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Knob Polisher

Wesley becomes the knob polisher for three straight guys at college…

When I arrived at college, I shared a room in the residence with Tully. Our dorm was at the end of the passage and in the room across from us, Abel and Seb were accommodated. Tully, Seb, and Abel instantly hit it off as they were all on scholarships to achieve physical education degrees. They had been recruited to the university, because of the disciplines they excelled at in track and field events.

Tully was a javelin expert, Seb was an excellent discus thrower, and Abel was a brilliant practitioner of shot put. All three were hunky and hot. Abel, unsurprisingly, was not only the heftiest of the three but also the most handsome. Although I was the odd man out, being gay, amazingly they all treated me very genially. Naturally, I was constantly ribbed by them but it was always in a light-hearted and friendly manner. I was often bear hugged by one or the other before my hair got ruffled and my backside received a friendly slap, making me feel like a favourite toy.

Nudity did not appear to worry the three buddies and my poor heart frequently had to endure, not only their incredible masculine bodies, but their dicks flopping about. All three guys had very decent knobs. Abel’s cock was cut and the thickest of the three. The shaft was very fat and he had an oversized dick-head that looked like a ripe red fruit stuck on the end of it. I often wondered about the strain a girl would experience as Abel’s bulbous knob-head popped in and out of her pussy.

Seb and Tully were uncut and Seb’s cock was longer and thinner than Abel’s. Tully, however, had the most unusual of the three knobs, which resembled a boomerang. The wider midsection of his dick tapered toward either end and curved distinctly to the right.

Saturday nights were usually party time for the three blokes, and although I did accompany them to the bar on one occasion, it really wasn’t my scene. They were simply out to drink and get laid. The trendy bar they favoured was renowned for being popular with cougars, and being taken home by one of these ladies was a regular occurrence.

One of the frequent ‘torments’ I had to endure on Sunday mornings once they returned to college, was to have my head clamped by one or the other before I was compelled to sniff the pussy odour of the women they had fucked the night before. It wasn’t an ordeal for me and a small price to pay for enjoying the sight of their knobs close-up.

Of course, I protested like crazy, which totally enhanced their impish pleasure. Thereafter, I would be harangued and told that they were definitely going to ‘force’ me to accompany them at a future date, and coerce me into experiencing the pleasure of pussy in a group session. Apparently, they were determined to ‘cure’ me.

On a Saturday evening two months later, the three guys left for the bar as usual. At around eleven that night, Tully returned earlier than normal. I made as if I was asleep but could sense his irritation. It was also clear that he had a good few drinks in him, and very shortly I heard him drift off to sleep.

Early the following morning I observed Tully head off to the ablution block. Upon his return, I was properly awake and seated on my bed.

As Tully sat across from me I got the lowdown of the events of the previous evening:

Early on in the evening, Seb and Abel engaged a good-looking cougar in conversation, while Tully commenced chatting to a very attractive woman. An hour later as Tully and Abel were ordering drinks at the bar, Abel told Tully his great news. The cougar was interested in having a threesome with him and Seb and had invited them to accompany her home later. Tully was also very positive at this point and was sure that he too would get lucky that evening.

With the cougar leading the way, Seb and Abel eventually departed from the bar. Tully’s conversation with Jill, the attractive woman he was talking to, was also heating nicely as he observed them leave.

A short while later disaster struck, when Jill’s ex-boyfriend showed up at the pub. After politely excusing herself from Tully, Jill moved a short way off at the request of her ex and had an animated chat with him.

Ten minutes later, Tully’s heart sank when Jill gave Tully an apologetic smile before following her ex-boyfriend out of the establishment.

Before departing, Tully glugged down three more beers in frustration, having decided there were no women left in the bar that he would wish to have sex with.

Having regaled me with the events in the bar, I offered him my sympathy on his disappointing evening.

“Fuck, Wes, with all the javelin training and college shit I have to do, the only evening to have some fun is on Saturday nights, and now I have to endure two weeks without getting laid,” Tully moaned.

