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Jason and Kym ~ Part Three

A self-discovery rollercoaster ride eventually has to end!
When we reached the barn, I tapped the horn and killed my engine; Tom appeared from a nearby doorway to help me carry him inside. Once inside, we staged him in a variety of poses, with an assortment of backgrounds and of course, in descending levels of clothing. We used what he’d managed to put together as well as the articles he had in the shopping bag and in his current state, his eyes were open for almost every shot for that ‘realistic’ look.

All the still photos would eventually end up spliced between live video on the final film, which would be added to the one I’d made three weeks prior and the one we were creating now. Tom and I quickly carried him over to the bench we’d set up for the next phase of our plan. It consisted on a massage table with a few customized adjustments that left Jason lying face down, legs spread wide and bent at a forty-five degree angle towards the ground. His head was secured so while he could look straight down through the end of the massage table made for this purpose, he could not turn it much; he was just able to lift it up enough to see slightly in front of where he lay, but from previous experience with him, we knew this is just the type of thing that turned him on and made him so willing to participate.

Tom wanted to tie his hands behind his back, but it worked out better to have them cuffed to the sides of the table. I did, however, allow him the liberty to place a proper cock-and-ball harness on Jason, since he wouldn’t be needing his dick tonight. When he was properly trussed, Tom and I went to the old office that was built inside his uncle’s barn and passed a flask of bourbon between us. We sat exchanging small talk and stories until we began to hear moans and mumbling coming from the main part of the barn.

We headed back out to attend to the task at hand; I turned the cameras on and checked the sound equipment. Giving him the thumbs up and tossing him the ski mask, I watched his sinister grin disappear below the dark cotton fabric. Needless to say, with Tom and I still masked, the next person to see this sight would only be able to identify Jason and that what I was counting on.

“Ah good, you’re awake,” I said loudly enough to make Jason stop struggling.

“I’m guessing you’re a little confused as to how you got yourself into this predicament, so allow me to explain. I’ve brought you here so we could be all alone; no chance of interruption as you get the repeated pounding you’ve been begging for. That is what you want me to do, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I want that so much. Please, please use me for your pleasure,” he excitedly answered.

Putting on my own ski mask, I picked up the riding crop from where it had been placed earlier and stood just behind his left hip. As he felt the crack of the crop sear into the tender flesh of his right buttock, I watched his physical reaction to the strike: his body jerking up against the bindings that held him prone. The second swift crack of the whip across his left side brought forth a yelp of pain and surprise, not that he wasn't begging for more!

I stood behind his outstretched form and taking a tube of lubricant, pushed the thin plastic nozzle into the center of his anal star. I heard him gasp when he felt me squeezing a generous amount of the gel inside him, but it was nothing compared to the sound he made when Tom turned on the device that we’d positioned behind the table.

It was a homemade machine consisting of a motor and a pole with a 6 inch dildo on one end. As it began to slide into Jason’s ass, he began to groan in delightful excitement, but all too soon he figured out it wasn’t my cock that was stretching his backdoor. It was shorter than me, it was a conical shape that was much wider at the base and threatened to tear his sphincter open as Tom adjusted the rhythm and speed control.

While he was busy making sure Jason’s asshole was properly prepared, I explained to him, “I hope you like all I have in store for you tonight, sweet-cakes.”

Next, I pushed my hands beneath his torso, attaching sharp steel clamps onto first his left nipple and then his right, letting him lay atop of them and cause the most pain possible from his weight upon them. Then I resumed my position and began to whip him some more, causing a bright pink stripe to appear every other inch up and down the back of his legs.

Lastly, I spanked the sack that hung between his thighs, causing the red color to darken due to the harness Tom had placed his genitals in. By the time I put down the crop, I was actually working up a sweat and we heard Jason whimpering from the spanking.

By this time Tom was getting very horny, as was obvious by the huge lump beneath his sweatpants. I shut off the ‘fuck machine’ and slid it back away from the table, watching it slide out of Jason’s hole. It was time for the second phase of our plan. I watched as Tom slip off his clothing; I shook my head in disbelief as I watched him reveal his prick to me. It was no less than a foot long and as big around as Jason’s limp wrist, proving that the rumors were all very true!

Of course the part that made him the perfect partner for this job was the fact that he was out of the closet and enjoying his homosexual lifestyle to the fullest. I spoke softly in his ear, “Jason, during this next part I want you to watch a special movie I put together in your honor.”

I squatted down on one knee, looking up at him through the eye holes in my mask as I turned on the small screen that lie beneath him on the floor. His eyes adjusted as the screen came to life and I returned to stand behind him.

“I’m going to fuck your sweet, sexy ass now, baby,” I announced as Jason watched the video I’d shot a couple weeks ago when I’d bound, gagged and banged him at his house.

