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Fuck it. Here it is.

When I saw James that day, he was feeling more upbeat then he was when last we were together. He was slowly coming to grips with the reality of his divorce, and he surprised me by focusing his concern on how he let himself loose upon me.

He was so unsure of himself and of his feelings at the time, and was actually worried that I might have felt used by his aggression. How very like him. He gave me one of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life, and then worried that he might have taken liberties with me. I thought it was touching and sweet of him, but he knows me well and should not have concerned himself so. Truthfully, I would have been his anyway he chose, and if that meant I felt some pain from time to time, I could have lived with that. I would not have been so easily daunted.

The week before, when we sat in my living room after dinner, I could see he was in pain. He tried to keep it bottled up. His face showed the distress of his concerns though, and I shared his sadness in futile support, much as I always did when I saw him so.

Having no other way to give him peace, I kissed him to show my love, and then knelt at his feet. I told him that I would do my best to ease his mind and asked him to relax and close his eyes.

I would love to be able to say that I had some wonderfully magical words of sage advice that would ease his mind, but real world problems are never so easily solved. I had nothing more to offer than a brief moment of pleasure. That, and the knowledge that there was another soul who cared about his pain and desired to share the burden of carrying it with him. So, it was with this in mind that my hands slid up his thighs and found his already semi-hard cock through the cotton fabric of his navy-blue slacks.

This was not an unusual way for us to begin though. I often initiated sex with James in just this way, enjoying the act of submitting myself to his pleasure. James leaned back into his chair and spread his legs so that I could move between them and easily reach his quickly hardening penis.

For a time, I traced my fingers over the shape of his cock, feeling it grow larger until I could grip it with both hands through the material of his slacks. I massaged and squeezed it until I felt his thighs moving slightly in response to my touch.

All through this, I kept watching him, seeking to see his familiar smile of approval, but that night his eyes remained closed and I knew his thoughts were elsewhere. In truth, this pained me terribly, for as much as I desired him to be with me, I knew it was the mother of his children that claimed his attention.

Perhaps it was because of this, my hurt and my desire to bring him back to me, that I did what came next. I had been frustrated with him for years though. Years when he pretended that the kind of love I offered didn't interest him. Years that he wasted trying to be straight. When I saw his thought drift back to her, I leaned down and bit his shaft through the thin material. His body jerked as my teeth clamped down, and his eyes flashed open with a ferocity I had not anticipated.

My assault on his cock had not been hard enough to truly be painful, but it was out of character, and James took the challenge by becoming more dominant and forceful with me.

"So, you want to play rough tonight? That suits me just fine! Stop dicking around and pull my cock out! You think you're so good at deep throating? Let's see how much you can take!"

He grabbed me by the short hair behind my head and pulled me off his crotch as I fumbled with his belt. When I finally pulled his cock out of his boxers, he pushed me back down, ordering me to swallow it all. Now, I don't know how others do it, but I find it much easier to suck a cock deeply once it's wet and slick with saliva. This time, James didn't give me the chance.

Instead, he shoved his dry but rampant length to the back of my throat, causing me to gag and choke as I struggled to give him the pleasure he demanded from me. I felt my stomach heave and thick strings of saliva filed my mouth as he pulled my head off of his cock. My eyes watered and my face felt beat red as I tried to catch my breath.

"Hah! I finally got you to choke on it, didn't I" he said, and then pushed me back down onto his dick. Fortunately, this time I was more ready and the copious amounts of saliva that dripped out had wetted his cock nicely. I let my tongue slide forward, and when his cock-head hit the back of my mouth, it slipped past the point of no return and slithered deeply into my throat.

"Yeah, that's it! Suck that fuckin' dick! God knows Erin never gave decent head. Show me how much better you are at this shit!"

Spurred on by his urgency, I sucked hits cock hungrily. I allowed him to guide the speed and depth of my efforts, letting him force his cock into my throat over and over until my head was swimming from lack of breath. When he finally released me from his grip, I pulled up and off his dick, with my saliva dripping down my chin.

James looked at me with a fierceness that made me tremble as he removed his shirt. "You're a slut for cock, Milik, you know that? I'm going to give you all you can take tonight. Take your cloths off, we're just getting started here!"

