Irregular Checkup

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An interesting trip to the doctor
Irregular Checkup

I arrived at the doctor's office about ten minutes early. My wife is always kidding me about for habitually being early to everything. Of course, all doctor's offices run at least fifteen minutes late just on principal, so I sat in the uncomfortable waiting room seat for about twenty-five minutes. I watched the cute young receptionist from across the room as she registered new patients and answered questions. She wore a low cut blouse and leaned across the desk quite a bit providing me a nice show.

Just as I was beginning to lose patience and had lost interest in daydreaming about the receptionist, I heard my name called from the door. I looked around to see an absolutely gorgeous nurse holding a clipboard and staring at me. No wonder my friends had recommended this office to me. It was my first visit here, but I was enjoying the ambiance. I got up and followed the nurse through the door into the checkup room.

The nurse was nice and quite flirty. She had long dark hair and somehow made the shapeless modern nurse gown look fantastic. It hugged her curves in all the right ways and by the time she was done taking my blood pressure, pulse and other vitals I was getting a bit turned on. She must have known it too and she played it up to the fullest, touching me and laughing softly at my nervous sense of humor.

She went out for a few minutes, leaving me alone in the room to cool off before the doctor came back in. I willed my semi-erection to vanish, but thinking about it just made it worse. I tried reading the educational posters on the walls, but all of them reminded me of sex. Finally, the nurse returned and the doctor followed, entering the room and closing the door.

He introduced himself as Doctor Bohanan and shook my hand with a firm grip. I could tell why such beautiful women worked here as this guy was quite handsome. I'm mature enough to admit when a guy is good looking and this guy would make most women crazy with desire. He was tall and slim, with sandy blond hair and tan, chiseled features. I was sure he had been compared to a young Robert Redford and I told him as much. He laughed easily and told me he wished it was so.

The nurse went over the vitals with the doctor, at the same time paying a good bit of attention to me. She was quite professional with the doctor, but she kept touching my arm and smiling seductively at me when the doctor looked away. I was turned on again, but the doctor kept interrupting her, trying to get my attention focused back on him. He asked me a few questions about my lifestyle and health. Finally, he sent the nurse out. She pouted slightly, but winked at me as she left the door.

Once the hot nurse was gone, Dr. Bohanan went to work. He re-checked a few things, like my heartbeat, maybe not being satisfied with the results the nurse gave. Then came the inevitable command to take down my pants. It's something that every guy finds uncomfortable and I was doubly embarrassed as I was semi-erect from the flirty nurse. But, I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them and my underwear off.

The doctor was professional and must have seen thousands of naked men, so he just got to work, ignoring my thickening dick. He moved it out of the way and felt my testicles, having me cough at certain points to feel for lumps and whatever else they were feeling for. My balls are very sensitive and it felt rather good, having them massaged by the strong hands. I'm sure I blushed bright red as my semi become more like a full erection. I was hoping this doctor had this happen often enough not to think I was a pervert.

He spent a minute or two more feeling around on my testicles and I kept thinking about the dark haired nurse. I was going out of my mind and I knew I was going to be jerking off in the doctor's bathroom before I left. He finished and asked me to turn around and put my elbows on the table. I sighed and did as he asked, letting him know that I was not happy about a prostate exam.

The truth of the matter is that I was a bit paranoid that he would be able to tell that I fingered my own anus while masturbating. I knew that was crazy, but it was something I was not comfortable with and wanted it to remain a secret. I had thought of asking my wife to put a finger up my ass during sex, but I was worried should would think I was gay and make me feel bad, so I kept it to sex with myself. I really enjoyed the feeling of my middle finger pushed all the way into my butthole while I jerked off.

I leaned forward against the patient table and stuck my ass out for the doctor. The doctor was kind and disarming and talked calmly to me, trying to ease my tension. It worked mostly and after I heard the smack of the rubber glove and the squirt of the lubrication on his hand, I decided he was a professional and I did not care too much if he somehow found out how I masturbated.

He put one hand on my back and the pressed a finger to the rim of my asshole. He rubbed the lubrication slowly around the rim of my anus so as not to startle me. He was doing everything very deliberately to keep from surprising me. He talked calmly asking me questions about my work and hobbies to keep my mind off the procedure.

Thing is, I couldn't keep my mind off it. It felt good. His finger circling my sphincter sent electric shocks in my body. He very slowly pushed the finger in, letting my tight anus contract to the width comfortably. It felt like the world was moving in slow motion and I was really getting turned on. Without reason, I pressed my ass back on his finger, impaling myself to the knuckle of his big hands.

I immediately regretted what I had done. I apologized quickly and breathlessly, but he only chuckled and said it was fine. He said it was quite natural and not to be embarrassed. He reassured me and left me feeling foolish for apologizing. I tried very hard to stay still as he probed with the single finger in my ass, but my head was reeling from the pleasure of it.

