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I end up on top. (GAY)

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Online twink hookup
I met J online. Right from the get go we hit it off. We met in a coffee shop to get acquainted and hit it off right from the get go. I think I shocked J at first by following him into the bathroom and stroking his cock right there. Thank god no one walked in I got his attention right away. After paying our tab we headed over to his place. I think he was planning to chat a little more but I walked in stripping clothes off even before the door closed. I could see the surprise on J's face but to his credit, he went with it.

I knelt down in front of him and started licking his cock. I love to pull it into my mouth and feel it grow as I work it up and down.

Soon I could feel it growing larger and larger reaching further and further into the back of my mouth. As you he started to hit the back of my throat, I could feel him start to thrust forward, slowly at first. Then as I relaxed my throat more, he can started pushing deeper and deeper til he was fucking my throat.

By this time, I was rock hard, I could feel my ass start to twitch with anticipation. I had to have him inside my ass RIGHT NOW. I turned around and bent over offering my ass up for him. J ran his hands over my ass and made a tingle run up my spine. I could feel his cock start to probe and push around my ass. Lightly pushing back and forth. Then he found just the right spot, the entrance to my tight ass!

It is warm and waiting as he started to rock back and forth. Pushing a little harder each time. I could feel him stretching me more and more. He was so thick that it hurt just a little but I liked it to much to stop him. Suddenly, he was in.

It felt like he might split me in half. But my rock hard cock wouldn't let me stop him. He got it half way in and pulled back to the head, I thought that he was going to pull out and reposition but to my surprise one big thrust gave me all of his massive cock. My head was spinning and my ass was burning and my cock felt ready to explode.

He keep thrusting more and more. My head was reeling and I had to brace myself as he keep thrusting, nearly pushing me over. Suddenly he pulled out and told me "if you want it, you have to work for it."

I knew exactly what he wanted. I turned around and with a big smile, pushed him down on the bed. I straddled him and I could feel his cock throbbing behind me. J put his hands on my hips and guide me back. His cock slid easily now into my hot waiting ass.

I started to work it, slowly at first. I sat back pushing J in, his hands guided me up and down. I am clenched when I could on the up stroke so that I can feel every bit of him. Pumping more and more hard and harder gyrating to maximize the sensation. My cock is rock hard and throbbing. I could feel him inside me throbbing. I could see by his face that he was about to come. I started going faster and faster. My legs were burning and still I went faster. Then I felt J start to tighten. His hands were on my ass squeezing and pulling me back harder and harder.

I felt J's hand slide down to my cock. He grabbed hold and started using my cock to set the tempo. Pushing me up and down like he was jacking his own cock. Of course his cock was deep inside me throbbing and pulsing ready to explode.

Suddenly, I felt him tense up. With one more final stroke on my cock, I explode sending giant wads of cum all over J's chest. I feel a warm sensation spreading through my ass as pulsing waves of orgasm washed over J's body.

I can feel J's cock pulsing in my ass as it sends out jet after jet of hot sweet cum. I sit back and relax enjoying the feeling of J inside me. Soon, we both relax and sit back, catching our breath.

After all we need energy for round two.
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