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Irregular Checkup (Part 2)

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Confused but curious by an earlier visit to the doctor, a man goes for another appointment.
[Note: This story is a sequel to "Irregular Checkup". ]

"How was your appointment?" I look at my wife uncomprehendingly. I'm still in a fog from the earlier visit that day.


"Your visit. To the doctor. How was it?" Thankfully, she's leafing through a magazine and not really paying attention to my face. I'm sure it will somehow give me away, guilt written in bold font across my forehead.

"Oh, that. Fine, fine." I put my keys on the kitchen counter and loosen my tie.

"Everything ok?" She's suddenly attentive and I am sure she is on to me. "Were there any problems? Cancer?" She looks serious and worried now. I chuckle at her disarmingly.

"No, no. Fit as a fiddle, doc says." I draw myself up in mock heroic pose and she laughs. I walk over and kiss her quickly. "I'm going to take a shower."


The water is hot, beating down on my back and shoulders. What the hell was that earlier? I'd been busy at work after the appointment, but now was able to reflect on it. I clean my sore asshole for what had to be the tenth time that day.

I had never even had a sexual thought of a man before. I loved to finger my own asshole, but I always fantasized of my wife doing that, not another man. Confused and emotionally untethered I replay the events of the morning in my head. I start to get hard just thinking about the doctor's visit.

My reverie is interrupted as my wife opens the door to the shower. She's standing there nude, grinning at me seductively. "Got room in there for me?" I only nod.

We share the hot water, taking turns washing each other. Touching. Groping. My dick is hard as a rock again and she's loving making me squirm for more. She's always been a tease and now she plays it to the max. I wonder for just a moment about who I am, being turned on so much getting reamed by another man and also from this beautiful woman kneeling in front of me.

But the thought is gone as she takes me into her mouth and her eyes sparkle as she looks up at me. That's always been a huge turn on for me. I push further into her mouth and she takes my hard cock in so that I can feel the back of her throat. When she starts playing with my balls, it's all I can do not to let go. But, I don't want to cum just yet.

I step back, my dick plopping out of her soft lips and I help her stand up. She leans forward to kiss me, but I turn her around and force her up against the shower wall. She's always told me how she wants me to be more forceful, but I've never had the nerve. Today, I'm out of my comfort zone and embracing it.

She spreads her legs and I push into cunt in one smooth stroke. I can't see her face, but I can tell from her body's movement she's loving it. We fuck each other harder and harder. I pull at her swollen nipples like she likes and she jackhammers against my cock. Then I stop and pull out.

"What's wrong?" she asks breathlessly. She starts to turn around towards me but I push her back against the wall. I rub my dick along the lips of her pussy and she starts squirming against me, trying to get my dick back into her wanting hole. This time I tease her and I can tell it's driving her mad.

"Fuck me" she whines. But I have other plans. My wife and I have never discussed anal sex. She has always been adventurous, but when I tried to broach the subject a few times in a veiled manner, she changed the subject. I know how I felt earlier today and maybe she'll feel the same thrill.

I put the head of my dick against her puckered anus. She stops squirming and is quiet. "Honey, what are you doing?"

"Trust me" I say into her ear. Slowly I push the head of my dick into her ass. It's tight, but she does not strain to keep me out. She's stock still, a tense statue of sex. Finally, I can feel the head slip past the ring of her anus. She's motionless, but she moans. I know the feeling she is having, every nerve in her ass is sending electric shocks into the pleasure center of her brain.

I keep pushing slowly into her, but she does not stay still for long. Tenatively at first, she rocks against my erection. I'm filling her up and she seems to be enjoying it. I reach forward and thrust two fingers into her gaping pussy. It's all she can stand and she starts quaking in orgasm. She rides my dick, stuffed completely in her ass.

The tightness of her butthole. The heady smell of shit and sex. Her wanton enjoyment of the moment. I feel a surge and I shoot load after load of cum into her ass. She continues to shudder in aftershocks of orgasm and I hold her up as her knees seem ready to buckle. I slowly pull out of her.