He said something about needing to check something further and that I would feel more pressure. His finger slid out for just a second, but then was replaced with two. I gasped at the feeling and he asked me if I was ok. I could only nod. I looked down and my dick was straining with a full erection. Again, he moved his fingers in slowly and poked and prodded. He moved both fingers out a bit and back in and this time I did not apologize when I rocked back with him. If I had been thinking at all, I would have stood up and pulled my pants back up, but I felt drunk and lightheaded.

I rocked back and forth on his fingers as he pushed deeper into my ass. I didn't know if he was still performing the procedure or was finger fucking my anus, but I surely did not care. I couldn't tell how long he did that, but I knew that I was building up to a massive orgasm. Then, his other hand reached forward and cupped my balls. If I was not lost before, I now was. The concepts of married, public place and homosexuality went out the door.

I reached my left hand behind me and put it on the crotch of the doctor. His own dick pressed swollen against his pants. I felt him through his pants, rubbing my palm against the length of his shaft. I could feel the heat through his pants and I knew at that moment that I wanted his dick inside me.

Clumsily, I unzipped his pants and his dick sprang from his pants. I grabbed it with my hand, pumping it slowly, but with an iron grip. I could feel pre-cum dripping down the back of my hand and I knew he was as turned on as I. He continued finger fucking me with one hand and massaging my testicles with the other as I rubbed his thick member. I felt his fingers slip out of my hole with a delicious plop and I pulled him closer, placing the tip of his engorged dick against the rim of my butthole.

His penis was bigger than both of his fingers put together, maybe bigger than three, so I let him proceed slowly this time. It took what seemed like minutes for him to press the head all the way in until I finally felt a bit of the pressure give. My asshole was stretched tight and though it hurt a bit, it hurt in an absolutely delicious way. He stayed still once like this for a bit, letting me get used to the girth of his dick, but soon I started rocking back and forth slightly wanting more of his tool in me.

We both rocked back and forth slightly, each time getting further and further impaled on his large dick. He touched places deep inside that made my legs weak with pleasure and I pressed further onto him, trying to take him all in. Finally, I felt the brush of his trimmed pubic hairs against my ass and I knew he was all the way in. Between the pleasure and pain, I felt like I was going to faint right there.

He pulled back all the way to where only the head was in my ass, each millimeter he moved was a wave of electricity inside me. Then he pushed back all the way in. I pushed back too and his balls slapped against my parinium. He grunted in enjoyment and I gasped. I squeezed my cagle muscles trying to keep myself from spurting all over the table.

He pushed back and forth, faster and faster. His hands were on my hips pulling me forcefully onto his dick as he impaled me over and over, fucking my butthole. It was more than I could stand and I was about to let go and allow myself to cum when he reached forward with one hand and grasped my dick. He pumped furiously for only a few seconds before I exploded cum onto the table. As I came, my asshole contracted involuntarily and I felt him tense and he too came.

His dick pulsed in my aching hole, pumping streams of cum into me. He continued fucking me, but slower and slower until he was almost still. His dick still twitched and I could feel his warm semen leaking out into me. My dick had stopped exploding jizz all over the table. We stayed like this for a moment and then he slowly pulled his penis from my butt. I felt a sense of loss as the head of his dick plopped out.

I turned around and sat heavily on the table. His dick was covered in cum and shit and he went over to his desk and started wiping himself off with some wet wipes. He did not say a word and I was glad of that. My mind was a whirl of emotion and I tried to process what just happened. I could barely grasp that I had just had sex with a man and had enjoyed it immensely.

To my surprise, the doctor pushed the intercom buzzer and called the nurse in. Embarrassingly, I lunged for my pants and the doctor laughed. Before I even got off the table, the nurse had come in the door. She must have been standing right behind the door to enter so fast. She was smiling seductively and winked at me again. She came over to the table with some of the wipes.

She cleaned off my sperm from the table and then she pushed me back firmly to a laying position. Using more wipes and her hand, she cleaned off my dick in a gentle manner. It twitched a few times and a few more drops of cum came out. I thought she would be embarrassed, but she only grinned at me more and I could swear she was trying to milk out more of my jizz.

When she finished with my dick, she told me to sit up and push lightly with my ass as though I was trying to take a dump. I could feel the warm streams of the doctor's jizz drip out of my ass. She cleaned off my ass with a soft towel, taking care not to rub too hard. My ass was pretty sore and I knew I'd be paying for the adventure for a day or two.

I left the office in a daze. The doctor mentioned a follow-up appointment and the nurse patted my ass as I left. In the elevator down to the parking deck, I looked at the appointment card in my shaking hands. It would be a long seven day wait for the next visit, I figured.