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Interracial Gay Foursome Party

We Both Bring Our New Boyfriends To Our Private Party
This is a true story that happened around two months before I graduated from university.

When I was a freshman I lived in an all-male dorm. I made lots of friends and I also had one gay sex encounter with my roommate Jamal. He was black, tall and gorgeous and he had a 10 inch dick. He caught me staring at his dick in the shower a few times, and one night he came back to our room, a little drunk, and offered his dick to me. But only once and only if I promised never to tell anyone about it.

I promised and then got down on my knees to worship Jamal's big black monster dick. I put it in my mouth when he was still soft and I felt it get big and hard as I licked and kissed it. If you've never felt a huge dick get big and hard before, I urge you to do it. Doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy, or if you're straight, bisexual, gay, or not sure. Just try it once and you'll understand why I told you to do it.

Let's get back to my story. I gave Jamal a hot blow job and I let him shoot his load in my mouth and down my throat. Which was my first time. And Jamal's dick was my first big black monster dick as well. I also had to keep the other part of my promise which was not to ask him to let me blow him again. So our freshman year continued and came to an end and we all moved on to new roommates next year.

But I remained close with Jamal and also with two other guys from my freshman floor - Justin and Kenneth. Justin was a white suburban boy just like me. Kenneth was black and gorgeous just like Jamal.

Justin was my second and last freshman gay lover. He hit on me a week or two after I sucked off my roommate Jamal, and I knew Justin's dick was probably bigger than my 8 incher - based on seeing it in the shower too, and my best guess of how long a soft dick that size would be when it was totally hard.

Justin is cute and so am I, by the way. But not the same way, not at all. I'm a classic Mediterranean stud with dark curly brown hair and olive skin and a masculine but still soft-featured baby face. And Justin is a girlishly cute blond twink, shorter than me at 5 foot 6, with almost no body hair and a round white bubbly ass that makes most women jealous. He made his move on me when we were studying in his room and his roommate was out for the night. I pretended to be the reluctant, surprised, straight boy at first which he seemed to believe was true and not just me acting and fooling around. But when I put my mouth on his and we shared our first ever man-kiss my acting career was over. And I fucked Justin that night for the first time.

I fucked Justin about 10 more times and then we both decided to stop the sex and go back to just being friends. And that's what happened the rest of freshman year.

Justin, Jamal, Kenneth and I made a pact to hang out together after freshman year was over and as we were packing our things and preparing to head back home for the summer. And we went out of our way to meet up soon after we returned to school as sophomores. We went drinking together - just the four of us and nobody else. And we had so much fun that we made it a tradition and the four of us went out three or four times each semester for the next three school years.

We're having our next "four freshman pals night out" tonight and we're meeting up at Justin's apartment. I'm actually on my way there right now. His two roommates are both away and he asked us to meet up there and not at some campus bar - he told me he came up with the idea "just to change things up." Which sounded reasonable to me.

Justin always has lots of beer and one or two bottles of quality booze at his place and I'm really looking forward to a decent cocktail for once - instead of the cheap stuff I always get when I'm out at a bar since that's all I can afford on my student budget.

I'm at his front door and I ring the bell and Justin lets me in. I'm the last one to arrive and I immediately feel the tension in the room. I say hi to my three buddies. Justin is next to me and Jamal and Kenneth are both on the couch. They seem nervous somehow - not scared nervous, but excited nervous. I look at Jamal first and I notice his hard on under his jeans. And then I look over to Kenneth and his dick is hard too.

I don't have time to ask what's up. Because I'm too busy watching what happens next. Justin walks to the sofa and the other two move over to make room for Justin to sit down between the two of them, which he does. As soon as Justin sits down I hear him say "OK guys, let's get started" and I see both Jamal and Kenneth unzip themselves and pull out their two raging and extremely big black and hard dicks. And then Justin has one hand on each of them and starts jerking them up and down at the same time.

Jamal then says to me: "we decided to give you a little surprise and you certainly do seem surprised, Tommy (which is my name by the way). That makes all three of them smile and chuckle and they all look right at me with Justin still doing his double jerk off the whole time.