I offered him a compassionate shrug before he spoke again. “Wes, do you think I’m good-looking… I mean, do you find me sexy?”

I was a little reticent to answer but felt it would be rude not to do so. “Sure, you are good-looking and sexy,” I replied in a matter-of-fact manner.

Tully now observed me for a short while, and then with a straight face asked, “Would you consider polishing my knob for me, you know, I mean, giving me a blowjob?”

I was so gobsmacked that I let out a nervous giggle, and then to diffuse the awkwardness I was feeling, I replied: “Okay, Tully, pull my other leg because it’s got bells on it.”

Maintaining a serious look on his face he answered, “I’m being dead serious.”

After another anxious laugh, I replied, “No, because that would be a very bad idea.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, firstly, you are straight. Secondly, if I were to polish your knob things will become awkward between us, and living together as uncomfortable roommates won’t be pleasant,” I replied.

“I’m not asking you to marry me, Wes; I’m just asking you to help me out… I’m fuckin horny buddy and I’m sick of wanking,” Tully countered.

“It’s still a very bad idea, Tully,” I mumbled.

After a pensive gaze at me, Tully quietly asked, “Were you lying about me being good looking and sexy?”

“No,” I answered.

With an intense and imploring look on his face, Tully said, “Hear me out... You’re gay, right?" I nodded. "Well according to what I‘ve been told, if you forgive my frankness, gay guys love sucking dick?" I nodded again. "Well, if I’m so hot, according to you, what’s your problem?”

“Please Tully, let’s not fuck things up,” I pleaded.

Slowly, Tully arose off his bed and walked toward the door. After locking it, he walked over and stood before me.

Next, he pushed his boxers down, allowing them to drop to the floor. My heart began racing so fast when I observed his stiff curved dick, that I thought I might have a heart attack. A huge conflict began to rage within me. I so badly wanted to polish his knob but the possible negative consequences were stressing me out completely. As I looked up into his commandeering eyes, however, I knew that he wasn’t going to relent.

When Tully extended right arm and placed his hand on the left side of my head, he said, “Lie down on your right side, that way it’ll be easier to polish my knob.”

As if in a trance, I acquiesced. With his dick-head almost touching my lips I inhaled his incredible masculine fragrance.

“Open up your mouth, Wes. Please help me out,” Tully groaned in a low horny growl.

After tapping the boomerang on my cheek a few times, Tully pushed his cock-head into my mouth. Very measuredly, he then commenced infiltrating my mouth. The taste and sensation of his actions were overwhelming and fairly soon I could feel his dick-head tapping the back of my throat. With both his hands cupping and caressing my head, the most unbelievable sounds of pleasure began to spill from his lips. The whimpering oohs and aahs were mesmerizing.

As Tully delved ever deeper, the litany of approval from him escalated. “Fuck yeah, oh holy Jesus, oh my god, fuck you’re good, suck me, polish my fucking knob” and incantations of that sort just kept flowing.

After an initial bit of discomfort, I now got into full stride and was accommodating Tully’s cock to the limit. In accordance with the oral, aural, and head stimulation I was receiving from Tully, I had also begun stimulating my own dick. The taste and feel of Tully’s dick in my mouth were heavenly and there was nothing else in the world that I would rather be doing at that moment.

After several more minutes, I heard, “I’m gonna cum, fucking hell yeah, I’m fucking cumming.”

When Tully commenced unloading, the tang of his cum excited me so much that I also erupted in my underpants.

Next, I started licking the residue off Tully’s cock. For good measure, and to the delight of Tully, I also gave Tully’s balls a good polish. Upon completing the job I looked up at Tully’s contented face.

“That was the best blowjob I have ever had,” Tully said, and then with a naughty grin he continued, “Guess what, I’m not feeling awkward at all.”

After we showered, we went down to the dining hall and had breakfast. I was pleased that we were communicating naturally as if nothing sexual had happened between us. Inasmuch as I would’ve liked our interaction to be more reciprocal and intense, I fully understood that Tully was a straight guy who had opportunistically got his rocks off. Above all, I wondered if our encounter had been an anomaly, or if more interactions with him lay ahead.

