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Jacob Told Me He Was Gay (And His Brother Joined I

Jacob And His Brother Have Sex With Jacob's Friend

Jacob Told Me He Was Gay (And His Brother Joined In)

He began to scream and moan; I heard every curse in the book! He bucked his hips deeper into my throat, and I swallowed. Not even half way into his orgasm, the door opened, Jacob’s eyes were still closed, but I took my head off his cock, and turned around, Jacob’s brother was standing right there in the doorway, and there we were, me on my knees with a mouth over flowing with Jacob’s cum, and Jacob with cock out, glistening with my saliva.

“WHAT THE FUCK, JACOB!!?” Bryan shouted out.

My heart was beating a billion times per second. Bryan, Jacob’s homophobic brother, had found me sucking Jacobs cock, and there was no way to talk myself out of it. His brother had gotten in trouble when he was a senior in high school; he beat this poor kid into an inch of his death; he thought the kid was gay solely because of his effeminate qualities. Well he was surprised to find out that he was actually very straight and the son of a very prominent business man. Needless to say, no good college would take him, and he slowly became useless and lazy.

So there we all were, me on my knees, Jacob still in shock, about to cry, and Bryan standing in the doorway. He slowly came toward us, Jacob and I jumped up so fast you would have sworn the room was hot lava. There was no where to run, and like most people do when they are frightened, we did something stupid. We both ran into the closet and closed the door. Once we were behind the door, we realized what we had just done, and no sooner than we realized this, Bryan opened the closet door. He just stood there, not saying anything with the biggest look of shock on his face.

“Come out of the closet you homos”

We both came out, and stood there, not speaking. I tried to start saying something, but nothing came out. Bryan just stood there, thinking, he was obviously shocked, I mean, you could tell, he had just seen his brother getting his dick sucked by a dude! To my surprise, Jacob was the one to speak

“Bryan, you have no right to barge into my room like that, you’re such a dick head, just because you don’t like gay people, doesn’t mean you can chase us around my room! What, you gonna beat me like you beat that other poor kid? What, you hate me too? You gonna bash me, your own brother…”

Tears had begun to fill Jacob’s eyes. Bryan came over and put his arm over Jacob’s shoulder, I felt like I was eavesdropping on some private moment between the two. Bryan was trying to console Jacob; he was actually showing some sort of compassion in his God awful life.

“Jacob, I will always be your brother, and there is nothing you can do, or I can do for that matter to change that. The reason I bashed that kid, is because I was having my own confused feelings toward guys, and I didn’t want to be gay, I wanted to be “normal”. And when I saw Jayson sucking your cock, all those old feelings came back. I am so sorry.”

Now they were both crying, and hell, I was on the verge. I was really shocked by what I had just heard, not only was Jacob gay, but so was Bryan. Now I know I was in a very emotional situation, but damn, my cock stood straight up thinking of the two of them. Having those cocks unload in my mouth, oh man, that would be heaven. I decided that it was time to leave, so I got up and got my stuff, and started to walk out, when Bryan grabbed my arm.

“Why are you leaving?”
“Well, I think its gonna be awkward with me hear, this whole situation”
“Look, I said I was sorry, I don’t want you to live Jacob and me.”

I couldn’t help it, I know I was being bad, but my eyes wandered to his cock, he had a huge bulge, and his jeans were just restricting it. My mouth began to water, and Bryan saw the look on my face. He smiled this devilish smile, and began rubbing his bulge.
“You want this Jayson?”

I couldn’t help it, I know I was being bad, but my eyes wandered to his cock, he had a huge bulge, and his jeans were just restricting it. My mouth began to water, and Bryan saw the look on my face. He smiled this devilish smile, and began rubbing his bulge, asking me if I wanted his dick. His smile was so hot, and his cock made my mouth water; I had to have more cum. Jacob started to smile, and said that this was one of his biggest fantasies ever. I decided to help him play it out. I went over to Bryan and unzipped his pants. He was wearing a black jock strap that had a spot of pre-cum near the head of his dick. I licked the pre-cum spot; tasting all the yummy flavors of pre-cum and man.

As I licked the outside of his jock strap, Bryan began to moan, making me want to bust a nut in my pants. I love a boy that moans, and the fact that Bryan was a man, a rather hot man, made me to make him moan more. Jacob was sitting on the bed, rubbing his dick, which had gotten hard once more. I was making his fantasy come true, and I was loving it. I decided that I had to have Bryan’s cock in my mouth. I pulled down Bryan’s jock until it was just below his balls, licking his muscular abs. Bryan’s work out made him more chiseled than Adonis; and I had to have that dick in my mouth. I took his cock into my hand, and he almost burnt it. His dick was steaming hot. I asked him if he had gotten a blow job from a guy before; he said no. Man, those were words I wanted to hear, his “virgin” cock was about to explode from the blow job I was about to give him.

I teased his head by using my tongue to lick his piss slit, and lick the underside of his head. Then to my surprise, his dick pulsed and he shot pre-cum on my face. I jumped back because I had never seen a dick do that! I was tempted to stop but the smirk on his face made me want his dick so bad. I went back and stuffed his dick into my mouth, not really a hard feat because his dick was a little smaller than Jacob’s, but Bryan had another surprise for me. I had just gotten his entire dick into my mouth, when low and behold his dick began to grow down my throat. Bryan had started bucking his hips, which was not a good idea because, I swear, his dick was 9 inches, and my throat was not!

Jacob must have seen the pain on my face, because he told Bryan to pull out. Jacob must have cum watching me inhale his brother’s cock because it was glistening. I had gotten enough air, and now being more prepared, I was ready to give Bryan the blow job of his life. I licked his cock some more and using my spit as lube, jacked his cock off a little. He looked like he was about to cum, so I had to stop. This just made him fuck my hand, but I wasn’t ready for him to cum, so I didn’t let him move an inch. I slowly put his dick back in my mouth, sucking each inch individually. He had begun to curse and moan, calling me dirty names, as well as begging me to finish him off. I had managed to get all 9 of his inches into my mouth and down my throat. I began to massage his dick with my throat, Jacob had to calm him down because he was screaming and sweating. His dick was beginning to jolt, so I pulled him out of my throat and jacked him off some more. His body began to jolt and he screamed he was getting close, at which point I shoved his dick back down my throat and sucked him as if there was no tomorrow. I was rewarded with a massive flood of cum and a load moan and a variety of curses. It was hot to say the least, his dick had become sensitive and he tried to pull out but I wouldn’t let him.

I sucked his dick until he came again in my mouth. He was drenched in sweat and Jacob was rock hard again.
“Jayson, that was hot to watch, and since we are all still hard, and you haven’t cum yet, can you fuck me?” Jacob asked me
How Could I Say No? “Only if Bryan will give my virgin ass a good pounding!”


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