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Lost in the Woods

Joseph gets lost and finds a new part of himself with Eric in the process.
Well, that did it, I thought as I came into the same wooded clearing for the third time that afternoon. Good going Jo, getting yourself well and truly lost.

Since my girlfriend Mary had broken up with me two weeks ago, I'd become increasingly restless and frustrated, so when a buddy of mine had suggested I take up hiking since we lived so close to a national park, I pounced on that idea. Now, as I halted in the clearing, surrounded by the sounds of nature and fragrant evergreen trees, it wasn't seeming so bright. I shifted my backpack up higher on my broad shoulders, and picked a different direction to head off this time. At least I was in pretty good shape, so this wasn't the hardest thing I'd ever done...but those storm clouds on the horizon were moving in awfully fast, so it was probably a good thing if I could get off the mountain as soon as possible.

Half an hour later, the clouds were right over me and I was starting to lose my cool a little. Mary used to make jokes about men not asking for directions all the time, but if there were anybody out here, I would have gladly swallowed my pride, because now I was soaked to the bone by a steady rainfall. Shoving my dark hair back once more, I looked up to see a soft light glowing ahead through the rain.

Seizing on that small hope, I stumbled further up the mountain to find a log cabin in the middle of a flattened out clearing. It look as natural as if it had grown up alongside the trees around it, though there was a garage to one side and electric light glowing through the windows. No matter, it was a sign of humanity! I made my way up the front steps, and knocked on the door, trying not to shiver as I folded my arms tightly.

The man that answered was huge. That was the only word that I could think of as I peered up. Taller than my six foot frame by a couple inches, he managed to nearly fill the entire doorway with his shoulders, though I couldn't see an inch of extra body fat anywhere. Piercing blue eyes pinned me under a surprised look below cropped blond hair.

"Hey man, I'm sorry it's so late but I'm, um..." I faltered a little, and the mountain man's expression changed to amusement and sympathy.

"Lost?" he arched a pale eyebrow.

When I nodded he stepped back, letting me in. I stood in the front hall as he shut the door, turning back to me.

"Huh, you don't look like the usual idiot tourists that get lost up here," he commented wryly. "Name's Eric."

I shook his hand, my own not insubstantial grip clamped in his.

"Joseph," I replied. "I'm not a tourist. I live in the city down the mountain, I just got...turned around somehow."

"Happens." He nodded in understanding. I could see that revelation had gained at least a point of approval from him. "It's a good thing you found my place, with that rain it's probably going to cause a few slides further up, nasty things to get caught in."

I swallowed hard, and glanced back at the door.

"Slides, you say?" I asked a bit nervously.

"Mud, mostly. Leave your pack there and strip down before you catch something, or drip on my floor." With that, Eric disappeared down a side hall, obviously heading for the private part of the house, and I found myself doing as he said.

Halfway out of my jeans, common sense caught up with me. This was a stranger's house! And pretty far up the hill at that, completely isolated.

Eric chose that moment to come back, a towel in hand. He arched an eyebrow at me when he saw me paused in nothing but my jeans around my knees. Berating myself for being stupid, I finished stripping, leaving me in my boxers. We were both men here, there was nothing to get weird about. I'd been more naked in the shower at my gym, in front of total strangers at that. Here, though, it somehow felt more intimate, and my smile was a bit uncomfortable as I accepted the towel.

"Shower's down the hall." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder the way he'd just come. "There's clothes in the bathroom."

I gave him my thanks as I edged past his large frame, and before I went down the hall I could have swore I saw him give my retreating ass a second look!

After the quickest shower on record, I pulled on a set of worn Levis that were a bit too big around the waist, and a plain blue tee shirt with the same problem.

God, this guy was huge! I bet he could pin me in no time flat.

Shaking those thoughts out of my head, I wandered back out to the rest of the house, hearing the familiar sound of heavy rain on the roof. Thunder rumbled lazily as I saw Eric come to the entry of the kitchen, smiling slightly. This time, I definitely saw interest in his eyes before he turned away again. Mouth a little dry, I followed. How long had he been up here alone? As a man, I knew that your own hand could only take you so far before anything started to look good. And here I had just dropped into his lap.

