Jacob Told Me He Was Gay

By JimmieJamJames

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Best Friends Have Sex For The First Time

A James Johnson Story
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Jacob Told Me He Was Gay

All I could do was just sit there. I could not believe what I had just heard. He had told me those few little words that I had waited to hear for what felt like all of my life. Jacob had told me he was gay! My heart stopped, my dick began to swell, and my mouth went dry. My best friend, whom I had dreamed countless wet dreams about, had just told me the few words I wanted to hear more than anything in my world. Jacob was gay! He looked pretty nervous and almost shit a brick because I couldn’t say anything, I was speechless. I got up, walked out the room, down the hall, into another room, and just screamed. Jacob came running in, trying to comfort me, and tell me he was sorry for dropping such a bomb on him. His eyes had begun to tear and he looked like a said angel. My lips screamed to touch his, and my mind told me to take him into my hands, and give his lips the best kiss they had ever encountered. I went into hug him, and I couldn’t hold out anymore, I let my animal instincts take over. My hand dropped to his crotch and my lips met his.

All at once, my dick jolted and my body was infused with all these emotions that had been previously unknown to me. When I finally stopped kissing him, Jacob tried to speak, but words seemed to escape him, and I was the same way. I tried to form words, grunts, any audible sound that could possibly make him feel at ease, but nothing came out; it was as if the proverbial cat had finally got my tongue. Finally the words came to me; I told him that I had known for a while that I had feelings toward men that were not as potent as those toward women. I even told Jacob that I had dreamed of kissing him, holding him, even seeing him naked. His kiss had begun to make me bold, and there was no stopping my new found gift of gab. He had to kiss me again just to stop me from talking. We both just sat there silent for a while, both of us boned up, horny, and confused. He told me that he would be honored to have me as his first boyfriend, of course I laughed because it had been me who admired him as if he was a, perfect, Grecian statue. We went back to his room, and talked a little, but it was obvious to both of us what each other wanted. I decided to just come out and say that my mouth was yearning for his cock, and if he didn’t give it to me, I’d take it by force.

We both bust out laughing, he knew I couldn’t be forceful, and I knew he was the horniest boy on the planet. He started to undo his pants when I stopped him. I told him that if I was going to give him head, he would have to obey my rules. He zipped his pants back up, and I pushed him backward onto his bed. I slowly slipped off his shirt, chuckling a little at how often I had seen him shirtless, and wanted to do this very thing to him. I put my nose close to his neck to smell his cologne, it was intoxicating, having the same effect ah natural pheromones. I took a quick lick to taste his neck, he tasted so good, I had to kiss and grope his neck, I swear, I had never heard him whimper so much. He asked me to move on, because just the kissing of his neck was making him want to shoot. I decided to tease him some more, so I slowly licked and kissed down his upper chest until I reached his nipples. I have never seen someone’s nipples so alert, so hard, so ready to be sucked.

I licked his nipples, teasing them, eating them like they were the most delicious candy I had ever tasted. His hips bucked as he begged me to suck him off, but I pretended not to hear as I teased both his nipples. I let him scream once more in ecstasy, then I slowing lick down the balance of his abdomen, taking even longer to lick his belly button and his treasure trail. He was practically jamming me in the neck with his boner, he wanted to get off so bad, but I couldn’t let him, I wanted this to be the best blow job he had ever had. I slowly unzipped his pants with my teeth, both his breathe and mine were slow and deep. He had been waiting this whole time to unload, and he was finally going to be able to get off. He was wearing the hottest underwear, white boxer briefs with a huge pre-cum spot on the front, his dick was practically out of the top, and still oozing huge gobs. I am a pre-cum fiend so I had to lick up some of it, he gasped and moaned as my tongue went all over his piss slit. I couldn’t take anymore; I had to have him in my mouth. I pulled down his pants, and then his white boxer briefs, and lifted his cock from his hot abs, the pre-cum had dripped all the way down the base.

I licked the underside of his cock, and his held his breath; waiting for it, waiting for me to take him there. I slowly eased his head into my mouth, I licked the ridge of his head, and sucked the whole knob, he loved it so much, he started to hump more into my mouth, but I would not let him, this was my blowjob, and he wasn’t going to be in control at all. I slowly began to suck up and down on his cock, easing his whole shaft in and out of my mouth, his pre-cum coating my mouth and throat. His breath was beginning to become shallow, and he had taken enough torture, so I decided to let him down easy this time. I lifted my head off his cock, and asked him if he was close, he said yes, barely able to speak. I jacked his cock all the way to the edge of cumming, but before he could explode, I took his cock all the way to the hilt, into my throat. He began to scream and moan; I heard every curse in the book! He bucked his hips deeper into my throat, and I swallowed. Not even half way into his orgasm, the door opened, Jacob’s eyes were still closed, but I took my head off his cock, and turned around, Jacob’s brother was standing right there in the doorway, and there we were, me on my knees with a mouth over flowing with Jacob’s cum, and Jacob with cock out, glistening with my saliva. “WHAT THE FUCK JACOB!!?”
To Be Continued