My reply was only this: "Yes you really did surprise me but you haven't told me what I'm supposed to do next." Which was a lie since I already knew what I was gonna do next." So I stopped talking and I began what was my best attempt at a sexy striptease dance for my three friends. Shoes and socks first; then I slowly lifted up my shirt like a stripper, and when it was off I twirled it and threw it their way. Then I turned around and wiggled my ass and slowly lowered my jeans and when that was off all I had on me was a tight pair of white briefs.

My dick was already hard so I turned around to face my audience and grabbed it with my undies still on. I moved my raging hard on up and down and left and right and then I pulled up the sides of my briefs and rolled them up so I looked as if I was wearing a thong.

They were all totally naked by then and I moved as close to them as possible and let them all grope me all over and put their mouths on my still covered dick. One of them pulled it off and then we were all naked with our dicks rock hard.

Kenneth grabbed my dick first with his big dark chocolate colored hand and said "great show, Tommy, you're a natural stripper - too bad you're a guy, though." I giggled in a high girly voice and replied, "If you're a good boy tonight Kenny, I'll let you turn me into the hottest girl you've ever fucked in your entire life." That got a laugh from everyone else. And then we had to decide what was coming next.

I felt the need to check that all four of us were cool with all this, and they all said they were and then I said that too right after. Justin then said this: "Tommy, you also should know that the three of us have talked about doing this for a few months now, and we also told each other all our past gay sexual experiences. So we all know that you sucked Jamal's dick once when you were freshmen roommates." I looked over at Jamal and we both smiled since he never promised to keep that a secret - only I made that promise and my smile told him I was totally cool with him telling Justin and Kenneth about it.

Then I looked over to Justin and said "I assume Justin also told you that I've fucked his hot bubble ass around 10 times back then?" Which they all also knew already and they all nodded yes to my question.

And then one more question from me to all three of them: "You confessed your gay histories, and you planned your little surprise joke for me. So what else did you three already talk about - I mean about what's next for tonight?

Jamal answered this one: "Yes we did talk about what's next. But you need to agree to what we decided or we'll decide on something else." I said "Go ahead" so Jamal did: "Me and Kenny and Justin want tonight to be a 4-way black fucks white party but only if you want that too."

My reply was: "I vote yes but can I ask a couple of questions?" They all nodded yes so I went on: "It's just Jamal and Kenny who fuck me and Justin and not the other way around right, even if he or I want to?" Jamal said yes just black fucking white. I said "I"m okay with that - one more thing - I assume you and Kenny decide who fucks who and you can take turns and you can tell us what else to do and we have to do whatever you say, is that the concept here?" Jamal said yes we decide and yes we can take turns and we didn't think about you doing whatever we say but that goes well with the first two and it also sounds hot and fun so let's all vote on it." We all voted yes - of course.

With all that now settled and agreed, we could start our black fucks white 4 way gay sex party. I got things going by dropping to my knees right between Jamal's legs, then I put his 10 inch black monster dick in my mouth for the second time and I was determined to make Jamal regret his stupid decision to let me blow him just once when I knew I would suck his dick twice a day if he told me to.

Justin followed my lead and started blowing Kenneth while on his knees and no more than a foot away from me. We sucked those two big black dicks side by side for a few minutes, and I turned up the heat when I stopped to grab Justin's head to french kiss him which made both our black men moan and one of them called us white boy faggots too...

Then we sucked them more with them both standing up. Which included me and Justin tag team sucking Jamal's 10 inch black dick together and then we tag teamed Kenneth's big black dick which was smaller than Jamal's but definitely over 9.5 inches. They made me put both their dicks in my mouth at once which is a hot concept and made me really hot for the first 30 seconds but my mouth was too small to suck them together for real. Then they did the same thing to Justin who handled those two black monsters orally much better than I could and I licked both sets of balls with both those big black things jammed in Justin's mouth.

When our two black tops were done having fun watching us choke on their two huge dicks simultaneously they told us to get up. Jamal had me and Kenny had Justin and we paired up that way for some making out which got really hot after around two minutes. I'm as hot a fuck kisser as anyone can be but Jamal's fuck-kissing skills are almost as good as mine and we shared the hottest kiss either of us ever had until then and maybe since then too, and we felt more intimate and sexually connected from our hot kissing which was erotic beyond belief. We kissed like we were in love, like a teenage girl kisses her secret crush for the first time. Jamal and I were always hot for each other, and we'd been waiting over three years for our second ever gay sexual experience together. That's as good a setup for a very hot first kiss as any any there is.

