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Life Changes Chapter Four

Mike finally gets laid by a girl, learns more about his new friends
Previously: StraightMike attended his gay roommate’s pool party. Mike misunderstood the rules and showed up in his underwear. The attendees blindfolded him, and videotaped him being kissed, fondled, probed and sucked by half a dozen girls – and a dozen guys.

I kissed Luke chastely on the lips and disentangled myself from him. “Sounds good. I’m off to bed.”

I stopped in the hall bath and took a shower. A boy-girl couple came in while I was washing up and got into the shower stall with me. I told them I was done for the night. I dried off, went to my room and got in bed.

What the hell was happening with my life?

I was having a dream. I was blindfolded and was groping a pussy with my right hand and a dick with my left hand. Somebody was doing something weird with my penis. A bee was buzzing in the background. I awoke with a start.

A tangle of red hair was covering my mid-section. It raised its head and I figured it out. Cassandra was rolling a condom onto my erection with her mouth. She grinned as best she could and finished dressing me. I noticed her other hand working furiously at her cunt; that was where the buzzing originated. She pulled out the vibrator as she completed the condom roll.

I had a tough decision to make. I was naked and hard in bed with a naked girl who had just put a condom on me. Should I go back to sleep? Nah. I pulled Cassandra’s mouth up to mine and rolled over.

While we kissed she guided my outboard into her motor bay. I began thrusting forcefully, and she broke the kiss to ask me to slow down. I settled into a steady rhythm as Cassandra let out a moan. Then I started moaning myself. After about five minutes of slow fucking I had to speed things up. Two minutes later we both swung ourselves around so she was on top.

Cassandra began riding me like a bucking bull. She waved her hand in the air and yelled “Ride “Em Cowgirl!” She almost bounced off my thrusting dick as she rose and fell. Another two minutes and it was over. My balls emptied their steaming liquid into her cunt. Exhausted, we both fell motionless.

“Now, that’s the way I like to say good-morning,” I told her. I kissed her on the lips, she gave me a quick kiss, and then rolled off.

“This was the consolation prize.” Cassandra actually pouted. ”I was so looking forward to having you and Abigail both. When Luke announced that the prize deal was off and you were going to bed by yourself, Abigail and her boyfriend arranged a three-way with Brett. That left me all by myself with nothing but my vibrator. I watched the threesome for a while, then went to sleep on the floor.

“You still owe me a three-way, Mike.” Cassandra was issuing an imperative. “And I plan to collect.”

Now, this is one debt I would be glad to pay. We cuddled for a while, then decided we both needed coffee. We walked nude to the kitchen and found Luke had already started brewing. Luke and Jessica, both in underwear, were chatting at the kitchen table.

“It’s almost nine o’clock,” Luke said. “Most of the guests went home shortly after you went to bed. A few stayed over to sleep. Brett, Tony and Abigail are still zonked.” He motioned toward the couch in the living room. Brett and the brown-haired guy, who I assumed was Tony, were naked bookends to a sleeping nude Abigail.

I told Luke I’d help cleaning up from the party, and offered to take everyone out for breakfast – my treat. Luke woke his brother and the other two partiers, and told them it was time to clean up. With seven of us it took less than thirty minutes.

We all dressed and headed out for breakfast. Tony suggested the “Country Club,” which served a decent breakfast. Everyone knew what it was except me.

We arrived, and Tony suggested we sit by the pool. I just looked at Cassandra’s back as we made our way into the garden area. We sat down and looked at our menus. At least I looked at my menu. Everyone else was looking at the other guests.

I looked up when the waiter arrived, and gave him my order. He had brought water for all of us, and I’d had just enough to drink the night before that I was really thirsty. I lifted my glass and immediately dropped it.

Half the people in the garden were nude. The other five laughed at my surprise; the joke was on me. It seems that the Club has a clothing-optional garden and pool. Everyone was welcome, although the percentage of gays and lesbians was far higher than in the general population.

For the most part the naked guests seemed to be behaving themselves. Add to that the fact that some people should not go naked, and it appeared that all of those in this zip code were here this Saturday morning. With no playing going on, coupled with sagging tits, fat asses and drooping balls in every direction, the novelty wore off quickly.

I decided to address Brett directly about the previous evening. “You’re straight, yet I saw you enjoying Tony’s attention, licking his cock and balls, and having a three-way with him and a girl last night. Are you straight, bi, or something else? It doesn’t matter to me, I just want to understand the ground rules”

Brett and Tony looked at one another before he answered. “I’m straight, and so is Tony. We’re both just a bit curious. You might have noticed that I went inside instead of volunteering to be yours for the night. Tony stayed outside.”

Yes, I had noticed that. Tony picked it up from there.

“In addition to being good friends and roommates, Brett and I both enjoy sex – all kinds of sex. And, as he said, we’re a bit curious. Abigail is my girlfriend. She, Cassandra and I have three-ways and enjoy every part of each other’s bodies. She gets turned on by guy-guy action, so we also have three-ways with Brett.

“Sometimes we’ll go bar-hopping as a threesome, and pick up another girl or guy for a four-way. Neither Brett nor I does anal sex…”

Brett interrupted him, grinning. “Yet,” he added.

Tony continued. “Yeah, yet. But we suck and jack off each other in the three-ways and four-ways. And sometimes by ourselves if neither of us has a girl over. A guy knows how to please another man better than any woman could.”

Abigail jumped in. “Cassandra and I swing both ways. We get extra turned-on when guys fool around together. I get super aroused when I watch my boyfriend suck six or seven cocks in one night. Tony was the entertainment at last month’s pool party. After he and I put on a fuck show he sucked off every guy who attended. While Tony was sucking one guy, Brett would masturbate the next one to an erection.”

I was stunned. These guys described themselves as “straight,” but they both sounded bisexual to me. I said so, and Luke joined the conversation.

“In my estimation they’re both straight. Neither one is sexually attracted to the same sex. They both suck dick because Abigail and Cassandra like it. They fool around together alone as friends helping each other out.

“I’m attracted to men and not to women. Sure, I’ve fucked quite a few girls. I mean, it isn’t exactly an obstacle course, you know. But I fantasize that it’s a guy while I’m fucking.”

I still wasn’t convinced, but decided to let it go for now.

We finished our breakfasts, I paid, and we left. Luke, Jessica and I rode back to our place in my car, while the rest took off in Tony’s. When we got to the house, Jessica thanked me for the entertainment and the breakfast, and drove off.

“You up for some bar-hopping tonight?” asked Luke. “We’ll go to Oz again, and you can troll for pussy. I’ll troll for dick. Hopefully, neither of us will sleep alone tonight.”

“Luke,” I replied, “I’m not going to sleep with you tonight. It’s a girl or nothing. I’m really confused. I know I’m straight, but I made out with you last night. Why did I do that?”

Luke was direct and to the point. “Did you enjoy it?” I acknowledged that I had. “So did I. Do we need any other reason to do it?”

I had lots to think about. Maybe Brett and Tony’s mutual jacking and sucking was just because they enjoyed it. I had enjoyed making out with Luke. He was a phenomenal kisser, and I got aroused. Maybe if we do it because we enjoy it, that makes it all OK.

I agreed to bar-hopping, and determined that this visit to Oz I’d keep my pants on. If I had only known.

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