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Life Changes Chapter Eight

Straight Mike and gay Luke visit a straight brothel in Prague; new kinks emerge
Previously: Straight Mike and gay Luke go to Prague and get more and more physically intimate with each other.

The room phone rang. Steve would be by in about fifteen minutes in a taxi to take us to Big Sisters.

We got up, dressed, and were in the lobby a few minutes before Steve arrived. He was still in his three-piece suit, while Luke and I were in t-shirts and jeans.

“Steve, I’ve never had sex with a prostitute,” I told him. “Not that I haven’t paid for sex – dinner, a movie, flowers, cards, rinse and repeat, and it worked out to about $500 a lay. But, no prostitutes.”

“I haven’t either,” replied Steve. “This will be a new experience for me.”

“Well, I have,” chimed in Luke. “Just never with a female prostitute. I picked up a guy at a club about eight years ago. He said he needed a place to spend the night. The next morning he asked for money. The sex was nowhere near as good as the free stuff.”

We got to the club, housed in a nondescript building with a plain exterior. I paid the taxi as well as the €30 entry fee for each of us. The doorman was probably ten years older than Steve and looked bored. The hostess was about Steve’s age and was naked. Some sights are better left unseen.

We were led into a bar that tried for luxurious but fell far short. Two women who looked to be in their forties were on the bar, both of them nude. One was disinterestedly licking at the other’s pussy. Older or not, animated or not, girl-on-girl action got my attention.

The hostess showed us to seats. There were four or five guys at the bar who had already ordered from the menu. Not the drink or food menu, the girls menu. The girls with them were dressed in an idiot’s version of sexy. One was topless, and her male companion was groping and licking her tits. Another girl’s hand was in her guy’s lap; her shoulder was moving up and down. I think I know what they were doing.

The bartender was an attractive blond girl in her twenties. She was wearing nothing but crotchless panties. That did get my attention. Seated at booths were three couples, all six of them dressed in normal street clothes. It didn’t appear that those girls worked here.

We ordered drinks and the bartender handed us the menu, or catalog. There were photos of about sixty women in various stages of undress. Underneath their pictures was a description (Czech, German and English) of them – age, nationality, languages spoken and sexual specialties. The German version read okay, and I don’t read Czech. One photo caught my eye – “Belinda, 21, from Brazil, speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Enjoys sucking dick and fucking.” She looked older than 21 (perhaps double that) but perhaps the sex trade had been hard on her.

Luke looked through the menu until he found a girl whose sexual specialty was “Likes to get fucked in the ass.”

“That I can do with my eyes closed,” remarked Luke. I suppose fucking an ass is no different whether it’s a man or a woman.

Steve gestured at one of the women in the booth. “Is she available?” he asked.

“Probably not,” answered the bartender. “We get couples coming in here for various types of sex. One of the couples wants a three-way with a girl. The other two plan to use our bondage room. The girl you asked about is into bondage.”

“Not for me,” Steve replied. He started going through the menu again.

The nude girls switched positions. Twattle-dee started licking Twattle-dum’s cunt. One of the male customers who had already ordered went through a door into the back. “Video on or off?” the bartender called to the girl.

“On,” she said. Everything in the club was video recorded for later broadcast, as well as broadcast live over the internet. We knew that already, so the question puzzled me.

The bartender noticed my puzzled look. “The girls have the option of having a live feed of their activities sent to screens in the bar and the watching room.”

In answer to my question, she told me the “watching room” had a small bar and windows onto the group sex room and the bondage room. I ordered one “Belinda” off the menu, and told the bartender I’d meet her in the watching room.

A woman vaguely matching Belinda’s description showed up in tight red leather skirt and bra. “Você gosta de observar?” I asked her. She looked puzzled. Perhaps my Iberian Portuguese accent had confused the Brazilian.

“¿Le gusta observar?” I tried. Anyone who spoke Spanish was going to understand. More puzzlement.

“Belinda, where are you from?” I asked.

“Brazil,” she answered. I knew that was a lie.

“No,” I replied. “Where are you really from?”

She hung her head for a moment. “My real name is Katarina. I’m from Moldova. Nobody here wants girls from further East, so I say I’m from Brazil. You’re the first one in seven years who figured it out.”

“Seven years? So you started at fourteen?” Back in St Louis I taught interviewing skills at the Police Academy. Not a lot of money but it was interesting work. And I rarely got a speeding ticket.

“I started here when I was twenty-nine.” She was still lying, but this was closer to the truth.

We spoke for a few minutes. The only part of her profile that was the truth was that she liked fucking. Sucking dick was just something that was part of the job.

I tried watching the group sex room. I suppose it was great fun for those in it, but I could not make out anything in the writhing group of bodies. Group sex was not a spectator sport.

I looked at the bondage room, and that was clearly a spectator sport. About five or six guys with their menu selections were in there. One of the guys was wearing leather chaps and a mask, and nothing else. His nude entrée was kneeling before him while he ran a feather duster over her body. Her hands were tied behind her. “Suck!” he ordered. It took some effort on her part, but she finally found his miniature penis amid the folds of fat and began sucking.

One of the couples from the booths entered the watching room. They were both still in street clothes. The guy ripped the girl’s blouse off of her. “Show everybody your tits,” he ordered pointlessly.

