Last Morning in Mexico

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Giving head to a well hung friend
Last Morning in Mexico

The group of guys I went to school with takes a fun trip together each year. Skiing, golf, gambling, sunny beaches, etc. We leave the girlfriends and wives behind. Don goes each year and we have been roommates on several trips.

Don is six feet tall and very athletic. He’s got a great body. Hairy chest and treasure trail, and slim. I’m just about the same size and description. I’ve seen Don naked in the showers at school and on some of these trips. Don has a large penis – no other way to describe it. His cock is thick, very thick, and the head is magnificent.

We shared a room on our trip to Mexico last year. The room had two double beds, living room, and a semi-private balcony looking out over the pool facing the ocean. The balcony had some nice recliners, tables, and a rug making it perfect for relaxing however, this trip was going to be all testosterone and action packed. The group was going to be surfing, riding ATV’s, and drinking at the bars. We might not even get time to relax on the balcony, even over three days.

The trip was a lot of fun as planned. We found ourselves back in the room exhausted late at night after all the activities. Don woke up first on the second day to take a shower and fight off his hangover. He came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and walked into the sleeping area. Don dropped the towel exposing his body to me. He dried himself including a thorough job on his cock, balls, and ass. Once he was dry he opened the curtains letting the morning sun come into our room. The towel was off for good and Don wasn’t in a hurry to put on clothes. The sun highlighted his body. I could see the tiny fine hairs on his shoulders, back, and ass, and his cock was proudly displayed in a warm golden ray of sun.

The morning discussion started out with references to the fun we had the day before. It wasn’t long before Don put on some nylon mesh basketball shorts and the conversation continued. Our conversation naturally turned to sex. We commented on some of the hot girls at the hotel pool and the beach the day before. I soon found out that Don wasn’t getting head from his wife any longer now that they had been married for several years. It frustrated him. One of the nice parts about our conversation was the realization that Don was getting an erection in his shorts right in front of me. I hadn’t ever seen Don with a full hard on even though I had seen him soft many times. The bulge was impressive.

On the last morning we slept in a little longer. Our only plans were to pack up and head to the airport with all the guys for an afternoon flight so there was no rush. Don was still sleeping as I woke up. The sunlight was peeking into the room from behind the curtains. I could see that Don was sleeping naked and his sheets weren’t covering him that well. His fully erect cock was pressing up into his belly. I already knew Don had a thick cock and an even thicker head based on seeing him flaccid. His penis grew proportionately to its full size. The length wasn’t impressive. Don might have been six inches long however, the thickness caught my attention. Don was stirring and about to wake up.

Don was a little embarrassed when he awoke seeing his rock hard cock pointing up right in front of me. The only distance between us was the width of the nightstand between the beds. I couldn’t miss it and I kept looking right at it. This was my chance to fulfill my fantasy of giving Don a blow job. Don wasn’t getting head from his wife, I knew he enjoyed getting head, and I had a desire to try it. Don apologized for exposing himself and quickly covered himself with the sheet. I had to say something now or miss the chance. I told Don what I had heard from him yesterday morning. He didn’t react negatively. I said as long as he didn’t tell anyone I would like to provide some relief to him. Don agreed! I was going to give him head out on our balcony.

The warm Mexico morning made the balcony a nice place to go. The balcony was private so no one could see us, especially if we sat in the lounge chairs. Don got out of bed and went out onto the balcony and relaxed in a lounge chair. His cock drooped a little with a semi-hard on. I knelt between his legs and took his cock in my hand. Don’s penis was warm and thick with a little pre cum forming at the tip. The head was pulsing as he grew hard again in my hand. The sun light was shining down onto the balcony making his cock glisten and it intensified the pulses in his shaft as he grew hard. I bent my head into his lap while I let my hand go from his shaft. My tongue danced around his cock head making it twitch a little with each stroke. Don leaned back to relax with his arms up behind his neck. I could see his armpit hair in neatly defined patches that matched the rest of his body hair.

My moist mouth opened all the way in anticipation of accommodating Don’s enormous cock head. I took him into my mouth savoring the soft skin and taste of the pre cum. My tongue swirled under his head as my lips pursed around it. Don made a few sounds confirming he liked what was happening. I pulled my lips off of the head and reminded Don to relax and to cum in my mouth whenever he was ready. My mouth went back to work on that beautiful hard penis. I licked him from his tight balls all the way up the shaft. I did this a few times while pressing a few fingers into Don’s taint. The veins in Don’s cock were even more prominent now. His head was massive and the shaft was extremely hard. When my mouth came off of his cock it would recoil into his belly. I pulled his cock away from his body and back towards my face. A thin rope of pre cum stretched from his cock back to his body.

His head and shaft were so thick at this point. I caught myself starring at his member admiring its shape. I eased into a nice slow rhythm going up and down Don’s cock with my fingers enclosing the base in his soft pubic hair. I felt the thickness pulse between my lips as I gave Don the best I head I could. How nice it felt when my nose buried into his pubic hair. Don began that familiar pelvic thrust as I slowly sucked his cock. A warm jet of cum shot into my mouth from his thick cock. Then another, and another. I kept my mouth over his warm head as the semen filled my mouth. I swallowed the warm cum while I continued to purse my lips around the head. Don relaxed and slumped in the recliner as I licked the rest of the warm cum from his beautiful penis.