Oh my, that feels fucking fantastic. That is so good. Keep doing that. Tug on my dick a little bit.”

Now that it seemed I was in full control of James, I left my left middle finger in his arse and raised my body from the ground; I hooked my arm around his throat, trapping his neck between my bicep and forearm. I rolled on to my back, maintaining my grip around his neck, taking him with me. I slid over to the bed, dragging him with me. Then I pulled him up as I sat on the bed. The manoeuvring of James around the room was tiring work, but worth it.

I hooked my legs under James’ for extra control. My cock was hard and touching his left butt-cheek.

Ross was now able to look at me, partly due to the strange nature of the situation.

“What do I do, James?” Ross asked.

“Do whatever Daniel wants you to do. Got that? He is in charge now. Not me.”

I looked towards Ross, still holding James’ neck tightly. “This is confusing, isn’t it Ross? A few minutes ago, I was the bitch. I was James’ whore. Now the whore is in control? It would seem so. Come over here, Ross.”

Ross did exactly as I said. I had control of every person in the room. I loved it.

“Come over here, Ross.”

Ross started to move nearer to James and me.

“Kneel. Good to know you obey as well as betray me, you dick. Kneel next to James.”

Ross obeyed my command. The two of them sat next to each other; they were neither happy or sad, just confused and shocked.

“You two deserve each other. You can keep playing games like this, but not with me involved. If you had asked me to become your lover, I would have; I like you James and would have enjoyed exploring our sexuality together. Ross, I am not attracted to you but I would have done it for James, if that was part of the exploration process. I am going to go now; I will call you in about 3 weeks. You make me so fucking angry.”

I dressed myself and headed to the door, ready to walk out on them.

“Daniel, wait.”

James had boldly chosen to speak to me. I turned towards him. Ross stood silently next to him.

“I really regret the events that happened here today, Daniel. It is now clear that Ross and I should never have planned this. It has turned into an ordeal for you; for that I am sorry. It was intended as a bit of fun.”

I had nothing to say to James or Ross, even after that dialogue. I just stood listening with interest.

“Ross had said that he saw on your computer some gay BDSM websites that you had gone on. Ross and I had experienced our first gay encounters a couple of years ago and assumed that if you were interested in that stuff you would have already experienced it too. We thought that you would have experienced this type of thing from a gay man already.”

I just continued to listen to what James was saying, stunned by every revelation. They saw me as sexually confident guy, capable of indulging my wild fantasies.

“Ross and I thought you were doing such hardcore sexual acts and not being phased by them. Ross saw it on your computer and we assumed you would have made it a reality for yourself.”

Ross nodded in agreement. At this point, after listening to the explanation, I had an idea of how I could turn this rubbish event into a beneficial one. They revered my sexuality, which could give me an advantage. I had James and Ross at my feet a few minutes ago and I liked it.

I stared into the eyes of James, who had only managed to put his jeans on. I looked at his slim body and desired it. Ross I could take or leave, but James was a real prize for me.

“You thought of hardcore sexual acts and thought of me being involved in them?” I asked.

I stepped closer to James, rescinding my idea of leaving the room.

“Did it make your cock hard, James? Did you find those thoughts arousing?”

James was now looking at Ross for support.

“I did not ask Ross the question. I asked you and I want you to answer it.”

I looked directly into James’ eyes, his beautiful blue eyes. I wanted to strip him naked immediately. I wanted to see his cock again.

“I am actually glad that you are reluctant to answer, because now I will be the one that judges the erections.”

I knew I had them in a position of timidity. They had apparently planned this scenario and it was going entirely differently to how they’d imagined. I had miraculously turned the whole affair around.

I lunged with my hand towards his dick and grabbed. It felt good to be touching it again.

“That feels hard James. It is not fully erect, but I will remedy that soon.”

I took a step back to collect my thoughts.

James and Ross were stunned to the point of silence; they were humble and submissive, like I had been minutes before. I knew what I wanted to do with my newly acquired power. I did not want to give a lecture, but I did want to remind them of their submission. I wanted to stamp down the fact that I was in control and confident and that they were confused and fragile. I needed to enforce that I was the key to stability.

“I am your master, address me as such. Take your jeans down, James. Let me see that lovely cock of yours.”

I smiled at James and watched as he lowered his jeans, revealing his cock in all its glory.

“No time to put your underwear on? You were in a rush to stop me leaving? I am flattered. Ross, take his jeans away.”

Ross moved slowly towards James, bent down on his knees and picked up James’ jeans.

“Stay there, Ross. I like you kneeling. You will obey my commands.”

Stepping up to James I said, “You, I will use for sexual gratification.”

I held his cock in my hand and stroked it back and forth. His cock grew in my hand. It was now fully erect.

“Lovely, James. Your cock is big and hard, exactly how I want it.”

I decided to test James’ obedience. I slapped his cock in a downwards motion. He bent at the waist as a reaction to the pain. I grabbed his balls and kissed his lips softly.

“Let’s get started on emptying these. Agree or disagree with that, James?”

“I agree, Master.” I released my grip of his balls.

“Ross, lick his arse. Spit on it a lot because I want a smooth entry. I will sit on the bed, watch and get myself hard.”

I took my trousers and shoes off. For a couple of minutes I watched Ross lick James’ arsehole, occasionally spitting to lubricate the tight entrance. It did not take long to make me so hard that I had to go in.

“Good job, Ross. You are no longer needed, but stay just to watch. I really want you to witness. Come over here, James. Lay face down on the bed.”

James immediately walked over and lay as I had instructed him.

“Good boy. Well done. And your reward will be a hard anal fucking from me.”

Standing over him, I took some time to look at his beautiful smooth bottom cheeks. They were so soft looking. I spread his cheeks with both my hands and licked from his balls, past his arsehole and up to the top of his crack. I was joyous. My dreams were being realised.

“You taste good, James. I am ready to put my cock in you now.”

Ross had dressed himself while I was enjoying James’ body. I was fine with it. If I wanted absolute control over anyone it would be James, and it seemed as if I had his total compliance.

I put my knees either side of James’ waist and slid my cock between his arse cheeks. Not in his anus, I just wanted to give him an idea of how big my dick was, the thing he was about to receive. I pushed my cock in to his arse and I felt warmth and tightness. Emotionally I felt elation. It was a pure sexual delight.

I moved my dick back and forth, gaining some momentum. It was so soon but I already felt like ejaculating.

“Do you like the feel of my dick? What is it like? Describe it to me.”

“I like it, Master. It fills me really well.”

“I am glad, James. You are so sexy that I may be ready to cum. Yes. Here it comes.”

I ejaculated inside James. I felt such a powerful release. I was not jubilant, though. I had only satisfied my sexual needs. All of my emotional needs were destroyed.

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