While the father he feared so much slept, I had snuck in and made Jason’s early morning scene come to life, but he didn’t know it was all caught on film. Now he’d be able to view the evidence of that day as he heard my degrading voice from behind.

Tom was of course acting my part, taking cues from my words as he rubbed Jason’s legs, which had been tied to the arms we’d added. I nodded to Tom, who took a step forward while lifting his massive tool before himself. I couldn’t help but watch, my eyes wide as I watched the head of his cock touch Jason’s back door. I remember thinking that there was no way Jason would believe it was me but it was too late to back out of our plan. I needed Tom to fuck Jason on camera, and then I’d have enough material to create a full length porno, albeit homemade. With these two films combined with the photo shoot, I was certain I could make Jason a star!

I moaned, “Oh baby…that feels so good to have my cock back where it belongs,” as Tom let go of himself and stood still. The head of his mushroom was lodged in Jason’s anal ring and I watched as he forgot about the video playing on the floor below; getting ready to feel the initial entry. I held up three fingers and watched as Tom pushed that many inches inside, marveling the way Jason’s pre-stretched hole took his tool.

“You feel that sweetie? You like the way Daddy is filling your cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy… I love it,” he answered obediently.

I glanced into Tom’s eyes and saw he was pretty happy about the situation as well, especially when I smiled and held up four fingers. In a few seconds, Tom stuffed a full seven inches inside the asshole that was spread out in front of him while gripping Jason’s thighs tightly.

“How’s that feel, bitch?”

When Jason didn’t answer quickly enough, I slapped his red ass, causing the stinging, burning sensation that the riding crop had left to sizzle in renewed pain!

“I asked you how it felt bitch and I want an answer!”

“It feels great sir, but..." he trailed off without finishing his thought.

I slapped his cheeks twice more and I enjoyed his painful whimpering. I didn’t need to ask him what he was about to say. I knew. He was probably thinking my cock felt larger than it had the last time, so I gave Tom the signal to start fucking Jason’s ass.

Without missing a beat, I watched the massive tool withdraw from the tightly gripping orifice and then slide back inside it. Tom was enjoying the way he was fucking Jason’s asshole and yet he still held back, only allowing a little over eight inches of his tube-steak to penetrate his willing victim. That was until I caught his attention and with a wave of my hand, let him know he was free to do as he wished.

This was the part I’d been waiting to see all night. Stepping back into the camera’s view, I set a chair down on the floor near the head of the table, taking a seat where I could clearly watch the erotic scene. Truthfully, I was having a difficult time not touching myself, and it was about then that I realized it wasn’t like I was going to get busted or anything. Sure, Jason had seen my dick plenty of times and although Tom hadn’t, he had nothing to worry about here. While my eight inches were impressive to a boy like Jason, it hardly compared to Tom’s python, so I stood and dropped my jeans to the straw covered floor.

Tom looked over and winked, but Jason slowly looked up. It took his fuzzy brain a moment to comprehend that if I was sitting in front of him stroking my growing prick, I couldn’t be filling his aching hole from behind. As his eyes suddenly widened in realization of the situation, I saw Tom grab onto his hips and grunt as he forced more and more of himself deeper inside Jason’s tight tush.

Where Jason may have meant to verbally protest about the comprehension that I wasn’t the one fucking him, I was fairly certain that he was much more concerned with having an asshole at all after this escapade. I watched intently as Tom would withdraw slightly and then ram his shaft into the pipe before him, taking great pleasure in dividing Jason’s cheeks much like a log splitter does to a stump.

Then, quite unexpectedly, I heard Tom hiss, ‘Oh Shit,’ and looking up, I could tell he had his eyes squeezed tightly shut and his knuckles were white from the way he held Jason’s hips. I hoped he wasn’t having a heart attack or a stroke, as my eyes bounced between his and the eyes of the young man we’d strapped to the table top. It wasn’t until I saw, or rather heard something dripping onto the floor, that it hit me; Tom had just ejaculated inside Jason’s burning rear end!!

“You son-of-a-bitch,” I called out to him, half-laughing as I stood and stepped up to Jason. “Did that feel good, little slut? Did you like the way he creamed in your pussy?”

When he began to say something, I held my cock against his lips and said, “Shut your pie hole and suck some cock, bitch!”

After I slammed my half hard dick into his face a few times, the thought of him biting down on me in revenge suddenly flashed through my mind, so I withdrew and took my seat one more time. Looking back in Tom’s direction, I asked him if he was ‘OK’, to which he answered with a renewed effort to assault Jason’s asshole, beginning to bang his asshole even harder than he’d done so far.

“I wanted to get the first one out of the way; now I can concentrate on stetching this ass good,” he said gleefully.

