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Life Changes Chapter Nine: The end

Straight Mike's life changes forever
Previously: Straight Mike and gay Luke were enjoying physical intimacy with one another. They went to Prague and spent a memorable night in a straight bordello, where Mike found himself getting aroused by bondage.

Luke’s phone went off at eight a.m. He answered and immediately switched to French. Fortunately, it was pretty basic. “Yes, no, no, yes, certainly. Not now.” On the last one he looked at me.

“Mike, please leave for an hour. It’s a client call and I need to switch to Skype. If the client sees you there will be hell to pay.”

I didn’t need to understand. I dressed, skipped shaving, grabbed my phone and computer and left for the next-door café. I called Steve, who said he would meet me there in forty minutes, but only if I had coffee and Slivovitz already on the table. That was easy.

I checked e-mails. A client in San Jose, California, wanted me to visit for a week or two in the second half of September. If I was available, he’d send me a few hundred megabytes of info for a private placement memorandum. He wanted to raise $250M for a Latin American real estate venture. Pitches to qualified investors would be late September. We’d travel to Costa Rica in October. I replied that this was likely to happen. The fee for writing the PPM was only $30,000, but support to the pitches would bring five times that, and another $150,000 for the trip to Costa Rica for three weeks.

A client in Miami was organizing business strategy seminars in Oregon and Florida. Would I be available as a speaker, and to run a workshop? Quick reply: Need dates, audience details, your expectations and money numbers.

St. Louis wanted to know if I would be back in the autumn for police training. Easy reply: I moved to New Orleans, but thanks.

I got a quick email off to my attorney in St Louis. Pack up the storage locker and the car, arrange shipment to my new address in New Orleans, to arrive in less than two weeks.

The Slivovitz and Steve arrived at the same time. It seems that we’d pretty well nailed down everything. My Skype screen showed that Pam was up (did that woman ever sleep? It was 2:30 a.m. in Tennessee). I pinged her and she answered immediately.

“You’re looking lovely this morning,” I told her. Pam was 54. Her hair was in curlers and she was wearing a housecoat.

“Fuck you,” she replied. I’m only awake because the guy I had over last night is beneath the table licking my cunt.”

Steve and I laughed, of course. I gave Pam a list of things I thought Steve could use help with, and told her to follow whatever instructions he gave her. I had already paid her for 34 more unused hours, and I didn’t think she would use them all before the end of the month. Steve and Pam chatted for about ten minutes until she let out a scream. I was alarmed until a guy’s face appeared from below her. She hadn’t been kidding about the guy from last night.

While I closed down with Pam, Steve got a phone call. He hung up and spoke. “I’ve got to cancel tonight,” he said. “Big client coming into town and wants to sample the nightlife. Looks like I’ll be getting another punch on my frequent fucker card at Big Sisters tonight.”

I asked him how it had gone last night. Seemed he took as much advantage of the “all you can fuck” buffet as he could. Two fucks with local girls, and a blowjob from a Chinese woman. Steve’s first wife had been Chinese, and he had something of a fetish. Good for him.

We agreed that anything else could be handled via phone, e-mail and Skype on the new business venture. I called Fritz, a retired Nachrichtendienst officer, in Munich. His security firm had offices throughout Eastern Europe including Prague. I introduced Steve and highly recommended Fritz’s services.

“Wann du nicht die Kunde bist…” started Fritz. I told him to switch to English. Steve spoke English, Mandarin and Cantonese, but no German.

“OK, English.” Fritz was all business. “From this point forward, Mike, you are not the client. If Steve and I work together, he’s the client. He’s free to discuss my work with you. You are getting jack shit from me.”

That was our normal arrangement. Fritz had offered me a commission on the first client I referred to him. I told him if he ever did that again he was getting no more business through me. When I refer a client I do so considering only the client’s interests. Taking a commission creates a conflict of interest.

As Steve and I were finishing our discussion of training details for the new accountants, Luke wandered in. He joined us and poured himself a cup of coffee from the carafe.

“How did it go with the client?” I asked Luke. He grinned.