Back in our room, I sat at my desk and addressed an assignment that I had to hand in the following day, as Tully sat on his bed entertaining himself with a computer game. At ten-thirty Abel and Seb entered our room and sat on my bed across from Tully.

I continued working as conversation flowed between them. First, Tully related the events of his disappointing evening. After that, Abel and Seb went into raptures about their eventful evening with the cougar they had gone home with. No graphic details were spared as they regaled Tully with a blow by blow account of their hot night of fucking.

After every last detail of their fuck-fest had been elaborately reported, Seb lamented the fact that if the cock-tease that Tully had wasted his time hadn’t been at the bar, he was sure that the cougar they had encountered would have enjoyed Tully joining them as well.

Abel now entered the fray in a playful manner and began teasing Tully about the fact, that while he was wanking after he got back to the dormitory the previous evening, they were busy double-fucking a hot cougar.

After the guys had a good laugh Tully informed them, that he hadn’t even wanked because he was too pissed when he arrived back.

The discourse that followed made my blood run cold, and I did not once remove my eyes from my computer screen or my fingers from my keyboard as Tully began to speak.

“Guys, remember a few weeks ago when we were discussing oral sex and we mischievously speculated if Wesley, naturally being gay, would be good at blowjobs?”

After sounds of acknowledgement, Tully persisted, “Well, I can positively inform you that he is the best knob polisher I have ever encountered.”

“Fuck off, Tully. Don’t bullshit us,” Seb instantly countered.

“Besides, bro, we all know you aren’t gay,” Abel joined in.

“I’m being dead serious. Wesley turned out to be a real buddy this morning and… well, somewhat reluctantly at first, finally agreed to polish my knob for me,” Tully reliably informed them.

The rest of their banter became a blur for me, and I was very relieved when they finally left to room to shoot some hoops before lunch. I felt embarrassed and humiliated by Tully’s pathetic display of one-upmanship. It also troubled me that my good relationship with Seb and Abel may now have been seriously compromised.

For the rest of the day, I avoided the trio rather successfully.

That evening as they exited Abel and Seb’s room and made their way to dinner, Seb stopped off in our room and invited me along.

When I told him that I had a bit more work to do and would follow later, he smiled at me and said, “Don’t stress, Wes, Abel and I are cool with what happened. A bit of Greek love never killed anyone.”

As Seb was about to leave he gave me a suggestive smile and a wink, before concluding, “Who knows… maybe I’ll also be lucky enough to get my knob polished.”

I wondered if Seb was simply being reassuring after he departed, or if there was any substance to what he had said.

That evening, all Monday, and on Tuesday I was very aloof toward Tully. I wasn’t unfriendly, but simply not very engaging. I was disappointed that he had betrayed me and felt that retribution was in order.

On Tuesday evening after ten, as I sat working at my computer, Tully walked up behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“I really sorry that I fucked up,” he said. “Please, buddy, forgive me,” he pleaded, as he massaged my shoulders.

There was a long pause before he continued, “I am really craving your hot mouth. You blew my fucking mind on Sunday morning and I need lots more.”

I remained silent before he continued, “How can I make it up to you?”

I arose and turned to face him. As we looked into one another’s eyes I said, “Okay, if you’re sorry, then take me in your arms and kiss me.”

A look of confusion crossed his face before he stammered, “Fuck, Wes, that’s really very gay… I mean…”

I didn’t allow him to finish before I asked, “So, you’re happy to fuck my face but a kiss is too gay for you?” With a very sheepish look on his face, Tully just stared at me.

“I need a bit of passion, Tully,” I persisted, before resuming; “One hand washes the other.”

With a look of angst, Tully placed his arms around me and moved his head forward. When our lips touched there was a momentary pause before our lips parted. I cannot say that our first kiss was memorable, but at least it was a start.

Having decided to halt his discomfort, I stripped and assumed my position on the bed. The look of relief on Tully’s face was soon supplanted by one of horny contentment.