I’m not sure how long I sat there teasing and taunting young Jason while Tom pleasured his body, but I know I was painfully stiff from the excitement overload, even oozing pre-cum from the head of my cock as I repeatedly brought myself towards the edge and then backed away from it.

Jason, no matter how hard Tom pummelled his man-pussy, didn’t say much of anything. Perhaps his mind had taken him somewhere else to remain until it was all over. Whatever the reason, I knew that more than a half hour had elapsed since Tom’s first orgasm and he looked like he could go on for a while yet. By now his entire pole was being pumped in and out of Jason’s worn asshole, not unlike that of a pile driver machine. The table had moved forward at least three feet, a quarter inch at a time; where Tom had begun by holding onto his hips, he now had one hand on Jason’s left hip and the other on his right shoulder and I was glad we had a camera set at a wide angle.

It was about then that Tom began to speak, panting between thrusts, “If you, want to,” he began, “I’d sure, like to taste, some of that.”

It actually took me a few seconds to realize he was referring to my cock and the juice that would soon be shooting from it. “Climb up here, face me, straddle his back, and I’ll, suck you off!”

This wasn’t part of the plan but I sat there thinking, undecided on what I should do but knowing what I wanted to do. Then Tom suddenly reached up and yanked the mask from his sweaty face.

“No don’t,” I tried to warn him. Doing this would make him identifiable in the film.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he halted his forceful fucking for the first time in forty five minutes. “We can always blur out my image, when we produced the final cut, but before I finish myself off… what do you think?”

He knew my answer when I stood up and approached the bench, stepping up along side to swing my right leg over Jason’s back much like the way I did every time I mounted my Harley. When I was straddled over his shoulder blades, Tom began to slowly screw his rod in and out of Jason’s slickened gap. I couldn’t look away as I watched with a sick fascination; how something that large could fit into something so small was beyond me. He’d pull it out to rub it on Jason’s white cheeks and then I’d observe it disappearing within his poop-shoot again.

I watched Tom’s skull fall towards me and felt the top of my cock slide between his lips.

“I’m so close, I won’t last…,” is all I could say, but he only nodded as his expert tongue began to swirl about my shaft and he bobbed up and down, humming a happy tune.

I felt my balls tightening within a minute of my cock sliding into Tom’s throat. Not long after, I excitedly groaned as I began spraying my gooey seed into his mouth; he gasped for air before I was done, so the last drops from my cock dripped down onto his shaft…only to disappear within Jason’s cunt as a natural lube. When Tom withdrew, my cum was gone, having been deposited in a most unlikely way.

“God, that’s so hot,” Tom said as he licked his lips clean and told me to dismount the low table. Just after I did so, he squeezed Jason’s hips tightly, holding his massive tool as deep as he could penetrate Jason’s backdoor. His body twitched and jerked about as he jettisoned his second load into Jason’s anal cavern, coating his bowels with spunk.

An hour or so later, the scene was drastically different. Tom and I had cleaned ourselves up, gotten dressed and stowed all the video and sound equipment. I stood looking at Jason’s splayed rear end, even now amazed at how I could still see up inside his rectum because of the girth of the tool that had left it so opened up.

We untied Jason and threw the women’s clothing at him, telling him to get dressed as we explained the facts of life to him. It was simple: he was not to call me, write me or text me…ever. He was not to show his face at my house or my place of business; he was also not to do any of these things to anyone I knew, ever.

When he’d agreed to all of it Tom explained that if even one of these rules were broken, the porno that we were going to create would be distributed to everyone he knew, as well as many of the underground adult stores we knew of.

“And Jason,” Tom reminded him, “your real name will be used in the credits so all your fans will be able to contact you and your father.”

The three of us piled into my truck afterwards and we drove back to the City Park, dropping Jason off where I’d found him a few hours ago.

“I’m sure you know your way home from here, sissy-girl,” I remarked as Tom and I pulled away from the curb. He stood there looking like a well-fucked cross dresser as we disappeared in a cloud of dust.


By the following Thursday, Tom had dropped by with copies of the movie burnt onto CD’s in case I needed to distribute them to the people in Jason’s life. He had made another CD which could be loaded into virtually any computer and would send it via an email attachment to the seventy-five emails he’d gotten from hacking into Jason’s laptop.

When I asked him how he’d been able to pull off that little trick, he simply held up his hands and said, ‘Please, I’m a professional,’ and then laughed at his own joke.


On Friday night I had a date with Kym, which was beginning to be a standard thing for the two of us. I went to pick her up, but instead of going out as planned she answered the door wearing a robe and an ‘I missed you baby’ look in her eyes.

After closing the door behind me, she let the tie of her robe loose, allowing it to slip off her shoulders and pool on the hardwood floor. She was wearing her birthday suit beneath it; as my pants became tighter by the second, she looked up towards my face, “Can we forget about going out tonight?”

