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It felt so good

First fuck is better than I though it would be
A few years back I found a listing for a new men's sex club in Culver City. I hadn't been with either sex in quite a while so this place caught my interest and I decided to give it a try. The place was in an industrial area and the club was in a typical building. I filled out the forms, paid the guy at the front desk and went on in.

One of the first things I noticed was a lounge like area with a TV playing porn. So I took a seat to watch for a while. It was gay porn and wasn't very good and none of the other guys that were watching looked like they were interested in me (or anything else for that matter). So I decided to explore a bit more.

One of the features I found was a set of booths with locking doors and large gloryholes between them. I went in one and waited a few minutes until I saw someone enter the booth next to mine. While I watched he pulled his cock out and started jacking off. It was a very nice looking cock and I pulled mine out as I watched through the hole.

It didn't take him long to move close to the gloryhole so he was jacking off with his cock a few inches back but pointed right at me. I'm pretty shy but this was enough to get me to reach out and touch it, and that was enough to get him to push all the way through.

He wasn't huge but that cock wasn't small either. It was also extremely hard and sticking proudly up at a nice angle and a bit of a curve. I touched the head with my tongue but didn't wait long before taking him in my mouth. It had been a while and having a hard cock to play with had my own cock pulsing with pleasure.

As I sucked he was thrusting. I kept one hand around his cock to guide it while jacking my own off with the other. After ten minutes (or was it longer) he gave one final thrust and paused. I rubbed my tongue on the special spot and kept it moving while spurts of cum splashed the back of my throat. This set me off and my own cum flew at the wall.

I left feeling a bit drained and thinking I didn't do bad for a first visit.

A few weeks, and several visits, later I was looking for something similar. Hearing a door open next to my both I liked through the hole on that side and saw a tall, thin older guy with a long thin cock sticking out. His cock was very straight, no curve at all, and cut with a well shaped head. I felt myself getting very turned on.

The routine was the same with him jacking off with his cock a few inches from the gloryhole until I reached for it. He stuck it through and I played with it a bit and even rubbed it with my hard cock. I sucked it for a few minutes and then he pulled back. This usually means the guy wants to suck mine so I stood up sideways next to the hole. He reached through and rubbed my back just above the shorts I had on. Then, with a little pressure, got me to turn by butt to the hole.

Now I've never been fucked but the idea really gets me going. So I pushed my shorts down and put my butt against the gloryhole. Soon I felt his fingers spreading lube around my hole. It felt so good my entire body was reacting. His figure went to the center and felt some pressure before it eased in a bit. More lube was pushed into me with that finger but then it left. I felt a bit empty at that point but didn't have to wait long before something larger started to apply pressure . I reached back and touched the shaft of his cock making sure it was what I thought, though there wasn't much change of it not being a cock with the heat I was feeling coming off it. Since I had used toys on myself many times I knew what to do and pushed out as that cock spread me open.

That cock just kept on entering. Never hurried, just a steady entry slowly filling me up. When I felt his balls touch my butt I knew I had finally taken a cock and had taken it all that way. I felt both stretched and full at that point. Then he started pulling back still moving very slowly and then reversing just before the head would be out. As he repeated these slow motion thrusts I could feel fluid from my prostate reacting the to massage with fluid running to the tip of my cock and starting to leak out. As he speed increased so did the release of fluid, and so did the pleasure. I'd felt some of this before from using toys but that was just a shadow of what a real cock was doing to me.

My legs felt like rubber and I begin to wonder how much longer I could last. The pace of this thrusts was very rapid now and although I was enjoying the fuck very much I knew I needed it to end soon. I tried to get him to cum by tightening my sphincter, but I was so full of cock it just didn't seem to respond. Thankfully it wasn't much of a wait before he gave a final thrust into me and as that happened I reached down to my own cock which exploded at the first touch.

I had first gotten into sex with guys because I was having so much trouble finding a woman after my divorce. But that night taught me that men were more than just a substitute. I still love sex with women but they can't give me the intensity of the orgasm I get with a cock in my ass.

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