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Life Changes Chapter Two

Mike and his new roommate engage in some homoerotic teasing.
Previously: Luke, Mike and Luke’s straight brother all wound up at a gay dance club in their underwear. Mike found himself aroused and panicked. He and Luke took a taxi to Luke’s house.

We sat in silence for the entire taxi ride to Luke’s house. I got out, still carrying my shorts and T-Shirt. Luke led the way to the door.

He took my face in both hands and leaned close. “Do you want to stay here tonight?”

I could feel panic setting in. “Luke, please don’t kiss me.” I was afraid of him kissing me, partly because I wasn’t sure how I would react.

“Dude, I just wanted to focus your attention,” Luke replied. I felt embarrassed.

“Sorry,” I said. “If it’s all right, I’ll crash here tonight. Tomorrow I’ll look the place over and if we agree I’ll move in tomorrow night. For now I just want to get some sleep. I’ll need to get back to my hotel in the morning and change for a meeting.”

Luke extended his hand. “No problem, bro,” he said. “I also need to get to bed - - by myself.”

We shook hands and each went to his separate room for the night.

Luke woke me early the next morning to announce that coffee was ready. “Sorry, didn’t realize that you slept nude,” he commented.

“Nothing to be sorry about,” I replied. “I assume you’ve seen naked men before, including guys with morning wood. Coffee sounds great. And, sorry about my panic last night.”

Luke dismissed my apology. He left while I got up, took a piss, slipped on my underwear and joined him in the kitchen. He, too, was in his underwear.

We chatted over coffee, then he showed me the rest of the house. In response to my question he said that the house had no basement – in New Orleans they all filled with water. My room was large, the office more than adequate, and the hall bath would be mine alone. The patio was a dream. It was all brick and fully enclosed. There was even a pool. I figured it didn’t matter if some water got in it.

“You’ve got some decent artwork on your walls,” I observed. “I was expecting posters for Broadway musicals and pictures of naked guys.”

“What a fucking stereotype!” Luke laughed. “Gay people are just like other people. We aren’t all alike, we don’t all like the same things. Except, we all do like guys.”

“You know,” I said, “my gay fraternity brothers were like that. No posters, no pictures of naked guys. I thought it was just so they could fit in.

“Most of them didn’t advertise that they were gay,” I continued. “None, though, tried to hide it. I first found out during fraternity Hell Week. Our entire sister sorority was invited over for a show. We pledges all had to play gay chicken, which got interesting because we were had to be naked. I lost catastrophically to one of my pledge brothers who turned out to be gay. We then had to masturbate onto a small plate and eat our own cum. The sorority girls loved it.”

“Yeah,” Luke replied. “Straight guys get turned on by girl-girl action. We shouldn’t be surprised that straight girls get turned on by guy-guy action.”

“The fraternity filmed the whole show and sent copies to our girlfriends,” I said. “My girlfriend at the time would watch the video, get horny, and we’d have some of the best sex.”

“So, you found a use for doing some stuff with guys, Mike.” Luke leaned forward. “We’re having a party tonight, hope you’ll be there. Perhaps you can expand your horizons some more.” Then he tucked a dollar bill into the waistband of my briefs. He groped me for a few seconds – I figured it was a joke and let him. Then I headed to my bedroom.

I finished dressing and took a taxi to my hotel. I packed up, showered, changed clothes, and headed for Al’s office.

“How’s the room search going?” asked Al.

“Pretty well,” I replied. “My roommate seems like a decent guy.”

“Look, Mike, I don’t know if I should tell you this, but his brother told me he’s gay. I just thought you should know.” Al said nothing more, just looked at me.

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “He told me last night. As I told him, I’m straight. I’m going to room with him, not marry him.”

That closed the subject. I went over some of the technology improvements that would have to be implemented, and promised to contact my warehousing technology expert in Oregon for recommendations. We scheduled another meeting for Monday – it was Friday, and I still needed to get over to the new company to sort out processes and procedures.

Brett greeted me at the new company. “I hope you enjoyed yourself last night. You were really funny during the hypnosis show.” Brett was grinning.

“I had a good time,” I replied. “I assume you had a better one with the girl you picked up at the dance club.”

Brett’s grin widened. “I never kiss and tell. But, you can get pussy any night of the week there, or across the street at the Bourbon Pub and Parade.”

I took this under advisement. I’d never trolled for pussy in gay bars, but this was a whole new life I was building. Why not?

When I finished for the day I went by Brett’s desk. “I’m moving into your brother’s house tonight,” I told him.

“Well, then,” he replied, “I’ll see you tonight. Luke’s throwing a pool party and I’m bringing some friends. “

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” I told him.

Brett laughed. “You won’t need one. The few who don’t swim naked go in their underwear. It’s a blast.”

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