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John ❤

“Get the fuck up you piece of shit!” John yelled while kicking me to wake up off the floor.

I grunted and moaned, “Whhyy?”

I slowly started to stand up, when John forcefully grabbed me by the arms and pulled me next to him, and kissed me strongly. I sort of just stood there submissively kissing him back. After a few seconds John pushes me back onto the floor and goes over to their stuff sitting in the corner and says, “It’s time to go, the cops are a couple blocks down, I think someone might of reported us yesterday.”

“Just let them find us, I’m getting tired,” I said.

John stops packing and says, “ We've been through this, I’m not letting them find you. If it were just me, I would. But you wouldn’t last a day in prison. And I’m not letting you get hurt, now get up were going.”

"I'm not stupid John, I know why you really don't want me to go. You know all the guys there would just fuck me, and you know I wouldn't care; and that makes you sick. Doesn't it?" I said sitting on the floor with my legs apart just staring at him with that naughty look on my face. John noticed me staring at him, and had a little smirk. He walked over to me. Going in between my legs, he got on his knees, taking his hands, putting them around my head and kisses me.

He moved his body onto mine, and soon I was on the floor and he was on top of me. His lips, wet with my taste, started to move down my neck. John kissing my neck started to thrust his hard cock into mine, I loved when he dry humped me. His bold cock outlining the skin tight jeans he wears; than thrusting himself onto me. John started to thrust faster, making that hot sex noise I love so much. He than just suddenly stopped breathing heavily, lookin at me he quickly opened his mouth and sliding his tongue in me. I felt gross, but I liked it, kinda.

John sliding his hands up and down the sides of me, than pulled my shirt off. Holding me lightly, delicately, making love to my chest and tummy. He works his way down to my cock. He takes his eyes off of my pants for a moment and looks up at me, "I love you so much." he says. I just smiled. He unbuttoned my jeans then unzipped them. He started to ravish my cock through my underwear. Him sucking hard on my cock, got my underwear so wet you could start to see through them.

I stopped him for a moment and pulled my underwear down. He paused and than started to suck my cock. His lips sliding up and down the side of my white cut dick felt so orgasmic. I felt I was going to cum then, but I didn't I held it in, and just moaned. Pushing his head up and down on me got me so horny. "Your turn" I said, and than pulled his head off of me. I pulled John up, face to face and kissed him. Than as it got slow and romantic I grabbed on tight to his shoulders pushed him sideways onto the floor, and got on top of him.

"Rough much?" he said.

"Only when you get to nice." I replied.

I tugged on his hair and pushed the back of his head to the floor. That hurt him a little, he grunted and than pulled my legs up onto him more and slapped my ass. He than started to thrust his cock into mine. Me on top of him naked with him pants on, wanted him. I than kissed down his chest, unbuckled his pants and than jerked his underwear with his pants off. Revealing his 8 inch hard cock to me. I iimediately grabbed his cock with my hand and than shoved it in my mouth. The warmth and hardness of him inside my mouth was overwhelming, I gagged on him. He stopped me and asked if I was alright. He got up on his feet, bringing me to my knees, and slowly thrust-ed his cock into my mouth. A few times going in deep, I gagged. Tasting his precum was so delicious.

"Get on your hands." he said sternly. I did as told. He got on his knees than put both hands on my ass. First putting his finger in his mouth, than spitting on my hole. He fingered me, massaging my hole. It felt so good, I moaned louder and louder deeper he went. Jerking himself with one hand, fingering me with the other. When I opened up, he stuck his whole finger in, than moved inside of me. I moaned in pain and pleasure, telling him for more. He started to push faster in me and deeper. I couldn't take it, precum was dripping off of my semi hard cock, sweat dripping down my face.

He than released me of the pain and pleasure, and shoved his cock into me. I screamed loud bending my ass into him more. Him panting a little went faster and faster. I could feel his balls press against mine every time. Moaning and grunting I was in such pain but it felt so great. He than said under his breath "I'm gonna cum". I said "Cum in me John!" He got even faster than released his warm cum inside of me. I felt it all inside of me.

He than slowly pulled out, went and licked my ass. Than said "Get up here" pulled me up and kissed me. I could taste his sperm on his tongue inside of my mouth. Him holding my hands in mine, pressing up against each other, kissing, exchanging his sperm, tasted and felt indescribable. Are warm sweating bodies worked, relaxing in a kiss.

We both than got in bed, me falling asleep in his arms. ❤

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