Reassuring myself I was indeed straight, and not interested in anything he might have to offer, I walked into a kitchen furnished with gleaming modern appliances like I'd only ever seen in the home remodel magazines I occasionally flicked through at Home Depot. Something was heating in a pan on the stove, reminding me how long it had been since I'd had anything substantial to eat.

Eric glanced over his shoulder and said, "Hope soup out of a can is okay. I was gonna go into town today, but the weather had other ideas."

"It was clear earlier," I said purely for the sake of conversation, and he chuckled, twisting around to lean against the counter beside the stove, owning an impressive amount of space around him.

"You may not be a tourist, but you're still a city boy," he said with a hint of amusement in those blue eyes of his. "When it rains like this, a lot of times the road floods or gets blocked by mudslides. It's hell even on my big truck, so I'd rather stay up here and wait for things to clear than be stuck in the city just for the sake of a few things I wanted. Got everything I NEED right here."

"You sure?" I replied before I could help myself, inciting a raised brow and a measuring look before he turned back to the stove.

Where the hell had that come from!

"Yup," he said evenly, then got two bowls out from the cupboard next to him.

Dinner was more than a little tense. We ate at his small table, and Eric hardly took his eyes off me as we made small talk. He asked me what I did for a living, what kind of truck I drove, if I had a girlfriend. All very masculine questions that'd I had discussed before with other guys, but here they somehow carried different meaning, though I answered them all the same. He seemed particularly interested in the subject of girlfriends; not that I could blame him, I suppose, since he told me he was alone a lot up here. That statement was accompanied by enough heat in his eyes that I swear I actually felt him eye-fucking me.

"That's gotta blow," I said, then choked a little as he smirked at my word choice. Damn it, I wasn't going to let him make me this uncomfortable! "Yeah, Mary was great. She was the perfect girlfriend... except for what a frigid bitch she could be sometimes. If she did something wrong, all I'd get was an apology, but if I screwed up even a little-"

"It was the end of the world." He took the words right out of my mouth, and I found myself smiling as I nodded. "Spend a lot of time on the couch?"

"More than you'd believe," I muttered, shaking my head with a sigh. "Anyway, she's gone now, so what can I do, right?" I stood, holding my borrowed pants up with one hand and my empty bowl in the other.

"I hear that. My ex wife was the same way. Still is, if her yuppy of a new husband is anything to judge by. I swear the man flinches like one of those little dogs she carries around in her purse every time she says his name." Eric laughed, joining me briefly at the sink.

I glanced out the window over the sink, and was mildly shocked to see that it had grown dark outside. Had we really passed that much time?

He followed my gaze, and a sigh settled through him. "Well, I'm not someone to just let a man wander out into that," he said in a decisive tone. "I'll take you down the mountain in the morning, if the roads and the weather are clear."

Oh shit. A night alone with him? I tucked my dismay out of my head, and nodded agreeably. "Thanks. Looks like I'd probably drown walking out the door. Sorry to barge in like this."

"Nah, rather you were in here than out there," he replied, leaving that hanging as he walked past me.

I consulted my cell phone for the time- it had been out of service since I got into the woods a few hours earlier- and saw it was close to eight. Television noise came to life from the other room, and I joined Eric for an hour or so of some sports game, highlights and replays from something I had missed. Though we sat on opposite ends of the couch, it felt like I was still close to him, and I worked hard to lose myself in the game we were watching. He inquired briefly about which team I liked, I gave him an honest answer, and he let me have some good-natured ribbing since he liked the opposing team. For awhile, some of the tension was lost between us, until it was time for bed.

He flipped the television off, and looked my way with what was almost a challenge in his eyes. "Well, time to get some rest, I guess," he said, going to shut down the fire in the hearth. "Only got one room, and it gets pretty cold out here." He left that hanging, and my own male pride, which would not let me be intimidated, took over as I stupidly opened my mouth.

"Guess we're sharing then, Eric." The smile he gave me was innocent enough, but barely stopped short of a smirk.

"Crossed my mind. I just didn't want you to get uncomfortable, Joseph."

"Who's uncomfortable?" I snorted casually. "I mean it is your house, but we're both guys right?"