I could have kissed Jamal for the next hour but after a few minutes our black tops switched their make out partners. Kissing Kenneth was also very erotic and I loved licking his extra-thick lips and biting them gently. But Jamal and I had a special sexual connection - and some emotional spillover connection too. They switched back a minute later and we all made out some more with our original make out partners. Then both black dudes got down and sucked our white boy faggot cocks for a while - Jamal and I had our eyes lovingly locked in on each other for the entire time my dick was in his mouth. I felt a new sensation of pleasure rush through me - deeper and more intimate and more meaningful than all the other thrilling sensations and the first of the many times I'd feel it from and for Jamal, and for Jamal only.

And our original make out partners were also our initial fucking partners. Kenneth was the one who decided it was fucking time. Jamal got up and kissed me once more and then whispered to me that I could choose our first fucking position. Kenny didn't give Justin that choice - he just softly pushed Justin toward the couch and told him to put his ass up in the air as high as he could. Kenny was gonna start fucking his white boy faggot from behind. I told Jamal we should start with him sitting on the couch and me sitting on his 10 inch black dick so I could ride it cowboy - face to face so we could kiss again while we fucked.

That's my favorite way to be fucked - without a doubt. Riding a huge black dick feels so great that I feel as if I'm able to shoot my load without me or my partner or anyone else ever touching my dick even once. I've done that a few times - always alone and riding a big black dildo with a suction cup holding it in place on the floor. And I almost did it during every real fuck with a real guy and while riding his real black monster dick all the way up and inside me and all the way down.

And we began fucking cowboy style and we looked in each other's eyes and we made out passionately and we said sweet things to each other as well. I almost told Jamal I was in love with him which I probably wasn't by the way, but decided to hold back and not ruin the intense and beautiful sexual connection we created together. I wasn't sure how he'd react to me saying the "L" word so I didn't say it or anything close to it that night. I had to stop riding his big black dick a few times when I and then Jamal felt close to cumin - because we both wanted our first ever fuck together to last as long as it possibly could. We looked over to watch Kenneth fuck Justin - less than two feet away on the same couch. They were really into it - fast and rough with Kenneth pulling Justin's hair and slapping his ass and talking nasty the whole time, which was turning Justin on to the max. But their fuck was the total opposite of ours, which was tender and sweet and soft and made us as intimate as any one fuck possibly could.

Both couples fucked side by side in their original positions for almost 20 minutes. Then Kenneth said he wanted them to switch their white bottoms for a few minutes and Kenneth fucked me doggy-style and pulled my hair and slapped my ass for the next 5 or 6 minutes.

Then it was Jamal who said he wanted us to go back to our original fuck partners and they made me and Justin get on our backs right next to each other and share a hot french kiss while also fucking ourselves with two fingers simultaneously. So we did that and I felt like a total slut and dirty whore and that really turned me on. Then our tops grabbed our legs and spread them wide and upwards and stuck their dicks inside us to fuck both of us missionary style. Justin's body was touching mine and our faces were close enough to kiss - which we did while both of us were being fucked but this time because we wanted to kiss and not because they made us kiss. Our legs overlapped each other and we each could touch both Jamal and Kevin which we both did many times.

They wouldn't let us jerk off at first but halfway through our missionary fucking they told us to grab our dick and stroke in rhythm with their fucking motions and that was really hot too.

Kenneth was the first to shoot his load and when he was close he pulled out of Justin and jerked himself slowly because he was waiting for Jamal to catch up so they could both come together which they both did soon thereafter and when Jamal said he was almost there as well they made Justin and me sit up and start making out and they both shot their loads on our faces and in our mouths - with no advance warning at all. And then they made each lick one dick until all the jizz was gone and do the same with each other's face. And Justin and I were jerking ourselves off frantically as we licked two loads of big black dick jizz off each other's faces and we both came before we were done cleaning ourselves up.

When we were done with the fucking we all washed up in the bathroom and got dressed and agreed we would all stay and hang out for at least an hour before we could leave. The first ten minutes were very awkward but then one of us made a joke and we all relaxed and became our normal selves again. Four old and close college buddies - but from now on we were also four buddies who fucked in a gay foursome together.

We had about 6 more of our boys night out nights before we graduated. And all 6 of them were also gay sex foursome nights - each with a different theme but every one an incredibly hot night of intense and great gay sex!!

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