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In the Locker Room (Chapter 2)

He would screw anything with a hole. And I was his hole.
Being sixteen, I was always the average teenage boy. Hell, a gust of wind would give me a boner. But ever since my experience with my best friend Chris, I've been thinking more and more about sex. I didn't just start looking at Chris in different ways. I started looking at everyone in different ways.

True, I was a closeted bi. Chris was the only one that knew. But I know what was on every guy's mind.


They would fuck anything with a hole. And in my experience, I was the hole.

It was 4th period. Gym. I had just changed and five minutes into gym class, I had to pee. Really bad. Somehow, in some way, running laps around the gym had filled my bladder.

The problem was, my gym teacher was a total douche. That bitch was always moody. He would always yell at the kids in my class.

"You're doing the running wrong!" Coach screamed.

'What the fuck,' I thought. 'How does someone run wrong?!'

I was in perfect shape at that age, if I say so myself. Both Chris and I had washboard abs and fairly modest biceps and triceps. We had broad shoulders and not the worst pecs in the world. We also had pretty decent bubble butts that attracted attention from both sexes.

Anyway, I needed to relinquish myself of my aching bladder.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked.

"Why couldn't you go when you were changing?" Coach Bitch asked. Shit. I knew he was going to ask that.

"I didn't have to go."

Coach grunted. "Fine," he mumbled.

Thank heaven. I walked myself over to the entrance to the locker room and walked over to the urinal section. There were six sinks, four stalls, and eight urinals.

I chose the last one, near the five showers. I took out my 6.5 inch soft dick and began to piss.

I heard someone enter the locker room. It was Damian.

Damian was a sexy beast. At 5'10", he was one of the tallest 10th graders at the school. He, too, had excellent abs. He had a small happy trail against his deeply tanned caramel skin, cascading to a large black bush and a long tan dick. His ass (from what I saw in the showers) was lighter in skin than the rest of his body.

So how the hell do you have a tan cock but a milky-colored ass?

I knew Damian, but not too well. So I figured he'd use the urinal at the other end.

Nope. He parked himself right next to my urinal and took out his dick and began pissing.

I couldn't help it. I had to peek over.

Shit. He caught me. Our bladders were finished emptying at the same time. He just stared at me staring at his cock.

I looked up, into his chestnut brown eyes.

"You like what you see?" Damian asked, shaking the last drops of his piss out of his member. "It's okay of you do, I'm bi you know. Everyone knows."

As if in a trance, I nodded. I noticed he was now semi-hard.

Instantaneously, I was too.

The next thing I knew, we both had boners. His was probably the same length as mine, but was a little bit thicker.

"Look," he said. "We're both horny as fuck. We'll fuck anything right now. Why don't we just do each other just this once."

I nodded.

Damian got on his knees and slowly took my long dick into his mouth. Fuck, did that feel good.

"Oh, shit," I said. "That feels so good."

It was pleasantly warm, with his wet tongue swirling around my shaft. He began moving his mouth back and forth. I began slightly thrusting into his mouth, facefucking him. I grabbed his black hair and pushed him into me harder.

"Of, fuck!" I screamed as my balls emptied themselves into Damian's mouth.

I thought he would've been mad for me cumming in his mouth, but he just smiled. He stood, his cock standing tall and proud and mine going limp. He simply kissed me. I tasted my own salty sweet cum.

Now I know he wanted reciprocation.

He said, "Can I fuck you? Not in the mouth—in the butt."

I said, "I don't know." I didn't know if I was quite ready to lose my ass virginity.

"Come on, do me a solid. Let me do you."

After careful hesitation, I agreed. "Do you have a condom?"

He smiled and ran, boxers down and boner hanging out, to his locker. He unlocked it and took out a Trojan Magnum condom. He motioned with his head, "Come here."

I walked over to him. We took off our shirts and the rest of our clothes, but leaving on our socks and shoes "for kink."

He ripped open the condom and unrolled it onto his dick. It looked too tight for his cock, but he seemed satisfied.

I bent over the no-back long wooden bench. Damian positioned him on top of me and I lifted my ass, waiting for his member to enter me.

He slowly pushed his cock into me.

The head was in.

My ass tried to expel him at first, but gradually expanded for him. The discomfort subsided.

"You ok?" Damian asked.


Damian pushed in further. Soon he was balls-deep into me and his bush was tickling my ass.

He began thrusting in and out, grunting and moaning along with me.

"Oh yeah! Of fuck!"

"Faster, Damian, FASTER!"

Damian began thrusting into me even faster. Boy did he last for a while.

After about another nine minutes of Damian fucking my ass, he let out one loud scream and I felt him slowly release his balls and his cock pulsate in my hole.

He took out his cock, the reservoir tip filled very full with his jizz.

We dressed and kissed one last time, with tongue, before returning to the gym. Class was more than half over.

Of course, we greeted the unhappy coach.

The bitchy coach spotted us and screamed, "Damn! How long does it take to take a damn piss!"

Damian and I just looked at each other and laughed.

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