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I'm Just Curious

What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room

It was a hard training and I mean really hard, 10km hard, 100 push ups hard. I got the feeling coach either didn't like us because he let the rest of the team go in a get changed an hour earlier, or he thought we were unfit which we weren't. My best mate, James, was ripped, he had a chiseled 6 pack of abs, his biceps bulged under his tight t-shirt and his pecks were perfect. I was quite similar but my abs weren't quite as perfect, they were still there of course but not quite as toned.

Anyway, when we had done our final set of push up's, coach finally let us go to the showers. We both walked into the changing room and collapsed onto the benches. My muscles were aching and I was looking forward to washing the salty, sticky sweat from my body. After about ten minutes of lying down, I got up and started going through my locker, James did the same. I fished out my towel and threw it down onto the bench, then took off my tee-shirt and shorts, before I knew it I was standing there in my underwear, I sat down on the bench again and started writing something in my training log book. James also got his book out and sat beside me and filled it out.

When he'd done, he placed it onto the bench and I couldn't help but notice he was completely naked. His cock was huge, at least 6 inches unerrected and uncut. I kept peeking out of the corner of my eye and he said "it's ok, you can look if you want,"
he stood up in front of me and told me to have a decent look. I looked but I didn't touch. Then james said "touch it,"
before I could think I reached out and grabbed his cock in my hands. It had a nice girth and he had a nice big mushroom head, I felt my way down his shaft and found his balls. His sack was huge and shaven and as soon as I made contact with it his, cock started to harden up. He looked a little embarrassed but I just laughed it off. Before I knew it he was standing in front of me with a massive 10 inch boner.

I stood up and grabbed my towel and started making my way to the showers but before I could leave the room he yelled out "stop, now its my turn."
I gulped and feeling kind of embarrassed, I made my way back to the bench where he was now sitting. I stood in front of him, my boxer brief' s still on and looked at him, he smiled, then pulled them down to my ankles. He smiled harder and said "nice looking cock dude, much better then my swamp monster" I laughed and then felt his warm, strong hands touch my knob and shaft. I started to harden up but he didn't seem to mind. He then cupped my shaven balls and nodded his head and said "thanks bro, I've always wanted to see what someone else's cock looked like, this doesn't me we're gay, just curious."

He picked up his towel and headed into the bathroom, I was disappointed, I was starting to enjoy this "bonding" time with him. I picked up all my things then headed into the showers, I hopped into a door less cubical and turned on the water. It felt so good, I started soaping myself up when I realised I still had a massive boner. I waited another few minutes and it still wasn't gone so I decided that i' d have to have a wank. It'd been about a week since I had my last one, i' d been so busy with training that it hadn't really crossed my mind until now. I soaped up my cock and started stroking it slowly while also cupping my balls and closing my eyes. I got into a rhythm when I heard something in front of my, James was standing there smiling. "Mate, do you think I could borrow some soap" he laughed.

He came into my cubicle then his cock started to go hard, "do you want me to help you out there mate" he said. I nodded my head and he told me to lie on my back on the shower floor. He then lay down on top of me, his cock near my mouth and mine near his, "go ahead" he said. I opened my mouth and pulled his body in towards me and suddenly my mouth was filled with him. I could also feel my cock in his mouth as it tried to force its way deeper into he throat, I could hear him gaging so I decided to do the same. I push my head forward further and his cock went deeper, I started to feel myself ready to explode when he mumbled something over his mouthful of meat. All of a sudden his cock started to swell and he shot 8 big shots of hot, salty, cum, into my mouth, filling it completely up. I couldn't hold on much longer and that was when I exploded. 6 Shots of my cum when into his mouth, we both swallowed and  continued to clean the rest of the fluid from each others swollen cocks. All of a sudden we heard someone walk into the showers, he looked into our cubical and glared at us

"We were just curious" I said.

to be continued... 

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