He nodded, straightening up, and I helped as he turned the lights out in the front part of the house. Following him down the back hall again, I noted that my heart was beating a little fast. Didn't mean anything, I tried to convince myself. It was just convenient to keep warm by sharing a bed.

The door directly across from the large bathroom was cracked to reveal a den of some sort, so that left the closed door at the end of the hall.

"Sleeping pants in the top drawer, pick something." He waved a dismissive hand towards the bedroom as he stopped in the bathroom.

As I entered his room, I heard the shower turn on down the hall. Flicking on the lamp by what turned out to be a fairly large bed, I crossed the room to his dresser, and slid the top drawer open, feeling a little like I was intruding. As I chose the first set of pajama pants my fingers hit, abruptly I froze as something crossed my mind. Slapping my forehead with a light groan, I realized I had left my boxers to dry on the towel rack, intending to get them later. I didn't give a shit if Eric saw them, but it did seem a little forward sleeping next to him with nothing between us but some thin cotton. Too late now, I thought, hurriedly changing as I heard the water turn off.

When he came in, the light was off, and I was in bed, admittedly grateful for the warm quilt he kept across the bed. Warm and fed, weariness from the day was tugging at me, so I was half asleep when the other side of the bed shifted as he slid under the covers.

"Night, Joseph," he said quietly, and I mumbled something in reply as my eyes dropped closed.

At some point in the night, I had an oddly vivid dream. I was running through the woods, mostly in the dark, and as I looked behind me, a heavy tree branch fell, pinning me down across my upper body, smaller sticks jabbing at my back. I woke with a light start, to find that the pinning branch was Eric's arm, and the stick poking my back was in reality his very hard cock.

Trying to process what the hell to do with this new information, my body decided to respond with an erection of my own. What the hell, brain, I thought as my cock tented the front of my pajama pants. When I shifted a tiny bit, trying to get loose, Eric merely tightened his grip, rubbing his cock along the groove of my ass a little and kissing my neck.

As much as I hated to admit it, there wasn't much I could do right now other than confront the burning curiosity inside me. Eric turned me on. It was a strange thing for a straight man to realize, but while that thought was occurring I was also coming up with all sorts of rationalizations for what I was thinking about doing. What I was going to do.

Shifting again, this time I made sure to rub right back against his cock. He moaned in his sleep, and I kept the rest of my body limp, pretending to still be asleep while I ground my ass back on him, my own cock throbbing eagerly, though I didn't dare touch it just yet. Quicker than I expected, Eric woke up and I stilled, settling down again.


"Yes Eric?" I murmured, and felt his hand slide over my hip to the tent in the front of my pants. When I didn't shove him away or hit him like I'm sure he was expecting, it sealed the deal. He rolled me over to face him, and his mouth came down on mine in a crushing kiss. It was different, kissing another man, but God help me I was so horny I could barely stand it and in no time at all he was half on top of me, one hand cupping my ass while the other pinned my mouth to his. His tongue shot in aggressively, essentially fucking my mouth into submission before he finally pulled back.

"I thought you were straight," he said softly. "And that I was just getting hopeful when you flirted with me."

"Truthfully I have no idea what I'm doing right now," I admitted, then rocked my hips up to stroke the sensitive underside of my cock against his through the fabric of both our pants. "Is that going to stop you from seeing how far you get?"

"Hell no," he scoffed, peeling my shirt up over my head with little difficulty and tossing it aside before returning to kissing me, this time groping over my bare torso.

I did the same, letting my hands explore the unfamiliar terrain of a rock hard body rubbing against mine instead of the soft, feminine curves I was used to. My first impression of him had been spot on; this was a man with muscles formed from hard work, in incredible shape.

Eric kissed down my neck, then traced the flat plane of my chest to my stomach, biting a little as he reached my hips and made me squirm. When his hands hooked under the waistband of my pants, apprehension suddenly returned, but I didn't have time to say anything as he pulled them down and curled a large hand around my fully erect cock.

"Um, Eric..." I said faintly, drawing a hissing breath as he stroked me a couple times, testing how I fit in his hand.