She turns to me and kisses me hard and deep. She smiles tiredly and we both clean each other off. We dry off and fall into bed in sated exhaustion. We don't talk about it, but she seems ok and I'm excited at the prospect of more anal play with her.


I pick up my cellphone at least three times a day during the next week to call and cancel my followup visit with the doctor. I hang up before it ever connects. I'm curious and though I don't really know what to think of it all, I've dreamed about the doctor's dick up my ass each night.

Seven days later, I find myself arriving early again to the doctor's office. The wait is interminable and I squirm in my seat nervously. The receptionist's blouse seems even more low cut than my last visit and that doesn't help. I try to concentrate on a magazine, but I can't read a single word.

"Mister Jacobs?" I hear the words, but it take a second to process them. I look around and see the gorgeous dark-headed nurse from before. She smiles at me and motions for me to follow her. Her perfectly round ass wiggles as she walks in front of me. She looks back at me and then down at my crotch in mock surprise.

She takes me to the examination room and closes the door. She flirts with me mercilessly as she takes my vitals again. She caresses my arm as she takes my blood pressure.

"Your blood pressure is pretty high. Are you worked up about something?" She frowns a bit at me then winks and marks something on my report.

"Yeah. How could it not with you around." I feebly try to flirt back with her. She smiles at me again and I'm losing any kind of willpower I might have had. Soon, though, she's done and she walks to the door.

"The doctors will be with you in a moment," she says. Her eyes sparkle with mischievousness and her hand lingers on the handle of the door daring me to make a move, but I'm taken aback by her words.

"Doctors?" I ask incredulously. She pouts out her bottom lip at me playing at sadness that I'm not more interested in her.

"Yes, Doctor Bohanan has an intern working with him today. He'll be sitting in on your exam." She's out of the room before her words drop from the air. I'm shattered. I'd been so nervous for a week to be alone with the doctor and feel his cock inside me again. Now all of that is out of the picture and I have to act normal in front of the doctors.

It's a few minutes before I hear the courteous knock that doctors give before entering a room. Good thing I didn't have my dick in my hand, but it was flaccid from disappointment anyway. Doctor Bohanan is as professional and kind as before. He introduces me to the young doctor, an intern by the name of Phillips. I shake both doctor's hands.

I look for some sign of interest from Bohanan, some recognition of what happened before, but I see nothing behind his blue eyes. He dryly goes over the lab work from my last visit, warning me about my cholesterol which is in the normal zone, but a bit higher than he likes to see. It is the last thing I want to hear, but I nod appropriately.

He lets the young doctor examine me, giving him advice. The young man is quiet but sure with his hands. The two of them press on my abdomen and listen to my heartbeat. I am disappointed, but the attention of both of the men is flattering. I still wish to be alone with Doctor Bohanan, but their combined attention is kind of nice. Embarrassingly, I start to get hard, but try to conceal it with my arm.

"So, let's talk about your last appointment." The doctor says. My heart stops for a moment and I freeze. Surely he wasn't going to talk about that in front of this young intern. I feel a blush burning my cheeks.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about Mr. Jacobs." The doctor smiles and speaks in a reassuring manner. He has such a disarming manner, which is how I got into that situation last week in the first place. He had calmed me and I trusted him as he fucked my virgin asshole.

"Did you think about the visit last week?" Timidly, I nod. I want to yell at him that I'd though about nothing else for seven days. I don't though as I am too embarrassed by the presence of the other doctor.

"I want you to take off your pants and underwear for us please, Mister Jacobs." I stare at him uncomprehendingly. I look at the intern and he smiles warmly at me. God, not another disarming doctor. My mind is racing and I know if I take off my pants, they'll both see my now raging erection.

"It's ok," the intern says, "Doctor Bohanan and I have worked together for some time now. There is nothing to be embarrassed about." I nod again, not trusting my voice to work. I am honestly not sure what this is leading to, but my heart thuds in my chest.

