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It had to happen . . . . (Chapter 14)

It was bound to happen . . . .

It was bound to happen. Too long a time playing with “fire” and one day I was going to get burned . . .   er, fucked by a man. The basement was doing great and we were getting a lot of people coming in. It had remained as I designed for a long time. Some of the bois were bitching and moaning that from time to time they wanted a male cock up their asses. I, understanding that I could not refuse set some rules. The bois doing the work of “fuckers” had to be the ones we already know and that have been here with us since day one. I really did not want any abusive male coming in and spoiling our fun. No offense to our gay friends here in Lush Stories but I really never had any interest in having sex with another man. It just did not attract me. I have been used and abused for several years by my ladies. And I am OK with that. I get all the sex I want and do not have to deal with another man.

I have accepted the reality that I love anal sex. And I can live with that. As a matter of fact, I do believe that I may be addicted to this type of sex and like all addictions it may come back one day and hurt me. So far no hurts. So far is all sex and fun.


But with this new wrinkle that some bois wanted other bois fucking them we had to go ahead and change some rules just a bit. One, like I said above, all bois we had to know. Two, all sex with boi to boi was totally consensual. Nobody is going to be forced to do what they do not want to do. Three, all bois doing the “fucker” function would wear condoms. Four, no limits per station and per boi. So now we had a new aspect to count.


Everything was going OK and all seemed to be having a lot of sexual fun. My girls, Gabby and Nancy, have been after me for me to try the boi to boi sex. I kept resisting. One day what had to happen some day, happened. I was on the Pummel Horse and had been there for a while. I was, as usual, blindfolded and gagged. I did not worry about   counts. I knew that somebody was counting. I had already more than one, probably more than 10 “fuckers” coming through my boipussy. I had been thoroughly satisfied. And I was not moving until one of the girls would come and tell me that I had to let another boi with the horse. So I was happy and content.


Then some other girl jumps on the horse and I am told to hold on that a big cock is going to fuck me. I was not concerned because my boipussy is stretched already by big dildos. I was well lubed and my pussy opened and ready. So I feel this cock pushing the lips of my pussy and I note a slight difference in the girth and the whole feeling of the cock. Always our cocks were of the same material and kind of made us totally accustomed to that material. So if a new material was being introduced we would feel the difference. It has happened to me several times that I am able to identify new dildo stuff.


So, here was probably another new dildo. I was happy with the in/out. It started slow and me feeling every glorious millimeter by millimeter of the new cock. It got to the end and I felt totally full. My ass was full with cock. The best position to be in. I enjoyed so much this part of my fucking. Just standing still with all my inside full of cock. Like I said, simply fantastic. The girl with the new cock/dildo began the out/in with greater speed and my pussy lips were feeling every in and every out. I really was in fuck heaven. The lips transfer to the brain all the nuances of the cock/dildo and every move through the lips and when it goes by the “G” spot inside my ass. I was really excited and having much pleasure. The in/out continued at greater speed and soon I was feeling something I had never felt before. I felt the cock/dildo jerking a bit and spasming inside. I felt some movement I had never felt before when all of a sudden I feel the cock squirting a warm liquid in my insides. WTF, I yelled in my brain. What is happening. Did I just get fucked by a boi???? The only explanation I had for the liquid and the warmth is that it was actually male sperm and I just got really fucked. Now, initially I was really upset and I forgot all the sexual pleasure I had. Because yes, I also cum. I also had my orgasm which was stronger than other times and it grew stronger as the sperm filled my ass.

But I was so pissed that I was really forgetting all my pleasure. Then I hear Gabby that says, “don’t worry hun, you will like the next boi, What???? I could not complaint I was well tied and gagged. This time they even had tied my head down so that I could not even show displeasure by moving my head. Evidently the first boi moved out and I felt that. Then a second boi climbed on my ass and began his fuckin. I also felt the difference in human cock versus dildo, and the sperm inside made my ass more slippery. It seems also that the warmth of the sperm made the new fucking more pleasurable. The more the boi moved the more delightful was my feelings. Eventually that boi also squirted all his liquid in my insides and now I had two loads making my life more, much more pleasurable.


Why I held back for so long. That boi finished and another came back up. The same pleasure. The warmth of the sperm was incredibly sexually satisfying. This boi also took the time to penetrate me. And this one with so much male jism inside held his movements and the male jism began falling/dripping  out of my “reservoir” and began running down my legs. Once he felt he could begin his fucking, he began his in/out and I was again transported to a paradise not felt before. Oh, yes, I was having all gay satisfaction and I guess now I have to stop my aversion to real boi cock. Alleluia!!!        


They continued for a while. I did not get off the horse for what I thought was a long time. My girls told me after that I had like 20 bois fucking my ass. And that from what they saw in my reactions I must have been in sexual heaven. I said yes, I was in sexual heaven. My insides were completely flooded with sperm and I was feeling really good. Could not imagine that so much sperm could cause so much pleasure. The sperm as new bois came up to fuck me, the sperm was producing this funny noises. It made that type of sex great and funny.


The story does not finish here. I have been fucked now many times by bois and I have had both my ass and my mouth full of boi cock and full of squirting jism inside of me. I have learned to swallow sperm and it is delightful. Not as good as pussy juices, but pretty good salty taste.


Ok, until the next phase of my story . . . . . .                                


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