The same procedure as we had pursued on Sunday morning was followed, to my great enjoyment. I was happy that our impasse had ended because I had missed his knob as much as he had longed for my mouth. Having last unloaded more than two and a half days before, Tully became overexcited in a very short time and erupted after a very short session. My presumption that he was done, however, was short-lived because a second face-fucking followed shortly thereafter.

Tully and I now settled into a regular early morning and late evening routine. Unprompted, he also kissed me before every knob polish. I would certainly not say that the kissing was ever very passionate and I always felt like it was an obligatory prelude to his oral stimulation, nevertheless, he was at least trying.

On Thursday that week, as I sat at the computer doing my homework, Seb walked into the room. When I asked him why he wasn’t training, he said that he had tweaked a muscle and that the coach had advised he take it easy that afternoon. After a brief chat, Seb arose and locked the door before moving before me.

“Time to see if Tully was correct,” he said, as he pulled my t-shirt off my body.

In an instant, we were both naked with me on my knees before him. Seb’s dick was far more comfortable than Tully’s, but his hand action on my head was a lot more intense. As opposed to Tully who caressed my head, Seb’s hands were like strong clamps pulling my mouth onto his cock with animalistic force. The skull-fucking from him was powerful and somewhat frenzied and I hung off the front of him like a sex doll in the clutches of a sex maniac.

Amazingly, I loved every second as he lustily pumped his cock into my mouth. Seb never even bothered to warn me before he blasted his spunk down my throat amid carnal sounds of horny gratification.

Afterward, he sat on Tully’s bed and said, “Tully was fucking right about your knob polishing abilities. I think that he and I will have to agree of a schedule for that hot mouth of yours. You are definitely a fucking A-one contingency plan between fucking bitch pussy. You have conclusively proved that a hot throat can rival any cunt.”

I simply smiled, happily graciously accepting his compliment. We sat chatting for a while before I saw Seb’s dick stiffening again.

As he took himself in hand, he impishly said, “Fuck, look what you have done to me again.”

As I shrugged, Seb flew off Tully’s bed and yanked my body to the floor, anchoring my head against my mattress. Seb’s wasted no time before he was leaned over me with his hands on my bed before his agitated hips once more commenced fucking my brains out. After Seb came a second time he withdrew his knob and slapped my face with it a few times.

“You are an unbelievable cock sucker,” he assured me, before resuming, “Don’t get me wrong, Wesley, I still prefer pussy, but you are a fucking great substitute.”

After he left I remain seated on the floor with a smile on my face. I had loved the fervour Seb had shown and was under no illusion that straight sex would always remain his preference. I was, nevertheless, intrigued by his frenzied approach. Strangely, it displayed a far greater passion than my encounters with Tully. I had really enjoyed my skull-fucking.

I also wondered if there was a likelihood of an engagement with Abel. Of the three, I had always found him the most appealing. In my mind, however, I worried that he was the straightest of the trio and the least likely to indulge in an m2m encounter.

On Saturday, the trio participated in a track and field competition. Seb, regrettably, came third due to his ongoing muscle hassle, but Abel and Tully both won their events.

That evening when Tully and Seb were preparing to head off to the bar at eight pm, Abel elected to stay behind. He said that he had not slept very well the previous evening and badly needed a quick nap, before joining them an hour or so later. I did some homework before playing a few computer games to amuse myself.

At ten-thirty I was surprised when Abel entered my room. Having overslept, Abel had decided that it was simply too late to go to the bar. He joked about the fact that Tully and Seb were most probably fucking the cougar whom he and Seb had met the previous week, and had agreed to meet at the bar again that evening.

We had a brief chat about things in general, before he said, “So, Wesley, it looks like I’m the odd man out.”

Surmising that Seb had obviously told him about our scene on Thursday, I, nevertheless, decided to play along.

“What do you mean?” I coyly asked.

“Well, Seb was very impressed with his knob polish,” he answered, matter-of-factly, before resuming, “The thing is, I am feeling a little left out at this stage and wish to join the club.”

“Oh,” was all I could manage in response.

