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In the Bathroom Stalls (Chapter 1)

The story starts with a peek in a magazine...
I'm Nick. I have auburn hair and hazel green eyes. My best friend is Chris. He has light brown hair and blue eyes.

Our story started when we were sixteen. We had a similar build. We both had creamy skin and stood tall at 5'8" (tall for sixteen anyway). We had other friends and all, but we were always inseparable. We both had six packs, and as far as I was concerned, fairly endowed dicks. From what he told me, his was 7.5 inches. I was guessing he was a grower because he had about four inches of softness when we were in the showers at gym. I had a shower. I was 6.5 inches soft and eight hard.

One day we were at my house, like always. We stumbled on a magazine in my parents' bedroom, and it had a picture of a nude man covering his crotch with a candy cane. We were both out and bi, so naturally we were aroused. But we became even more aroused when we opened to page seventeen. It was a twink genre. It said:

He was sixteen. He had dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He had a milky complexion. We'd called him JP. From the minute I saw him nude in the locker room, I knew I wanted him.

After baseball practice one day, he and I were the only ones left. Thinking he wouldn't see me, I removed my towel, exposing my baseball bat and two baseballs. I caught a glimpse of his. It was a glorious bat sitting on two large baseballs.

He caught me looking. He put his hand on his crotch and smiled at me. "The fuck?" he said. "You want the D?"

I just froze and stared at JP. His pubic hairs were peeking out of his hand. Slowly, I hesitantly nodded.

He dropped his hand, us both fully naked. He grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom stall. He was now semi-erect. He said, "I knew you wanted it since the day you met me and saw it." He grabbed my half hard dick. Soon we we were both hard.

After talking and getting more horny, he asked me, "Can I fuck you?"

I froze again, but replied, "I don't have a condom."

"It's okay," JP said. "We can go bareback. Come on, my baseball bat needs a home run."

Hesitantly, I said okay. I lay on my back, lying on the toilet. I wrapped my legs around his neck and braced myself for his cock. He slowly pushed the head in. I began screaming, "Oh yeah, JP. More!"

JP took that as a green light and pushed the rest of his 8 inch manhood into me. He began thrusting in and out. We kept screaming each other's name.

"Oh yeah, JP."

"Oh fuck, Joey. I'm gonna cum!"

"JP began thrusting in and out faster and faster, his baseballs making a flapping sound, slapping my ass as he pounded me.

Soon, JP let out a deafening "Oh fuck!" He began draining his baseballs into me. He collapsed on top of me.

We smiled and kissed each other.

Chris and I snapped back into reality and slammed the magazine shut. Naturally, we were both horny, but we swore never to do anything sexual with each other. I would have risked breaking our oath, but I didn't know if Chris would.

"Do you want to take turns jerking off in the bathroom?" I asked.

Chris shook his head. He smiled. "Maybe just this once, we could jerk each other off."

I smiled and nodded. We returned to my bedroom and stripped naked. It was nothing he hadn't already seen in the locker room. We both had boners.

We hesitantly sat on the bed. I grabbed a hold of his cock. He grabbed mine.

We just held each other for a minute before we actually started to jerk each other off.

Soon enough, he squirted his seed and I came right after him.

He didn't know it, but I was hooked. I wanted more of Chris. And I wanted it soon.

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