"Don't worry, I've done this before," he replied, swirling a wonderfully slick tongue around my head. Groaning, I fell back on the bed, and I couldn't even answer as he asked, "You want me to stop? Slow down?" My hips bucked up a little of their own accord, and he chuckled, kissing down my shaft. "That ex girlfriend of yours musta been neglecting you," he murmured, then came back up to abruptly envelope most of my cock in his hot mouth.

As he moved expertly up and down my dick, doing things that were almost mind blowing with his tongue, the last shreds of my doubt washed away. Who the hell cared if I thought I was straight! It had been a long time since I'd had sex, and the blow job I was in the process of receiving told me that sex with Eric would be very, very good.

That was the last coherent thought I had before I dug my fingers into the sheets, groaning and thrusting my hips up helplessly, seeking deeper penetration into his teasing mouth. He wouldn't let me, though, and a second later he stopped entirely, making me slump with a frustrated noise as he climbed higher on the bed again.

"Do you, um, want me to..."

"Only if you want to," he replied in an unconcerned tone, now more interested in stroking my cock with his hand as he danced his tongue over my stomach and chest again. I did, a little, but right then I was too turned on to clumsily stumble around down there.

"Later," I promised, daring to slip my hand lower on his taut belly, and under his pants. His cock was pulsing and hard, oozing just a little from the tip. It was different, feeling the all too familiar sensation of a cock against my fingers- yet not my own- but not a bad sort of different. As I stroked and explored the velvety length in my hand, Eric stopped what he was doing with his mouth in favor of groaning against my chest.

"I'm not going to last long if you keep doing that."

"So let's do something else."

"Roll over," he growled, making me shiver a little as I complied.

He stripped my pants the rest of the way down my legs, and I heard him do the same with his before he rolled away briefly. The drawer on the nightstand rattled, and then he was back. Cool gel squirted on the crack of my ass, making me jump as he spread it down between my cheeks to the hot pucker of my asshole. Once he reached that, he slid a finger in, and I automatically shifted up on my knees a little, spreading my legs. The sensation was foreign and a little uncomfortable, but as he worked the lube in further and further, I found that I was enjoying myself, adding to the arousal keeping my cock almost painfully hard. Eric pushed a second finger in, and shifted up to his knees behind me, hooking the fingers inside me and using them as leverage to pull me up a little higher. I must have gasped, because I heard him chuckle a little.

"Feels good doesn't it?" he murmured. "Ever had anything up your ass?"

"A finger, once or twice," I admitted, grateful for the darkness as I felt my face flush.

Mary had only tried it twice, and I was still embarrassed to admit I liked it a little. This, though, was entirely different. Those fingers were about to be replaced by something a lot bigger. He made a noise of approval, and slid out. There was the sound of tearing foil, a condom wrapper I guessed, and a second later he was pressing the blunt head of his cock against my lubed asshole. It hurt a bit as he pushed in, and there was a moment where I could hardly breathe as I felt his head pop through the ring of muscle, but he stayed still to let me accommodate, and my body relaxed again with a slow exhalation. Eric took that as a signal for him to move again, and kept pushing at a steady pace until I felt his balls come to rest against mine. I felt like I was stuffed uncomfortably full, but the lube helped a lot, turning my whimper of pain into one of pleasure as he started to rock in and out of me.

"I'm sorry Jo, there's no way I can be gentle." He panted as his pace quickly increased. "You're taking it like a pro."

I moaned something unintelligible into the pillow, shifting my ass up and my legs wider to give him better access. He swore as this allowed him to get in deeper and deeper, until I swear I could practically feel him in the back of my throat with each wild thrust. Eric rammed my virgin ass for what felt like forever, rough hands fucking my hips back on his dick to add extra force that had me moaning like a bitch in heat. As soon as I'd gotten used to the feeling of having my ass plowed, I started stroking my cock, matching my strokes to his thrusts and effectively overloading my brain with sensation.

"I'm gonna cum!" he finally grated out, pressing down on me and fucking my ass like he was trying to split me in two.

"Yes!" I found myself gasping, hand pumping frantically now. "Fuck me harder! God yes! Fuck my ass- make me your bitch!" The profanity coming out of me wasn't my usual style, but I was beyond caring, feeling pleasure coil in my lower belly.

