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Josh and R.J. Chapter 1

Joshua and Ricky had known eachother for what seemed like forever...



The same homes they had lived in since birth, right next door to each other. The same school, church, classes, and the same shyness around girls. Now at 17 and just at the brink of hormonal combustion, they both shared a crush on the same girl. Steffie was just drop dead gorgeous, from the moment she moved to town in their junior year, they were both hopelessly hooked. It was not a completely unfamiliar triangle. But, in reality Steffie was not interested in either as a potential love interest. She was always friendly though smiling, laughing, even kissing and a bit of petting after awhile. But a teenage girl's sexual appetites can sometimes a bit more or less fickle. Neither boy had ever even seen her nude body, but were nevertheless transfixed on it.

As for Ricky (R.J.) and Joshua. They could almost be twins in allot of ways. Both were of medium height and small framed, not overly muscular but well defined. R.J. had dishwater blonde hair and bright blue eyes, while Josh' s hair was reddish brown and his eyes were hazel. The main reason they were so 'unlike' with the girls was their personalities. The were typical geeks not good at sports but very intelligent, sci-fi types.

It was the Friday of a long weekend, Josh' s parent as usual had to go out of town on business. So, naturally he was staying with R.J. this was the case 3 weeks of the month usually. They were just laying around watching some non relevant tripe named "troll wars". Neither was very interested in the movie, they were both thinking about 'her' again. Both of them were sporting large bulges by now as they talked of the times when they made out with Steffie in adolescent threesomes. After they smoked the usual Friday night stash R.J. was suddenly looking at Josh in a way that confused him. R.J. blurted "what the hell is wrong with you man, what are you looking at?" Josh, slowly stammered back, "I was just looking to see if you were still there, you ain't said shit for 15 minutes." R.J. had been in a semi trance affixed on the thought of Steffie's pussy. "Oh shit man, my frikkin' cock is gonna fall off!" They both busted out laughing because both of them had the same 'problem'. Josh said, "I need a fuckin shower man" " Don't you go jackin off in my bathroom dude!" Josh replied, "very funny asshole, like you never do!" They both knew they masturbated but never really talked about it. Somethings are secret to even the closest of friends. "I am serious man, don't do it." R.J. said still kind of chuckling. "And what happens if I do?" Josh responded. "I don't know but it may be something you won't like very much!"  said R.J. "Shit man! don't make me fuck your mother again!" Josh said as he flung a sweat soaked sock at R.J. "Well, to make sure you don't do it, keep the door open!"

There had always been something about seeing Josh naked that fascinated R.J. Their bodies were so much alike in most ways. Down to the size of their dicks, both were slightly bigger than average about 7" fully erect and circumcised. Both were very smooth with hairless chests, stomachs, and asses. R.J. had dreams of having sex with himself a few times but the face always turned out to be Josh' s in the end. The dreams had always freaked him out bait, but he always jacked off after them. Seeing each other nude was not unusual for the boys, they had done it for years. So, Josh stammered "what ever man" and turned to walk into the bathroom.

After a few minutes the steam began to pour out of the shower and R.J. sneaked in to the bathroom to pour some cold water over the top for a prank. Josh was indeed doing what he had been told not too! R.J. was mesmerized as he saw Josh' s glistening body writhing as he furiously stroked his member. After a few moments R.J. looked down and was not very surprised to see his cock was straining against shorts. He could not resist the urge he felt to stroke it right there. His hand reached under the band of his tighty whities and groped his cock, pulling, rubbing, and caressing his taught balls. He was in ecstasy staring at his best friend doing the same to his pulsing rod in the steamy shower. As the weed high and sexual tension built he became euphoric and lost his sense of reality for a moment. Opening his eyes, he saw Josh now had stopped stroking and was looking directly at him! He was so shocked he just froze in his tracks. Josh broke the nervous silence, opening the shower door he said "Look man, we both know what were doin' and it's all good, nothing to be embarrassed about. To be honest I have always thought your body was just like mine and it might be kewl to do this together. After all we would have had sex with Steffie together right?" There was a yearning in R.J.'s mind but also a bit of fear and anxiety. Josh exited the shower and walked to him. Grabbing R.J.s hard cock with a firm squeeze, Josh said," C'mon man we both know we want this." R.J walked like a zombie to him and quickly removing his shorts and briefs stepped into the warm water.

Both of their cocks were throbbing and harder than they had ever recalled.

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