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Jacob Told Me He Was Gay, His Brother Joined In, T

A James Johnson Story
I Claim This Story as my own, and I ask to be credited if and when it is reproduced of copied.

Jacob Told Me He Was Gay, His Brother Joined In, Then We All Fucked

I was rewarded with a massive flood of cum and a load moan and a variety of curses. It was hot to say the least, his dick had become sensitive and he tried to pull out but I wouldn’t let him. I sucked his dick until he came again in my mouth. He was drenched in sweat and Jacob was rock hard again. He asked me if I would pop his anal cherry, and I told him I would on the condition that Bryan would pop my cherry. Bryan’s dick twitched at the thought and he said he would. Sandwiched between two hot brothers, this had to be the hottest experience of my sexual life, my dick oozed buckets at the thought.

Jacob went to get some lube leaving Bryan and I alone. He had begun to take his clothes off, when he asked me if he could try something with me. I was kind of skeptical but I was horny, hell, he could have tied me up and beat me at that point, so I said yes. He told me to lie down, and relax. He massaged just about my pubes and then down. His hand began to creep under my dick, and I began to breathe heavy. He told me to close my eyes, and a little moan escaped my mouth. He told me to bend my legs, and he began to lick that spot under my dick and before my ass hole. Then, out of no where, I felt something wet touch my ass crack. I almost jumped out of my skin. He had begun to lick my hole, fucking me with his hot tongue. He used his hands to massage my balls, I felt like I was about to explode all over myself, and the room, I was so horny. He took his fingers and stuck them up my ass; I wanted to scream out in ecstasy. After about a minute of this, my dick was oozing. Jacob had returned to the room, naked, with a bottle of lube in his had. He threw the lube on the bed, and lay down to suck my cock. My cock had yet to get a release; I needed to cum, and fast. He took my oozing cock into his mouth and began to suck.

I was going out of my mind; my body was in a state of ecstasy. Jacob was sucking my cock while his brother, Bryan, was eating my pucker. My mouth was feeling a little lonely, so I took Jacob’s cock into my mouth, completing the hottest 69, I had ever had. We were all beginning to sweat, my hole was begging to be pounded, and I think Jacob’s was ready too. I took Jacob’s cock out of my mouth, and told Bryan that I had to have him up in me. I told Jacob to sit back against his headboard, while I laid on the edge of the bed, ass poised to get fucked. I told Bryan I was ready, and then put Jacob’s cock in my mouth to relax myself. Bryan slowly pushed his cock in. I felt like I was going to die, it hurt so badly. I tried to relax, and then he stopped. Bryan told me I was tighter than any girl’s pussy he had ever fucked, but he had only gotten his head in. I told him to push his whole cock into my ass. I told him he could go ahead and start; I also told Jacob it was time. I took the lube, and made sure my cock was extra slippery for him, also making sure his hole was slick and loose.

With Bryan thrusting into me, I slowly slide my cock into his ass. Bryan was pounding my ass, and I was pounding Jacob’s ass. We were all going insane; the moaning was intense. Bryan began to curse warning me that he was about to cum. I told him to go for it, because I was about to cum too. We all were breathing heavy, but I was the first to cum shouting as each rope of cum escaped my dick. As my cock unloaded in Jacob’s ass, my pucker began to squeeze Bryan’s cock, which led him to cum. Bryan and I were both moaning and unloading when Jacob came all over his bed. Bryan pulled his cock out of me, which left an empty void where his cock had been, I felt like I had a hole the size of my head in my ass. I felt cum slowly dibble out of my ass. I decided to jerk Jacob’s cock slowly as I fucked my cum. Each time I entered his ass, he moaned, cum slowly coming out of his cock. I finally took my cock out of his ass. We all looked at each other and sighed. We all collapsed on the bed, each of us replaying what had just happened, boning up from the thought.
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