My back arched as I came hard, shooting up my belly where I was aiming my cock, and Eric grunted as he felt my ass pull tight. Shortly afterward I felt him slam into me and stop, groaning through his teeth and rocking just a little as he filled the condom. His body went limp, and he tipped forward, tracing my body with his, arms lining up perfectly with mine. I felt him kiss the back of my neck, still struggling to catch his breath.

"That...was" He panted with a low groan as he pulled out of me gently.

I collapsed flat on the bed, listening to the shuffling sounds he made as he did something with the condom, then returned to lay beside me. He didn't try to touch me, for which I was strangely grateful as I tried to process the rush of new feelings in my body, but as I relaxed he shifted onto his side and rubbed my back a little. I finally lifted my face from the pillows and looked at him, barely visible in the darkness, and he leaned in to kiss me gently.

"When was the last time you got laid, again?" I asked, and he laughed.

"Going on a year, before tonight," he replied, then his tone took on a small amount of concern. "Didn't hurt you too bad, did I?"

"Ask me again in the morning. Right now I'm still thinking that was some of the best sex I've ever had." He chuckled again, and we lapsed into silence.

True to manly fashion, both of us drifted off to sleep within a few minutes, and it lasted all the way until the next morning.

When morning came, it chased away the clouds to let bright sunshine stream in over the bed, waking me around eight. I came to with a certain awareness of my body I'd never felt before, the throbbing in my morning wood matched by my pulsing ass, and as I rolled onto my back to stare at the ceiling I also became aware that I was alone in bed. That allowed me to relax a little as I sifted through the jumble of thoughts in my head- I wasn't sure what I would have done if Eric were still there- and after a moment of silent contemplation I figured I had better get up.

Once I'd pulled on the discarded pajama bottoms from the previous night, I slipped out into the rest of the house, finding myself completely alone, to my surprise. Where had Eric gone? Sighing and rubbing my forehead, I walked into the kitchen, stride a little awkward from the soreness in my ass. As I'd suspected, he had a coffee machine, and strong black coffee that I'm sure he drank straight. After a few seconds of looking the thing over I figured it out, and I leaned back against the counter as I waited for it to run its course.

I was still staring into space when the back door opened, making me jump half out of my skin. From my current position I could see a small wet room, where Eric paused to kick out of his muddy boots and slip his jacket off. He looked wide awake, though I could tell he hadn't had time to shave. Surprising, the things you notice after an experience like last night.

"You're up earlier than I thought. Sleeping like the dead when I left you," he commented as he came into the kitchen. I smiled a little and shrugged, and silence fell between us. He studied me half curiously for a long minute, then asked, "You freaked out?"

"A little bit," I replied honestly. "It'll pass though. I, ah, put coffee on. Can't function in the morning without caffeine."

Confident that the awkward moment had passed, Eric relaxed again with a chuckle.

"Fine by me," he said, coming closer to get a cup as the timer went off.

We drank in silence, though it was more comfortable this time. I glanced sideways at him, taking in the easy confidence he wore, and a completely crazy thought struck me. When he looked at me, catching me staring, I closed the distance between us and kissed him lightly. Immediately arousal kicked me in the gut, and my morning erection returned with a vengeance.

When I let him go again, he gave me a faintly amused look. "That was a welcome surprise, but I kinda have to question your motives."

"I was testing something," I replied, though the words coming out of my mouth were sounding less and less reasonable by the second. "Last night, I was cold, wet, and lost. I think they call it a suggestible state of mind... Anyway, I...I wanted to see if it was just everything that happened yesterday, or if you actually turned me on so much just by being you. I've never been anybody's bitch before."

Eric snorted, then leaned in and kissed me hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and tracing the subtle angle of my hip, slipping two fingers under my waistband. By now my cock was tenting the fabric again, and aching to be touched.

"I think some guys just have a curious streak," he murmured, cupping my cheek and dragging the pad of his thumb across my lower lip.

I darted my tongue out to lick him, and had another idea. Sinking to my knees, I reached for the front of his jeans, and found myself wondering just how straight I was as I unbuckled his belt, slipped the button free, and slid his zipper down.