“Sorry to ask you to leave,” Luke apologized. Isabelle is an unusual client. I do all the artwork for her restaurant chain – menus, flyers, website and so forth. She has me on retainer, and when she says ‘jump’ I just ask how high.

“She insists that I am nude during Skype chats. She wanted to know if I had another guy with me. I told her yes but he was leaving immediately. She likes to watch me have sex with other guys. Getting paid by the hour for something I like isn’t bad. I just didn’t want to spring that on you.”

Steve spoke up. “When I’m working I produce about $4,000 an hour in revenue. I don’t work that much because a month full time leaves me with a huge tax problem. And, I like to travel. But, if I could make money having sex I’d be happy to cut my rate.”

Steve said he’d pay me the full freight since I had given him a fixed price; two weeks had been an estimate. He encouraged us to spend the rest of our time in Prague doing tourist things. After Steve left we hired a taxi and took a tour.

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral were fascinating. Strahof Monastery and the Maisel Synagogue were memorable. By five p.m. we’d done enough tourist things, and returned to the hotel. I changed our plane reservations to Friday, told the hotel we’d be checking out early, and then we looked at each other.

“Wanna play?” asked Luke. I smiled and nodded my head. “Then come with me.”

He took my hand and led me out of the room. We held hands in the elevator and did a little kissing. We held hands until we got into a taxi, where Luke gave the driver an address. We made out a little in the back seat, then exited on a mixed residential/commercial street in front of a nondescript building.

We walked down a ramp to the front door, where we found a short set of stairs. After descending the stairs I saw a typical bar, tables scattered around, television sets on the wall, barstools occupied by a bunch of guys. Nothing special.

A very cute bartender approached us. He had a plastic trash bag in his hands, and greeted Luke with a kiss. Luke kissed him back, not quite as passionately as during our own make-out sessions, but the passion was still there. The bartender pulled Luke’s T-shirt over his head, then noticed me.

“Welcome to Drake’s,” he said. “Luke always checks most of his clothes. Do you want your own bag?”

So this was Drake’s. I saw that Luke had stepped out of his shoes, and was lowering his jeans. “We’ll share a bag,” I told the bartender. Luke stripped to his mesh boxer briefs, I stripped to my tighty whiteys. Luke had a wallet strapped to his wrist, so I didn’t bother with money.

The bartender led us to the other end of the room, where we took a small couch next to a table. The bartender – now shirtless – brought us two Pilsner Urquells. Luke paid him. While he was getting his money out the bartender ran his hands over Luke’s chest. “Is this the straight guy you told me about?” he asked, pointing at me.

“Sure thing,” replied Luke. He took the guy’s hands and moved them to my chest. This fellow was almost as good with his hands as Luke. In seconds my nipples were hard, and I could feel a stirring in my underwear. “OK,” continued Luke. “You can stop now.”

We left our beers at the table and Luke showed me around. Downstairs was a maze, something called a “sling,” and an X-shaped cross with restraints. A middle-aged man was examining the restraints. So far, we were the only ones in the place who had undressed at all.

Upstairs Luke showed me the shower room, the private rooms used by rent boys and their customers, a dark video room and some private cabins with TV sets. We returned to the video room. Luke pointed out a bald guy of about forty lying nude on a sofa. He seemed to be lost in his own world.

On returning to our table we noted that the bar had become a bit busier. Two guys about our age, in street clothes, were standing behind us. “Intéressé à jouer?” one asked the other. I figured that meant are you interested in playing. Luke turned and spoke. “Pas maintenant, mais peut-être plus tard.”

The speaker replied in English. “What will it take to make ‘later’ into ‘sooner’?”

He put a hand on my shoulder, the other hand on Luke’s. The hands wandered down our chests, and once again my nipples were hard. My cock was stirring. I looked at Luke, and could tell he was getting aroused.

“The countdown to 'sooner' starts once your shirt and pants are checked,” Luke told him. The two guys got the shirtless bartender’s attention, and handed him their clothes. They were now dressed in matching white 'slips', thin briefs that left little to the imagination.