“Is that an ‘oh yes’ or ‘oh no,’ Abel asked smiling.

“Oh yes,” I quietly replied.

“Cool... Of course, there might be a problem with my knob. Thick cocks with large dick-heads are always problematic when it comes to blowjobs,” he said, before pausing with a faux rueful look on his face.

For the next several moments, he just stared intensely as he sat across from me on Tully’s bed.

“But, maybe we can make an alternative plan,” he finally stated.

“What do you suggest?” I asked, as my heart began to race with excitement.

“I want to fuck you, Wesley. I want your pucker to polish my knob,” he informed me in a husky manner, his voice dripping with lust.

I did not answer vocally and simply let my eyes signal my acquiescence.

“Have you got lube?” Abel inquired.

Again I did not vocalize my reply but simply nodded yes.

“Lock the door,” he instructed, with an escalating horny look in his eyes.

After locking the door I retrieved the lube from a drawer and placed it on my bed. Abel then got off Tully’s bed and moved toward me. He first pulled my t-shirt over my head before removing his own. Following on that, the shorts we were wearing were disposed of.

As I looked at Abel’s dick, which I was seeing, erect for the first time, I became somewhat nervous. Both the shaft and cock-head were larger than I had anticipated. In fact, the red orb at the end of the shaft looked ominously huge.

“Did Tully butt-fuck you?” he asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Have you ever been butt-fucked?” Abel inquired.

“Yes, a few times,” I replied.

Next, taking hold of his knob and presenting it to me, he asked, “Have you had anything this thick in you?”

“No, nothing even close,” I answered.

“You know it’s going to hurt a little,” Abel warned.

“I don’t care. I’ll work it out,” I bravely answered.

Abel let out a snigger as he pulled me into his body, enclosing me in his arms. Abel now commenced passionately kissing me. This single act excited me more than all my encounters with Tully and Seb, in the previous week.

Cocooned by his large frame my hands caressed his strong shoulders. The feel of his large knob pressing into my body and his bulky body was stimulating beyond comprehension. Our oral tussle was also sustained and incredibly gratifying.

After what seemed like an age of ecstasy, Able finally said, “Let’s open you up because your pucker has got a lot of polishing to do tonight.”

As I turned and leaned over my bed, Abel started applying lubrication to my backside and his cock. Next, he gently worked his fingers into my arse as he commenced loosening me up. After an extensive prodding that finally escalated to three fingers, Abel placed the round ball at the end of his dick at my portal.

Shortly, a slow, yet insistent nudging began to ensue. As his prodding progressed, I could feel my backside being prised open to an unnatural extent and it felt like someone was trying to push a square peg into a round hole. I concentrated with all my might as his dick-head fully popped into my buffing tunnel. The strain was overwhelming but I was determined to give his knob a thorough polishing.

After holding still in my backside for a short while, Abel commenced his onward motion as he fed the thick shaft to my manhole. The initial soreness also began to wane, supplanted by the most heavenly gratification. The added pleasure of his huge hands caressing my back sent shivers down my spine.

The pervading thought in my head as he conquered me, was that after being surprised by both Tully and Seb, Abel, whom I had always fancied the most, was the one I believed was the least likely to participate in this kind of activity. Magically, here I was with his enormous dick lodged in my arse.

Sensing my contentment, Abel now lifted my torso and placed his arms around me once more. After anchoring my legs against the bed and widening his stance, his hands began to tour my chest and stomach, and his lips commenced caressing my neck and shoulders.

Shortly, his hips began to stir as he started grinding his knob in my backside. The sensuality was overpowering and I thought I had arrived in heaven. As Abel intensified his thrusting the stimulation of dick-head started to overwhelm my senses, and when his right hand started tugging on my cock, my balls began to churn.

Shuddering in his arms, my cock then exploded, giving me the greatest orgasm of my life.

Next, Abel told me to lift my arms and fasten my hands behind his head. Abel hands then clamped onto my inner thighs as he lifted me and manoeuvred our bodies onto the bed. As I lay on my stomach his encapsulating body commenced a rhythmic dance on top of me.

