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Josh and R.J. Chapter 2

R.J. was electrically charged from his toes all up his body...

Chapter 2


At first they just stood looking at each other. It was very steamy in the shower, and the drops were splashing down them. Josh reached for a bar of soap and began massaging his pubic area. As the soap began to cover his taught balls he slowly began to caress them. His cock was inflamed beyond belief. R.J. followed suit and was soon moaning in ecstasy as he copied Josh stroke for stroke. They were carried up in a fantasy that they were watching themselves masturbate, but it all seemed so natural. They were drawn to each other slowly as if their rods were magnetized to each other's hands. R.J. soon found Josh' s cock and was like a zombie as his fingers slowly ran down the violet veins. Josh was carefully following R.J. touch for touch. They both tightened their grip as the lather from the soap eased the friction. The boys did not kiss, they did not feel the need to express more love for each other then fondling themselves for now. R.J. looked deep into Josh' s eyes and suddenly said, "Can I taste it?" Josh softly moaned, "Please do!". They backed into the corner were there was a small sitting area R.J.. sat and was finally face to face with real flesh for the first time. He had certainly fantasized many times of this but now here it was in front of him. He began by running his fingertips up and down Josh' s shivering ass cheeks. Watching this massive meat in front of his mouth was incredible. He moved closer inch by inch until a drop of pre cum stuck to his bottom lip. He licked his lips and was delighted at the sweet but musky taste. Sticking his tongue out he began to slowly circle the purple head as it bounced up and down. Josh could not believe the intensity of the pleasure he was feeling, it was also his first time of 'real sex'.

R.J. opened his mouth and allowed his best friend's cock to glide against his waiting tongue. His cheeks quivering as he took in the first couple of inches. Tightening the grip with his lips he was salivating for more. The skin to skin contact of the warmth of his friend's meat in his mouth was electrifying. He began to stroke the cock with his mouth as he ran his fingers across Josh' s leather sack. The muscles in Josh' s midsection were straining now as his mushroom grew and pulsed in R.J's mouth. R.J. became a bit more aggressive and began to attempt swallowing he wanted all of this cock in his throat. It got easier as he relaxed his throat more and soon he had taken more than 4 inches, not enough. He continued slowly, savoring the moment. He continued to pump his neck forward straining for the full length. It did not take too long until he reached his goal and felt Josh's soft hairs touch his nose.

Josh almost swooned as he groaned loudly and shouted, "Suck my fucking cock!" R.J. continued to work his friend's penis in his throat. He delighted in the feeling of the engorged head hitting the bottom. He felt Josh's body begin to spasm and knew he would soon cum. R.J. quickened his pace wanting to feel the sweet gush inside. "Oh, fuck! I'm cumming!" Josh moaned. His cock felt like it was going to explode as he spurted a thick white stream that had his buddy gagging. R.J. continued to pump and swallow. The creamy liquid coating his tonsils. Josh, almost collapsing sat next to R.J. and said, "That was the hottest cum I ever had, now it's your turn." " Let's go back in the bedroom", replied R.J.

"Sucking your cock was the greatest feeling I have ever experienced" said R.J. "I would love to return the favor, but there is something I want more" said Josh. R.J. gave him a puzzled look, "what do you want?" he asked. "I want you to fuck me in my ass" Josh said as he lay on his stomach on the bed raising his smooth white ass off the mattress. R.J. had thought about doing this before and his head began to spin with excitement. He climbed on the bed and straddled the back of Josh's legs. He reached down with both hands and softly caressed Josh's goose bumped ass. R.J. spread the soft mounds to reveal Josh's tiny hairless  hole. R.J. lubed a finger with saliva and slowly inserted it in Josh. Josh sighed with pleasure and raised his ass to meet the intruder. After a few minutes of this R.J. plunged another finger into Josh's pink hole and curving them was rubbing Josh's prostate. Josh was grinding his hips up wanting more, "give it to me now, fuck me with that big cock, please." R.J. positioned himself on top of Josh and placed his swollen head against his friend's asshole. He slowly started to push forward and was reeling as he felt Josh's ass open in welcome for him. Josh just lay there moaning in ecstasy as R.J. slipped his cock in to the hilt.


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