The guys came back. “Better?” asked one of them. Luke nodded his head. “May we join you?” I motioned to the small sofa across from us. The bartender returned and asked if the guys wanted a drink.

“Not until your pants come off,” replied the guy who hadn’t yet spoken. I looked at him and noticed his chest was hairless, just like Luke’s. His friend had a little fuzz on his chest. “Fuzzy” had an average package in his slip; his friend’s package was beyond impressive.

The bartender dropped his pants to the floor while asking what they wanted to drink. Two more beers. He picked up his pants, left them behind the bar, and returned in just tight white boxer briefs. “You know,” he addressed the four of us, “as soon as four guys are in their underwear one of the bartenders joins them. Four naked guys gets one of us naked.”

“Everybody naked?” asked the big package man. Nobody else was ready, so it would be a while before we saw a naked bartender.

Fuzzy reached across and took Luke’s hands. They stood, then Fuzzy swiveled them both, and they sat in one another’s places. Fuzzy introduced himself as Jean-Luc, while Big Package was Pierre. We introduced ourselves; Big Package then immediately gave Luke an open-mouthed kiss. Luke was already somewhat aroused, and he responded in kind. His left hand began toying with the guy’s nipples while his right hand snuck behind him on his ass. Fuzzy leaned over to kiss me, but I stopped him.

“I’m straight,” I told him. I figured that would take care of it, but Fuzzy was not to be denied.

“But, are you a fanatic about it?” he asked. I had picked up my beer and had to set it down to keep from spilling beer on the floor. I was laughing uproariously.

“Well, maybe…” I replied. I leaned toward him with my mouth open, and soon he was kissing me. He broke the kiss to move his tongue down to my chest. I leaned back and let him lick. Across the table, Luke was licking Big Package’s chest as well. This was going pretty fast for me.

We had gathered a throng of admirers. Most of the men were middle-aged or older, with a sprinkling of youngsters in their late teens. A dark-haired teenager leaned down and whispered in my ear. “You are maybe interested in to date?” This must be one of the rent boys. He pointed at a blond his age and said “You want both us dating half hour two thousands crown.”

A couple of the older guys had pulled their dicks from their pants and were stroking them. Fuzzy’s tongue began probing inside the waistband of my jockeys. Somebody in the throng took my right hand and put it on a hard dick. I started stroking. Blond rent boy took my left hand and put it inside his shirt, where I let my fingertips wander across his nipples.

I was jerking a guy I couldn’t see, was feeling the chest of a male prostitute, had been making out in my underwear with a similarly-clad guy I had just met – and who was now evidently intent on oral sex. My straight life had taken a sharp left turn. I was beginning to panic.

“I want to dance,” announced Luke loudly. Someone had put on some music. He stood up swiftly and pulled me to my feet, spilling Fuzzy onto the floor. He held me in his arms and kissed me.

“Thank you,” I said. “How did you know?”

Luke whispered in my ear. “Don’t plan to get rich playing poker. Your face was screaming panic.” We kissed again and slowly moved, almost in time to the music. Someone bumped into my back. The two French guys were also dancing slowly.

I saw some money change hands between an older guy and the dark-haired rent boy. He began kissing the older guy as they danced. Blond rent boy was paid next for a dance. More kissing, and their dance partners’ shirts were off. The two rent boys were soon in matching blue boxer briefs.

A small group of Americans had come in together. Five of them left their clothes in a heap and got on the stage together. Two were naked and making out; the other three were in their underwear dancing together.

I had turned around and lay back against Luke. I heard Big Package point at the stage and say “Deux.” He pointed at himself and Fuzzy: “Trois, Quatre.” They pulled off their slips and leapt onto the stage. That brought out Pavel (the bartender friend of Luke), who climbed on the bar and removed his boxer briefs. A second bartender joined him (I later learned this was Alexej) and Pavel stripped him to his briefs.

A blond guy with a bare chest was suddenly in front of me. He pulled my hands to his blue boxer briefs and said “Gratis free no pay.” I pulled his underwear off of him and began jerking his hard on. Luke took my free hand and put it on his crotch. His underwear had come off at some point. I now had hard cocks in both hands. The rent boy’s hard on slipped from my fingers. He had dropped to his knees. A naked American took my now-free hand and put it on his dick.