What astonished me was that my dick was fully rigid once more and as Abel started upping his tempo I could sense that my next orgasm was not too far off. When I mentioned this to Abel, he told me to hang in for a while longer, so that we could shoot our loads together.

Later as I began to gasp, Abel started thumping my arse frantically and I was pleased when he rumbling groans began emanating from him. Our timing was perfect, and as I once more came I could feel his spunk spaying inside my butt.

Afterward, Abel did not get off and simply remained on top of me as our breathing returned to normal.

“There is nothing better than a tight arse,” he said, before resuming, “Don’t get me wrong, I like pussy but a tight pucker definitely takes the top spot.”

After I let out a laugh, Abel concluded, “That was the best knob polish I’ve had in a long while.”

We both now commenced laughing.

Over the next hour, I was fucked twice more by him before he finally fell asleep. I made a visit to the bathroom to expel the three loads of cum that he had deposited in me and upon my return, I climbed onto Tully’s bed and also happily drifted off to dreamland.

When I awoke early the following morning, Abel was lying on his side and staring at me. Smiling, he gestured for me to join him on my bed. As I lay down on my back he climbed on top of me and began kissing me.

After a while, he lifted his head and said, “When Tully and Seb get back today I want to make them a proposition. I’m going to suggest that we swap rooms. Either Seb can move in with Tully and you with me, or Tully can move in with Seb and I‘ll move in with you. Would you be okay with that?”

“Definitely,” I answered, before asking, “Do you think they’ll agree?”

“Well, if you support the suggestion, I cannot see why not,” Abel replied confidently.

Abel then lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders. I cannot say that his entry was very comfortable, and his cock felt twice the size it had the previous evening. I valiantly rose to the occasion and was very pleased when a short while later it began to feel a lot more comfortable. Fortunately, as our mouths commenced frantically wrestling, the initial discomfort proved to be infinitely worthwhile.

In the middle of our session, Abel held still in me and said, “Wesley, I would like to have a serious relationship with you. I want to take ownership of your pussy because you’ve rekindled a very happy memory in my life.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you when we’ve finished,” he answered with a mischievous grin.

For the next half-hour, we made passionate love. Abel was totally enthralling me and I was completely smitten with him.

When our mindboggling session ended, Abel related a story about a guy that he was totally in love with. Two years before, he and this guy were on the field and track team at high school. This guy was apparently a very good middle-distance athlete. Although both of them were bisexual and dated girls, when they were together alone and the opportunity arose, they fucked like rabbits. According to Abel, I reminded him of this guy.

That afternoon, Seb and Tully only arrived back at four-thirty. Not only had the cougar made them a great breakfast, but insisted they stay for lunch as well. Naturally, after a hectic night of fucking, they continued their carnal escapades after breakfast and after lunch as well.

After a detailed report on their machinations, Abel finally dropped the bombshell about his encounter with me, and his room swapping suggestion. Seb and Tully looked totally bewildered at first, but Abel pressed the point that I was fully behind his proposal. As a sweetener, Abel added that he had no problem occasionally sharing me with the two of them.

Fortunately, Seb soon seemed comfortable with the idea but Tully looked somewhat reticent initially. With Tully effectively being outvoted by three to one, however, he finally gave in. After dinner that evening the swap took place. Seb moved in with Tully and I moved in with Abel.

My sex life with Abel flourished as our relationship blossomed. I was also frequently seconded to Tully and Seb’s room as Abel had promised. To my delight, my sexual encounters with them also improved enormously, because they really took to spit roasting me during our sessions.

The thing that amazed me about Abel was; upon returning to our room after an episode with Tully and Seb, Abel was incredibly turned-on by the fact that I had a load inside my backside. He would immediately bend me over my bed and spend an hour stirring the spunk in my backside. The intensity of his anal onslaughts on these occasions was also far more animated than normal and I wasn’t sure if he was exacting a revenge of some sort. Whatever the reason, I absolutely loved the aftermath of my fuck sessions with Tully and Seb.

Being a knob polisher had turned into a total pleasure for me.

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