"I think I promised to return the favor last night," I said as I pulled the denim off his lean hips, just enough that I could free his cock. As intimidating as he'd felt in the dark, the feeling doubled when I could actually see the monster he kept in his pants. A good seven inches and quite thick, I was pretty sure it wasn't going to fit in my mouth. Thank God Eric took charge when he did.

"Are you going to sit there and look at it, or put it in your mouth?" he prompted, and I shook myself, stroking him a little and getting myself accustomed to his cock before I leaned forward, swiping my tongue across the tip. It wasn't so bad as I first thought it might be, so I scooted forward on my knees, putting the head of his dick in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, trying to remember what I knew about blow jobs. Basing this purely off things I liked, I tested how far I could get him into my mouth without gagging, and was disappointed when I barely made it halfway down.

"Lot harder than it looks in porn," I mumbled as I kissed down the side of his shaft, hearing him chuckle as I dragged my tongue up the underside, popping him in my mouth again and bobbing my head.

As I went, it got easier, until I was sucking him off like I'd been doing this my whole life. I was sure it was still pretty awkward for an experienced guy like Eric, but he seemed to be enjoying it, moaning when I found a particularly sensitive spot. Inevitably as soon as I found a good rhythm, my jaw started to hurt, and I had to slow down again. It was giving me a new appreciation for the shit I had put various girlfriends through, that was for sure. Almost unthinkingly I reached up to cup his balls, and explored the difference between his and the only ones I'd ever touched before, mine. He was heavier, but then again, he was a bigger guy. I was stroking and sucking a minute later when he suddenly stiffened, putting a hand on my head.

"I'm gonna cum," he said between his teeth.

I knew he was saying it as a warning, but like every guy getting a blow job he was enjoying, there was the unspoken question of whether he could shoot in the hot mouth making him feel so good. Determined to be in it for the long run, I picked up the pace, even though my jaw ached.

It didn't take long. His hips bucked twice, and a spurt of hot liquid assaulted the back of my throat, making my eyes water as I fought the reflex to pull back, and failed. The next shot roped across my face, narrowly missing my eye, and a third wad hit my lips before he was finally done. Sucking back the cum in my mouth and swallowing quickly so I could quit twitching and choking, I licked my lips by instinct and got the musky, masculine flavor of his cum.

"Sorry about that." Eric said, sounding only half apologetic, and I shook my head, accepting the paper towel he handed me, and cleaning up as I watched him put his pants right again. "You sure you've never given a blow job before?"

"Positive, but I watch a lot of porn," I replied, making him laugh as he helped me up.

The drive back to the parking lot I'd left my car at was mostly quiet, filled by country music from the radio. I wasn't at all surprised to learn that Eric drove a huge black truck complete with mud flaps and one of those cages on the front. All that was missing were the devil/angel stickers of naked women on the back. I snorted quietly in amusement at the thought that those were a moot point for Eric, and he glanced at me questioningly. "Nothing." I waved him off.

We pulled into the small parking lot at the head of the trail I had been on, and I realized how lost I'd really been. Man, talk about an eye opener. I could have been wandering around up there for days if I hadn't seen the cabin lights.

After he put the truck in park next to my little car, we sat together for a minute until he said, "Look, I'm sure you'll probably go home and forget all about this...but I gotta try." With that he grabbed a receipt from the dashboard, and managed to scrounge up a marker somewhere, scrawling his name and number on the back. "You ever get lonely, give me a ring," he said as he handed it to me, and I nodded. I knew as much as I promised myself I wouldn't, I'd probably ring him up the next time I popped wood.

"Sure," I said, trading him my own number before I thanked him for letting me stay again, and got out of the truck. Sitting in my driver's seat, I watched him pull out of the parking lot, and head down the mountain. I gave him a ten minute head start before pulling out and following him down.

In the end, I got over Mary pretty fast, with a lot of help from Eric. We never really got past the really, really good sex...but that was all I needed, and we were both happy with the arrangement. As the years went by, I wondered a few times what would have happened if I hadn't gotten lost that day, but it usually gets dismissed as soon as Eric rolls over to kiss me and ask for another round. All it takes is his arms around me, and I tend to forget what I was doing.

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