Luke moved in front of me. The rent boy had taken my rod in his mouth and was sucking. When he saw Luke on his other side, he alternately sucked me and Luke, masturbating the one not in his mouth. Big Package was suddenly standing behind me. He pulled my hand that had been stroking Luke and put it on his erection. His flagpole was rubbing up and down my asscrack. Luke’s tongue was in my mouth. I couldn’t take any more.

I shoved Big Package away and took my hand off the American’s meat. With both hands I moved rent boy out of the way and took his place, kneeling in front of Luke. I knew what I wanted, and I wanted it now.

Luke put his hands behind his back and let me make love to his cock with my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, then licked downwards to his balls. I took his balls in my mouth one at a time to suck on them. I let my hand reach behind him and got two fingers in his rectum; he pushed back against them. I went back to the head of his cock and took it in my mouth.

I wanted Luke’s semen more than anything in the world. I let my mouth slide down the shaft, then back up to the head, then back down again. I increased the speed and began to suck for all I was worth. Luke rewarded me with a tremendous flow of cum down my throat. I sucked and sucked until he was dry. I didn’t want to waste a single drop.

I kept his softening dick in my mouth for a few minutes, then stood. “When you’re recovered, I want to do that again,” I told him. He kissed me, and we collapsed onto one of the couches. Pavel showed up with two more beers. Then Alexej showed up with a hard-on in his briefs. Luke pulled the briefs off him and then kissed me. I started jacking Alexej’s cock.

“I want to practice for you,” I said to Luke. I leaned forward and repeated the blow job, this time with Alexej. After a minute of sucking he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down on his shaft. I was gagging. Suddenly my throat opened and I took all six inches in my mouth. Alexej was fucking me in the mouth and I loved it.

Big Package was back and was beginning to probe my asshole with his hard dick. Luke pushed him away and told him “He’s a virgin.” He backed off, just as Alexej shot his sperm into my mouth. It overflowed my mouth, and Luke licked up the excess. That’s when I turned to Big Package.

“This I can’t do. I’ll have to wait until Luke is recharged,” I announced. I began stroking the Big Package. My God, I had just given two blow jobs and was now masturbating two guys at once! Where would this end?

Pavel stood in front of me, rubbing his dick over my lips. I let my tongue slip out to lick his head. He tried forcing my mouth open, but I said “No.” One of the Americans moved in to take his place, but Luke held up his hand.

“Enough practice for now. Let’s get a shower.” Luke led me to the shower room, where we kissed and hugged and washed each other. I had not yet had any relief, but Luke took care of that. He sank to his knees and licked my asshole, my balls and my rod. He deep-throated me, then began a slow, leisurely blow job that beat every blow job I’d ever had. When he had three fingers in my ass I began to push back against his hand and forward against his face. Five minutes later I felt enormous relief. Luke stood and shared my cum with me.

We went back into the bar area and sat down to watch the show. Two naked Americans were in a sixty-nine, while the other three contorted their bodies into a three-way. Fuzzy and Big Package were blowing some random guys at the bar. And Pavel was fucking a guy in the ass. I felt like I was at home.

After another couple of beers we got our clothes and left. We had a plane to catch tomorrow. We returned to the hotel, stripped, climbed in bed and made out. We felt the beauty of one another’s nakedness and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up horny. Luke was watching me sleep and gently stroking my morning wood. I turned to him and engulfed his dick with my mouth. I played with his balls and his ass, let his rod slip from my mouth while I sucked his balls, then went back to sucking his cock. I felt him tense, then tasted the wonderful nectar of his sperm.

“Luke, I know I need a lot of practice to do this right for you. Can I practice on you at home?” I looked up pleadingly into his eyes.

“You can practice on me whenever you want,” he replied. He kissed me, then we dressed and packed. In short order we were in a taxi en route to the airport.

“Southern Decadence starts in two weeks,” Luke told me.

“What’s Southern Decadence?” I asked.

Luke replied, “Well, that’s an entirely new story.”


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