I followed her naked petite body, watching her tiny bubble butt and those twin grapefruit-sized boobies bouncing as she walked just ahead of me. Shedding clothing as fast as I could, she went through the threshold of her bedroom door second before me, flinging her body onto the bed just seconds before I buried my face between her beautifully slender thighs. In no time I separated her ankles to the far edges of her bed, lapping at her bald beaver like a sex-starved maniac. Between grazing her stiff clitoris with my teeth and reaching up to twist her taut nipples, I soon had her squealing in her first orgasm as she held me head against her quaking quim.

I knew she wanted to suck my cock and frankly the thought of her humming like a happy school girl while tickling my sack brought back memories of weeks gone by, but before she could regain her composure I bent her thin legs to either side of her face and told her to hold them. She had done so unquestioningly, which later would bring a smile to my domineering mind, but just then all I wanted to do was fuck the little nymph.

I aimed my hard cock, placing the throbbing head against her sloppy slot and driving it inside her in one smooth thrust until my balls slapped her ass and the opposite end mashed into her cervix.

“Oh, God,” she cried out loudly, “Fuck me, baby… fuck your girl good and hard.”

The words she used were so hot, but the tone she presented them in was even hotter, as she literally begged me to pound her young twat harder and harder. We fucked straight through my first and her second orgasm until we found another within the two of us, exchanging passionate kisses whenever we weren’t screaming obscenities of lust at each other.

Before we knew it we had fallen asleep in bed together until we woke up around four in the morning, to pick up where we’d left off. Only this time she made me lay on my back so she could once again ride me like a cowgirl until she leaned forward and said, “Suck my titties, baby. Suck ‘em real hard.” I did as she asked; knowing the stimulation always seemed to bring her over the edge.

After she collapsed forward onto my chest, I rolled her to one side and crawled out from under her. She began to protest my abandonment, but soon found I had other ideas as she felt me tugging her legs to the edge of her bed. When she scooted back towards where I stood, I held my cock straight out until she was close enough to impale.

Kym squealed and giggled until I began to do her doggy-style; after that she’d only grunt and groan as I crammed my cock in and out of her creamy cunny. Kym put her head on her arms, thus raising her ass towards the ceiling and making the angle of my penetration even better.

What really surprised both of us was when I began to push my right thumb into her tight little asshole. I surprised her because I hadn’t shown her my interest in anything relating to anal since we’d been together. She surprised me because when I had forced it inside her backdoor, I done so without thinking she may not like it. Instead of Kym giving me a negative reaction, she only pushed back as if enjoying the intrusion! My cock erupted for the fifth time in twelve hours as my thick digits sawed in and out of her butt, both of her sex-tubes clamping down on my body parts as she jerked through our mutual orgasm.

Late the next morning over coffee and eggs, she asked me what made me shove my finger inside her virgin ass. I only shrugged my shoulders and said, “Impulse, I take it you’re a virgin?”

The blush that rose on her cheeks told me differently, but then she explained further when she said, “Well, I’ve had fingers and toys in there but never a cock; …it’s just something I’ve been saving, I guess. Do you have any hidden secrets, baby?”

“Of course I do,” I answered. “And maybe someday you’ll discover all of them.”

Then with a smirk I asked, “So…am I special enough to be considered for your anal deflowering?”

“You’re at the top of my list,” she giggled.



By the next summer changes had found all of us.

Jason had never again contacted me, proving the movie idea a success. The CD’s are still kept in a safe in case they’re needed at some point.

Tom had seen Jason in a bar one night, started hitting on him, eventually leaving the place and waiting outside for him. They went back to Tom’s apartment, where Jason resumed his submissive behavior by begging Tom to pound his ass. By the following summer they had an arrangement; three or four times a month, Jason would go over to Tom’s apartment to be sexually used. Tom even extended the offer, that if I ever wanted to revisit the ‘good old days’ by stopping over, he’d tie Jason up and let me get my rocks off with a quick fuck. But so far, I haven’t taken him up on it as I’ve had my hands full.

Kym’s apartment lease was coming up for renewal at the first of the next year and before she renewed it, I popped the question. No, not that question; I asked her if she and I should take the next step by having her move into my house. She could have her own bedroom so she would have her own space, I told her, so as not to make her feel smothered. She simply stood on her tip toes and stretched her arms about my shoulders as she has to do to look up into my eyes and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

It was just a week before when she was packing boxes, she informed me that she’d finally found the right time to tell her parents about sharing my house. I suppose they took it OK although truthfully it wasn’t my greatest concern. I knew Kym loved me because she’d told me so when she’d taken me out dancing to celebrate my thirty-ninth birthday two weeks ago. Without hesitation, I reciprocated her sentiment by way of whispering it back into her ears. We had no expectations, no promises and no guaranties for the future, only that it would be a future with the two of us as one.


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