Doctor Bohanan gets up from his chair and comes over to me. He puts his hand on my hard cock and rubs it gently. His other hand squeezes my testicles lightly. It feels wonderful and I want to feel him inside my ass urgently. I reach out and rub my hand against his pants, feeling his semi erect dick. I reach under the elastic waistband of his pants and feel his warm cock in my fingers. It grows harder as I stroke it and then I pull it from his pants.

My asshole aches in desire and I stroke him harder, trying to get him fully erect so he can fuck me. He takes his hands away from my dick and puts them on my shoulders pushing me gently but firmly to my knees. His penis swings in front of my face and seems huge from this view.

"I want you to suck my dick." He says it without hurry, but in a manner that resists defiance. I want him inside my ass, not my mouth, but I wonder if I get him turned on enough if he'll fuck me harder. I stroke his dick with one hand and lower my mouth to the head of his cock.

His dick is dripping pre-cum and I taste it with my tongue. It is salty, but not distasteful. I run my tongue down his cock until my nose is pressed against his balls. I inhale his musky oder and it sends me reeling. I am lost in the moment and the world around me disappears. I pull his dick down to my face, open my mouth and swallow as much as I can.

It is strange and uncomfortable at first, giving the doctor a blow job. His thick penis stretches the sides of my mouth and I repeatedly gag until I got the hang of just how much I can fit in my mouth. I enjoy his reaction though. I look up at his face to see his blue eyes looking down at me in pure animal need. I want him to get excited enough to fuck me just as hard as I am trying to do with my mouth.

I feel hands on my shoulder again, but when I look at Bohanan, his hands are on his hips as he gently thrusts his cock into my mouth. The hands belong to the other doctor and I feel him gently pushing me further down so that I rest on my hands and knees. Bohanan withdraws his dick from my mouth and the strong hands behind me pull me back so that my back side sticks out.

I feel the young intern's hot flesh behind me, pushing against me. His hands on my back, I feel the head of his dick rub the rim of my asshole. I do not think for a moment, but thrust back on his cock. He feels huge and I wonder if he is bigger than the doctor who had fucked me the first time. It feels amazing though and I push back on him matching his slow thrust.

I look at the hard dick still in front of me and I reach up with a hand pulling it back to my mouth again. It is an intense sensation being fucked in the ass while giving head. I feel overpowered by the electricity in my body and without even touching my own dick, I feel a massive orgasm build and quickly explode. I clench in reaction to cumming and feel the huge member filling my rear pulse in reaction. The intern cums inside me with an intensity that makes my dick explode again in an aftershock of orgasm.

I am so lost in the electricity of the moment that I do not notice the cock in my mouth grow slightly thicker for a moment before the doctor shoots his wad into my mouth. I choke a bit on the volume of liquid filling my mouth and throat, but quickly swallow it down. I milk his dick limp with my lips until he plops out with a wet sound.

I looked around me with hazy eyes and se that I am kneeling in a pool of cum. I'm covered in semen, dripping down my chin, out of my ass. The smell of sex is strong and heady. The two doctors each grab me under and arm and help me stand. My knees are burned and my asshole sore.

"I think we better get you washed up." I hear one of the men say, I'm not sure which. I can't process what had just happened and my mind is foggy. I hear the doctor buzz the intercom and seconds later the gorgeous nurse appears. I am too stunned to even react or be embarrassed.

She grabs one arm and helps me towards a door in the back of the office which leads to a washroom. She sets me gently on a seat and begins washing me gingerly. I feel like I am flying over the scene watching the hot woman washing my naked and abused body. So far away, I can barely feel her ministrations.

When she finishes she hands me my clothes and I start to dress automatically. I'm having difficulty focusing and she helps me dress, gently caressing my dick as she pulls my underwear on. Another time and I would be in heaven with this beautiful lady touching my dick, but now I can't even think about it.

Maybe I say goodbye to the doctors. Or thanks. I'm not sure. As I start to leave the office, the desk receptionist calls out to me, interrupting my troubled thoughts.

"Do you want to schedule a further visit, Mister Jacobs?" I look at her uncomprehendingly and then I turn and walk out of the office door.

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