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In My New House

A sexy, gay house keeper who wants a little too much fun
This is based on a dream I had.

I grew up with a gay dad, so I admit, I wasn't exactly against gays, but that didn't say I was one. My father wasn't just gay, he was a cross dressing gay. He always went out in a dress, make up and high heels. I have no idea why he fell for my mom, but he did. I guess you could say that because of her, he became bi.

As a child, after mom had died, I would ask, "Dad? Why do you dress as a girl?"

He would reply, "I've always dressed as a girl, I stopped for your mother."

I would than ask, "Why did you marry mommy when you only liked guys?"

He would smile and say I'd understand when I was older. I'm 19 now, and I do understand. I've seen pictures of my mom, and she was pretty, I admit. I have very faint memories of her because she died when I was three, but my dad said that I was really close to her.

About 5 years ago, my grandfather died, leaving me a small house in a small town for when I was 18 or 19. I finally decided to move there after my father died last month. I admit, I was broken by it and wanted to get away, so what better than a small town in the middle of nowhere?

I boarded a plane and 18 hours later, here I was! The town was very old and classic compared to a lot of towns and I noticed there weren't to many women around, most of the women around were either too old for me or too young for me. I sighed and kept walking, flinching at the stares of the other men and women alike.

I stopped at the end of the town and there was my new home. It was a large rusty building attached to three or four other buildings, and from what I could tell, each one was a house for another person. I stepped forward, and checked my card, 4378, it read. I looked at each old gold plate above each door and realized, the one in the middle, was the one. I hurried up to it, my bags trailing behind and fumbled for the key. After a second, I manged to open the door, it opened with a loud creak. I reached for the light switch, it took a second but I found it. I turned to face the room and jumped about 5 feet.

There stood a man, about 6 feet tall, with short black hair and bright green eyes.

I blinked and said, "I'm sorry? Did I get the wrong house?" I meant to sound less frightened than I did but my voice came out a squeak. The man chuckled.

"No sir, I'm the house keeper, Louis Raven, pleased to meet you." He said in a low voice, "You must be Andrew Sky, it's nice to meet you. You look quite like your father, except your hair."

He noted as he stared at my blonde hair. I don't know why but I blushed, he seemed like he was judging me and I failed. After a second he turned and said, "I'll be living all on the right side of this house, I hope you find this house comfortable. I'll take care of dinner and cleaning." He said than turned back around to smile than disappeared into a doorway."

A couple hours later, I came down from my room to find Louis cooking in the kitchen. I started to go see what he was making when he said, "It will be done in a minute, you may wait in the dining room.

I stared at him than nodded, "Okay." I trotted into the dining room and sat, feeling quite lonely when the swinging doors opened revealing Louis carrying a tray of food.

"I don't know if you'll like this, but it was your grandfather's favorite." He said, gruffly. I nodded and stood to take it from him when he shook his head, "Sit, I'll serve you" I was relieved to sit, because standing next to him I felt weak.

I've always been considered small for my age, but it wasn't just that. Everything about me is girl like, my face, my voice, my height (I'm even short for a girl), my sizes and my body shape. Next to me, Louis was all man, tall, muscular, with a handsome face and large chest. He laid the plate in front of me and I heard my stomach growl at the sight. It was all of my favorites; sweet potatoes, steak, corn, egg salad and home made french fries.

I looked up at him and smiled, "Thanks! These are all of my favorites too!" I was about to start when I realized Louis was still standing behind me. "Aren't you going to eat?" I asked. He shook his head, "I've never ate with the family."

I scooted out the chair next to me, "You are now. Go get your plate and come sit." He stared at me, hesitantly before deciding it was okay. He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a plate. We both started eating and I opened up into chatting with him

After dinner, as we both exited the dining room I slid in my socks, onto my butt. Suddenly Louis was hovering over me, a small smile on his handsome face. "Let me help you up." He said, holding out his hand, I took it and he pulled me.

"I'm sorry, I should warn you that I'm quite clumsy" I said with a small chuckle. His smile grew slightly and I smiled back. Suddenly I felt him grab my chin and lift it upwards, I froze, startled and he shoved his mouth against mine. I felt myself pushed up against the wall, right next to the dining room door. His tongue entered my mouth and wrapped around mine, sucking and tasting. I raised my hands up to push him away, but he grabbed my hands together and held them over my head. I could have fought but I knew I would have lost either way.

He finally pulled away for me to breathe and I gasped for breath. Despite being a 19 year old guy, I was very picky about my girlfriends and have only had two. I've only had sex once before, so I was easy to turn on. He lifted his knee to rub against my hard on and smiled.

"Already hard, I've only kissed you." I shook my head, still breathing hard.

"I'm... not... gay..." I said finally.

He only smiled and leaned down and licked from my neck to my ear very slowly. I made a small noise of enjoyment, despite my reluctance and felt his tongue move back to my neck, his teeth scraping over my neck. I leaned against the wall, letting my arms relax as he used his free hand to lift up my shirt. When he felt my hands stop he let my hands drop as he pulled my shirt off of my hand, ruffling my blonde hair.

Before my shirt even hit the ground, I felt him on me. He brought me to the floor, gently, and moved his tongue from my neck down to my nipples. I felt his teeth brush over my swollen nipples and gasped with pleasure. He latched onto my nipple and started to suck, in such a way I was almost ready to come then. He then moved down to my pants and removed my belt and pulled down my pants. He then threw my socks, pants and underwear behind him. He then took off his clothes too, throwing them with mine. He then started to lick my cock, his tongue going from the base to the tip and back again.

I shivered and moaned. Since it was only my second blow job, I came quickly. I felt Louis chuckle and I blushed, "This is only my second blow job." I whimpered and he smiled brighter.

"So I'm your first guy?"

I turned away, I wanted to tell him to stop but all that came out was, "Yeah." He smiled and his tongue went down my dick to balls and pass that to my asshole.

I gasped as his tongue slipped into my asshole and I groaned, coming again. He smiled and leaned back.

"Should I get some lube?" I didn't answer, still panting from my last orgasm. He must have decided yes, because he disappeared into another room and came back with a bottle. He bent down and slowly turned me onto my stomach and said, "Lift up your tight ass up for me." He said, lowly and, for some strange reason, I did. I lifted my hips up and he chuckled. I heard him open the cap then close it and suddenly his finger was slipping into my ass. I moaned as he started to move his finger, a second later two slipped in. I made a very loud moan as I came, once again, my body twitched from the large cum but he never stopped finger fucking my ass.

He entered another finger than said, "Ready?" I, of course, didn't think I was ready, but he leaned onto my back, his large dick pressed at my entrance.

"No! Not yet!" I said, in a high voice, but he started to push against me and with a large pop, his large dick head was inside of me.

I grabbed onto the rug, holding it tightly as the pain ran through my body, "Take it out! It hurts." He pulled out slightly.

"Tell me you want it," he said as I moaned in shocking but pleasure filled pain.

"I do, but..."

"No buts, either you do or you don't" He said as he slid back into me.

"Yes, take my ass." He pushed until he was all ten inches inside of me. He held it like that for a minute so I could get use to his large dick before starting to move, slowly.

I moaned and started to lift my hips to his thrusts as he started to go faster. I started to moan, over and over again, "Louis, Louis, Louis." I chanted through my moans. By this time I had lost track of how many times I had climaxed.

He finally let out a large groan and with one finally trust, let loose inside of me. We both collapsed, staying like that for the next ten minutes before Louis got up and grabbed my chin to french kiss me one more time before disappearing into his room. I, on the other hand, was looking forward to the next time I would be violated by my sexy house keeper.

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