“Yes, master,” the girl replied. She rose and walked around the room making sure everyone had a chance to see, feel and suck on her tits. She sat back down.

“Looks like enough people in the room now,” he said. “Let’s go, slave.” The girl rose and followed him out of the room into a hallway. In seconds they appeared through a door into the bondage room.

The man selected handcuffs from a “tool box” on the wall. He cuffed her hands in front of her. Then, with rope from the same box, he tied her feet together. He spoke to her sharply, and she crawled across the room to one of the working girls.

“Please let me eat your pussy,” she said. The girl looked at her guest, who immediately agreed. The slave began giving the girl oral sex, and doing a great job of it. I watched, of course. Purely for educational purposes. One can never be too good at eating pussy.

The guy in a mask pulled a nightstick from the tool box. He handed it to one of the observers and asked him to insert the handle into his girl’s anus. She stopped sucking him to say, “Please, more!” It then took her four minutes to find his dick again.

I was getting hard. I took off Katrina’s bra, and started licking her tits. She pulled my T-shirt over my head and returned the favor. When we came up for air another of the booth couples had entered the bondage room. We paused to watch.

They were both dressed in street clothes. The woman shoved the man onto his knees, then yanked him up quickly. She took rope from the tool box and tied his hands behind him. She then took scissors and cut through the neck of his T-shirt. She ripped it from his body and threw it away.

Like everyone else in the bondage room, they were barefoot. I asked Katrina about it. She explained that excited people could do real damage to one another with shoes, and bondage was for play, not blood.

By now the male-dominant visiting couple were kissing. He broke the kiss and asked one of the other men in the room to finish stripping his date. He did so, and proceeded to begin fingering her pussy. The male pushed her to her knees and ordered her to start sucking.

The female dominant took off the submissive guy’s belt and tossed it aside. She got the scissors out again and began cutting the waistband of his slacks. “I didn’t bring any other clothes,” the guy told her.

“Sounds like that’s your problem,” she replied. She cut down one leg and then the other. The guy was in nothing but a pair of light blue briefs. The dominant pushed him to his knees and asked one of the working girls to come over.

“Eat her pussy,” she commanded. His tongue emerged and began probing her cunt. “Faster!” his dominant ordered. He became more animated, and the working girl began to squirm. Soon all of the other people in the bondage room were watching the two couples from the booths.

The dominants looked at one another and said something. The girl sub was now giving a blow job to one of the male guests, while the male sub was eating a working girl’s pussy. The dominants said “Switch!” in unison. The girl getting oral sex from the guy moved to the female sub. The guy getting a blowjob from the girl moved to the male sub. The girl’s tongue disappeared into the working girl’s pussy. The man’s dick was swallowed by the male sub’s mouth, who began furiously sucking on him.

This was hot in the extreme. I asked Katrina to stand so I could get her skirt off. In seconds she was naked. I began fumbling with my belt, but this girl had more experience in getting guys out of their pants than I did. We were both naked in the watching room.

Katrina rolled a condom onto my dick and sat in my lap. She impaled herself on my penis and began riding me up and down. I was watching a girl eating pussy and a guy giving a blow job in the bondage room. Usually with a woman I can hold out for a while. This time was an epic failure. I was soon shooting my load up into her love canal.

I ordered drinks for both of us while we recovered. The female sub now lying on her back atop a guy. His dick was in her ass, and another guy’s dick was in her pussy. One of the working girls was sitting on her face getting cunnilingus.

The female dominant grabbed the scissors again. She cut off the guy’s briefs. It didn’t appear to faze him. She announced that another hole was available. A working girl grabbed a strap-on from the tool box, put it on, and began fucking the male sub in the ass.

I was getting hard again. Katrina noticed and dropped to her knees. She started by licking my balls, then slowly licking up my shaft. She briefly took the head of my cock in her mouth, then let it go to return to licking. This might be the best €30 I ever spent.

Back in the bondage room the male dominant had his rod out and was masturbating over his sub. He came in long strings over her tits while she ate out a girl and was getting fucked by two guys. The female dominant tapped the working girl on the shoulder, and she withdrew the strap-on. She asked if any of the guys wanted to give her boyfriend the real thing. Three guys lined up behind him. The first one donned a condom and entered the guy’s ass just as the guy he was blowing came all over his face. The sub thanked him for his cum, and begged his mistress to find a replacement. That took only a few seconds. Soon there were three guys in line in front of him, and three guys in line behind.

Meanwhile, Katrina had inserted a finger into my rectum and was probing. I could hear a countdown in my head. “Ejaculation will occur in ten, nine, eight…” She took the head of my meat in her mouth just in time to catch my eruption. I was fully spent. We finished our drinks and grabbed our clothes, to return to the main bar.

Steve was having a beer with Luke. My roommate was fully dressed, although Steve was in his striped boxers. Steve and I got dressed while I gave Katrina a tip and downed a mineral water. We grabbed a taxi (there was a line outside the club, what a surprise.) We dropped Steve off at his home and returned to the hotel.

We went straight to the room and stripped for a shower. No playing (well, not much). We made out for a bit, washed up, and went straight to bed.

I was learning new things about myself every day. I had been incredibly aroused by the bondage play. As I fell asleep I wondered what other kinks in my personality might come to light.

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