Is It Worth The Fight...

By BoldDanny

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Enjoy the true story of me and my friend's tale.
It was a Monday and just past ten o’clock, I was in a very happy mood and was very excited for the two men whom I was going to share a sexual experience with to arrive. I was just about to turn 17, it was the day before my birthday and at this point in my life I was coming to an end of trying some new things. This was a last bit of fun and I was really looking forward to it. My name is Daniel but everyone just calls me Danny. I'm a rather nice 6ft 2 with a well toned body and I have a rather nice cock if I do say so myself. I am known well by a lot of people where I live. Because of this, I think that I need to keep everyone happy I can’t let people know me truly or I look weak. So because of this most of my private life was well and truly private hidden in the four walls that I call my home.

This story is of me and my two friends Nick and Joe, both of which are men so as you can imagine I was trying particularly hard to keep this day secret, but I was very horny at the time and I knew it would be hard. I waited at the door eagerly waiting to see my two friends come up to it. They wore nothing more than boxers, so I quickly ran to and closed every blind I could find in the house, not knowing if we could make it to the bedroom or not. I sat down quickly and had another drink of water. Then there was a knock at the door and my heart stopped. It then suddenly picked up quickly when they came in and I ran to meet them. I slipped and fell taking them both to the ground with both arms stretched over their large chests. I looked up into their eyes, my face red. I was bigger than both of them but they were two very strong and in that moment in time hard men. I rushed up and slammed the door shut with such force I thought it would come flying off. Then, I quickly reached down and pulled them up and gave them each a long kiss bringing them closer and moving between them faster and faster.

It wasn’t long before I felt one of them grabbing behind me bringing myself closer, I was as hard as a rock and so were the other guys. We were so close that we could each feel each other’s cocks pushing against each other. I got tired of the kissing and wanted more so I pulled my trousers and boxers down and reached into their jeans and felt what can only be described as fleshy iron. Joe furiously pulled my face to his and Nick lowered his head to the end of Joe’s now throbbing cock and took it in his mouth. I quickly glanced down at the spectacle and just about lost all self control. Nick then moved his head over to my cock and took it in his mouth. Oh the sensation I felt, to have the pleasure of kissing and receiving an amazing blow job was something I loved, but I knew I would have to return it and at this time I was more than willing. I pulled Nick up and kissed him I was about to go down but Joe was faster so before I knew it, I was back into bliss, this time with different lips around my cock. My tongue was furiously dancing around Nick’ s mouth. It was so soft and warm, I loved it. Joe then moved his head over to take in Nick’ s larger cock.

At this point I was desperate to get down there so I grabbed Joe by the shoulders and lifted him up then sunk to my knees and gently kissed the head of his cock. I took it in my mouth first a little then as much as I could and I licked and sucked and swirled and done everything you possibly could do to it. Then I reluctantly stopped and moved over to Nicks larger cock sensing he was feeling left out, I took it in my mouth and done as best to his as I done to Joe’s cock moments before. I didn’t want to end it but I didn’t want Joe to spend himself so early, so I got up and looked at my two beautiful men the three of us just standing there our cocks dripping wet with a mixture of all our saliva. Joe leaned it to kiss me and I happily accept then I felt Nick move behind me and I knew what was coming, it felt as though time had slowed down whilst I waited for what I wanted.

I felt his well lubed finger enter me and it felt good, I was trying to hold back a moan, but I let a little one slip and I felt Joe laugh into my mouth, though I didn’t care. He wiggled it about and it sent pleasure throughout my body then I felt him enter me. Oh the sensation I felt; I felt so tight even though this wasn’t our first time. I grabbed Joe and turned him around forcefully. I lubed up my finger and entered him without any warning. When I was sure he was ready, I slipped my throbbing cock into him easily and then the three of us began to get into the swing of things.

We were sitting down now; Nick was at the bottom and I was sitting on top of him. I was lifting myself and Joe up and down while Nick reached around and gets his mouth over Joe’s cock. We were so caught up in it that we couldn’t hear anything other than us, but at that time several cars were pulling into my homes driveway containing 20 members of my family. We kept at it lost in our bliss furiously fucking each other with a speed and passion that no one could know. Just then the doors swung open and one by one all 20 members of my family began to funnel into the house. Each, eventually ran into the three of us on the floor of the kitchen naked and fucking each other. It took me a few seconds to realise we weren’t alone and by that time nearly everyone was looking at us. My family is religious; they are semi open minded but I was truly the last person they believed to be seeing this from.

It was my dad’s voice I heard the loudest shouting “WHAT THE FUCK DANIEL... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

I was in a state of shock. I stood up still naked and I shouted back at the top of my lunges “SO WHAT!”

At that point Nick and Joe raised themselves clearly, still in shock. More so at my response than at getting caught. Everyone was taken aback and it took the laughs of my straight cousins (who are my age) to bring everyone back to reality. The adults looked a bit ashamed. More at themselves for how they had reacted than at us, but the cousins kept on laughing, so I raised my voice again; louder this time shouting


Now everyone knows I'm a serious person and most of them stopped but a few continued. I was about to grab one of my cousins when my dad said in the calmest voice he could muster ,even though it was still very shaken and angry saying

“Well, will you explain yourself?”

I was taken aback by his physical calmness I was expecting a punch to the face and to be chucked out as I am. “Well you see... I'm bisexu-” was all I could muster.

Then I was cut off by the cousins who started to laugh again; I lost all restraint, and I brought a swift knee to the one closest to me and he bent doubled over, and I jumped into the rest of them. I was punching left and right only just aware that I was being hit back when I heard Joe and Nick jump in.

I felt what I'm sure were several fists hit me on the nose. I could feel pain and blood rush out of it, but I was in a frenzy and I grabbed his head and smashed it into the wall then reached around to my two older cousins and did the same to them. It took Joe, Nick, my dad and my uncle to lift me out of them still kicking and screaming. They put me in a seat and handed me some water. I splashed a little on my face and then drank some. My aunties and female cousins left the room and took with them some of my hurt cousins, so there were only 7 of us left. I looked up to my dad the man who I respect more so than any president any prime minister and religious leader and I couldn’t hold back a few tears he put his hand on my shoulder and said:

“Daniel it’s ok.”

I looked up to him and seen his smile it was as if a burden had been lifted from me. I stood up as proudly as I could and I grabbed my dad and gave him a hug. Several seconds later I let go of him and looked to see his face. He was blushing slightly and in all the confusion my friends and I forgot to get dressed again. So there we were the three of us standing naked in front of my dad two uncles and my cousin.
We all blushed then I said “We will just... go upstairs.” And I reached down grabbed my boxers and ran upstairs with Joe and Nick behind me.

We got upstairs and looked at each other and we just laughed. Instead of cleaning ourselves and getting dressed I pushed Joe on to the bed and kissed him passionately. I felt Nick come up behind me and reinsert his cock into me. I turned Joe around looking into his face he had a big smile and I placed my cock back into him. We didn’t last long with all of the excitement and the rush of fighting got us going though we made sure to be as loud and noisy as possible. I mean hey if they made us go through all that we were going to put them through listening to us.

We casually walked down stairs and then I lead Joe and Nick to the door. I could feel all their eyes burning into the back of my head, and then just before they went I leaned forward and gave them a small kiss on the lips enough to send everyone a message. And to this day my family has never questioned me on the subject a small joke here and there but it’s all in good fun. I look back and laugh at it myself. I just wished that was the last time that the three of us got caught by more than 20 people. We don’t always get what we want do we.