I quickly followed his instructions, as pleased by his dominant tone as I was surprised by it. By the time I was naked, James had removed his cloths as well, and was standing in front of me. He grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times before pointing it at me. "Get back over here, I'm going to fuck the hell out of your mouth. That's what you want, isn't it!"

I dropped to my knees and cupped his balls in my hand, fondling them as I licked my lips. "Yeah, I do," I told him as I again wrapped my lips around the head of his cock.

James moved his hips toward me, pushing his shaft into my face. "Yeah, I knew it. You're a slut for cock. You do suck it like a pro though."

I do enjoy giving him head, but what neither of us expected was how much I would enjoy his dominance over me. When he grabbed my head in his hands, I gave in to his strength and let him drill into my throat, just trying to suck his cock as much as possible while he used me.

Anyone who has deep throated a man knows how hard it is to breath, and I started hoping he would come just so he would calm down a bit. That was not to be. James was in a zone and his balls were stubbornly holding onto his orgasm. The fact that I was unable to use my lips or tongue on him while he controlled me so didn't help either, and by the time he let go of me, my throat felt raw and abraded from his assault.

My heart was pounding in my chest though, and while my eyes watered, my cock was as hard as it had ever been. James helped me to my feet and then grabbed my cock, squeezing it hard.

"This shit really turns you on, doesn't it, Milik? I bet you would love me to suck you off right now?

I shook my head in agreement, hoping he would grant me the respite, but James wasn't done yet.

"Yeah, well you're gonna have to wait. I want you hard while I fuck you."

James led me by my cock into my bedroom and then pushed me onto the bed. He grabbed the lube and tossed it to me. "Grease up good, I'm really going to give it too you tonight."

I felt humiliated but strangely aroused as my slippery fingers worked a large wad of the thick lube into my asshole. James watched in lurid fascination, slowly stroking his dick and rubbing the leaking precum into his purple head. When I was done, I offered to put a condom on his cock for him, but he shook his head.

"We're going bareback this time. I'm dying to leave my cum inside you." He then crawled up behind me and pulled my hips up to him.

"James, are you sure want to do that, we've talked about this before..."

"Just shut up, Milik." he said, cutting off my protests and poking his cock against my hole. "I'm sure. You've been tested and I haven't fucked anyone but Erin for ten years. We're both clean." Then he grabbed my shoulder and pressed in hard.

"Ahh, fuck!" I yelled as I felt him force his cock into me. In a second, he had forced his way past my ring, causing me to hiss in pain. Indifferent to how I felt, he continued to push in hard until I felt his hips slap into my ass. I think my eyes must have bulged out as he hit bottom, and then he drew back and plunged in again.

The usual light sting I would feel at the start of being fucked was replaced by a burning agony that felt like my ass was being ripped open. Even so, knowing he was so excited by using me like this got my blood pumping, hot and thick, through my body. I gritted my teeth and held my breath until the burning sting faded into a mild background warmth.

James though, never slowed his thrusts. He fucked me as hard as he could, driving his dick into my ass with an animalistic need that made my entire body rock. I tried to lean back into him, and he pulled me back to meet his fevered thrusts. I have to admit, I loved how tightly he was gripping my hips.

With such an energetic fuck though, he didn't last long, and soon I felt him stiffen and plunge deeply into me. He growled and groaned and rotated his hips against me. When I felt the hot rush of slick fluid appear in my ass, I knew he was filling me with cum. It may sound odd, but that was only the third time I'd ever let a guy come inside me like that.

When he pulled out, he pulled my back against his chest and held me for a time. "Ten years" he said wistfully. "Ten years of marriage and she never let me touch her ass. I should have done that to her, Milik; not to you."

I didn't quite know how to feel so I said nothing. I didn't mind the rough sex, but knowing he was thinking of her while he fucked me, well that did bother me. By the time he'd rolled me onto my back and started to suck my cock, his entire mood had changed.

He licked and sucked me slowly, letting my arousal grow again at my own pace. He seemed to be doing his best to make it good for me and I could see he regretted losing control. When I came, he made sure I was completely spent before he stopped.

He spent the rest of the night making it up to me. He gave me a bath and made me come several more times until I was completely exhausted. We talked about what had come over him, and it just came down to how frustrated he was with his divorce. I had told him that I wanted to make him feel better though, and by letting him release his anger, maybe I did.




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